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The dynamic range means that as long as you have a suitably good sound source – an ipod classic and 320kbps bitrate is what i’m using – these give detail that i’ve not heard before using earphones. Because they actually aim right into the ear canal, it takes a couple of goes to get them fitted properly. Once you get the hang of it though these have also become the most comfortable i’ve used. Sound doesn’t leak out and it isolates you from extraneous noise – perfect for planes and trains then. Because of this, as my fellow reviewers state, you don’t need to have the volume set anything like as high, which is good for anyone worried about tinnitus and other ear-damage. Nearly £200 is a lot to pay for earphones but if you want to forget about equipment and just appreciate your music then don’t hesitate.

Absolutley loved these ever since i got them out of the box. They fit perfectly and are very comfortable. The sound quality is exceptional. Of course the sound source has to be good and it depends on the owners hearing , but i think these are as good as it gets.

The fitting is initially tricky but i am sure i will master it. Tried my shure buds for comparison and they were disposed of very quickly. These are well worth the extra cost.

Well, i don’t usually bother with writing a review and this is my first one, so bear with me. I have purchased these as a replacement for my westone um1’s, which i will now be using for in-ear monitoring in my capacity as a professional drummer. The reason for this is that my m-audio in-ears that i use on the road, have given up the ghost after about 18 months. I’ve had a number of in-ear headphones over the years, starting with sennheiser cx300, moving to shure se110, then shure se210 then m-audio ie10’s, finally got um1’s about a year ago and was/are very happy with them. But, the um2’s just blow away everything else in terms of sound quality. The low end is simply the best i’ve heard during my time with in-ears. It is just so defined and tight without sounding enhanced or slack. Mids are perfect for me as is top end. Obviously the comfort is just as good as the um1’s and surpasses any other manufacturer i’ve used.

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Westone UM2 Headphone

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Great headphones i bought them as replacements for my etymotic er6 headphones which were stolen. I have to say they are fantastic, comfortable to wear and better than the etymotics, however the ear pieces do fall apart quite easily. I’ve had mine replace twice in less than 18 months and it looks like they are going again which is disappointing considering the cost.

Have been using these westone um2 headphones now for approximately 14 months and i absolutely love them. Used with an ipod classic the quality of sound is amazing. I originally had the medium sized comply tips but quickly moved down to the smaller size which gave me such a comfortable listening experience. I used to regularly play the ipod at 90% volume with conventional apple headphones to try and atain the correct hit, but find that the westones are so detailed with their “dual driver” set up that a 50% volume is more than one needs. And the comply tips are reasonably priced to replace regularly.

I was a bit hesitant with the price, but money well spent. Sound is incredible all round. Once i put them on i knew how good they are. I have my iphone at about 3/4 and its almost too loud. Volume is there if you need it that’s for sure. I used the foam buds and it blocked every other sound out, amazing. I bought ones with removable cable, it was only an extra £10, so now i have the option if i damage the wire, or connection end. Just buy them, you wont regret.

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