Venstone-X2 Sport Headphones Sweatproof Resistant Earbuds – I find it hard to find headphones that stay in my small ears, but these are great

All genres sound amazing through these. Headphones that are perfect for exercising is the only way i can start this. To fit them into your ear you’ll find a hookmon each earpiece which sits inside your ear. This works perfect and keeps the earphones right in your ear no matter how much you move your head. In the package you’ll find a few different sizes of the in-ear and ear hooks which make it easy to find one which fits you just right. Once you’re wearing them and playing music you’ll be blown away by the sound, yoiu get amazing deep tones with everything just been clear and nice to hear. Tried a range of different genres and i haven’t found anything that they struggle with. Played heavy rock, to the poppiest of pop. Everything just sounds good, amazing when you consider they aren’t a “name” brand.

I received this product at discount price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. One of the most comfort and good sound earbuds i bought. 99 i found them better than boss in ear ultra in comfort. They are not as good sound to some earphones but they are comfort and easy to put on. Finally they work with any mobile to receive calls, totally recommend.

Lightweight headphones with exceptional sound quality. These venstone-x2 sports in-ear headphones are nicely designed to fit snugly in the contours of your ear. The sound is crystal clear and there’s a built in microphone so you can use them for phone calls too. The cable isn’t prone to tangle, a huge plus as far as i’m concerned. I really like them, they match my blue ipod perfectly and i can enjoy my tunes whatever i’m doing without having to constantly shove them back in my ears. They definitely deserve 5 stars. Disclaimer: i received this item at a discount in exchange for an honest review and as such would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone thinking of buying.

This headphones are very good, because they are very practical and everthing else. This headphones are very good, because they are very practical and everthing else easier. I can answer calls i can play the next song just by clinking the button 🙂 (it has a microphone)it is compatible with nokia. The sound is very clear, i love to use it to talk on the phone and to listen to music. The length of the wire is decent. They are very comfortable to wear which is something i needed, my old ones were very annoying, because i would go to the gym they would fall every time, so i was not focused on working out, because i constatly stopping. They are well design to promote comfort. It comes in different colors, so you can just pick your favorite one. And they excellent for the price, i was always buying the £1 ones, but they would last for a week but i also spend more £10 for headphones and i was very disappointed, as well. Please, note that i received this product at discount price i exchange for a honest reviewthank youedith domingues.

  • All genres sound amazing through these
  • Lightweight headphones with exceptional sound quality
  • Nice fit, decent sound – good for the gym
  • The sounds quality very good,clear.
  • Great sound, long cable, comfortable fit and great quality
  • They did not come out of my ears and the sound it great!!

Venstone-X2 Sport Headphones Sweatproof Resistant Earbuds with Microphone and Button Control In-ear Headphones(Golden)

  • The Venstone X2’specially angled design are crafted such that they FIT SNUGLY into ears of any size or shape.
  • STRONG COMPATIBILITY for all 3.5mm jack devices like– Apple Devices/Androids Smartphone/Windows Phone/MP3/MP4 Player /Portable Music Player/Laptop/PC/iPod /DVD and CD players,and portable gaming systems.
  • EXCEPTIONAL STABILITY as the StayHear tips stay comfortably in place even during vigorous exercise.
  • In-line, one-button REMOTE CONTROL and MIRCROPHONE compatible with most smartphones.
  • Graced with POWERFUL 8 mm DRIVERS, the X2 delivers all the high-outputsound and accuracy.

Good quality earphones at a great price. . Good quality earphones at a great price. These are excellent earphones, and come with a selection of ear buds allowing you to choose those that fit best and more comfortable. Also they have fins that help keep them in place. I prefer wireless headphones when in the gym, but these are excellent for everyday use. I received this item in return for a fair and balanced independent review.

Great sound the buds come with 3 different silicone tip. Great sound the buds come with 3 different silicone tip sizes. I use the smallest and they fit very well. The trick to change them is to pinch the tip and slide it over the little ‘prong’ of the earbud. It’s a snap once you have that down. This is the only difference i noticed between this brand, and a few pricier brands i have had in the past. I like this tip style better then others, and they are secure as well. I don’t like pulling out my earbuds, and having the tip pop off in my ear. Or loosing the tip in a pocket or bag.

The sound quality of the headphones was good, the cable is very robust as has like a plastic coating around it so there fore making it quite hard to break which is great. And the microphone is a really good feature, again the sound quality when making or recieving a call on the phone is really good. Appearance of the earphones is nice and compact and when worn don’t sit too far away from the ear giving them a nice feel. They are well made, easy to use & deliver a really good quality sound. Value for money and sleek looking is the bonus. Overall more than just a standard earphone set and pass all gradings by me.