This is The Difference of Headphones vs Earphones vs Headset vs Earset

Headphones, Earphones, Headsets, and Earsets, are electronic devices that are almost always owned by today’s gadget users. The main function is certainly to listen to the sound coming from the gadget more private. All four devices were placed directly on our body parts, the ears. Then what makes them different and should not be arbitrarily called?


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First there are Headphones. This object is probably the most commonly referred to by laymen when referring to personal audio amplifier devices. As the name implies, there is the word “Head” which means that this object depends on the head. That’s why Headphones usually have a large size and there is a headband as a buffer from both speakers.


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Unlike Headphones, Earphones have a relatively smaller and simpler shape and size. This is because the mechanism is attached directly to the earlobe, without having to be leaned on the top of the head. Its function is still the same as Headphones, but the number and variation are the most among other devices.


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Switch to Headset. In form, this device can be said to be very similar to Headphones. What distinguishes the two is the addition of Microphones that become one with the device as a whole. Headsets are more often used by computer users, especially gamers who need 2-way communication at once.


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The last one is Earset. you would have been able to guess what the Earset device is like? Yes, Earset has a function that is more or less the same as a Headset. The difference is, Earset is designed with a more concise and minimalist, so it is not too flashy when used mobile.