Usb Gaming Headset Computer Microphone Usb Wired Mic Multimedia Headphone X8 – cheap & cheerful and worth the £6

Not the finest audio, but correctly suitable for the price tag. Not the best audio,but flawlessly suitable for the pricethe card reader can boot steam os from micro sd for case in point. The mic could do with remaining a minimal lengthier.

These are wonderful for the rate we go by means of alot of these. These are good for the price we go by alot of these in our residence so was glad to uncover some as affordable as this that do the same work as any other only thing i would say is that they’re not as at ease but aside from that i am going to be obtaining once more.

Low-priced & cheerful and worthy of the £6. They might be inexpensive & cheerful but they do the work, not specifically a gaming headset but for a low-cost entry stage set they would do okay. The principal problem looks to be the mic bleeding into the speakers when chatting so you get an echo result. What do we hope for £6 shipped?.Very well not these as you get alot for your income, resonably decent seem production, snug (a little flimsy), usb, card reader & an fm radio oddly plenty of. So all in all great value low-cost entry headset than can be made use of for gaming.

  • cheap & cheerful and worth the £6
  • Not the greatest audio, but perfectly acceptable for the price
  • ok for the low price
  • Very comfortable and good quality
  • These are great for the price we go through alot of these

Quite snug and superior quality. Extremely relaxed and superior high quality item. You cannot get something improved at this price tag.

Reasonably priced headphones that work nicely.

Features of Usb Gaming Headset Computer Microphone Usb Wired Mic Multimedia Headphone X8

  • Brand New Boxed – Instantly shipped
  • Built in remote – TF Card reader –
  • Padded earpieces for ambient noise exclusion and comfort during long sessions.
  • In-line external volume control with microphone on/off.
  • Excellent response for voice communications and dynamic in-game audio.

I desired a low cost headset to tie me around right up until i bought my old ones back adhering to a extended transfer. They did the position effectively adequate, whilst i had to restart my computer each individual time i plugged them in to get the mic to work with skype. Not actually plug and perform, just held every thing up a several minutes, the moment the mic worked there ended up no authentic problems. Also not the comfiest, but i’ve also experienced alot worse.