Comply T-200 Isolation Earphone Tips : One Could last a year

Received these for my sony xbasdon’t head the value you pay for qualitymakes the xbas shine bass is brill i like the way they broaden in your earsthey you should not hurt like the force in ones.

Tremendous, is effective very well with tt-bh07 taotronics bluetooth 4. one activity magnetic headphones. Tremendous isolation and confort.

A person set from the 3 lasted me nearly a calendar year. No question would have been a entire year if it wasn’t for my pet obtaining a chew on them.

First, permit me say that i would gladly pay back £14. 99 for earphone tips if there was an audible enhancement about whichever eartips i was currently working with, even if as in this scenario, the complys owing to their composition, were only going to previous a month or two. At the time of acquire i was utilizing sony hybrid tips and to be truthful, there wasn’t an dreadful good deal of difference in the audio,while i assumed the hybrids just experienced the edge. At this place i am going to briefly mention that i listen to music making use of an ipod classic at house, a sony xperia x out and about and earphones possibly dunu titan 3s or remaining audio layout adagio llls. Soon just after obtaining the complys, i discovered that amazon were being now stocking spinfit eartips, priced at £7. ninety nine which earlier had only been available from the considerably east, to which i duly acquired. The novel matter with these tips is they rotate although entering your ear canal, which supposedly usually means they go round the bends and even further into the ear canal. There is most absolutely an audible enhancement around each hybrids and complys and until finally a thing greater comes together, i am in musical heavento conclude,i realise that not anyone will always agree with my sights, comply is a reliable effectively recognised brand and they may perhaps perfectly match some people’s ears/earphones but i do think they are overpriced thinking of there are much less expensive options out there.

These are nice replacement buds for my rhas,they in good shape fantastic on the earphones. Even so it is really tricky to judge what dimension matches greatest. Of study course when you open up the pack and try out them there is certainly no way they can be returned (like underpants) so make confident you know what dimensions you need. They are a little bit on the high-priced facet for what they are, but they do the occupation.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • A fantastic product!
  • These will change your headphones from average to great
  • Good but expensive!
  • for just under a week and they seem really good so far
  • Much better seal but slightly alters the fit overall.
  • Functionally great, but not so colourfast

These earphone tips in shape on my apple in-ear headphones, and they make all the distinction to the quality of sound. I listen to a ton of classical audio, and it is remodeled by these tips. And they are very great at isolating noise, so i can hear on the tube with out becoming at all disturbed by surrounding sound. They are also particularly comfortable it really is no challenge to don them for a long time. I have previously purchased a second batch, to have some in reserve. Excellent and highly advised.

This basic item is wonderful. My in-ear headphones truly feel and seem distinct. Sound isolation is just ideal, i cant listen to nearly anything other than my music. I will under no circumstances regret getting this product or service. Essentially does almost everything it suggests on the package.

Comply T-400 Isolation Earphone Tips : Good, but too short-lived for such an expensive item

Acquired the three pack to determine the dimensions i wanted. With right treatment the foam degradation is manageable (but to be envisioned). Pretty content with the seem good quality and will be buying a 3 pack of my sizing in upcoming.

Obtained these right after studying some reviews and they weren’t erroneous they are seriously excellent they match snugly in to your ears and do not move, insert more tone toy your new music and fantastic when functioning at the fitness center as they dont fall out. They do use out right after a interval but that is a compact factor.

Large dollars for a massive improvement. From the outset i ought to say listed here that i’m not a fan of in-ear headphones, and on prime of that i’m a die-hard audiophile who has operate speakers like the most recent quad electrostatics at dwelling, and a common concert-goer. Point is you will never commonly hear me gushing about this entry-degree things. I extra these tips to a pair of soundmagic e10 i use occassionally when not wanting to fireplace up my entire-sized cans. First point you observe is how a great deal additional at ease the e10s turn out to be than with the conventional equipped tips. This is a massive offer for me as typically in-ears rapidly make my ears truly feel itchy and sweaty. The initially listening session lasted for practically two hours devoid of any fidgeting or scratching – setting a new stamina history ideal from the off. Subsequent matter you observe is the enhanced audio isolation. Dropping the sounds floor is constantly a excellent detail for seem high-quality as it lets you to hear the quieter sections that if not would have been masked by exterior noises. It spares you from possessing to crank the concentrations to hear all the aspects.

Great, but way too brief-lived for this kind of an pricey item. They work effectively for a brief even though. But the outer polymer coating (that retains them in compressed form for insertion in the ear, and also improves in-ear retention) rapidly wears off. Consequence is trouble to insert them, and they rip quite shortly right after that. For the cost, these really are lousy value.

A practical affordable choice to noise cancelling headphones. I acquired these at first for vacations, with the isolation foam design and style a less complicated (and much more cost-effective) way of blocking out history sound than heading down the additional costly route of lively sounds cancelling headphones. The stage of isolation was extremely outstanding, as was the elevated clarity of my e10s. I was a bit fearful about how extended they would final offered other reviews, but the only challenge is that following some time you do get a waxy movie forming on the exterior of the earplugs. My initial pack of three are continue to all usable, but at this pricepoint, i am pleased to swap these soon after a 12 months of practically daily use.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • these are awseome
  • Surprising how much they improve the sound quality of good headphones.
  • Very happy with the sound quality improvement compared to silicon ear
  • A revelation for new or old earphones
  • Big money for a big improvement
  • The work well but are overpriced

Astonishing how a lot they improve the seem high quality of good headphones. . I bought these for my soundmagic e10 headphones. The audio was good to start off off with, but these make it great. Quite apparent, pretty loud when turned up to max, and incredibly very little sound leakage. Check out to perform out what dimensions you require beforehand and acquire a multipack of the identical dimension kinds. Edit: 10 days immediately after writing this evaluate, i observed my tips had worn out already. I was working with them for three-4 hrs a day, having them in an out fairly a large amount but retaining the headphones in a scenario when not in use. They are made out of the exact same form of things as earplugs – a form of waxy foam. As you use them, the waxiness rubs off and they cease fitting your ears so well.

A revelation for new or previous earphones. I recently paired these with a set of soundmagic e10 earphones. Without the t400 tips, i just could not get a superior healthy, and the sound was tinny with really feeble sounds isolation. With the tips the seem was a revelation – fantastic bass, distinct vocals, lots of detail and vastly improved sound isolation. My guess is that these items will increase rather a lot any pair of earphones, and with hindsight i might even have skipped the new phones and just experimented with these on an outdated pair very first. Examine the compatibility 1st although – they don’t healthy everything.

Comply S-400 Active Earphone Tips : Good, but expensive

It’s always handy to have some spare ear tips as the ones supplied with headphones have a habit of getting lost. They fit quite tightly onto the earpiece and when worn, i found them to be extremely comfortable. I like to listen to audio books when i am out so need phones that will minimise outside sounds and these do a good job of it through the snug fit. As someone else pointed out, these are not cheap but you do get three pairs in the pack. They are specifically designed for a limited range of headphones, which are listed on the back of the box but not all of which are listed in the product description above. Interestingly though the list on the box is not exhaustive as i have tried them on sony ex10lp and creative ma200 phones and they fit perfectly. So any ‘in ear’ type phones with standard removable round rubber ear tips should be ok. I actually found these to be more comfortable on the earphones i tried them on than the original supplied rubber tips.

Snug and close fitting, but difficult to clean?. If you have any experience of memory foam mattresses, then the texture of the headphones will be no surprise to you. The headphone covers seem to have some kind of memory of the shape of the inside of your ears so that when you insert the headphones they are still shaped to the side and contours of your ears. The shape of the headphone covers is incredibly good and i have used then while running and the headphones have stayed in place. I also felt that the sound quality was a lot better and excessive noise was cancelled out. Once the headphone covers have adapted to your ears they are very snug indeed. The one question i have is whether or not the headphone covers are easy to clean. You do get 3 sets of covers in a pack so perhaps the idea is that the headphones do not last for very long and you replace them once they get dirty. I find that i need to replace my headphone covers quite often given that i lose them so this was not a big problem for me but others may wish to consider if they want the expense of covers that cannot be cleaned easily.

Really comfortable and good noise cancellation too. . Whilst fumbling around in my pockets on the tube, trying to pull the tangled ball of my earphones out of my pocket without elbowing awake the person next to me, one of my earbuds fell into a black hole never to be seen again. It wasn’t the first time it had happened either, although previously i’d always managed to find them again. My sennheiser cx300ii earphones are not the most expensive earphones in the world, but much better than the standard apple ones that you get, and to my mind worth investing in. These comply s-400 earbuds are a bit on the pricey side, but a) they’re really comfy) b) the snug fit acts as really good natural noise cancellation c) the snug fit means they stay in when i’m running, and d) you get three pairs which are all the right size for you – often you get three pairs but in a variety of unsuitable sizes. I found them really comfortable, especially when lying in bed listening to the radio, which i’m inclined to do when i can’t sleep. I found i could wear the earphones and rest the side of my head on the pillow and still be comfortable. I used the compatibility finder on the comply website to make sure they would fit my earphones. I had to wrestle these earbuds on to my earphones a bit, but on an extremely positive note they seem to stay on much better than the original earbuds supplied with the earphones, and they haven’t come off once.

I was seriously considering throwing away my sony in-ear headphones that i’ve had for the past 3-4 years, because they were getting so gunked up with wax (ewwww, i know) that despite my efforts to clean them, they were losing sound quality. Furthermore, i was finding it difficult to source appropriate, well-fitting rubber buds. They would never get a tight seal, or would always fall out, especially when i got sweaty out on a run (ewwwww again). However, these ‘memory foam’ buds from comply have completely restored my headphones, and actually improved the sound quality. First of all, they are comfortable to wear for long periods (they can feel a little rough at first) and maintain their position in your ear. This is because, when you put them in, you squeeze the air out of them, insert them, and they expand to fit your ear canal perfectly. They are amazing at cutting out external noise, meaning you can play your music at lower volumes – simultaneously protecting your hearing and avoiding annoying other people on the train. They also increase the clarity of the sound – bass is boomier, treble is clearer, and each instrument and harmony can be picked out. Obviously, this will largely depend on the quality of the earphones – mine were towards the top-end of sony’s range when purchased and are excellent.

Recommended with reservations. These certainly seem to do what they claim to do;they fit well,they provide effective noise isolation and,because they’re a tighter fit,they do improve the sound a little and i’ve found that they definitely stay in at times when other ear buds i’ved used would’ve been tugged out. Obviously,on occasion they will be pulled out,but they do feel reassuringly secure,although i haven’t tried anything too strenuous,just pottered about listening to the radio. I wouldn’t say they were massively comfortable,but they’re okay as good as any others i’ve tried. The biggest drawback is that they seem very expensive for what they are,but if the price doesn’t put you off i’d recommend these,although i’ve only compared them against the tips that come fitted with generic earbuds,which i imagine are a lot cheaper.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Hurray, no squelching!
  • Excellent alternative to plastic buds
  • Big improvement for cheap ‘phones
  • Really comfortable and good Noise Cancellation too.
  • Rather small and far from universal fitting
  • Great product. Seriously improve the performance of cheaper headphones

Excellent replacement option. . Got these ear fitting plugs and noticed a couple of things straight away. Firstly they are made of memoryfoam or their equivalent. This is very good and is used in a variety of applications but the best way to fit these is to remove your old ear fitting and then attach these. To put them snugly in your ear simply roll them between finger and thumb and this will compress the foam, then slip them straight into your ear. Give them a few moments and they will then swell to their original size after being compressed and they will make an excellent and snug fit in your ear. Job done for some excellent acoustics. Of course you still need reasonable headphones to begin with but they will enhance bass sounds and help stop outside noise and they are comfortable. Make sure you get the right set for your headphones. and match the comply ‘s’ number to your headphones before you order. ]

I’m forever loosing the buds off my earphones, however these tips from comply fit very snugly on my sennhauser earphones – the foam they are made from is similar to the padding or filling you sometimes get in packaging. The are quite ‘crispy’ to the touch but fit well on both the earphones, and more importantly in your earthe back of the packaging lists 36 different brands (and far more models) that these tips will fit on – be aware you need the smaller 5mm or so speakers for these to work, they won’t work on any apple earphones (or any full size earphones) for example. In use, i didn’t really notice much in the way of the noise blocking feature, but i do tend to have my music quite loud. Where i did notice a difference was in the bass sounds – they were significantly deeper and sounded far better. There is no doubting the sound quality is improved and they do fit comfortably and hold to the earphones well, but they are expensive at £10 (at the time of review) for 3 pairs of buds. Good, but expensive – worth another star if half the price. For £10 you can buy a half decent pair of earphones with buds which puts the price into context in my humble opinion.

Comply T-400 Isolation Earphone Tips – Superb isolation at a cost

Wonderful to start with but promptly degrade – this is an option. Like most of the opinions listed here, i was above the moon with these tips when i to start with bought them. I put the first pair onto my hifiman re- earphones and within minutes was experiencing significantly enhanced detail, minimal finish bass, target and clarity in almost everything i listened to. Specified how at ease they have been to don much too, they ended up an complete pleasure and built an already fantastic pair of headphones into an astoundingly excellent pair. I’m not a significant headphone person. I get month to month outings with my do the job which contain prepare travel and so they get a several several hours use each individual several months, but even then, the to start with pair of these gave me much less than three months value of use. Hoping it was a just one off, i fitted the next pair and taken care of them with kid gloves – never ever stretching them, twisting them or positioning too much pressure on them, but once yet again, the second pair lasted about the similar sum of time. At that issue i knew that by the time i’d equipped the third and closing pair, it was time to start out wanting for alternatives. The trouble with them is that they lose their condition and go comfortable, so no for a longer time form a superior bond with the ear canal, so the bass disappears and they end up sounding tinny and hollow. You can get very shut to these by having oneself a box of the foam earplugs from boots the chemist – they occur in a light-weight blue box and comprise 3 pairs costing about £3. You need to have a retractable ballpoint pen and a sharp knife (i in fact did this devoid of the knife, sat on a coach, that’s how uncomplicated it is to do). Spot your pen in the middle of 1 of the earplugs and thrust through all the way right until the pen tip arrives out the other aspect. Now flip it about and just drive the pen via the other way so the hole is about the exact measurement at equally finishes. At the time you’ve carried out that, slice the earplug in fifty percent working with the knife (i just tore it in fifty percent with my fingers) and now extend the gap in every single plug more than the earpieces of your earphones and you might be accomplished.

Actually great improve in comparison to the crap you get with most headphones. Nevertheless not as fantastic as do-it-yourself ones made out of softer foam earplugs, but a ton considerably less stress. Encouraged for their influence, but they are pricey for what they are.

These are the best earphone tips i’ve ever used. They maintain additional exterior seem out, but would advise employing with a first rate pair of earphones. Also advise getting the triple pack as you may well discover the sizing distinctive from other earphones. I am ordinarily a medium, but soon after a couple of days of hoping each and every, i observed myself favouring the modest and have never ever tried out some others considering that. There was a rather lengthy hold out for the triple pack (which i understood at time of acquire) but contemplating the size difference and the price tag being the similar, i are unable to see any purpose a first time customer would not test this. I would say a good present for any audiophiles you may know as very well.

  • Great to start with but quickly degrade – Here’s an alternative
  • Makes a big difference to noise reducing earphones
  • A little pricey, but worth it!
  • An noticeable improvement on the standard earbuds
  • Provide the very best experience – but limited lifespan
  • Comply T-400M Ultra Soft Tips

These are just what i was looking for. I’ve received to say it – i was skeptical about these mainly because i have in no way located earphone tips that match effectively and don’t slide out. On the other hand, these are completely amazing. Just squidge them flat, insert, and they grow to fill your ear canal comfortably and securely. And the noise isolation is also excellent. I’ll likely never purchase anything else for my earphones. Low cost for the high quality you get, and a few sets to boot.

I not long ago bought a pair of monster turbines and was amazed with the seem working with the regular silicone rubber tips. But they are heavy earphones and wouldn’t stay in my ear correctly, with a marked reduction in seem good quality as they slowly but surely fell out of my ear. I experimented with a established of the comply tips and the variation is just remarkable. Not only is the seem excellent massively improved, with clearer seems and any deep bass now helps make the hairs on the back again of my neck stand on stop, but they also sit effectively in my ear and you should not fall out as i wander to function or travel on trains. Earlier they necessary frequent adjustment. They are now ‘fit and forget’ objects. If you have a excellent established of earphones, then give these puppies a try.I would by no means go back again to the silicone rubber types now.

A real looking cheap choice to sounds cancelling headphones. I acquired these originally for holiday seasons, with the isolation foam layout a less complicated (and significantly less expensive) way of blocking out track record sounds than heading down the extra expensive route of energetic sound cancelling headphones. The amount of isolation was extremely remarkable, as was the greater clarity of my e10s. I was a little bit concerned about how prolonged they would very last presented other testimonials, but the only issue is that after some time you do get a waxy film forming on the exterior of the earplugs. My first pack of three are continue to all usable, but at this pricepoint, i am delighted to replace these immediately after a 12 months of almost day by day use.

Incredibly satisfied with the seem top quality advancement in contrast to silicon ear. Quite happy with the audio top quality advancement in comparison to silicon ear tips but i do sense they are overpriced and degrade reasonably quickly (for me a handful of months) whilst with very careful cleaning in heat soapy h2o it did regenerate them to last extended.

Comply S-400 Active Earphone Tips – A fantastic upgrade

Rather small and far from universal fitting. The comply s-400 are pretty good, but buyer beware1. They are not universal fitting. The amazon listing needs to be far more specific about the models that these tips fit – not just brands, but model numbers too. Make sure you check on comply’s own website or packaging before committing to buy them. Admittedly, i need large tips for all my earphones, but the mediums seem smaller than a typical “medium”. They do not fit securely in my (probably larger than average) earholes. I think the “improved sound quality” claims are just about justifiable but they’re not helped by the relatively poor noise isolation that the tips provide; in a quite space, ‘phones do seem to sound better, but in the street or on the train, not so much. However, the tips are very comfortable and assuming they fit your ‘phones and your ears, they are certainly worth a try, especially if you have good quality (i.

My previous sennheiser earphone buds were made of lightweight rubber. Whilst they did block out external noise, they also “squelched” every time they moved in my ears. Most distracting and annoying. The comply buds are made of memory foam. Their surface feels slightly rough, and they are firm to the touch. They are easy to fit and extremely comfortable and stable once inserted – mine did not budge out of place once during a 1-hour run. They block external noise well, and are completely squelch free. I can’t say that i noticed an improvement in sound quality but the comparison is with a reasonably high-end sennheiser product and so i wouldn’t expect dramatic improvement. I would say that sound quality was at least equivalent, and that perhaps the bass was clearer.

Big improvement for cheap ‘phones. I was hoping to test these with the shure se210 headphones i keep in my air travel kit but although comply makes a tip that will fit that model, this isn’t it. It does, however, fit the cheapie creative ep-630 ‘phones i use at the gym, so that’s where i tried them. And i have to say they work rather well. The standard creative tip is a floppy silicone rubber affair in one of three sizes. It’s reasonably comfortable, and stays put for the duration of a half-hour cardio session, but i’m still conscious of a fair amount of ambient noise. More significantly, when i want music rather than the downloaded bbc speech programmes i tend to listen to, they sound rather thin and unconvincing. I did my initial test at home, working through emails on a computer (this one) with a noisy keyboard. With the old creative tips, the keyboard noise was sufficient to distract from the music – i used contrasting wav files of dvorak and the georgia satellites as source material. Not only did the comply tips immediately shut out all but my clumsiest keyboard clatter, but the improved engagement of the earpieces with my ears also brought out the best in the little speakers.

Got these through vine as an add on to my sennheiser cx880’s. Grabbing them quickly i didn’t have time to check if they were compatible with the headphones or the right size for my ears. Not the fault of the tips, just my poor research (though you might argue the item description should state more specifically which models the tips can be paired with to save the customer having to search out this info elsewhere). Having said that, they look well made, seem easy to fit and come in a handy pack of three. I can’t comment on their aural performance.

  • Great product. Seriously improve the performance of cheaper headphones
  • Hurray, no squelching!
  • Excellent alternative to plastic buds
  • Big improvement for cheap ‘phones
  • Really comfortable and good Noise Cancellation too.
  • Rather small and far from universal fitting

Comply S-400 Active Earphone Tips – (S/M/L) Blueberry

  • Enter your model number
    above to make sure this fits.
  • Active Fit
  • Soft Comfort
  • Blocks noise
  • Compatibility: 4 Models to fit all major earphone brands (S-100, S-200, S-400, S-500)

These earbuds are replacements for the silicone buds that most earphones come with. They claim to be more comfortable, reduce outside noise and fit securely. They come in a pack of three pairs (6 buds), and come in different sizes to fit different headphones and ear canals. They are made of what feels like memory foam around a plastic core. They fit onto the headphone speaker very securely, more securely than the buds they are replacing. In use they are very comfortable. They seem to be made of memory foam, so they are firm when cold, soften as they warm and expand to fit your ear canal. By comparison to silicone buds which get itchy and a bit uncomfortable after a while, i found that i forgot i had them in. I have them fitted to a set of audio-technica ath-anc3 headphones which are have anr.

Perfect – does the job i wanted them to and met all my expectations. I took a punt on these as they seem very expensive for what they are (i. However, the buds that came with my inexpensive jvc in ear headphones would keep coming loose when sweat got produced in my ear during running. I head to keep pushing them back in to hear the music properly. When these arrived (promptly) i had ordered only the medium size so was worried they may not fit. I did not need to worry as they fit perfectly. They felt safe and secure in my ear and very comfortable. The real test was when i went jogging – boy these are perfect.

Massive upgrade over pack in rubber tips. I was dubious about these but interested enough to try a pair for a review (they were a freebie just so you know). I am delighted with the results. I’ve often found that i fall between the standard sizes of rubber tips included with in ear head phones, i’ve twice had tips that were slightly to large get lodged in my ear + had to have them removed (no, i didn’t learn after the first time). I often use smaller tips that fall out easily, don’t give much bass and can be a little uncomfortable as they are more prone to move around. The memory foam used here works a treat, fits perfectly, stays in place for the duration of use, comes out easily and is comfortable. I’ve found too that as the head phones are filling my ears more i’m getting a much fuller sound with better bass. I haven’t noticed a vast improvement in ambient noise reduction (as boasted by the marketing)so if that is what you want i would advise that you save up for some proper noise cancelling head phones. But for my needs these are perfect and i will definitely buy some more once i’ve warn my way through the 3 pairs that come in the pack.

Comply T-500 Isolation Earphone Tips – Great for small ears – Jaybird Bluebird X actually fit now!

Revolutionised my earbud tips. Excellent product at this price point. The three sizes provide a useful range of choice for the your ear and make a immense difference. However the actual fitting itself can be tricky as the aperature of the bud does not easily fit all earpieces.

I cannot believe that are used to use earphones without these they are absolutely beyond awesome. They make using ear phones comfortable and i could pretty much wear ear phones all day without experiencing any discomfort. Sometimes i just use these as nice cancelling when i’m at work i want to have a little bit of quiet and peaceful i’m thinking. They were so comfortable that i recommended them to work colleague who has now also bought is in pair.

I was using these on my sennheiser ie8s, definitely improved the sound quality and isolation over the already good foam tips that came with them. However, they do tend to wear out quite quickly. However, if you don’t mind seeing them as a consumable and are looking to improve sound quality, particularly boosting the bass, and / or isolation, they do the job, at a cost.

I bought them for a cheap pair of mpow magneto earphones which had terrible scratch earbuds and tinny sound. Now i’ve got a perfect fit and rich sounds. I didn’t get bribed for this review, i didn’t even get a free set. I’m just enthusiastic about good stuff:).

  • I am a sweaty beast in the gym and pretty much gave up on finding earphones that stay in
  • Great for small ears – Jaybird Bluebird X actually fit now!
  • Revolutionised my earbud tips
  • simply great, best isolation out there of any ear tips
  • Best purchase in ages
  • Buy them, buy them now

Comply T-500 Isolation Earphone Tips – (Large) Blue

  • Enter your model number
    above to make sure this fits.
  • Total Isolation
  • Soft Comfort
  • Secure fit
  • Superior audio experience
  • Compatibility: 4 Models to fit all major earphone brands (S-100, S-200, S-400, S-500).

I would have liked it to be bigger to fit better and hear the music better. I used this for my ttpod earphones. It seems a little loose even after following the official video guide on youtube. How do we measure the size of our ear holes?i have been using this before too. I surprising find my older yellower one to be better fitting but it looks the same in size. Yes, it isolates sound very well, but i do find myself pressing the earphone in so i can hear a fuller sound of the bass. Maybe i’ll get the large one next time.

If you’re looking for a comfortable fit and usually find the rubber ones irritate then. If you’re looking for a comfortable fit and usually find the rubber ones irritate then look no furtheri usually find stock tips for earphones are either too small (causing them to fall out) or are very uncomfortable so after much browsing and reading other reviews i took the plunge. These are extremely comfortable while providing a snug fit. I’ve never had an earphone fall out and would forget i’m wearing them if it wasn’t for general noise being muffled. Once you have music playing i find the outside world disappears. These aren’t designed to last forever but one pack gets a lot of wear before they start falling apart. Well worth the cost and i’ll happily buy more when the need arises.

These earphone tips do indeed feel very comfortable in use, and the eliminate a lot more background noise than the silicone ones you find with all earphones these days. However, one overwhelming downside is that they do not attach firmly to most earphones at all (i’ve got 6 pairs of earphones, and encounter the same issue with them all). Worse, they are downright dangerous, as they frequently remain inside your ear when you remove the earphones. Indeed, less than an hour before writing this review (warning), i had to use a pair of tweezers inserted almost an inch deep inside my right ear to remove one of these tips. Worse-yet, because they are comfortable when in the ear, it is entirely possible that the tip can remain inside your ear for a while without you even noticing. So if you happen to feel an itch in your ear and reach in to give it a scratch, you can push the tip so deep you won’t be able to safely retrieve it. The sad thing is this would’ve been so easy for the manufacturer to have prevented, simply by providing the same interior “lip” you get on the silicone variety, to bite over the receiving lip on almost all models of earphones. It is very unfortunate, and completely ruins an otherwise great product.

Comply T-100 Isolation Earphone Tips : Better than expected

I purchased these for my klipch x10’s which have an astounding sound with the normal silicone buds. Even so like several i uncovered these unpleasant sporting them for any size of time and could never ever totally work out which dimension was suitable for me. Following lookup for a new pair of klipsch (thinking mine ended up shed) i came throughout a advice for these earbuds. They are a revelation, not only are they additional at ease, deliver a better seal but largely boost the sound generating deeper foundation and a more defined treble. They are not cheap and i would be intrigued to listen to if they strengthen less expensive in-ear headsets but for me, a great buy (although i would recomend the black as they do get filthy however clean up your ears).

Great performance, as long as you pick the ideal measurement. . Comply is the way to go if you care about convenience and isolation. These tips seriously increase your audio, especially the mid-lows. They would even execute far better if they had been one dimensions greater. I chose the ‘medium’ size induce that’s what i use to wear but i reckon these types are a great deal nearer to a ‘small’. So choose your size appropriately.

Ordered these for my s4’s soon after not agreeing with the silicone ear buds that arrived with them (they fell out at the slightest movement at the health and fitness center). Purchasing these was a past ditch work ahead of forking out for some new headphones. Would not say i had significant ears, but looking at as it really is ‘expanding foam’ it seemed like a sensible shift. My logic prevailed and i am incredibly pleased. The foam produces an air limited seal, which is very unusual at initially as it basically blocks all outdoors noise. The clarity that you get mainly because of this seal is wonderful, the highs and lows are crisp, with terrific foundation. They are a lifesaver at the fitness center as well, the headphones stay in put and gone are the times of listening to dry health and fitness center audio, pond lifetime grunting and weights remaining thrown close to. All in all, incredibly delighted and would advise.

Greatest tips for your in ear headphones. We personal a few of pretty highly-priced in-ear headsets, but challenges with the typical kinds lead us to comply. Ideal investment ever, they are that very good. Extremely confortable and stays in ears even through hard workouts.

The selling price of comply collection ear buds may possibly appear to be pricey but there very well worthy of it. If you are fed up with your ear buds not keeping & slipping out or continue to hear back ground sound from targeted traffic,chatting,the mrs lol then the comply buds give you heaven on earth & you wont hear a damn detail aside from your tunes. You will improve the seem of your earphones with deep bass,mids & treble. The mystery is to roll the buds between your fingers make them so they in good shape suitable in your ear channel then maintain for about forty five seconds the comply foam will develop sealing your ears. You will also observe your ears experience like they have cushions hugging them as the comply foam is so gentle & sleek you virtually forget you have earphone on. As with all ear buds they get yukee ear wax on them,i use sterile alcoholic beverages wipes from boots & wipe them over carefully they then are clean up & like new. I have klipsch x10 in earphones with a cowon s9 & a fiio e7 dac head cellphone amp & the intricate included the icing on the cake for my bass junkie seems.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Useful, effective, but also expensive
  • Amazing when it fits
  • Very comfortable foam tips
  • Great replacements for Shure SE-110 tips
  • Comfy but flimsy
  • your best buddy!

Superior excellent tips, but i should really almost certainly have long gone with the black 1. As prompt by the title, there are great high quality tips, but i should almost certainly have absent with the black just one. Nicely i cleanse my ear each individual day :) but nonetheless, right after some time, it would search a bit dirty generally mainly because i retain them in my pocket. Functionally, they are wonderful. Just declaring that immediately after a while, they don’t glance quite :).

Give your headphones a new daily life. I have used so quite a few highly-priced headphone in the past but often experienced issues in obtaining a correct healthy for my ear. Mainly because the other tips did not healthy adequately, the seem constantly appears to be muffled. That is when i identified comply tips. At pretty much £5 a pair, these are high priced and will not very last ages. But if you are like me who loves their songs and would adore to pay attention to songs in all it’s glory using ordinary in-ear headphones, there are no superior earphone tips out there. The moment you squeeze them and place them in ear, these expand to type a great seal concerning the headphone and the ear canal and you can hear even the small notes very obviously. This also have one particular of the very best passive sounds cancelling and functions great on trains and tubes.

Comply Ts-400 Comfort Earphone Tips – Very good sealing

More cozy and much better soundstage than the t400’s i am amazed. . Big improvement on stock buds, in a unique league in terms of comfort, audio, and fitto the particular person that mentioned they are way too major for their ear. You compress them ahead of inserting into the ear, and then permit them expand into the ear canal. I uncovered the t400’s to be a small much too long, these are a little extra bulbous, and shorter which makes for a substantially extra cozy match. Phrase of warning, these are a disposable item and the foam does deteriorate over time, that’s why 3 pairs for every pack. Every single pair lasts me 3 months ish and i use them just about every day at operate.

Having said that, two troubles with the tips, 1st of all i would say they are kinda way too cumbersome. I went for the medium dimensions and nevertheless it was as well major. And the second situation is that the wears off pretty promptly. Just for the smaller size if you believe you have a typical dimensions ears gap.

They significantly improve the listening knowledge of any in-ear headphones. I strongly advise these buds to any audiophile who ordeals pain with their present buds.

  • More comfortable and better soundstage than the T400’s; I’m impressed.
  • Very good sealing
  • Excellent product

Comply T-100 Isolation Earphone Tips – Great performance, as long as you choose the right size.

I bought a set of etymotic hf5’s and struggled to discover the proper fit and comfort level. I was recommended the comply tips and bought some. The match is fantastic and particularly cozy. They have improved the audio high-quality of the iems and assistance isolate the exterior sound a great deal better.

Helps me place my remaining ear phone very easily.

Purchased some klipsch s4i earphones about a calendar year in the past and despite the fact that a large enhancement on the typical apple garbage they were not the quantum leap i’d envisioned. They had been also not fully secure when jogging. My son advised transforming the pads from the normal silicone and i bought these. – in no way drop out and isolate so substantially more audio and enables me to listen to parts i by no means knew existed. You wont regret your obtain.

  • Useful, effective, but also expensive
  • Amazing when it fits
  • Very comfortable foam tips
  • Great replacements for Shure SE-110 tips
  • your best buddy!
  • Splendid Foam Tips

Great replacements for shure se-110 tips. Soon after my shure earphone foam tips had witnessed their ideal, i acquired these as a substitution (pack of six). They fit just as snug into the ear if not better but their only downside is their color as a light-weight grey will demonstrate up your ear muck and common dirt a large amount much more than the black types shure provide.

Helpful, efficient, but also expensive. I acquired these to substitute some awkward silicone tips on my klipsch in ear displays. The comply tips are a lot a lot more relaxed and give much better isolation than the oval formed and considerably less malleable klipsch silicones. Another profit is that they you should not transmit vibrations as sound: what i indicate by this is that with the silicone tips if i listen although walking alongside then every single footstep is accompanied by a thudding sounds, but if i use the comply foam tips my footsteps disappear and i am no lengthier forced to imagine of myself as a guide footed ogre. Some reviewers have complained that on getting rid of the foam tips from their ears the tips are protected in earwax. I am going to just state the apparent and say that if your ears are moderately clean up then this will never be an situation. You can extend the lifetime of these tips by washing them in lukewarm h2o with soap. If you use very hot water the foam loses its elasticity. Assuming you have reasonably thoroughly clean ears and you occasionally clean the tips then you could expect a pack of 3 to past at the very least 6 months, most likely for a longer period. This appears to be fairly superior until finally you consider about the long term charge: if your in ear monitors last you 3 years and you use six packs of comply tips then you will have put in probably an excess £80 or £90.

I have a pair of sleek audio headphones, and the in ear buds that arrive with them just really don’t in good shape snuggley plenty of, i’m in amongst medium and big for these buds. I did some investigation and uncovered these kinds and they function perfectly. Never fall out and excellent noise isolation. Pretty happy with the product or service.

Comply tips are an excellent up grade around common earbud tips. At ease and offer a superior offer ensuing in an improved audio. Healthy correctly to the shure se315’s. I normally in good shape comply buds to my earphones and would (and do) suggest them.

Comply S-100 Active Earphone Tips – Worthwhile upgrade

Holds amazingly well in my ear, but the treble and mid tones suffer a little.

Compared to other eartips these are excellent.

Fantastic tips highly recommended. Ive had comply ear tips before alway top quality but 1st time ive had this particular ‘active’ type. Used them last night for the first time and they were excellent and not only comfortable but did actually stay in my ears. You can ofcourse get cheaper ear tips and i did but had to send them back because they were useless and to loose on my denon ah_c400 earphones. These complys are perfect so take my advice pay the bit extra and get decent tips i doubt that you will be disappointed with the fit & quality. Do make sure though that the ones you order are correct for your device as they make many types applicable to different earphones so you must ensure that your earphones are listed on the particular pack backface of the correct pack.

Bought these for a set of klipsch s4i headphones as the supplied buds always drop out. These are great and fit nice and snugly into my ears. They also improve the sound quite a lotthey are quite expensive,however after a few months of happy use,i’ve put them under some warm water and squeezed all of the earwax out (nice-takes about 5 seconds) and they dry out and reshape as good as new.

  • fantastic tips highly recommended
  • Well worth the purchase
  • Worthwhile upgrade

Comply S-100 Active Earphone Tips – (S/M/L) Schnozberry

  • Enter your model number
    above to make sure this fits.
  • Active Fit
  • Soft Comfort
  • Blocks noise
  • Compatibility: 4 Models to fit all major earphone brands (S-100, S-200, S-400, S-500)

Bought these after reading various reviews. They fit well, cut out more background noise so that the clarity of the sound from the phones is better.

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