Wireless Handsfree tooth Headphone Headset Microphone For Iphone 5s Samsung – Good sound, but in my case limited connectivity to laptops and poor finish and led display

Good sound, but in my case limited connectivity to laptops and poor finish and led display. There are a number of plus and minus points for this item. Pro, it connected immediately with both an iphone and a samsung s4, sounds good and i will very likely use it. It is light and comfortable to wear. Con, a few too many, hence only three stars. Out of the box, the rubber cover around the switch was only stuck down on one side, so allowing dirt into the workings. The led works, but is never on during charging and even after around six hours on charge no blue light came on to say it was fully charged. Drivers for laptops are nearly impossible to find. I found some that made it work on my hp 1030sa laptop, but i cannot get it to work on my dell latitude 2120 although it can see the headset, but the name is bh23, (the same for my hp laptop), not bh02, it doesn’t work at all. Yes i have checked i have the latest drivers and i even tried the broadcom zip file i found that seemed to work for my hp laptop, but i had no luck this time.

Terrific bit of kit for the price. . My son and i have both been through several sets of headphones in the past year or so, and it’s always the connection between the cable and the jackplug that goes first, where the constant flexing ends up breaking the very fine wires inside. We were discussing whether you could get cordless headphones and decided someone must make them. We happened to be going by the apple shop and, yes, they had them – for £269but then i came home and searched amazon and found these. I wasn’t sure quite what to expect but ordered some anyway – at that price it’s worth taking a chance. Very easy to pair with ipod or iphone. The blurb says fully charged they last 10 hours. I have certainly used mine for 4 or 5 hours straight without recharging and they are still going strong. And volume-wise, with my ipod volume set at less than halfway, they are still loud enough for me to walk along a street with traffic and hear my audiobooks and podcasts perfectly clearly. Ok, they don’t look that cool, i admit. For some reason the manufacturers have designed them so the earpieces are continuations of the headband, so the earpieces are square, rather than round, which is a little odd. No-one’s going to mistake them for dr dre or other supercool headphones – but that’s not something that really bothers me.

The plus: for a bargain set of headphones, this is an amazing product. I’ve only had it for about a week now, but i love it. Came exactly when they said it would, very easy to pair with devices, and the controls on the headset work with my android flawlessly. 1 apps (the whole modern ui stuff) it works pretty well also. On the legacy desktop apps (like vlc) its keys aren’t made to function with that. The bad side: they don’t cancel noise well at all. Even on low volume, people complain about the noise when i use it in public. Gaming: when i try gaming with the headset on, there is a significant lag between when stuff happens, and when the sound plays (like 1 second). Just my pc struggling with the bluetooth, but this doesn’t happen with wired headsets, so i thought i should mention it. Pairing interference: it can be paired to 2 devices at once. While this isn’t a bad thing, when my windows tablet is on at home, any notification interrupts the music on my phone, and you know windows; so bothersome to deactivate and reactivate bluetooth all the time.

Son delighted with these and we’re delighted with price. Fast delivery (4 days from order). No instructions in box but easy enough set up with his mobile phone (turn on, lights flash blue/red, then once connected to mobile’s bluetooth the light goes blue). Finding we have to reset/connect to mobile every so often but that just takes seconds to do, so it’s no bother. Fit nice on the head and adjustable, good clear sound and not too bad a range on them either. All in all, great headset for the price.

  • Wow, what value!
  • Better than expected.
  • Terrific bit of kit for the price.
  • A nice bit of kit buy it, it’s well worth the cost
  • unbelievably brilliant!
  • Good value for money

Wireless Handsfree Bluetooth Headphone Headset Microphone For Iphone 5s Samsung

Bought these after being impressed with the first set i bought for grandson at xmas.

This product is fantastic i can now clean and listen to my music thanks watch films in peace best thing ever.

These cheap headphones have blown me away they are easy too set up and the quality is just amazing for the price and im extremely happy with the microphone too. I have used these headphones on my ps3 mobile phone and my tablet pcb. I would recommend these headphones to anyone.