Trevi DJ1260 DJ Headphones – Good allround product for the price

Good allround product for the price. Decent product with fairly good sound quality. Nice features would buy again.

But seems good, materials quality its good. Its light and its comfortable.

Both son and husband love these. Work well and hold a charge for long time.

It done it herself so it was a very good buy. Bought this for my granddaughter who has special needs and she was absolutely made up with it and didn’t need to show her how to work it done it herself so it was a very good buy.

  • First Impresions and all good
  • Faultless Product
  • great,versatile headphones at a good price
  • Very good headset sound quality a lot better than I expected
  • it done it herself so it was a very good buy. thankyou

Trevi DJ1260 DJ Headphones with Bluetooth Connectivity (Red)

  • DJ HiFi Headphone with Bluetooth connection; Smartphones compatible
  • Built-in Microphone; High Comfort and Elegance; Foldable to more compact size
  • Able to listen to music wihtout cables from phones, tables and PC’s etc
  • Skype and MSN from PC provided with Bluetooth
  • Stereo input 3.5mm for traditional connectivity; Rechargeable Lithium Battery through USB

Great,versatile headphones at a good price. I bought these headphones to watch movies or play games on my laptop. I haven’t actually played games with them yet but i have used them with my phone and my laptop and the sound quality is excellent. There is a slight delay on the audio on the laptop but that is less obvious on my phone. The reason that they are versatile is that they have a headphone socket if you are having connectivity problems which is a big bonus.

Very good headset sound quality a lot better than i expected. Very good headset sound quality a lot better than i expectedeasy to bluetooth works about 30 feet awaycomfort very good ear cubs are very softconsbuild quality not so good it’s made with cheap shiny plastic3. 5 mm cord broke after a few weeks.

Very high quality headset so far. Pros:+support for many bluetooth technologies (v2. 1+edr compatible with a2dp, avrcp, hsp, hfp)+easy to pair with other bluetooth devices+high quality sound – freq. Response 20hz-20khz+possibility to connect the headphones with a 3. 5 aux cable (without bluetooth)+foldablecons:-no bag for transporting-the cable only connects the headphones. It would be nice to connect the mic as well without using bluetooth.

One comment

  • Colour Name: RED Verified Purchase
    I given 5 stars because that fit nicely and are comfortable. The only negative thing i can mention is that there is a slight hum with bluetooth. I’m not sure if other headphones have the same problem, but i guess they do. Having said that, i think it’s a brilliant idea that they are fitted with a jack for a plug-in jack-to-jack lead (provided). The times i had to dispose of headsets because the jack lead breaks isn’t good news. But, all you have to do is get another lead for this headset. To sum up: if you need to be walking / running around listening to music etc, then the bluetooth comes into it’s own. If you just want to listen in a static position, then use the lead (it saves the battery anyway).
  • Colour Name: WHITE Verified Purchase

    This review is from : Trevi DJ1260 DJ Headphones with Bluetooth Connectivity (Red)

    Okay first off i’m an addict to headphones, i’ve got 16 of them ranging from on ear to over, from quality expensive ones to quality cheap ones. I got the trevi dj1260 dj headphones on time, wasn’t too excited cz they were not pricey so i expected less, opened the package and was like “wow” these look good. They feel like quality, the foam pads are good and soft, these cans can be broken if you’re a clumsy person, but they’re a good buildsound quality?. I produce for a few underground artists worldwide and i think i know good sound when i hear it, i was shocked. I mean for £40 you would think the headphones would be average but they’re not, they’re very professional in every aspecti tested out the bluetooth function and it paired easily like all regular bluetooth headsets connect, and i walked around the house to see how good the connection and quality was, they were brilliant. (lasts 9 hours and takes 2 hours to charge)to add to the joy they have a 3. 5 mm male to male headphone jack in-case you’re out of juice and you still want to listen to music with quality sound (which is the reason why i wanted to buy a pair of sms audio headphones, but why pay hundreds for sms when you can get equal satisfaction for £40+ ?). I’m amazed by this product guys, definitely a good buy. Jamming to them right now lol.
    • Colour Name: WHITE Verified Purchase
      Although i have had the product a brief time i can say that provided it continues to function as it currently does it is faultless for the price, the range is good, battery life good, the buttons work, the build quality is sturdy and the sound replication is very good for the price of these headphones, wired or not, the buttons all work and the headphones are comfortable and extendable to fit all head sizes. I have used them as a headset and they seem to pick up your voice clearly without necessitating shouting. They fold away for storage and although this is a useful feature and perhaps just to fault something this is my only concern with the pair of headphones – the ability to fold the headphones is useful and prevents damage but the durability of the hinge is to be seen – i hope they are sturdygreat product 5/5.
      • Colour Name: WHITE Verified Purchase
        Looked at different makes of headphones and decided on these because of the bluetooth connection which works very well and the cable connection which you can use on a plane etc where you wouldn’t be able to use the bluetooth good battery life and easy to charge. Colour also could match ipad. Thinking of buying another pair.
  • Colour: BLACK Verified Purchase

    This review is from : Trevi DJ1260 DJ Headphones with Bluetooth Connectivity (Red)

    First impresions and all good. Trevi dj1260 freesound dj headphones with bluetooth connectivity (black)so far so good. I’ve used them with my ipod touch (3rd gen), easy to “pair”;press and hold power button this it flashes red/blue, search for the headset on the device, and pair. Code (if required) should be 0000. Some points to note:- sound quality is good (not so much bass, like some earphones)- range of bluetooth is fair (about 8 – 10 meters) but who’s going to have an ipod further than that?- ear pieces are not angled, so they’re a bit uncomfortable when first put on. 5mm male/male and male usb to male micro usb (for charging). Will come back in a week to review this review :d.
  • Colour Name: WHITE Verified Purchase

    This review is from : Trevi DJ1260 DJ Headphones with Bluetooth Connectivity (Red)

    Great value bluetooth headphones. Fantastic product at a great price . Thinking of getting some more for the kids . Half the price of some others .