Xcessor Large Replacement Silicone Earbuds – Ocean : Good value for money

I have a pair of bluetooth earbuds and lost one of the earpieces, rendering them useless. They came with spares, but they were a different size and didn’t fit my ear. These fit perfectly and i now have lots of spares, all the same size. For the money they are excellent value and, as my earbuds are blue, they even match.

The silicon isn’t as nice as my philips earphones had originally but they are alright and i love their colour.

Got fed up with the kids losing the earbud tips on their skull candy earbuds. At £10-15 a pop for new earbuds, i needed a cheaper alternative. Tips fit snugly onto the earbuds – actually better than the skull candy originals.

Very good value for an excellent product.

  • Be careful with sizing
  • OK but not up to qulaity of Brainwavz original tips.
  • Brilliant sound quality

Xcessor Large Replacement Silicone Earbuds – Ocean Blue (Pack of 7 Pairs)

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  • Flashy and lively coloured replacement silicone earbuds 7 pairs (14 pieces).
  • Washable and replaceable. Ergonomic design. Size: 14mm (external), internal size fits earbuds with diameter from 4-7mm.
  • High quality. Fully compatible with most earphone brands.
  • Size: LARGE. Colour: Gold/yellow + white random pattern.

When i lost an ear bud i thought i would have to throw away the earphones, then i found i could get replacements. I wondered if it was worth it but am glad i ordered these. Being coloured they should be easier to find if lost, but i would have liked a mix of colours so that i could have one colour for left and another for right as i find it difficult to see the l and r on the phones. Otherwise i am very pleased with these replacements as they have saved me wasting resources and disposing of the old earphones.

Buds are slightly thicker /( heavier) than the original ones i was replacing (lost) so feel slightly bigger in my ears.

Usual story with replacement earbuds, the quality is ok, in fact better than many replacement ear tips, however the original tips supplied with my brainwavz s1 earphones are considerably better. The originals have a thicker central stem (about half as thick again as the xcessor product) this means the original tip holds its shape when inserted better than the xcessor. Also the hole at the top of the xcessor tip is around 4. Whereas the original tips are about 3. Does not sound like much difference but to my ears there is about 30 pct less bass and overall fullness to the sound of the xcessor tips. (althought the clarity and detail is fine).

Product ok but spoiled by outrageously expensive postage and packing for such a small, light item. I sell many items on line, so i know what the real cost should be (1st class , large envelope + tracking & insurance costs only £2. 03) even adding 50p for packing still makes in too high – amazon pls.

It’s not too expensive compared to those sold by sony. It’s comfortable in the ear and not slippery. Super suitable for joggers like me.

I was worried that these replacement ear buds would not be a good fit for my jvc sports ‘snail’ earphones, but they were a perfect fit and are just as comfortable as the originals. A good price for a good product.

They’re okay for the price and look good, but there are better out there for the same money.

I had some beats audio earphone that come with my htc one. These fit perfectly as replacements for the earbuds. As a bit of a tip, apply some adhesive before placing them on the earphone, as this should prevent them from falling off.

These came very quickly and do the job very well. There are plenty of spares so no danger of running out and they are very comfortable to wear in the ear. Would definitely recommend this product and the seller.

Fit my apple in-ear earphones better than the originals (they seem to stay on better. The red buds on white earphones also looks cool.

I keep losing earbuds and finding a pack of pair ‘xcessor high quality replacement silicone earbuds 7 pairs (set of 14 pieces). Compatible with most in ear headphone brands. The earbuds are also small – something rather important for my ears. The buds are strong yet easy to clean (wash) and good quality. They are a good fit for the following earphones: sony sporty mesh style in-ear headphones for ipod, iphone, mp3 and smartphone – reddefintiley very happy with this purchase and would buy again for sake-keeping.

Cheap and decent for their use, they do block out sound from other sources more than my previous ear plugs on my headphones, though they are decent enough and it depends how you like them. It also was also quite a tight fit to get on my skull candy headphones but they do fit, and it does prevent them from falling off as much as the original ones did. Perfect as i am always loosing the ear bud bits and these are cheap to replace.

They fit my cranium sweet earphones completely, far more importantly also fits my ear easily. Hoping the unique color will avert me getting rid of additional, but at minimum i have spares now.

Not as massive as i was anticipating – would purchase xl up coming time. Also, they do not have a ridge that interlocks with the groove on my ‘senn’ headphones – so they tend to slip off fairly easily. I have a lot of replacements now so not a large issue despite the fact that if you retain them in your pocket, be thorough as you pull them out.

Simple, low-cost replacements for lost earbuds. A item which does exactly what is needed of it and saves buying a new set of headphones.

The earpieces arrived on time and appear in 3 diverse dimensions with about 7 distinctive pairs entirely. They perform beautifully blocking out outside the house sound. Am extremely happy with the seem top quality coming by means of them. Very endorse these to any person needing replacement earpieces.

Arrived promptly, and do the task effectively. Just about suit, though its a little bit limited and took me a couple of attempts to match them. I sense like this is a fantastic detail though, they will be considerably less possible to arrive off this way. Only criticism is that my headphones have seemed quieter because fitting them. The gap is really small so this may perhaps be why. But they do the position and it indicates i can pay attention with both ears now. Thank you accent section.

Fit on my sony walkman nw with no problems. Pretty joyful with them as i couldn’t uncover unique sony ones everywhere ?.

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Xcessor Large Replacement Silicone Earbuds - Ocean Blue (Pack of 7 Pairs)
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