Tips for Choosing a Good Headphone

Today, almost all of our activities are carried out by enjoying the entertainment available on computers, laptops or the gadgets we carry. Whether it’s working on a thesis or assignment while listening to a song, or watching a movie, to playing a game. But sometimes our activities can interfere with the cubicle neighbor, or the friend sitting next to us. In fact, if it is more extreme, the sound of the movies we watch or the music that we play loudly can disturb our neighboring rooms.

One way to get rid of this disorder, many people choose to use headphones, earbuds, headsets or whatever they are, which can make us enjoy entertainment but don’t disturb our neighbors. I myself like to use headphones for the simple reason, lazy if my fun activities have made the neighbors miserable because they can’t sleep.

Now, for those of you who want to buy new headphones, earbuds, headsets or in-ear to accompany your activities and hobbies, it’s good to choose the best headphones for your needs. Although the word ‘price never lies’, but when choosing headphones is not an absolute thing and not the only one. But that doesn’t mean buying headphones from sound. For me personally, the ear is a lot of work. So there’s no harm in giving headphones that can make a satisfying sound and make it comfortable. Therefore, here are some tips on choosing the right and best headphones for your own ears!

Choose the right model and design

For those of you who don’t know, there are many types of earphones themselves. Call headphones, earbuds, in-ear monitors and headsets. For headphones there are still more on-ear headphones and over-ear headphones. Later we discuss again the differences of each type. To be sure, determine the model choice first as needed. If you want a portable and easy to carry down, earbuds and in-ear monitors (IEM) might be more fitting than headphones. If you want it at home and want to be isolated from the outside sound, the choice of headphones might be better. What is certain before starting hunting, specify the category first!

Customize With Needs

Indeed, I’m a bit late, but I just found out that there are many types, types, characters and of course prices for headphones. For the purposes of playing games with the mic, it’s definitely more attractive gaming headset options. If you watch movies and listen to music, maybe headphones are enough. Btw, this can be earbuds or IEM, so let’s just call it all headphones.

Budget Budget Budget !!!

Whatever item you buy, the budget must be ascertained as to what limit. Even though the price can determine the quality, but not absolutely true. There are headphones that are very popular, prices are also very good, but the sound quality is far below other brands at half the price. What is certain is that the budget is confirmed first.

Suppose you want to find an over-ear headphone model, you like jazz music and watch movies, then you can plug in the appropriate headphones. When you will start choosing, order from the cheapest of these categories to the most expensive in your budget. Remember, if your budget is maximal, the choice of headphones on top doesn’t need to be included in the list.

Headphone Audition in List

Now this is important. Reading people’s reviews is good, but people’s ears are different. Headphone stores that already have big names, usually provide demo units for you to be free to try or audition before buying. My advice, try headphones on your list starting from the cheapest to the most expensive. Later you can understand the differences in each of these headphones. Usually, we will feel comfortable with the lowest headphone list, or the most expensive.

One more tip for auditioning or trying headphones, bring your own music device. If you listen to your cellphone, the cellphone is brought. If you use an iPod, then make an iPod audition. In my experience, the headphone shop does provide players for auditions. But their music players are usually the best class, so worrying about what you hear during auditions, will be different when you hear at home with your own device.