Koss Porta Pro KTC Over-Ear Headphones : Doesn’t work properly with non-Apple devices

Will not do the job correctly with non-apple gadgets. So, as an upgraded model of the classic and magnificent koss porta pro, this is a wonderful idea. I adore the koss porta pro, and have normally wanted to have an inline headphone remote for controlling my tunes. These koss porta pro ktcs with inline distant still have the superb seem (which is unsurpassed in my practical experience, and significantly greater than the common and costly dr. Dre beats line), the distinctive styling of the original, and do the job quite properly with apple solutions. The challenge is, i have a nokia lumia 800. I’m crafting this to permit probable prospective buyers know that the remote does not do the job at all with this telephone (though sound playback does). I have also analyzed it with a samsung galaxy nexus, and even though the perform/pause operate performs, quantity command does not. So, do not invest in except if you essentially have one particular of the accredited equipment listed in the product description.

Not superior sound cancellation but this was just one of the necessity for me. I use them when i am strolling and i you should not want to be absolutely unaware of appears around me on roadways :).

Incompatible with non-apple solutions. I enjoy the common porta pro headphones, and i was changing an aged established by receiving this so i could choose calls far too. The solution title, even though only specifically mentioning apple solutions, claims it need to function for ‘smartphones’ which i assumed would consist of android and home windows too. Regretably my home windows nokia cellular phone was totally incompatible with the ktc, no microphone or monitor shifting (headphones continue to worked though), so i might essentially compensated an added £15 for a useless plastic lump on the wires. Experienced the product returned – you should not buy except you might be preparing on working with this with an apple merchandise. If you do have an apple product to use these with, for fantastic points, clearly i are unable to speak for get in touch with high-quality etcetera. But the packaging is a very pleasant display box, no will need to rip or slash nearly anything to get at it, and you of class get the normal leather pouch to pack your headphones away in. The ktc porta execs are just as incredible audio high-quality as the regular porta professionals, and nonetheless the most at ease headphones i have ever worn – i typically get awkward from all headphones within just about an hour, but i have happily worn porta execs for hours on conclude. Their comfort zone pads really do aid, it feels a lot more like having two tiny pillows gently held versus your head than sporting headphones. If you do not have any apple solutions i would really propose the usual porta execs as a substitute, nevertheless you will have to do without the inline microphone & keep track of manage keys (but you will also spend much less).Here are the specifications for the Koss Porta Pro KTC Over-Ear Headphones:

  • Koss Touch Control (KTC) remote and microphone technology, made for iPhone, iPad and iPod
  • Comfort Zone setting on temporal pad for comfortable, secure fit
  • The ultimate active headphones with a collapsible headband design for protective storage
  • Oxygen-free copper voice coils deliver deep bass and signal clarity
  • Dynamic element for extended frequency response

I can defenately propose these. The only challenge i observed is that my colegues are tiny bit disturbed from the noise.

I actually like the headphones and the truth that they perform awesome with apple items, but they broke after 6 months, so now i have to wait until eventually i get back home so that i can send out them for alternative/fixing.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Incompatible with non-Apple products
  • Superb piece of Kit!
  • great sound, comfortable
  • Good, but not durable.
  • Greatest headphones
  • Doesn’t work properly with non-Apple devices

The seem on these is excellent but they broke immediately after only leaving the residence about 3 instances and getting diligently carried. Was also quite tough to communicate obtaining a alternative and they have been reluctant to shell out for me to return them.

I experienced previously the ‘on-ear’ model of these and they ended up great. These are even much better, properly truly worth the more i compensated. A comfy in good shape, wonderful sound top quality and packs absent pretty nicely in the koss porta pro headphone scenario i obtained at the exact same time. I cannot advocate these ‘phones very plenty of.

Koss KTXPRO1 Pulse Stereo Headphones – Would recommend them.

The koss headphones were recommended to me and they are great. They are convenient and comfortable to wear and i have now used them for 4 weeks.

Great sound, at the cost of pain. Now there are a lot of reviews for these headphones at amazon. Com (just type in “koss pro”) that can pretty much tell you about the quality of sound reproduction. I’m no audiophile, nor will i pretend to be, but these sound great. However, it seems for me the excellent sound comes at a cost. These headphones hurt my ears a lot. No matter what i do they always end up sitting on the outer cartilage (the hard, wider bits) of my ears and it becomes very painful to wear them for long. I have already asked koss if there are better ear cushions for them (or even compatible ones), otherwise they are useless to me and i might as well give them away. I haven’t been able to enjoy them. What could’ve remedied this was if the speakers were a bit bigger and better cushioned.

It was well packed and i have no problems with the quality – very good and fit for purpose (listening to low frequency vibration. The order arrived after a few days. It was well packed and i have no problems with the quality – very good and fit for purpose (listening to low frequency vibration).

These headphones surpassed my expectations. I was not expecting such good quality sound from these budget priced headphones.

  • Great sound, at the cost of pain
  • The greatest headphones under £30. No Joke.
  • It was well packed and I have no problems with the quality – very good and fit for purpose (listening to low frequency vibration
  • Really good value
  • Would recommend them.
  • I do not want push the price of it up, but it does produce great sound.

Koss KTXPRO1 Pulse Stereo Headphones for iPod, iPhone, MP3 and Smartphone – Silver

  • Ideal for home or portable use
  • Titanium layered diaphragm delivers accurate sound reproduction
  • High quality sound performance
  • 4-foot dual-entry cord
  • Adjustable headband provides a comfortable, secure fit while on the move

I do not want push the price of it up, but it does produce great sound. . I like the sound so much that i have bought another one for my friend.

Just wanted a relatively inexpensive head phones for my i-pod/ laptop and these little beauties did the job perfectly well.

The greatest headphones under £30. These broke after 2 years use. No big deal i’ll order some more. Because these are the only headphones i’ve owned where the sound has been so genuinely the deal breaker that i’m happy to buy more. It’s not the most rugged and it’s not the most comfortable. But i lived with them constantly using them and i’m happy. I have very expensive audio technicas i use for proper listening, but if i want to watch a movie in private quietly, i’ll pop these on and these are so good sounding there isn’t much i have to compromise to get a good experience. It’s just a shame they don’t sell them in stores and aren’t more popular. People are being ripped off with really awful sounding headphones with no bass and harsh sound; do yourself a favour and give these a whirl. For 15 quid, there’s nothing to regret. They would be a solid 5 star, but the star knocked off is due to them not being the most comfortable and the longevity. But it’s a small price to pay for awesome sound.

Koss Clipper Sportclip Clip-On Headphones – Good value for money

Excellent headphones, nice clear sound.

Ok, but not customized enough. Could be few different sizes, as it was gift and the clips are quite big, but the person’s ears are basically too small. Would be great to have few different option for size when buying as not everyone has same ears.

Great cheap headphones that do the job. I bought these headphones for the gym and jogging and i’m very impressed. They look good and the sound from them isn’t bad either, for the price. The great thing about them is they fit around my ears because other headphones that insert into the ear-canal kept falling out. They have an advantage over other similar earphones because you can bend the slim metal clip that goes around the ear to nearly any shape. Since they don’t fit right into the ears, they don’t however cancel out all noise pollution which some people may see as a disadvantage but i find this very useful. I like to be able to hear some of the outside world so i’m not oblivious to everything around me. Overall a very good price for very functional headphones.

Grandson had asked for these for xmas, was pleased with them, & how they hooked round ears. Had been unable to find others to match.

  • Great cheap headphones that do the job!
  • Koss Clipper Sportsclip clip-on headphones & case
  • Grandson’s Xmas request.
  • Good value for money
  • Ok, but not customized enough

Koss Clipper Sportclip Clip-On Headphones with Carrying Case for iPod, iPhone, MP3 and Smartphone – Silver

  • Sportsclip headphones
  • Fits around the ear to eliminate the headband
  • Ultra, lightweight and comfortable
  • Convenient carrying case for protective storage
  • Straight, dual entry 4ft cord

Cheap, sound quality is ok, fit well and comfortable, cable looks very flimsy however.

Excellent product excellent service thank you.

Koss clipper sportsclip clip-on headphones & case. I have been using the headphones for 2 days now and am very impressed with the product, they are an excellent fit and clip neatly onto the ear while the white piece on the actual speaker hooks onto the side of the ear entrance this keeps the speaker from moving. They are very comfortable once in position and do not hurt my ear unlike the hard button type which i found really uncomfortable. An excellent buy thanks koss.

Koss SparkPlug In-Ear Audio Headphones – the only earphones that never fall out!

My girlfriend bought me these for christmas. I have to say for the price they are astounding they cancel out sounds and can cope with a whole lot of bass. And as i like my music definitely loud these do the work maybe not as major or loud as dre beats but for an in-ear headphone they are astounding.

Very excellent value for the funds. I have made use of extra high-priced ear phones, but they constantly drop out of your ear, these how ever keep in and give a superior seal, and the seem top quality is extremely, very superior. For the selling price you cannot fail to be amazed.

Wonderful benefit & wonderful porformance. These small but mighty headphones harmony price with sound quality no additional targeted traffic noise when out and about or panting individuals in the health and fitness center. With there snug suit they can keep in your ears for the overall operate. If i was to give just one challenge it would be that soon after a certane total of use when you occur to chang the gentle outer it dose not want to come off and i broke one particular set like this but for thwe rate its barely a difficulty i went throught heaps of models slipping out and finding ripped in bike chins and the ones with the ear hook just snap in you pocket. So these are a definate should have.

  • Fantastic for the price
  • Superb bass and top for noise isolation
  • the only earphones that never fall out!
  • Great Value & Great Porformance
  • Very good value for the money

The only earphones that never fall out. I have put in several years seeking for headphones that really feel comfy in my small woman sizing ear canal. This is the 2nd pair of these i have acquired, sadly i broke the first pair, (my possess clumsy fault), and didn’t be reluctant to get a further pair. They are so cozy you can rest in them, beneficial if you are an insomniac audio book addict. The sound quality is truly very good for music much too. Really don’t be place off since they glimpse huge, they squish down and suit truly nicely, you may well have to fiddle with them a bit to get fantastic bass, i come across a single requires to be in at a slight angle.

I selected these as i have problems preserving regular in-ear earphones actually in my ears – just turning my head can induce some to whip some out. I would hardly ever listened to of koss right before and only observed the brand name even though searching via scores and critiques on the us amazom. I bought these in february (2011) and so considerably i assume they’re superb. The in-ear pads maintain on effectively, even in solid winds and the wire has a rubbery really feel which i kinda like. I use them with a minor sansa clip+ and feel they audio great for the money (i compensated £11. eighty) with no noticable ‘sound bleed’ – so no person else has to hear to what i am experiencing. What is not described in the product description is that they have a slidey quantity command about midway alongside the wire, appear with an additional pair of foam pads and a rubber pair and arrive with a white carry pouch which i can just about squeeze my clip and telephones in when not working with them.

Features of Koss SparkPlug In-Ear Audio Headphones – White/Black

  • Unique ear bud design directs sound into the ear canal for deep bass and extended frequency performance
  • The soft foam cushion expands for a custom fit
  • Speciality ear cushion material forms slowly in the ear canal to provide a custom fit and maximum isolation
  • Dynamic element for extended frequency response
  • Includes replacement ear buds

Wonderful bass and top rated for sound isolation. These earbuds are astonishingly very good price for their bass response and fantastic noise isolation. If you trim the foam pads appropriately and fit them right into your ear you will listen to deep bass that you failed to know existed on numerous tracks. When i imply deep bass, i really don’t mean the ‘humped’ or ‘muffled’ bass response curve that a lot of earbuds give, i imply *really* stretching down to sub-sonic frequencies. Often i can not imagine the sound is by means of my ears and think the ground is shaking. For me this deep bass response is actually significant, your see may well be distinctive. I have in contrast these with masses of other earbuds, (which includes sennheiser, resourceful, and so forth) and generally come back again to these. Btw, i use these with a sansa fuze player which has a superior very low-frequency response than most other gamers (which includes most ipods).

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