House of Marley Liberate On Ear Headphones – The bass is amazing which vibrates you head

. Really good quality for the price. Nice bass, and the trebles are clear too. Unfortunately (and i knew that before buying) the three buttons and the microphone work only with ios devices.

Yes i liked it but the sound comes out and the person. Yes i liked it but the sound comes out and the person next to u can hear it thats the drawback.

The sound is very good, especially for the price. Bass is great, but still maintains the midtones really good. Very pleasing both in comfort and in sound quality. Replacing my bose qc15 as a daily driver (unless noise cancellation is necessary), and i couldn’t be happier with the sound. But the best must be the looks and build. It’s amazingly sturdy and gorgeous. They’re a steal in all ways possible.

Comfy, stylish and good sound.

  • Wonderful OE headphones
  • So different from the rest
  • The bass is amazing which vibrates you head
  • Liberate your music
  • Great headphones
  • Better than beats!

House of Marley Liberate On Ear Headphones with 3 Button Mic – Denim

  • Powerful 40 mm moving coil drivers deliver energy and definition
  • Designed and built with user-friendly materials including Marley’s proprietary REWIND fabric and FSC certified wood
  • 4 ft braided, tangle-free cord and right angle connector are designed for easy storage and use
  • Microphone and controller work with most smart phones and provide track and volume control
  • Integrated microphone with 3 button controller

The bass is amazing which vibrates you head. The bass is amazing which vibrates you head. I also like the fact how the headphones are made from recycled materials just like the cardboard packaging. So not only is it eco friendly, it is also great for a mixture of song genres from classical (the blue danube) to party songs.

These headphones sound great with my ipod touch. They are comfortable on my ears. I really like how stylish they are. The carry pouch is very useful. I listen to audio books quite often and the spoken word sounds warm with these. Music of various styles sound clear and full of depth too.

The best headphone i have heard and i have tried plenty of other makes.

House of Marley Smile Jamaica In-Ear Headphones – Great looks and feel and the sound isnt bad either!

Smile jamaica lily very gooooood. I’m very pleased with these earphones, the sound was surprising in how clear it was, the length and style of the fabric cord/cable is very satisfying, the gold plated connector is great. It makes me happy that they are eco friendly and represent the legend that was bob marley. If i could give any faults i only have two, the first are the earbuds which don’t give you much comfort and made my right ear a bit sore, and when i used the small buds the sound wasn’t as clear, so i had some buds from an old set of earphones that worked fine. And secondly i was very disappointed, after two days of purchase the pink ‘m’ print that is on the wood of the earphones pealed off, with no idea how it happenedoverall the sound quality is fantastic, the colour and style is brilliant.

A great set of headphones at a very reasonable price. I’ve had these headphones for two weeks and i’m very impressed. The sound quality is fantastic for a relatively cheap set of headphones – the only other ‘budget’ range that i have tried that lives up to them are the jvc hafx1x xtreme xplosive headphones. However the key difference is that the marley headphones have fantastic noise isolation. I often listen to music on public transport which of course can be very noisy, but these headphones are fantastic at blocking off the sound and delivering clear music. From classical to jazz to heavy metal, these headphones have always sounded great to me. In fact, they are such good noise isolators that i have been able to use them as in ear monitors while playing drums – they protect your ears from the noise but you can still hear the music through them. Overall, highly recommended.

I’ve had many pairs of earphones over the years, some have been excellent and some have been awful. Thankfully these bob marley inspired earphones impress where it counts. . The audio quality may not be as good as some of the more expensive sets available, but for the money these represent good value and the sound is at the better end of the mid-range ‘phones on the market. I often struggle with in-ear sets and find them uncomfortable i’ve found the jvc in ear marshmallow headphones to be the most comfy) but using the smaller covers (it comes with 3 different sized tips) i found these to be a snug fit i could use for prolonged periods of time without them hurting. The cord claims to be tangle free and it certainly impresses. I’ve purposefully packed this into my bag and not wrapped them around a cable-tidy so i could see how effective the tangle free cable is, and with very little manipulation it was straight with absolutely no knots. The cable isn’t rubbery, it has a textile finish which doesn’t snag or cling to itself, even if you try to get it in knots it’s difficult to do so. One problem these cords have though is that they tend to absorb the sound from every knock and it travels to the earphones, a pair of tangle-free earphone i had recently were useless if you were doing anything remotely active as every time the cord bang or brush against clothing it resulted in a thud. These bob marley earphones suffer from the same effect but at much less a significant level.

I just love these headphonesfirstly the color is simply amazing, and the quality is superior. It dosent get tangled like other headphonesto be honest i tried beats by dr. Dre and this one just has better sound and made with better quality.Especially since its made with recyclable aluminum, wood, and the wires are coated with some awesome fabriclistening to songs especially bob marley’s was just an amazing experience. I would recommend this product for anyone who is looking for a cheap and superior at the same time headphones.

  • Great with one fatal fault
  • Quite Disappointed
  • Appealing but didn’t deliver
  • Excellent For Price! [not perfect for audiophile]
  • Good sound, a little uncomfortable, but a great look.
  • Eco-Friendly, Great Value, Clever Design

House of Marley Smile Jamaica In-Ear Headphones – Lily

  • FSC wood rear housing, Aluminium front housing and recycled plastic strain relief
  • 3 ear tip options for the perfect fit in your ear
  • Storage Pouch
  • Durable braided cord
  • Noise isolation

If your anything like me who goes through headphones quicker than you can say, “im tired of rubbish headphones”, then these headphones are the product you have been waiting for. Unlike all the other headphones on the market this set of headphones are extremely sturdy. The headphone wire is also covered in string like material making the wire much more hardier. Also the outer wiring cover has a neat jamacian style to it which again adds to the quality of the product. The actual ear phones themselves are covered in a mock wood material again adding to the uniqueness of this product. The sound quality is also exceptional, if not a little on the basey side. I don’t mind this too much but i imagine there are other people out there that might. The packaging of this product is also excelent and if seeing them in a shop you would certainly give them a look. The set also comes with another 2 sizes of pink in ear rubber padding.

House of marley in ear headphones are simply amazing. The in ear sets are a comfortable pair that are made to fit almost any ear bud you can have. The cord itself is made of thread wire which in my opinion is an amazing product in itself that can withstand daily wear and tear better than anything else on the market to date. If you are looking for something to compete with a high-end pair but don’t really have the cash, look no further. With reusable material this product saves the end-user money. Marley was an inspirational musician who produced great music, so there is no doubt that a product with his name on produces great sounds and bass effects.

Look & feel good, and work very well. I wanted a pair of headphones to use with my acer ultra mobile laptop – as the sound level of this is not great. It was also a candidate to use on my iphone. They were delivered in a nicely packaged box, with the earphones in a clear plastic inner container. There were also 2 pairs of pink ear fittings, in addition to those actually on the earphones. So you have small, medium and large sizes to get the optimum fit. The fittings are easy to change over. The overall impression is of a quality set – wooden body of the earplugs, attractive plaided cord, and a cloth bag to hold them. The bag is useful, and avoids having trailing wires getting in the way. An attractive package, sufficiently classy to make a good present for someone.

House of Marley Rise Up On Ear Headphones : Great sounds for an excellent price

Wonderful seem, seriously sleek bass with no harshness. Fantastic sound, seriously sleek bass without the need of harshness. Terrific value for money, why would you shell out so a great deal on beats when you can have these?.

Fantastic headphones, glance good, seem wonderful, comfy to dress in, good bag for storing them in which was a reward as this was not pointed out.

Fantastic seem and a deal price.Here are the specifications for the House of Marley Rise Up On Ear Headphones:

  • Over-the-ear design
  • 50mm moving coil speaker
  • Soft bamboo ear cushions

Soooo goood , sounds like they must, good bass, and all another sounds, just get it. Seems fairly substantial on a head, butstill seems amazing.

Chose these simply because they had been terrific benefit for funds. I experienced researched the make and was delighted with the assessments it experienced received.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • House of marley headphones
  • Great sounds for an excellent price
  • fantastic sound, really smooth bass without harshness
  • awesome head phones got to say better quality than my
  • excellent snap them up

Excellent sounds for an superb price tag. I’m no professional so i will say it as i obtain it. The headphones look fantastic, really comfortable on the ears. Not hefty on the head and most importantly outstanding audio.

Wonderful head telephones received to say better excellent than my. Awesome head telephones bought to say improved high quality than my beats good carry bag with them also really sturdy really comfortable 5 stars all the way.

House of Marley Jammin Collection Positive Vibration On Ear Headphones, You wont get much better for the money

With a identify like marley, how can it not be excellent. We have a couple of different pairs of marley headphones and the seem quality is fantastic.

Incredible high-quality for the dollars. Currys the place promoting related marley headphones for £100. Pretty sensitive headphones with a wonderful seem.

Fantastic audio excellent from these. My son is really happy – job finished – nuff stated.

Fantastic price tag for what you get. Sound excellent very good, bass is heavy, appears like they have been made with reggae in head. Shame when taking part in it is pretty loud for these all-around you but only if you like your songs loud.

Great for savoring one’s tunes collection.

House of Marley Jammin Collection Positive Vibration On Ear Headphones – Roots : Beautiful headphones and sound is crystal clear.

House of Marley Headphones – sincere buy recommendation!!!

Great sound with fit & comfort issue. The exodus delivers a clean sound with excellent bass response, the mids are quite intimate and detailed, the highs are non fatiguing but still have good presence (unlike some other marley headphones which were just too dark and dull in my opinion) don’t get me wrong, the exodus still sounds fairly warm, but the highs are all there. I really like the sound signature.They are not overly dark or overly bright. The clamping force is pretty high on these, and the padding is not soft enough. They also tend to pull upwards on your ears a bit. It’s not an issue for portable use with like 1hr wear-time intervals or so. Love the wood design on it, feels nice, seem to be real leather pads, aluminium or some sort of metal housings for the drivers. Would definitely recommend them, imo they are in the same league as some of the classics like sennheiser hd25-1.

Sound is decent, very clear and balanced but probably not best in class for this price range.

Awesome but unluckily not the updated version. . To start off, shipping from uk to germany took 3 days so that was a pleasant surprise. I am also really impressed by the headphones as the build quality is remarkable and they look even better when you hold them in your hands. The sound is way better than what you would get from headphones in the price range and even outperform headphones that cost more (i. All in all i am very pleased with these headphones, the only drawback is that i got a pair of the first revision without adjustable earpieces. 2012 the new model is adjustable (earpiece can clip into each of the three buttons seen on the outside, mine only utilize the middle one) and the leather headstrap spring is not as firm (while moving around they move upwards a bit, other reviews state that the tension relaxes after using them for a while), so i got a bit unlucky. Still no reason for me to send them back and wait for the newer model. I love them and can recommend them to anyone who is looking for a stylish headphone with great sound quality but does not want the standard plastic you see everyone else wearing.

Beautiful looking and an amazing sound quality, clear with a strong and powerful bass. The best headphones i’d ever owned.

  • Awesome but unluckily not the updated version.
  • Better than Bose
  • Good sound, good looks, let down by some design flaws
  • Great sound with fit & comfort issue
  • Best headphones I’ve ever had
  • Worth way more than their price!

House of Marley Headphones with 3 Button Mic – Exodus Harvest

  • Apple 3 button mic for use with any mobile phone (including iPhone)
  • FSC certified birch wood, recyclable Aluminium and copper, leather head band and recycled plastic strain relief
  • Ultra soft leather ear pads
  • Premium Storage Pouch and Durable braided cord

I ain’t no audio expert but i know what i like.

The sound is quite exceptional for the price paid and the build qualiy is excellent. And as for looks well there sublime.

Really comfy, good sound and look fantastic, i’m really impressed by these headphones, will probably buy house of marley products in the future.

House of Marley Positive Vibrations Headphones : Excellent sound quality

Can you repeat that please?. When it comes to earphones i have actually grow to be a lover of the in-ear sounds isolating earphones and didn’t believe headphones would be as efficient. The house of marley positive vibrations sun headphones are productive at dulling qualifications noise even though developing high high-quality sound – i’ll nevertheless have to talk to an individual to repeat what they have claimed if i am listening to a little something. I will not have a specially huge head but can lower the headband to match my head and not feel the regular need to have to keep the headphones to my ears or end them from sliding off my head. The wire is skinny and incredibly adaptable and a first rate duration to have movement although sitting at the laptop or laptop. They come with a helpful minor drawstring bag to keep them and eco outer packaging which is nonetheless stylish so they’d make a terrific present for another person. A few could be put off by the headband with its turquoise and orange colouring but it is not garish. You’re only looking at the turquoise when they’re on your head. They are very effectively priced for the excellent.

House of marley – positive vibrations headphones. I think it can be risk-free to say i am not entirely enamoured by these headphones. I appreciate the design, the fashion is wonderful, they fold absent properly and are uncomplicated to carry close to for the reason that they are light, and they occur with a truly awesome have bag as nicely which is stylised to match the headphones. These are all genuinely positive, considerably extra so than other headphones i have employed. But i definitely find them to be uncomfortable. They are so tight on my ears that they thrust my eyeglasses into my head behind my ears. At very first you don’t notice, but if you’re wearing them for extended than ten minutes you’ll realise, so if you use glasses and plan on donning these headphones for an elongated period of time then consider take note of this. Also i do not have an overly significant head, so this is not the motive for it. Next of all, i don’t uncover the seem that amazing for £50. I in fact bought a £50 (at the time of purchase) pair of sennheiser high definition 429 headphones to substitute these since i located them so unpleasant and the sound high-quality change is evening and day.

Fantastic typical reason headphones, but not hello-fi. This is an interesting pair of headphones, extremely ideal for listening to mp3s and for most (not all) personal computer seem output. They are `on ear’, but the pads are as cozy as the box promises and, coupled with head-sizing adjusters that do the task without the need of gripping much too restricted, there is no soreness in putting on them for hrs on close. My head is medium-sized, and is accommodated by the adjustment forks sitting down halfway by their selection, so the headphones appear capable of fitting most heads from smallish to largish. I locate the `phones satisfactory for listening to the spoken voice and to pop, folk and boogie-woogie audio, but they fall short on a pair of my most demanding classical cds. With a beethoven violin concerto there are problems with the extreme lower and large-finish appears, and with late-renaissance multi-portion choral tunes the similar troubles crop up, additionally horribly messy seem separation. Oddly more than enough, the similar choral recording performed from a dvd featuring surround seem is okay, presumably due to the fact the extremities of sound frequency have been digitally suppressed on the dvd. The headphones show up perfectly made and the non-tangle braided cord is good. Recycled plastic in the headband is okay by me if it does the job, which it does. For much better or for even worse, it can’t be noticed in any case, becoming completely enclosed inside panels of vibrant fabric.Here are the specifications for the House of Marley Positive Vibrations Headphones:

  • Aluminium chassis and recycled plastic strain relief
  • Combining comfort, youthful style and distinctive sound quality
  • Storage pouch
  • Durable braided cord

Present and thought he we go one more pair of worthless head telephones but these are excellent the music is. I have purchased a lot of headphones more than the many years from £10 to £100 i experienced these purchased for me by my wife for a xmas present and believed he we go a different pair of ineffective head phones but these are exceptional the tunes is so apparent and crisp it picks up each and every detail very good and can make it fantastic. I am likely to purchase one more pair as these are so fantastic my daughter will pinch them.

Good headphones, no storage pouch as marketed. . The headphones are remarkable on par with my boyfriend’s sennhiesers, they appear to be long lasting still lightweight, packaging was amazing nevertheless mine did not get there with the storage pouch as advertised, which i am unhappy about, i contacted the seller about a week ago inquiring immediately after this and gained no reaction, would’ve been 5 stars if i experienced gained what i was expecting.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Very good for the price
  • The House of M Delivers
  • Great but be warned!
  • Nice if you suit turquoise – loud in terms of colour!
  • Great Value Sound and noise cancelling
  • Deep and Crisp and Even

Acquired mine by means of hmv but if i might observed below i would have acquired them listed here to start with. They are attractive, you should not make your ears sizzling & have great seem. I would suggest this colour except if you want entire africa colour.

These headphones are fantastic for the rate. They clearly amplify sounds during the complete gamut of tones, from deep, loaded bass notes to apparent, large-pitched treble. The closed cup layout implies that when wearing these your expertise is not marred by external sounds interfering with what you are listening to. One a little adverse remark that i will make is that if putting on these for a extensive time they do are inclined to develop into a little bit not comfortable, but this could be purely due to the fact they are new and need to have breaking in a little bit. At the price tag which these are supplied i would extremely endorse them.

House of Marley Uplift In Ear Headphones, Could you be loved

I like them, i think i would like more bass in my headphone but they are very obvious and loud.

Why alter the mic/controls positioning?. I have experienced various marley earphones. . From the high priced, mediocre to the cheaper sets. All are of great audio quality. And for bang for buck these have to be to greatest worth. They audio good, a lot of foundation. Possibly not so crisp and clear as the increased priced assortment, but to be sincere it really is scarcely noticeable in my viewpoint. Everyone’s hearing is distinct, but i am a lot more than happy with these sound wise. Only bad position i would mention is the positioning of the mic and volume buttons. Not great when compared to the much more highly-priced pair which situates them at the foundation of the break up cable to each ear, with this pair its situated fifty percent way up the right facet ear cable, but you get applied to it soon after a whilst.

House of Marley Uplift In Ear Headphones with 3 Button Mic – Drift

  • FSC certified beech wood
  • Recyclable tumbled aluminium
  • 8 mm high-performance micro speaker
  • Tangle-free, durable fabric cable with 3 button microphone

Very relaxed, they glimpse excellent. The headphone remote appears a very little low-priced and tacky, it is really not the exact colour as the cable or headphones, it looks yellow-y and pale which is a shame, but usually wonderful.

High quality, and i love the colour. It is really awesome to listen audio with it.

If i could give it a 10/ten-ign i would.

House of Marley Uplift In Ear Headphones with 3 Button Mic – Drift : Came quickly my son was really happy as his old one had broken.

House of Marley Harambe Native EM-JH041-NV Over-Ear Headphones 3 – So nice and great quality!!

No storage bag with these phones. Heads up to anyone looking to buy these, there is no hom storage bag included as per the description”box contents: headphones, storage bag”that said these are not bad phones for the kids at under a tenner, although i personally would not pay any more than that price for these.

I’m a fan of marley earbuds as they are fantastic quality and ridiculously low priced so i purchased these for my dad and have ordered another pair for myself.

These were a replacement for my girlfriends, much loved and well worn, old house of marley headphones. She seems very very happy with them and if she’s happy, i’m happy.

This is a great set of headphones for the price. I ordered these headphones and they came in perfect condition with next day delivery, and they have a compatible microphone for phones and tablets. They’re a small and comfortable ear frame, as i didn’t want anything too big for my ears and the design and sturdiness of the earphpones is great. Good bass sound and midi mixture which marley do well, and overall a great deal for the price.

  • Great little headphones!
  • So nice and great quality!!
  • Great sound quality + well built + funky design = Must buy headphones!!!
  • Good sound and comfortable to wear
  • No storage bag with these phones
  • No more Paracetamol

House of Marley Harambe Native EM-JH041-NV Over-Ear Headphones 3.5 mm Audio Jack

  • Lightweight headphones
  • Dynamic 30 mm solenoid coil driver
  • Cotton-covered headphones
  • Steel frame and woven cable cover with single button controller
  • Box contents: headphones, storage bag, instruction manual (cannot guarantee this will be in English) and the terms of the warranty (cannot guarantee this will be in English)

I will have marleys all the time great sound.

The aesthetics are divine, the sound quality are much better than beats and cheaper- it’s such a fab price too.

Great product speedy delivery. Ordered it on thursday morning at 9am was delivered the next day at 11 am. Sound quality is fantastic for under a tenner, well balanced bass and treble not tinny sounding at all.

House of Marley Uplift In Ear Headphones : Fantastic product

Exceptional product and shipping and delivery quickly.

My son mentioned they have been the greatest established ever.

Good shipping and delivery, arrived with a small pouch to retain. Terrific delivery, came with a little pouch to preserve them in when not in use. Brought for our son who is really delighted with them.

Comments from buyers

“Really well-made, decent sound, Though they lack the soundstage a good pair of over-ear headphones would provide, Fantastic product, Great sound quality, Great headphones, tried many makes in the past, Great delivery, came with a small pouch to keep “

Great good quality much better than my very last pair as the audio is a lot more all round but however a little bassy wonderful good quality.

Like marley solutions, did an update to these and i adore them. Very good sound excellent for these little buds.

Was a gift best for the dollars.

House of Marley Stir It Up Harvest Headphones : Another quality product from

Seem is wonderful and at ease to have on. They match nicely, for me personally they do not squeeze my ears as some people have claimed they do. Audio is great and at ease to don. All in all for fifty quid there an amazing invest in.

Great until finally 1 aspect stopped performing. We bought these for my son with his christmas income just after he seemed at numerous can make and designs. Supply time was rapid and all was nicely until eventually two months after receipt when 1 ear pice stopped doing the job. I am presently looking into repair service/substitute but the amazon return date has passed so it will have to be with the supplier.

The audio on the headphones is excellent, extremely very clear and the bass is pretty excellent but does not overpower almost everything else, which is what my beats tend to do. They do not sense too limited on my head, unlike some other assessments(whilst i may just have a tiny head). They are well padded too, both on the headband portion and the ear bits. They are well worth the price and would advise them.

Key specs for House of Marley Stir It Up Harvest Headphones with 3 Button Mic – Aluminium:

  • Apple 3 button microphone for use with any mobile phone (including iPhone)
  • Durable canvas, FSC certified beech wood, recyclable Aluminium and recycled plastic strain relief
  • Ultra soft leather ear pads
  • Premium storage pouch
  • Durable braided cord

Comments from buyers

“Simply awesome sound and look, it doesn’t get better!, Little Darlings!!, Great until one side stopped working, The tightest sound this side of £500, A functional piece of art, 5* Sound. You will not be disappointed !”

Well balanced audio, top develop quality, seem terrific. Here are my pros and downsides:pros:well balanced sound excellent, i tried using on other well-liked models which ended up just ridiculously bass significant. These are bassy but its a balanced all-spherical soundsuperior develop top quality (as opposed to anything low-cost and plastic’y like beats by dre for case in point)removable woven insulated coord which is lightweight, adequately lengthy and has the inline buttons for quantity and simply call answer. The insulation on the twine signifies i never get any noise interference from the cord rubbing in opposition to my shirt or jacket as other headphones dobuild high quality – these are superbly built from good quality components. Everything’s solid and they just *truly feel* expensivesweet searching – the turned beech-coloured wooden with etched marley emblem has significant cool variable. I can get calls without taking away them, the buttons in twine have a created-in microphone so they act as a headset. Drawbacks:the have case is a soft material in what appears to be to be hemp. I would have liked a challenging moulded circumstance so they can go in my luggage and i you should not have to get worried about them getting crunchedperhaps its my major head, but i find the squeeze on my head and ears just a bit restricted. My ears get a little bit achey following a fairly quick time (having said that this also signifies they block a whole lot of exterior environmental sounds without having noise-cancelling features). I subtracted one star for these two downsides, but they are nonetheless amazing.

Great ethos, good appears to be, good audio, uncommon and fashionable. The first point that strikes me about these ‘phones is the construct high quality – photos do not do them justice. There is a weighty emotion to the cast aluminium earpieces. The rasta stripes are a few different rings of anodized aluminium. The beech wood is beautifully concluded. In the context of style headphones they are excellent, but not neutral like some audiophile sets: to begin with isolation is quite superior for an on-ear rather than above-ear headphone. Bass goes seriously deep and is effective but not overpowering. Mids are very clear in the primary but can at times display a minimal boxiness at bit like the agk k450. Serious highs are rolled off in a equivalent way to the beats ‘solo’, so there is no sibiliance and a smooth but not sparkling seem.

Fantastic quality, beautiful sound and very good on the lookout. The only issue i would improve is obtaining additional size for the extendable earpieces, other men and women and i have large heads and need that minor bit of added sizeother than that, this was a fantastic buy.

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