Sony MDR-EX750 High Resolution Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headphone – Pink noise cancelling earphones

Pretty much all-round fabulous. First things first, at £130 these in-ear phones are not cheap so expectations are going to be high – and they really do not disappoint. They are extremely good headphones. Noise cancelling is the main purpose of these ‘phones and they do the job very well indeed. I live and work in the countryside and don’t spend a lot of time in noisy environments, but i do spend a fair amount of time travelling by train where i found they cut exterior noise pretty much completely. It was really quite extraordinary. The noise-cancelling part comes as a separate function with its own on-off switch and its own battery (a small thing attached to the cable) which has to be kept charged (by usb) and it really is quite astonishingly efficient at keeping external noise out. It creates a light hiss that (to my ageing ears) is barely audible and soon phased out. The only real problem with the noise cancellation that it has to be kept charged and if you choose to use the ‘phones without it, the sound quality and volume seems to drops quite appreciably. They still function perfectly well, they just seem to lack the necessary ‘oomph’ i need when listening to music, primarily, though speech is affected as well.

Sony prove they’re one of the best. These are a stunning set of earphones from sony who in my opinion are one of the best at making them. I’ve had many sony earphones before and always been impressed, but thought i’d give these noise cancelling ones a go. Having never used noise cancelling, i ordered with an open mind. The box is well designed and these earphones are beautifully packaged, you can tell sony put a lot of thought into it. I particularly like the carry case which is ideal for travelling or for just keeping these safely stored at home. Design is lovely, and the extra earbuds in different sizes mean you can easily find your best fit. Being noise-cancelling, they have a small power unit but it’s hardly noticeable in use. The sound quality from these is simply amazing. The bass in particular is great, and these are very well suited to r&b/dance, but ideal for every type of music.

Decent sound though a bit hissy when music volumes are low. These are solidly built with good quality cabling and a nice metallic finish. The rechargeable battery is a nice touch. Its small and light and charges quickly. The noise cancelling is very good and works well on planes. Note however that there are no alternative ear buds and the included pair may not fit your ears. . Also the pouch for the earphones is very flimsy and wont protect them for long. All in all though these are good quality and worth the money.

Very good sound quality, very well built. Not quite sure if they are worth the price. Try a pair if you can to decide for yourse. The 1st thing we noticed when unpacking this pair of earphones was the number of accessories inside the box. As well as multiple languages instruction books you get a selection of different sized earbuds, a usb charge lead, the earphones themselves and an adapter to convert dual mono to stereo for use in aeroplanes and hop on hop off buses. Because these are noise cancelling headphones they need a battery which is in line. At first i was slightly concerned that the battery would get in the way as the lead to the 3. In practice it is quite small and flat and lies against the back of my phone. In use the noise cancelling is very impressive, even a busy street proved no problem.

  • High price, high expectations, mediocre experience
  • Sony MDR-EX750NA earphones are equipped with the Hi-Res Audio technology
  • Excellent sound quality and very good noise reduction
  • Sony prove they’re one of the best
  • In-ear earphones that offer a reasonable sound quality and good (but not great) noise-cancelling
  • Very good sound quality, very well built. Not quite sure if they are worth the price. Try a pair if you can to decide for yourse

Sony MDR-EX750 High Resolution Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headphone – Yellow

  • Make your style statement with eye-catching design and stylish colours
  • Enjoy the subtlest nuances of sound with High-Resolution Audio
  • Digital Noise Cancelling with Dual Noise Sensor Technology and Automatic Al Noise Cancelling

Nice sound and well made but expensive sony’s. Sony mdr-ex750 high resolution noise cancelling in-ear headphone – redin the box. ========the main ear phones with permanently attached noise cancelling unit, instructions in multiple languages, spare different sized ear buds, carry case and usb charging cable for the noise cancelling part. ======basically they are plug_and_play (listen), the noise cancelling unit came charged. =======the ear buds are really comfortable and fit well. ===========these are some of the best in ear sets i have used. Previously i had creative labs ones which sadly broke after many years of service.

No stranger to active noise cancellation headphones, i have used a pair of big brand media sized headphones, an older pair of sony in ear active noise cancellation headphones, i also have active noise cancellation on my xperia z3 tablet. These however are easily the most effective noise cancellation headphones i have tried to date, clearly the technology involved is marching forward at an impressive rate. If you haven’t had active noise cancellation before, these will simply blow your mind. If you have tried them in the past, you will be impressed, i was. Found them very comfortable to keep in my ear for extended periods (i work near noisy air conditioner, and it made my job almost bearable having these in for hours). The kit comes with several sizes to get that perfect fit. Battery life is very good, managed to get a full days out of of them, with more to spare. My pet hate on many in-ear buds, is trying to work out left and right, these are thankfully clearly marked.

Bring your mobile music to life. . A noticeable improvement on my regular phone headphones. The noise reduction is pretty good too – london is noisy – though i have to say my brain is pretty good at filtering that out anyway. Listening mostly to pop, rock and r&b it’s a nice ambient surround sound that makes it easy to drift off into the music. I wasn’t sure that getting better headphones would make any difference to my listening pleasure but it has.

Sony Fashion Over-Ear Headphones – Great Hedaphones

Excellent headphones at a fantastic price. . I recently broke a set of sony zx300 headphones. This was extremely annoying but i was so impressed with them that i was going to get another set. Instead though i thought i would try a step up from them to see what difference it made. I’m glad i did too because these zx600 headphones are great. The sound quality is fantastic surpassing even the zx300. They also have the extra bonus of blocking out external noise and not having the slightly creaky feel of the plastic zx300s, (those were the only two problems i had with the zx300s). The noise cancelling works well both ways. I can’t hear much of the outside world and the outside world can’t hear whatever i’m listening to. I hate listening to the annoying tinny beat of someone else’s headphones and so don’t want to inflict it on anyone else myself.

It seems these days that in order to sell a pair of headphones you need to stick a musician’s name on the product in order to get it on the shelves; more detail is put into the name than the actual product. Certainly have some lovely looking headphones, but are they actually worth the extortionate retail price?.(that was rhetorical)i initially purchased a pair the zx300’s and was very pleased with the quality, both in terms of audio and appearance; so naturally i picked up the zx600 model with high expectations – i was not disappointed. The zx600’s have a premium quality build and style and are incredibly comfortable; fitting like a glove with their adjustable over-head headband with a variety of colours to suit your taste. The flattened cables are an awesome touch since they never get tangled when sitting in my bag unlike previous headphones i’ve purchased. Right, the sound; ultimately that’s what we want out of our headphones right?. Imagine a £300 pair of audio beats for £60 but with just as good quality and actual noise reduction. I can happily play music on my iphone at full volume on the tube and not have a single person batter an eyelid. Ironically i was playing some dr dre on my zx600’s yesterday. The crisp mid-tones and the punchy bass it produces is spot on for what is essentially an “out and about” model and is ideal for any genre of music. Sleek, stylish, comfortable, great sound and affordable.

Great sound, great headphones. Having sent myself dizzy reading other reviews about the sony (including similar spec to the zx600) and skullcandy headphones, i plumped for the sony, knowing from experience that they produce consistent quality goods. I am certainly no sound expert and use them for leisure purposes when listening to my ipod. I also wanted a fairly simple look and something i could use whilst exercising as i was sick of the in ear phones popping out whilst running. The headphone has not disappointed me at all. Mainly black but the red trim adds to the appeal (without me embarrassing the kids with something too flashy )the headset has plenty of adjustment, so don’t worry about head size. They are also fairly snug and wont fall off. Whilst comfortable at the same time with well padded ear pieces.

I love my music to sound great and all i can say is i definitely didn’t make a mistake, the range in bass to the mids and the treble is just amazing for the price of these headphones. The bass is definitely there but doesn’t overpower songs that don’t need it so ther is a great balance. Usually on my old headphones i’d have to turn my phone up pretty high to get a good volume but with these i only have to go up a 1/3 of the way :) the sound isolation is wonderful even for a on-ear headphone.There is definitely no need for the typical audio trap of beats, sony has made something better in my opinion with great sound isolation and overall wonderful audio.

  • Who needs Dre Beats?!
  • Well done Sony, quality in every way
  • For Your Ears Only
  • Sony headphones – Best buy in ages
  • If this is what heaven sounds like

Sony Fashion Over-Ear Headphones for iPod, iPhone, MP3 and Smartphone – White

  • Over-head headphones with aluminium finish, 40mm neodymium driver available in a choice of colours
  • 40mm neodymium drivers
  • 6Hz-25kHz frequency range
  • High power input up to 1,000mW

These headphone are excellent for the price. They have a good seal around my ears so there isn’t a great deal of sound able to get in from the outside, but don’t believe that they are completely sound isolating, i can still hear traffic. The bass quality is excellent along with some decent mids. They are lacking a bit on the high end but this is expected for the price and the fact that they are single driver units. The flat cable is great, it’s yet to get tangled and seems incredibly durable. Some people are saying that the headband material is a bit thin and breaking on them, i’m yet to experience this. Overall a great set of headphones with good looks and decent sound, big selling point is the flat cable.

Excellent commuter headphones. . I bought these to replace a set of sony noise cancelling cans that i had owned for about 4 years and sadly snapped recently. I only used the nc circuitry once, as mobile phone frequency seemed to interfere with it when on the train. Prior to buying the zx600s i listened to a fair few headphones for reference and comparison, all within a similar price range. Sennheiser, jvc, skullcandy, etc. My music taste varies from rock to trance, never r&b or hip hop, and exaggerated bass cans are not for me. I find they muddy the sound. I also watch a large amount of video content on my s3 when commuting. Of all the headphones i tried, these were the best suited for tv/film watching. For music they are bass biased, although this is quite easily manipulated with the s3 equaliser, and is not really detrimental to the overall sound of the cans.

I foolishly bought a set of beats before i got these as a replacement, following the beats inevitably breaking. Just got them really as a temporary solution while i decided on what headphones i really wanted next. However, having now used them for ages, i’m more than happy with the sound quality, the comfort levels when wearing, and the overall feel: so much so, i’ve not really considered replacing them with something more expensive.

Sony MDR-V150 Headphones : Ten years and still rocking!

I purchased these for my son to place on when he is participating in his dsi and his mp3 participant. They are great top quality, and as opposed to my skullcandy headphones in fact have a terrific audio. My boy enjoys them, specifically when he can place them on and not be in a position to hear his minimal sisteramazing price for cash, i pinch them at times when he is not about to use myself on the computer system. The cable is quite very long, but i have acquired him a low-cost mp3 holder and just put the excessive cable in there and clip it on his garments. I was a bit apprehensive when they came, as they had the connection to plug into big stereo methods, but this can be taken off to reveal link for dsi, mp3 and laptop.

I am pretty impressed with these headphones, excellent selling price, and really feel really light when worn. They deliver clean crisp top rated notes and a beautifully respectable bass at the decreased conclude, but be warned, they do not appear with the marketed quantity command on the lead. Aside from that, nicely worth the cash and remarkably recomended.

About two several years in the past i purchased the extra high priced mdr v300 sony headphones and was extremely amazed with the high-quality. Almost everything i would want from a pair of headphones. Fantastic seem excellent with good deep bass. Nonetheless, one unlucky night a drunken buddy sat on my beautiful headphones and snapped off the appropriate earpiece. I bought the mdr v150 as a replacement, and i am pleasantly suprised that the audio excellent is indistinguishable. A great purchase if you aren’t searching to invest way too much on headphones for daily computer/commuting use. Can be awkward on the previous ears, but they shortly loosen up.

Comments from buyers

“Suprised at mixed reviews – are we all perfectionists?, For the price they exceed expectations, Good headphones, but VERY long lead!!, Good quality, great price, Budget Headphones, They Do Exactly As Described”

Acquired to use with my steel detector. I have tried them a few of occasions and they look high-quality for use with a metallic detector the ability to just listen with one ear suggests you can operate with a buddy or you can be knowledgeable of your surroundings for security good reasons. But can use as normal when have to have to concentrate on a faint sign.

I purchased these soon after my previous trusty wharfdale headphones obtained ruined further than restore. . On the in addition facet, they are quite comfy. The ear-parts are effectively cushioned and they’re not large, so they sit easily inside the circumference of the ear, fairly than fully covering it. The sound however, lets them down. . The treble and midrange are good, but the bass reaction is dreadful. I use my headphones to pay attention to the television late at night time, and for that goal they are sufficient,. Especially contemplating that they carry the sony identify. Nicely, if you want a really cozy set of headphones for basic use, you could do even worse. But in all honesty, if i could have sampled these headphones before shopping for them, i would have devote my income in other places.

Amazingly superior finances headphones. I picked up a pair of these for my son lately. I utilized my asus xonar pc sound card to examination them. Bass reaction is pretty restricted and relatively punchy additional than superior plenty of for the cost (and significantly much better than the panasonic rpht225 i have)mid tones and treble are good more than enough, i did look at the telephones to the extra top quality conclude yamaha hph-200’s i personal. Definitely the sony’s don’t audio as loaded or have the tonal seperation of the yamaha phones, but they do audio rather excellent and value fairly a whole lot less. The make is quite essential, nevertheless the headband looks like it will previous the distance only for a longer period term will tell but not bad for the price. The cable is pretty extended at 2m, but this was what i required (he utilizes the phones on a pc) and it is really pretty thick which signifies it is considerably less most likely to tangle. 3mm adaptor, no gold plating listed here of course. Straightforward and quite efficient featuring, at this cost level you do not expect that considerably, and these are not likely to rival the much more high priced cans out there for seem.

12 pcs (M) Medium Hybrid Replacement Set Earbuds Eartips for Sony XBA, MDR and DR Series In-Ear Earphone Headsets – I love these tips

Shipping and delivery provider was fantastic.

They dont result in itchyness in your ears like the standard silicone ideas and they perform very well with my ue900. I very endorse these guidelines.

Even came with an further pair of white ones.

  • I love these tips

Features of 12 pcs (M) Medium Hybrid Replacement Set Earbuds Eartips for Sony XBA, MDR and DR Series In-Ear Earphone Headsets

  • 12 pcs (M) Medium Hybrid Replacement Set Earbuds Eartips for Sony XBA, MDR and DR Series In-Ear Earphone Headsets
  • As Pictured Above
  • In-Ear Earphones not included !
  • Check Product Description for Compatible Models

Sony MDR10RC Overhead Lightweight Folding Headphones – I’m very picky with sound quality but these are excellent! High Quality and affordable headphones

I like ’em (and i’m really, really fussy). When i went looking for a pair of headphones (my first pair of over-ear ‘phones in a very long time) i had some specific requirements: not too big, not too focussed on massive bass and suitable for a wide range of audio, from pop punk to big band swing, 80s hip hop to spoken word podcasts and audiobooks. I settled on these after listening to at least 20 pairs, ranging from £29. 99 to £250+ and after 3 weeks of daily use, i’m still happy that i made the right decision. Many of the lower priced headphones seem to be trying to pitch themselves as a cheaper alternative to beats, with marketing messages mostly focussed on ear-splitting bass. I tried these and really liked the balance of low, mid and high frequencies. The upper end of the market didn’t sound better enough (if at all) to make me want to spend the extra (and i’m not averse to paying more to get more)one thing that’s worth noting is that these headphones are quite sensitive to the quality of the recording itself; lossy, compressed mp3s sound worse on these than on other headphones. Tracks recorded with the bass eq turned up just sound boomy and uncontrolled. Streaming from spotify sounds great, itunes downloads sound great, but ripped audio from dubious sources can sound pretty terrible through these.

Stylish with great sound quality. Got it free with my xperia z3+ from cpw. The best headphones i ever used. Sound quality is just perfect.

Great style with premuim build quality and decent sound. 5 for sound, but no option, so get 5* for overall offeringpro : design + build quality + excellent mid range sound quality + accessoriescons: bass a tad heavy/muffled (but may suit other listeners)design : great design, looks very trendy and modernbuild : feels and looks premium quality. Very comfortable and soft padding, light weight. Features : detachable cords with gold plated jack coonnector. Free second cable with mic/answer button. Mid range – excellent in the mid range 10/10 – performs well herehighs – excellent clarity 9/10 very good, maybe a tiny bit too “high”bass – 8. 5/10 a tad heavy in my opinion, slightly cloudy, but may be preferred by other listenersdesigned for travel, on the go, for use with smart phone/player, as very compact portable, and lightweight for long usei think my sennheiser hd 202 is the best for under £50 – all round great balance and price around £30;but not as stylish or portable as this sony, nor has this premium quality feel with extra set of detachable cables, and for those reasons, coupled with better mid range sound (suits me as i dont listen to bass music) i shall keep this sony pair.

They do excellent job with 24-bit audio files playback style. They look exceptionally good, very comfortable for longer period use. Using the s6 edge plus, they do brilliant job playing 24 bit audio files, the difference is clear and the sound coming out from these pairs just wows you. Life has never felt this good before. All hail to sony’s electronics department.

  • I like ’em (and I’m really, REALLY fussy!)
  • Bassy Headphones for Music on the Move.
  • Headphones for serious music lovers.
  • Seriously good quality
  • At last – perfect understated travel headphones
  • Excellent headphones

Sony MDR10RC Overhead Lightweight Folding Headphones – White

  • Light, compact, folding, on-ear headphones available in three eye-catching colours
  • 40mm neodymium drivers
  • 5Hz-40kHz frequency range
  • Lightweight, foldable design

Purchased for my wife’s xmas pressie, very good value and excellent sound plus she tells me they are very comfy, even after long periods of wearing them.

Quality at the price point. . Very nice pair of headphones. The padding is very comfortable and thus wearing these headphones for prolonged periods is not a problem. Sound quality is fine for the price point. These are headphones for using whilst sitting and reclining as they don not clamp onto the head. Overall a very good purchase.

Sound quality is very impressive. Good bass without being ridiculously overpowering. Most outside noise is blocked out and they are very comfortable. These work very well with a wide variety of music. These are very lightweight but are also sturdy and well built. I didn’t feel any discomfort or mild pain after prolonged use.

Sony MDREX38IP In-Ear Headphones – Fit nicely and the sounds not too bad either

These are fantastic earphones, and the apple iphone controls are a bonus, but make confident you get spare earbuds (they very easily get misplaced at inconvenient times). Even so, i have acquired two pairs, and on both of those of them the bud the aspect of the apple iphone remote has died after a couple of months – beware.

These are just what i required. I did obtain a less costly variation but in the end you only get what you pay for. Would not hesitate to suggest to anybody.

Healthy properly and the seems not far too negative both. Bought for someone with rather smaller ear-canals. Suit nicely and the appears not as well lousy possibly.

  • Perfect for iPod touch
  • Good mic, average headphones
  • Well worth the money
  • great while they last!
  • Fit nicely and the sounds not too bad either

Positives:affordablegood in-ear suit and light-weight- i use these when out and about and in the gymnasium with no problems (i haven’t tried out them on the functioning device even though)inline remote- the volume element does not work on my galaxy nexus, nevertheless ahead etcetera. Superior track record noise cancelling qualitiesminimal ‘white noise’ leak- this is the major motive why i like these ear phones so a great deal. A lot of of the earphone in this price vary are awful for what i can ‘white noise’ leaking. Negatives:tangles very easilyif they had been to crack i wound surely purchase them all over again.

Good mic, average headphones. The main purpose i acquired these headphones was due to the fact of the mic offered which provides practicality for making use of it with a cellphone, sadly i sacrificed in the audio high-quality. Possessing had superior hopes for these headphones looking through other critiques on amazon, i was let down with the depth of seem in the headphones. The loudest setting on these headphones is extremely weak whilst commuting, all exterior noises are listened to and evaluating these headphones to my former sony kinds (bought for under £10 but with no mic), the seem is a ton louder on the aged ones and with equivalent seem good quality. I am now wanting once again for improved good quality headphones with a mic selection, these will be an adequate, in excess of priced prevent hole in the suggest time.

Features of Sony MDREX38IP In-Ear Headphones with In-Line iPod Remote Control

  • Headphones compatible with all iPod products
  • Remote control compatible with: Nano (gen4), Classic (120GB), Touch (gen2)
  • 9mm drivers for high quality sound
  • Hybrid type earbuds, soft outer silicone for better comfort and fit
  • Carrying pouch

These earbuds are excellent. They are very well designed and reliable. Microphone enables skype calls on ipod contact. The remote control is excellent, with the following options:just one click on = pause/playtwo clicks = future trackthree clicks = former trackvolume up and downi had beforehand purchased the griffen tunebuds but they fell aside within just a thirty day period. These earphones have been performing flawlessly for 6 months and no problemsif you might be seeking for earbuds with a mic and remote control, these are simply best.

Purchased these to switch my damaged apple iphone headphones, and they are improved than the originals. Persons i’m talking to say my voice sounds a very little more tinny than ahead of, but the seem high-quality my close is terrific. The in ear fashion of these earbuds terminate out most of the ambient sounds that applied to generate me crazy when utilizing the initial apple phones.

Sony MDRXB200V Overhead Extra Bass Headphones, Does what it says

I’ve been searching for headphones that are notably great in terms of bass and these were being just what i was wanting for.

If your just about anything like me and enjoy listening to loud new music but all you headphone blow theses are the a person for you. These are the most comfortable headphones i have ever wore. They are adjustable so you can get the great match for your head. Yet another issue i have with headphones are the wires taking but where by these are thick wires which is not a issue. I are unable to vault just about anything at all.

Superb merchandise, terrific sound for the dollars.

Very well made, sturdy bass emphasise head telephones. Not for people who want complete spectrum of audio in addition bass. A neat pleasant small obtain. On reflection really should have acquired studio check phones.

Acquired these for my granddaughter for christmas to go with her new kindle.

Sony MDRXB200V Overhead Extra Bass Headphones – Violet/White : The sound quality of these headphones is incredible in view of the price paid. They arrived within the delivery time indicated.

Sony MDR-EX450 Earphones, Not bad for a budget pair of IEs

Significantly far better than earlier skullcandy ink’d 2’s, the audio is much clearer and you can listen to a great deal extra of your audio, although they are not as attacking when it arrives to bass this is just because you do not have to flip the quantity up so higher, when altered in the equaliser they can be exceptionally weighty on bass, they seem good quality for the price tag.

These excel at blocking out qualifications sounds from music on long uninteresting bus & coach journeys (some of it still receives as a result of in city targeted visitors while). They are snug and really don’t dislodge on their own as the cheapo types did. Not pretty as good with my mobile’s radio app even so, but that is simply because the output is just not definitely loud enough.

For the price, you won’t be able to go incorrect, great high quality.

Not terrible for a budget pair of ies. I am seriously doubtful about these ies. The only factor i can genuinely examine these to are the free ies i got with my htc one(m8). With this comparison i can say the free of charge kinds have better sound isolation by much, and as for sound high quality, theres seriously not that significantly change. The bass just isn’t really all there, the mids are good and the clarity is good. The establish high quality having said that is fantastic. I can’t say a great deal as of now, but the cables look like they can struggle as a result of some have on and tear and the housing is a stable end. General, i was not genuinely anticipating additional than this for £40 as they are continue to a low cost pair.

Operate in and suit correct sleeves for wonderful final results. I’d been searching for some new headphones to use for running as my other iem’s continually fell out following a several minutes of bouncing about. These ended up encouraged by a pal who stated he experienced some and they stayed planted in his ears. Out of the box i wasn’t massively amazed with the seem, bass was slightly boomy and the treble extension was lacking versus my klipisch s4i’s. On the other hand primarily based on other suggestions i remaining them functioning for a few several hours with a diverse playlist which i made to assist operate the drivers in (from goldie to rem to moloko to gretchen parlato and extra). I also ran a keep track of by densen (demagic) which genuinely exams the array of motorists. Reviewing immediately after about four several hours of use and i am happy to say the headphones are liberating up. The somewhat puzzled soundstage is showing higher separation, the bass is substantially a lot more controlled, and all i’m hoping for is a little bit additional treble extension to arise and i’ll be pretty happy with the seem. Earbuds just take mindful ear matching. I am ordinarily a substantial bud person, but the medium bud suits very best with these.

Sony MDR-EX450 Earphones with Aluminium Housing – White : Survived the washing machine????¿¿??¿. Damn, what exceptional value for money. I always trusted sony for this but i never knew it would be this good. Whenever i want good earphones at a low price, sony is where i look. This pair looks beautiful, sound amazing for their price and — most importantly for many buyers in this price bracket, they’re amazingly durable. After almost 7 months of heavy and probably unfairly brutal use, the mdr-ex450s still work perfectly, much to my disbelief. I’ve given them more yanks, impacts and strains than i can count. Just today, i took it out of the washing machine after having misplaced it in one of my trousers in the laundry and they emerged perfect and unscathed. This is what inspired me to leave the review today. The only damage the earphones have sustained is the sony logos wearing away and the l and r indicator prints on each bud beginning to wear.

Sony MDRE9LP Ear Buds : Quality control raises some eyebrows.

Have heard some persons say that the ear-buds really don’t create more than enough audio. I function in a manufacturing facility some moments and have have loud equipment all over me but i can continue to hear my world-wide-web radio stations great.

Excellent regulate raises some eyebrows. . These usually are not that negative, if you get a pair that basically performs. I managed to uncover a shop offering these for £3 a pair, all the distinctive colors, and certainly they were originals – not fakes. Out of the sets i bought, the black kinds sounded tinny and appeared to favour the treble, the grey kinds crackled in one particular ear, the blue ones sounded muddy, but, the white ones, now they ended up just ideal. In fact the white kinds are so good that i use them all the time. It upsets me as i have often been a fan of sony audio. I have raved about their funds headphones in yet another evaluation. But these depart a whole lot to be wished-for. It appears to be a full lottery as to no matter if or not you will get the fantastic pair. I would not be shocked if these are outsourced to a wee manufacturing facility the place the quality manage is non-existent.

Perfectly i’m a sony lover and have numerous of there goods which are all generally really great high-quality at aggressive selling prices, even so these lower spending budget small bud earphones (mdr-e9lp)are a bit of a let down. Immediately after acquiring them i tried out them out on my google (lg) nexus 4 smartphone and i identified them to distort a fair amount of money. They’re cozy plenty of but when in contrast to all the other sony headphones i’ve had above the decades this is the to start with time i’ve been upset.Here are the specifications for the Sony MDRE9LP Ear Buds:

  • Earbuds combine surprisingly strong bass with a fashionable style to deliver high-quality audio
  • Ultra-lightweight design is comfortable to wear during any activity
  • L-shaped stereo mini plug fits into standard auxiliary ports.

Just what i wished and envisioned.

As explained with rapid shipping :).

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Quality control raises some eyebrows.

Sony Ericsson MH750 Headset Stereo Wired Jack 3, ‘s Incompatible Products!

Very happy with the purchase which was to replace my original. Very happy with the purchase which was to replace my original identical ones that came with my mobile phone, i managed to mislay. My only slight disappointment is that they don’t include the three sizes of ear buds my original headphones came with (medium size only). These are the exact same headphones which cam packaged with my xperia z1, hence my choice in getting these again. Great headphones with solid sound, very comfortable in the ears and they work very well with the phone. I’m not sure how people are rating this so badly as they’re perfect for the job. They come with a couple of sizes of earbuds so should fit the majority of ears.

It is really like the one which you get with your phone. Mine was broken, i ordered it, and in a couple of days it arrived.

Sony Ericsson MH750 Headset Stereo Wired Jack 3.5 mm

  • A bigger sound – a 9.2 mm dynamic speaker driver behind each earphone and advanced micro audio technology combine to deliver an impressive audio experience
  • A longer call – press the answer key when a call comes in and enjoy comfortable handsfree calling on the go with HD Voice
  • Standard audio plug – the MH750 connects to phone, computer or other device

Sony’s incompatible products. Sony, it seems don’t really know what their products can do and what the word ‘compatible’ meansi had emailed sony to enquire about compatible headsets for my xperia neo mt15i; they sent me an email with a link. I purchased this product from viewing the products from their link; sony proudly advised that the products via their link will be compatible with my xperia neo mt15i. It seems sony are wro-o-o-o-ngthis product is not compatible with a sony xperia neo mt15i mobile phone – when you plug it in, a message pops up saying ‘device is incompatible with this product’.I have now written a complaint to sony. Any potential buyers please be careful as this product will not work with the above mentioned mobile phonei suspect that this product is probably great in quality however, as it did not work i can’t say more and thus i’m only giving it three stars.

Better than others would have you believe. These headphones are supplied with experia t phones, usually the headphones supplied are cheap basic ones, however these buck that trend by being quite good, they are quite sensitive(go loud) and provide balanced sound reproduction, if a little bright,i actually prefer them to my creative ep830s, like the creatives they do conduct some noise generated by the wire, but on balance no worse, most in-ear type suffer this,only the sony mh-ex300ap in my experience offer better isolation from transit noise, but are far less sensitive to imput, so therefore have to be run at maximum volume,so for the price these are superb value, only bettered by soundmagic e10, they cost around £35. 00,therefore recommended and i use headphones a lot.

Great sound with good bass, good isolation and good price. I’ve spent 5x this price on in-ear headphones that didn’t sound as good as these.

Sony Ericsson MH750 Headset Stereo Wired Jack 3.5 mm : Very happy with the purchase which was to replace my original identical ones that came with my mobile phone, i managed to mislay. My only slight disappointment is that they don’t include the three sizes of ear buds my original headphones came with (medium size only). Luckily my wife has the same but doesn’t use the small buds i use.

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