Comply T-100 Isolation Earphone Tips : Better than expected

I purchased these for my klipch x10’s which have an astounding sound with the normal silicone buds. Even so like several i uncovered these unpleasant sporting them for any size of time and could never ever totally work out which dimension was suitable for me. Following lookup for a new pair of klipsch (thinking mine ended up shed) i came throughout a advice for these earbuds. They are a revelation, not only are they additional at ease, deliver a better seal but largely boost the sound generating deeper foundation and a more defined treble. They are not cheap and i would be intrigued to listen to if they strengthen less expensive in-ear headsets but for me, a great buy (although i would recomend the black as they do get filthy however clean up your ears).

Great performance, as long as you pick the ideal measurement. . Comply is the way to go if you care about convenience and isolation. These tips seriously increase your audio, especially the mid-lows. They would even execute far better if they had been one dimensions greater. I chose the ‘medium’ size induce that’s what i use to wear but i reckon these types are a great deal nearer to a ‘small’. So choose your size appropriately.

Ordered these for my s4’s soon after not agreeing with the silicone ear buds that arrived with them (they fell out at the slightest movement at the health and fitness center). Purchasing these was a past ditch work ahead of forking out for some new headphones. Would not say i had significant ears, but looking at as it really is ‘expanding foam’ it seemed like a sensible shift. My logic prevailed and i am incredibly pleased. The foam produces an air limited seal, which is very unusual at initially as it basically blocks all outdoors noise. The clarity that you get mainly because of this seal is wonderful, the highs and lows are crisp, with terrific foundation. They are a lifesaver at the fitness center as well, the headphones stay in put and gone are the times of listening to dry health and fitness center audio, pond lifetime grunting and weights remaining thrown close to. All in all, incredibly delighted and would advise.

Greatest tips for your in ear headphones. We personal a few of pretty highly-priced in-ear headsets, but challenges with the typical kinds lead us to comply. Ideal investment ever, they are that very good. Extremely confortable and stays in ears even through hard workouts.

The selling price of comply collection ear buds may possibly appear to be pricey but there very well worthy of it. If you are fed up with your ear buds not keeping & slipping out or continue to hear back ground sound from targeted traffic,chatting,the mrs lol then the comply buds give you heaven on earth & you wont hear a damn detail aside from your tunes. You will improve the seem of your earphones with deep bass,mids & treble. The mystery is to roll the buds between your fingers make them so they in good shape suitable in your ear channel then maintain for about forty five seconds the comply foam will develop sealing your ears. You will also observe your ears experience like they have cushions hugging them as the comply foam is so gentle & sleek you virtually forget you have earphone on. As with all ear buds they get yukee ear wax on them,i use sterile alcoholic beverages wipes from boots & wipe them over carefully they then are clean up & like new. I have klipsch x10 in earphones with a cowon s9 & a fiio e7 dac head cellphone amp & the intricate included the icing on the cake for my bass junkie seems.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Useful, effective, but also expensive
  • Amazing when it fits
  • Very comfortable foam tips
  • Great replacements for Shure SE-110 tips
  • Comfy but flimsy
  • your best buddy!

Superior excellent tips, but i should really almost certainly have long gone with the black 1. As prompt by the title, there are great high quality tips, but i should almost certainly have absent with the black just one. Nicely i cleanse my ear each individual day :) but nonetheless, right after some time, it would search a bit dirty generally mainly because i retain them in my pocket. Functionally, they are wonderful. Just declaring that immediately after a while, they don’t glance quite :).

Give your headphones a new daily life. I have used so quite a few highly-priced headphone in the past but often experienced issues in obtaining a correct healthy for my ear. Mainly because the other tips did not healthy adequately, the seem constantly appears to be muffled. That is when i identified comply tips. At pretty much £5 a pair, these are high priced and will not very last ages. But if you are like me who loves their songs and would adore to pay attention to songs in all it’s glory using ordinary in-ear headphones, there are no superior earphone tips out there. The moment you squeeze them and place them in ear, these expand to type a great seal concerning the headphone and the ear canal and you can hear even the small notes very obviously. This also have one particular of the very best passive sounds cancelling and functions great on trains and tubes.

Comply Ts-400 Comfort Earphone Tips – Very good sealing

More cozy and much better soundstage than the t400’s i am amazed. . Big improvement on stock buds, in a unique league in terms of comfort, audio, and fitto the particular person that mentioned they are way too major for their ear. You compress them ahead of inserting into the ear, and then permit them expand into the ear canal. I uncovered the t400’s to be a small much too long, these are a little extra bulbous, and shorter which makes for a substantially extra cozy match. Phrase of warning, these are a disposable item and the foam does deteriorate over time, that’s why 3 pairs for every pack. Every single pair lasts me 3 months ish and i use them just about every day at operate.

Having said that, two troubles with the tips, 1st of all i would say they are kinda way too cumbersome. I went for the medium dimensions and nevertheless it was as well major. And the second situation is that the wears off pretty promptly. Just for the smaller size if you believe you have a typical dimensions ears gap.

They significantly improve the listening knowledge of any in-ear headphones. I strongly advise these buds to any audiophile who ordeals pain with their present buds.

  • More comfortable and better soundstage than the T400’s; I’m impressed.
  • Very good sealing
  • Excellent product

Comply T-100 Isolation Earphone Tips – Great performance, as long as you choose the right size.

I bought a set of etymotic hf5’s and struggled to discover the proper fit and comfort level. I was recommended the comply tips and bought some. The match is fantastic and particularly cozy. They have improved the audio high-quality of the iems and assistance isolate the exterior sound a great deal better.

Helps me place my remaining ear phone very easily.

Purchased some klipsch s4i earphones about a calendar year in the past and despite the fact that a large enhancement on the typical apple garbage they were not the quantum leap i’d envisioned. They had been also not fully secure when jogging. My son advised transforming the pads from the normal silicone and i bought these. – in no way drop out and isolate so substantially more audio and enables me to listen to parts i by no means knew existed. You wont regret your obtain.

  • Useful, effective, but also expensive
  • Amazing when it fits
  • Very comfortable foam tips
  • Great replacements for Shure SE-110 tips
  • your best buddy!
  • Splendid Foam Tips

Great replacements for shure se-110 tips. Soon after my shure earphone foam tips had witnessed their ideal, i acquired these as a substitution (pack of six). They fit just as snug into the ear if not better but their only downside is their color as a light-weight grey will demonstrate up your ear muck and common dirt a large amount much more than the black types shure provide.

Helpful, efficient, but also expensive. I acquired these to substitute some awkward silicone tips on my klipsch in ear displays. The comply tips are a lot a lot more relaxed and give much better isolation than the oval formed and considerably less malleable klipsch silicones. Another profit is that they you should not transmit vibrations as sound: what i indicate by this is that with the silicone tips if i listen although walking alongside then every single footstep is accompanied by a thudding sounds, but if i use the comply foam tips my footsteps disappear and i am no lengthier forced to imagine of myself as a guide footed ogre. Some reviewers have complained that on getting rid of the foam tips from their ears the tips are protected in earwax. I am going to just state the apparent and say that if your ears are moderately clean up then this will never be an situation. You can extend the lifetime of these tips by washing them in lukewarm h2o with soap. If you use very hot water the foam loses its elasticity. Assuming you have reasonably thoroughly clean ears and you occasionally clean the tips then you could expect a pack of 3 to past at the very least 6 months, most likely for a longer period. This appears to be fairly superior until finally you consider about the long term charge: if your in ear monitors last you 3 years and you use six packs of comply tips then you will have put in probably an excess £80 or £90.

I have a pair of sleek audio headphones, and the in ear buds that arrive with them just really don’t in good shape snuggley plenty of, i’m in amongst medium and big for these buds. I did some investigation and uncovered these kinds and they function perfectly. Never fall out and excellent noise isolation. Pretty happy with the product or service.

Comply tips are an excellent up grade around common earbud tips. At ease and offer a superior offer ensuing in an improved audio. Healthy correctly to the shure se315’s. I normally in good shape comply buds to my earphones and would (and do) suggest them.

Comply S-100 Active Earphone Tips – Worthwhile upgrade

Holds amazingly well in my ear, but the treble and mid tones suffer a little.

Compared to other eartips these are excellent.

Fantastic tips highly recommended. Ive had comply ear tips before alway top quality but 1st time ive had this particular ‘active’ type. Used them last night for the first time and they were excellent and not only comfortable but did actually stay in my ears. You can ofcourse get cheaper ear tips and i did but had to send them back because they were useless and to loose on my denon ah_c400 earphones. These complys are perfect so take my advice pay the bit extra and get decent tips i doubt that you will be disappointed with the fit & quality. Do make sure though that the ones you order are correct for your device as they make many types applicable to different earphones so you must ensure that your earphones are listed on the particular pack backface of the correct pack.

Bought these for a set of klipsch s4i headphones as the supplied buds always drop out. These are great and fit nice and snugly into my ears. They also improve the sound quite a lotthey are quite expensive,however after a few months of happy use,i’ve put them under some warm water and squeezed all of the earwax out (nice-takes about 5 seconds) and they dry out and reshape as good as new.

  • fantastic tips highly recommended
  • Well worth the purchase
  • Worthwhile upgrade

Comply S-100 Active Earphone Tips – (S/M/L) Schnozberry

  • Enter your model number
    above to make sure this fits.
  • Active Fit
  • Soft Comfort
  • Blocks noise
  • Compatibility: 4 Models to fit all major earphone brands (S-100, S-200, S-400, S-500)

Bought these after reading various reviews. They fit well, cut out more background noise so that the clarity of the sound from the phones is better.

Comply S-400 Active Earphone Tips : Really comfortable and good Noise Cancellation too.

A visible enhancement on the inventory ear tips that came with my beyerdynamic mmx 101ie, i had read comments about these providing more bass & i concur they give an further easy well balanced bass with no noticeable impression on treble or mid range. I ordered the assorted pack ( so in the upcoming i will know which dimensions to get ). I have browse critiques complaining of the expense i would like to say it is funds perfectly spent & would total heartedly advise to all moveable music listeners. Fitting & removal from beyerdynamic mmx 101ie, extremely limited fit, complicated to connect & eliminate but perfectly value it ( won’t be able to remark on durability but as lengthy as they previous 4 months for each set i’d be a lot more than delighted to pay £10 for each calendar year for retaining my valuable earbuds to be truthful i might be pleased to spend up to £20 for every year to retain this degree of top quality ). Do not pay attention to the haters if your major about your audio & want to make improvements to you might be listening expertise ( no matter what earbuds your working with ) these give a superb enhance at what i would say is a sensible rate.

These are every thing you would hope when fitted to compatible earphones. Mine are panasonic-sorry do not have the quantity but i experienced to take out the obvious plastic cones and switch with these. The healthy is promptly improved with improved, although not entire, isolation of extranaous seems. As i cycle with these i am happy i’m even now equipped to hear website traffic. The two big pluses while are improved consolation and significantly much less likelihood of them slipping out. As to audio there may be a slight dampening but its tough to detect and only the most picky would complain or even discover it. Over-all in shape for objective and with three pairs will almost certainly outlast the phones.

I have got two sets of earphones that i believed i may be capable to use these earphone tips on my sennheiser cx-300’s and my monoprice enhanced bass earphones. Thankfully they operate with the sennheisers, which is to be expected as they are on the record of compatible earphones. Regretably they failed to really fit the monoprice – it simply a various condition. I never consider they produced any distinction to the audio, but they did experience like they manufactured a restricted in good shape when inserted into my ears. Devoid of likely into also substantially embarrassing element, i felt that when i took them out of my ears when sitting on the educate i did not want other passengers to see them as they came out with a sort of dusty earwaxy coating. A little bit like inserting a cotton bud in your ear. Which is certainly a little something i would never ever do for the reason that it suggests not to on the packet. In summary, i think i prefer the conventional rubber tips, but these aren’t unsafe, just a little unnecessary.

Comments from buyers

“Hurray, no squelching!, Big improvement for cheap ‘phones, Rather small and far from universal fitting, Excellent alternative to plastic buds, Worth trying but reduced bass on Sennheiser CX300s in my ears, Overpriced but works”

My region of curiosity (and practical experience) is in seem isolating headphones. I’ve sampled dozens more than the past few decades – but this is the initial time i have observed a organization focused to the sleeves or ‘tips’ in these a professional manner. The merchandise array is superb and this product does particularly what it ought to. The foam tips, when fitted to a compatible pair of headphones, are even better than the silicone kinds provided. I found the s-400’s really relaxed (do not experience a thing just like a good sofa). The merchandise may well appear as unimportant as selecting what brand name of sugar to obtain but in conditions of efficiency, these provide audio isolation and convenience way above the marketplace typical. I am going to be making use of them from now on.

These earphone connector was particularly what i was searching for at the good price tag they are getting presented at. I have attempted several very similar products without the need of much too substantially accomplishment for a person reason or yet another. The match is completely perfect and moulds alone to your particular ear measurements on inserting into your ear. The moment moulded they form a tight enclosure which continues to be place even when engaged in vigorous work out. The restricted snug healthy also allows concentrate the sound better, supplying deeper foundation and richer general midtones and highs you can definitely hear, they really do block exterior sounds to that degree. The earbuds need to be capable to be cleaned carefully to eliminate the unavoidable establish up of ear wax on them, these. I have hooked up these to my sennheiser cx310 and they get the job done effectively, in actuality the initial time i have genuinely begun using them considering that i received them. My only gripe is they are not extra common, as you require to meticulously check compatibility of brand and design in any other case they wont in shape onto the headphonespros:-snug to put on-fantastic sound insulation-customized suit to each individual personal-effortless clean up-neutral color-retro healthy-ablecons:-not common.

No transformation from these. These earbud tips have some incredibly great details. 1st they are very simple to match – take off the present earbud cover and force these on. Second they are snug to use becoming built of a softish foam substance which is capable to adapt to the shape of the user’s ear. Thirdly they kind a good seal and carry out seem blocking really nicely. For these good capabilities i would be inclined to charge these at 5 stars. Nevertheless the manufacturers claim that the use will renovate the listening working experience is not a little something i could say i discovered. I tried using a variety of gadgets and audio content (music of various genres and spoken term) and i did not detect any discernible distinction in seem good quality from sennheiser mm70 earphones with the authentic earbud addresses. So for the selling price 1 receives, i consider, an improved degree of consolation and a little added noise blocking, but no transformation of the precise sound.

Comply S-500 Active Earphone Tips : Great fit, using with Jaybird Bluebud X

Major enhancement above the stock jaybird earbud tips.

If you have received jaybird bluebuds x, just obtain these. . If you have the jaybird bluebuds x, purchase these. The stock ear tips are horrible, specifically if you want to use the headphones for activity (which is kinda the point correct?)these are good. A significantly improved in good shape that stays put and is relaxed so you can focus on functioning out, not hoping to push your headphones back again in. Only rationale they will not get 5stars is that they are tricky to slot on – feels like the internal sleeve is far too little for the bluebuds. Nevertheless, give them a gentle shove and function them on and all is nicely. Oh and if you are like me, a single sizing will not likely do – i have to have big on my right ear and medium on my left. . Guess i’ll be obtaining blend packs forever.

I acquired these to go with my jaybird bluebuds x and they are a definate improvement. I use my headphones almost exclusively even though at the health club and sweat a lot. Other reviewers have outlined that sweat might induce them to deteriorate simply because they are built from memory foam, but i have not knowledgeable this. Total a comfortable, secure and excellent price improve.

Comments from buyers

“Great with Jaybird Bluebuds X, Excellent fitting memory foam ear tips – fits Jaybird BlueBuds X., If you’ve got Jaybird Bluebuds X, just buy these., Not great, not terrible- room for improvement, Comfortable and effective, These little things are great. Got them fitted to my Bluebuds X”

Not excellent, not terrible- space for enhancement. They began out terrific though tricky to in good shape as the holes are not really major enough for the bluebuds even although they are ‘compatible’- you seriously have to power them on. They unquestionably get the job done substantially much better than the typical tips on the other hand soon after a several months use they’ve started tearing and falling apart- and they are not extremely low-priced to substitute if they are unsuccessful this promptly. Base line they are very good, superior than normal, but not with out their issues.

Not fairly the appropriate sizing – that is my fault – but function well though a restricted in good shape the initially time to get them on the jaybirds.

Enhances suit, comfort and ease and audio high-quality tenfolds. I have acquired comply foam tips for all my in ear headphones. I acquired these tips to use with a pair of bluetooth activity earbuds, and the enhancement in fit, ease and comfort and most importantly audio, is worth every single penny. Comply foam tips are a superb item that have revolutionised the earbuds industry, in reality several models have commenced together with them straight out of the box.

Comply T-500 Isolation Earphone Tips – Expensive for what they are

I applied these earbuds with the jaybird bluebuds x headphones. I have to alert you, they are a really, very cosy healthy, so receiving them on without the need of deforming or tearing can be a little bit tricky, but they do at least keep on very firmly, so not a lot likelihood of them popping off and currently being shed. It can acquire a minute for the foam to re-expand and comply properly with your ears, but they type a good restricted seal. This is also good if your planning on applying these through exercise, which i do. I hardly ever have to re-adjust them when operating, as they continue to be snug the full time, even when it truly is raining tough. And as you can envision, they are quite comfy, and for the reason that of the excellent in shape owing to the memory foam, the sound high quality is greaton the downside, they do get filthy and appeal to muck rather easily, because of to their sticky-ness, and they are really hard to thoroughly clean the moment this has transpired, which is irritating. Also, do not hope these to past a extended time. Because of to the product, they are considerably additional susceptible to tearing and ripping, especially with typical use- while this may well be due to the incredibly limited match with these certain headphones, but i are not able to ensure this. I have by now long gone by a pair immediately after a month and a 50 %, so if your seeking for earbuds to very last a even though, perhaps consider some others.

I purchased these to swap the ones on my ue superfi and there terrific. They have offered my headphones a new lease of lifetime are i locate they are truly snug. The only negatives would be that they are really gentle foam, so when put in your ears get a little though to develop and they also decide up fluff and stuff genuinely very easily, so i envision they will get dirty swiftly. I also acquired the medium kinds but with hindsight should really have obtained substantial as they really don’t appear to isolate as effectively as i would like. I am very guaranteed they would be perfect if they have been the large kinds the dilemma us not the tips but my large ears. Total really impressed and will get them once more.

Okay so the title may perhaps appear to be an about exaggeration but these have designed these kinds of a distinction to my listening satisfaction from the ultimate ears tremendous. Fi five pro – profesional good quality in ear headphones – white i have owned for in excess of a yr. My frustration had been the deficiency of consolation and suitable seal supplied by the tips that came with the superfi execs consequently i frequently located myself having some old sennheisers on journeys as an alternative. But the use of these smooth tips has vastly enhanced listening enjoyment and i was capable to pay attention for hours at a time on a new very long haul flight without the need of soreness or motion of the headphone in my ear. Just would like they’d include these with the item in the to start with place.

  • Especially good for sports
  • Super confortable
  • A difference not worth the price
  • The best tips I have ever used
  • Very comfortable
  • Great for small ears – Jaybird Bluebird X actually fit now!

The finest tips i have at any time utilised. I’ve been applying these comply tips for decades, they final a long time and actually are at ease while generating a close to fantastic seal. The only issue is knowing what size of tips to get. I like the huge since you can not truly go completely wrong. I bought the medium and they do not seal very as snugly even although i would not class my ears as ‘large’.

Good quality of these comply product is outstanding. I’ve utilized also silicone ear tips, but these are not closing outside entire world so very well. Evaluating to other expanding products i would say that comply’s content is much easier to clean, and it looks that people final for a longer period.

I requested these types for my ue triple. They are a action ahead on the stock rubber tips and disposable foam tips from ue, wich i really think are not pretty confortable. Comply tips are hyper confortable, pefectly sized if you use the small or medium sizing rubber tips (my scenario) and isolate outdoors sound extremely nicely. Nonetheless if you use the big size regular rubber ue tips, these may well be modest and not ample. As a reference, the outside the house diameter of the complys is about one mm smaller that the ues foams. But significantly a lot more softer and with a much better and additional safe and confortable in shape. I owned a pair of shure’s in-ear headphones and was made use of to their foam tips – complys are even softer and far better imho – definitively advisable.

I purchased these for my jaybirds bluebuds earphones, and they took my operating / new music encounter to a entire other levelthe earphones remain flawlessly in put, and the seem high-quality has drastically improved.

Comply T-500 Isolation Earphone Tips, Revolutionised my earbud tips

I acquired these to switch the kinds on my ue superfi and there good. They have given my headphones a new lease of lifetime are i obtain they are genuinely cozy. The only negatives would be that they are quite delicate foam, so at the time place in your ears consider a small although to extend and they also pick up fluff and stuff seriously conveniently, so i think about they will get soiled immediately. I also bought the medium types but with hindsight ought to have bought significant as they really don’t appear to isolate as perfectly as i would like. I am really certain they would be excellent if they were being the substantial kinds the dilemma us not the tips but my significant ears. Total extremely amazed and will invest in them once again.

I was recommended these eartips for the reason that the kinds equipped with my novero rockaways had been awkward and kept slipping out (the electronics and bluetooth receiver are positioned in the earpieces themselves, producing them a little bit heavier than typical). The comply eartips have produced all the variance an excellent in good shape and complete sound isolation implies that i can go to the health and fitness center and target completely on what i’m performing instead of regularly fiddling with my earphones. It also suggests that i can maintain the volumes down as very well. For reference, i am a significant withe complys, which equated to the xl tips equipped with the noveros (i purchased this variant since i was not sure what measurement i would be). All in all, this is a fantastic and great worth products.

Owning procured the pack in red of numerous dimensions as i was doubtful of wich sizing to order, i aam so happy i did, the normal tips that came with my novero rockaway bluetooth earphones looked so c**p, i didnt even test them out, swapped them for these memory foam tips str8 absent, these types of a cozy in good shape, and dont slide out and do such a wonderful career of cancelling external sound out.

I purchased them for a low-cost pair of mpow magneto earphones which had terrible scratch earbuds and tinny sound. Now i have obtained a fantastic in good shape and wealthy seems. I did not get bribed for this assessment, i did not even get a totally free established. I am just enthusiastic about superior things:).

I was making use of these on my sennheiser ie8s, definitely enhanced the sound quality and isolation about the presently excellent foam tips that arrived with them. On the other hand, they do have a tendency to don out really swiftly. On the other hand, if you don’t mind observing them as a consumable and are seeking to improve sound high-quality, specially boosting the bass, and / or isolation, they do the task, at a value.

Comply T-500 Isolation Earphone Tips – (Large) Red : If you’re looking for a comfortable fit and usually find the rubber ones irritate then. If you’re looking for a comfortable fit and usually find the rubber ones irritate then look no furtheri usually find stock tips for earphones are either too small (causing them to fall out) or are very uncomfortable so after much browsing and reading other reviews i took the plunge. These are extremely comfortable while providing a snug fit. I’ve never had an earphone fall out and would forget i’m wearing them if it wasn’t for general noise being muffled. Once you have music playing i find the outside world disappears. These aren’t designed to last forever but one pack gets a lot of wear before they start falling apart. Well worth the cost and i’ll happily buy more when the need arises.

Comply T-100 Isolation Earphone Tips, Make sure they will fit your model earphones

Never been a supporter of comply tips in the previous, usually imagined they muffled the seem on my denon ah-c551. The issue is, all this time i under no circumstances realised that i’d been applying the incorrect dimension. I have little ear canals and was using medium tips. In any case, i thought i would take a punt at acquiring some of these in the small measurement for my etymotic hf5 and all i can say is, wow, what a difference. I now have a tiny additional bass and the mids/treble is even now apparent & comprehensive. I truly feel that though the inventory triple flanges are great, i never ever obtained the bass response i now have and failed to like the deep insertion. If you might be heading to acquire these, just make certain that you get the suitable sizing for your ears.

Right after messing about with check out-lobal and dual-lobal silicone tips on a variety of iem’s around the many years, i simply cannot think i did not change more than, or test foam tips prior to. I got some free of charge with some shure’s yrs back, but i hated all those headphones, and individuals foam tips were also tough. I am glad i browse about these on head-fi. I lately purchased some klipsch x10s, and was relatively let down with them. I might bought all sorts of new tips but the x10’s go so deep, i couldn’t get a comfy in shape or a first rate sound whatsoever. I was ready to ship the headphone again. I am so glad i used £15 much more quid on these comply’s. They are so relaxed, even with the klipsh’s deep deep into my ear canal, and now i have total isolation. Huge bass, massive volume, and comprehensive exterior sound isolation. I can not hear the regular clatter of my keyboard. I can’t even listen to my o-wn voice when i shout alongside to my favourite tracks.

Comply tips are an exceptional update more than typical earbud tips. Comfy and deliver a excellent offer resulting in an improved seem. Suit flawlessly to the shure se315’s. I constantly healthy comply buds to my earphones and would (and do) advise them.

Beneficial, productive, but also pricey. I bought these to replace some not comfortable silicone tips on my klipsch in ear displays. The comply tips are considerably much more cozy and give improved isolation than the oval formed and considerably less malleable klipsch silicones. An additional profit is that they never transmit vibrations as sounds: what i indicate by this is that with the silicone tips if i pay attention though going for walks alongside then each and every footstep is accompanied by a thudding sounds, but if i use the comply foam tips my footsteps disappear and i am no for a longer period pressured to imagine of myself as a guide footed ogre. Some reviewers have complained that on getting rid of the foam tips from their ears the tips are coated in earwax. I will just state the obvious and say that if your ears are fairly clear then this will not likely be an issue. You can lengthen the lifestyle of these tips by washing them in lukewarm water with soap. If you use incredibly hot h2o the foam loses its elasticity. Assuming you have fairly clear ears and you sometimes clean the tips then you may assume a pack of a few to past at least 6 months, possibly extended. This appears pretty superior until you consider about the lengthy expression price: if your in ear monitors previous you three a long time and you use 6 packs of comply tips then you will have invested most likely an added £80 or £90.

Get the ideal sizing and the right model and comply will give you a ideal seal. The tips final for about a thirty day period, depending on how substantially you use them, but for me, weighty use, which include gym and so on, i get a month.

Comply T-100 Isolation Earphone Tips – (Large) Blue : I bought a set of etymotic hf5’s and struggled to find the right fit and comfort level. I was recommended the comply tips and bought some. The fit is excellent and extremely comfortable. They have improved the sound quality of the iems and help isolate the external noise a lot better.

Comply T-400 Isolation Earphone Tips – Didn’t do the trick for me.

I purchased these by accident thinking i had gotten the tx-400 instead. Having the wax guard is 100% worth the extra few dollars. Those are 5 stars, these are 3.

Squidge into the shape of your ear cavity and bosh. Perfect sound from your headphones. Use them on y diddybeats in ear jobbies.

Comply t-400m ultra soft tips. I have had my sennheiser ie8 earphones for about a year but never felt comfortable with the supplied tip options. I read some reviews and thought i would try the comply t-400m tips. On trying to fit them i found the inner sleeve of the tips to be a fraction too tight to fit over the ie8 stems requiring a lot of effort to position them resulting in actually snapping off one of the stems. Fortunately it snapped back into position (“phew”). Once in place and in use – fantastic. Extremely comfortable and secure with reasonable isolation but not completely cut off from the outside world. However i am concerned that i am going to struggle to replace them with fresh tips without risking snapping off the stems again as they are starting to get a bit grotty. Positives- more comfortable and secure than supplied tips as they do not feel like they are continually trying to fall out. Negatives – tight fit makes them hard to change with the risk of damaging to the stems in the process.

Got these after reading some reviews and they weren’t wrong they are really good they fit snugly in to your ears and don’t move, add more tone toy your music and good when running at the gym as they dont fall out. They do wear out after a period but that’s a small thing.

  • Great to start with but quickly degrade – Here’s an alternative
  • Makes a big difference to noise reducing earphones
  • Wow! What a difference
  • these are awseome
  • A little pricey, but worth it!
  • Upgrade your headphones

Comply T-400 Isolation Earphone Tips – (S/M/L) Red

  • Enter your model number
    above to make sure this fits.
  • Total Isolation
  • Soft Comfort
  • Secure fit
  • Superior audio experience
  • Compatibility: 4 Models to fit all major earphone brands (S-100, S-200, S-400, S-500).

A realistic cheap alternative to noise cancelling headphones. I bought these originally for holidays, with the isolation foam design a simpler (and much cheaper) way of blocking out background noise than going down the more expensive route of active noise cancelling headphones. The level of isolation was very impressive, as was the increased clarity of my e10s. I was a bit worried about how long they would last given other reviews, but the only issue is that after some time you do get a waxy film forming on the outside of the earplugs. My original pack of 3 are still all usable, but at this pricepoint, i’m happy to replace these after a year of almost daily use.

The best thing you can get for your headphones. The best thing you can get for your headphones. Trust me if you are not happy with the sound quality of your existing headphones and can’t afford a pair of high end new headphones then these tips will dramatically improve your listening experience. Just make sure you get the right size for your brand of headphones. They conform to the contours of your ear canal and block out lots of ambient outside noise, they also focus the soundwaves right into your ear and prevent any seepage resulting in a much richer and fuller sound quality.

Great to start with but quickly degrade – here’s an alternative. Like most of the reviews here, i was over the moon with these tips when i first got them. I placed the first pair onto my hifiman re-0 earphones and within minutes was enjoying much improved detail, low end bass, focus and clarity in everything i listened to. Given how comfortable they were to wear too, they were an absolute joy and made an already good pair of headphones into an astoundingly good pair. I’m not a heavy headphone user. I get monthly trips with my work which involve train travel and so they get a few hours use every few weeks, but even then, the first pair of these gave me less than 3 weeks worth of use. Hoping it was a one off, i fitted the second pair and treated them with kid gloves – never stretching them, twisting them or placing excessive force on them, but once again, the second pair lasted about the same amount of time. At that point i knew that by the time i’d fitted the third and final pair, it was time to start looking for alternatives. The problem with them is that they lose their shape and go soft, so no longer form a good bond with the ear canal, so the bass disappears and they end up sounding tinny and hollow. You can get very close to these by getting yourself a box of the foam earplugs from boots the chemist – they come in a light blue box and contain 3 pairs costing around £3. You need a retractable ballpoint pen and a sharp knife (i actually did this without the knife, sat on a train, that’s how easy it is to do). Place your pen in the middle of one of the earplugs and push through all the way until the pen tip comes out the other side. Now turn it around and just push the pen through the other way so the hole is about the same size at both ends. Once you’ve done that, cut the earplug in half using the knife (i just tore it in half with my fingers) and now stretch the hole in each plug over the earpieces of your earphones and you’re done.

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