Comply T-100 Isolation Earphone Tips – best tips for your in ear headphones!

Never been a fan of comply tips in the past, always thought they muffled the sound on my denon ah-c551. The thing is, all this time i never realised that iā€™d been using the wrong size. I have small ear canals and was using medium tips. Anyway, i thought i’d take a punt at getting some of these in the small size for my etymotic hf5 and all i can say is, wow, what a difference. I now have a little more bass and the mids/treble is still clear & detailed. I feel that although the stock triple flanges are great, i never got the bass response i now have and didn’t like the deep insertion. If you’re going to purchase these, just make sure that you get the correct size for your ears.

Bought these for my etymotic hf5’s, had tried used the stock triple flange & the glider tips both giving a good seal (especially the latter). The triple flanges i found a bit of a faff and i found that both they & the gliders felt uncomfortable after not too long. Not only are they sooo soft and comfortable they also seal as well as the gliders (if not slightly better) and you can almost forget you’ve got them in. Well worth what might seem a lot for 3 pairs of foam tips.

Make sure they will fit your model earphones. Defiantly better than the rubber buds. Mould to the ear and very comfortable. Great from the gym that plays load music.

Great performance, as long as you choose the right size. . Comply is the way to go if you care about comfort and isolation. These tips really enhance your sound, especially the mid-lows. They would even perform better if they were one size bigger. I chose the “medium” size cause that’s what i use to wear but i reckon these ones are much closer to a “small”. So pick your size accordingly.

  • Amazing when it fits
  • Useful, effective, but also expensive
  • Very comfortable foam tips
  • Great replacements for Shure SE-110 tips
  • your best buddy!
  • Splendid Foam Tips

Comply T-100 Isolation Earphone Tips – (Small) Red

  • Enter your model number
    above to make sure this fits.
  • Total Isolation
  • Soft Comfort
  • Secure fit
  • Superior audio experience
  • Compatibility: 4 Models to fit all major earphone brands (S-100, S-200, S-400, S-500).

The only way to use earphones. I love these, absolutely love them. If you use your earphones whilst doing anything active (mines when i’m at the gym) then these are an essential. Yeah, so what if they get a bit ‘gooey’ you can wash them a few times and as long as they are only going in your own ears then there’s no problem. The silicon buds that come with yr headphones are ok but just don’t stay in your ears like these babies. They block out everything and stay where they should be – perfect.

Great product but could be less expensive. Since they are no other alternatives they the product like it’s gold or something.

Good quality tips, but i should probably have gone with the black one. As suggested by the title, there are good quality tips, but i should probably have gone with the black one. Well i clean my ear every day šŸ™‚ but still, after some time, it would look a bit dirty mainly because i keep them in my pocket. Functionally, they are great. Just saying that after a while, they don’t look pretty :).

Comply S-400 Active Earphone Tips – Snug and close fitting, but difficult to clean?

It is really generally helpful to have some spare ear tips as the types provided with headphones have a practice of obtaining shed. They match very tightly onto the earpiece and when worn, i located them to be extremely comfy. I like to listen to audio textbooks when i am out so want phones that will minimise outdoors seems and these do a good occupation of it through the snug match. As a person else pointed out, these are not inexpensive but you do get a few pairs in the pack. They are precisely developed for a confined assortment of headphones, which are mentioned on the back again of the box but not all of which are stated in the product description previously mentioned. Curiously even though the list on the box is not exhaustive as i have tried using them on sony ex10lp and artistic ma200 telephones and they healthy correctly. So any ‘in ear’ sort telephones with common detachable spherical rubber ear tips ought to be ok. I essentially discovered these to be more relaxed on the earphones i experimented with them on than the authentic equipped rubber tips.

Not poor but way way also high priced for what they are. I requested these as i introduced a pair of monster beats dr. Dre tour earbuds (which i’ve not been ready to use adequately considering that i brought them due to my ears being the worst in the planet which means they never ever stayed in my ears. I have only been ready to use them when i’m sat down as in not moving) so i purchased these in the s/m/l and i gained 3 sets of little comply buds so make guaranteed you know what dimensions you need to have or it could stop up staying quite high-priced as they don’t occur in s/m/l they appear as a established of three and all three will be the one particular size you purchased, as for overall performance they had been all right the headphones stay in my ears now even if i’m walking, that being reported i would say that the medium ear buds would be the most effective as they would typically healthy a lot more ears than the tiny or the massive. They are a total rip off with regards to charge so make confident you invest in the proper/appropriate kinds that are designed for your specific headphones and it would be clever to go for the medium dimension. This particular established are appropriate with monster beats.

These are every thing you would hope when equipped to appropriate earphones. Mine are panasonic-sorry don’t have the range but i had to eliminate the very clear plastic cones and exchange with these. The fit is instantly improved with enhanced, despite the fact that not full, isolation of extranaous sounds. As i cycle with these i’m glad i’m continue to in a position to listen to targeted visitors. The two large pluses although are improved comfort and a great deal much less probability of them slipping out. As to audio there might be a slight dampening but its difficult to detect and only the most picky would complain or even detect it. General match for objective and with 3 pairs will in all probability outlast the telephones.

  • Hurray, no squelching!
  • Big improvement for cheap ‘phones
  • Rather small and far from universal fitting
  • Excellent alternative to plastic buds
  • Worth trying but reduced bass on Sennheiser CX300s in my ears
  • Overpriced but works

These earbuds are replacements for the silicone buds that most earphones come with. They assert to be additional cozy, lessen outside noise and fit securely. They arrive in a pack of a few pairs (6 buds), and arrive in distinctive sizes to healthy distinct headphones and ear canals. They are produced of what feels like memory foam close to a plastic main. They healthy on to the headphone speaker quite securely, additional securely than the buds they are replacing. In use they are very comfortable. They appear to be to be made of memory foam, so they are company when cold, soften as they heat and broaden to in shape your ear canal. By comparison to silicone buds which get itchy and a little bit uncomfortable just after a while, i identified that i forgot i experienced them in. I have them fitted to a established of audio-technica ath-anc3 headphones which are have anr.

Large improvement for cheap ‘phones. I was hoping to test these with the shure se210 headphones i maintain in my air vacation kit but even though comply helps make a tip that will in good shape that design, this just isn’t it. It does, nonetheless, suit the cheapie imaginative ep-630 ‘phones i use at the fitness center, so that is exactly where i experimented with them. And i have to say they do the job alternatively nicely. The conventional inventive tip is a floppy silicone rubber affair in 1 of three measurements. It is really reasonably cozy, and stays put for the period of a half-hour cardio session, but i am still mindful of a honest sum of ambient noise. Additional significantly, when i want new music relatively than the downloaded bbc speech programmes i are inclined to listen to, they seem alternatively slim and unconvincing. I did my initial exam at dwelling, operating by e-mail on a laptop or computer (this one) with a noisy keyboard. With the outdated imaginative tips, the keyboard sound was sufficient to distract from the songs – i utilized contrasting wav data files of dvorak and the georgia satellites as supply product. Not only did the comply tips right away shut out all but my clumsiest keyboard clatter, but the improved engagement of the earpieces with my ears also brought out the finest in the minimal speakers.

Features of Comply S-400 Active Earphone Tips – (S/M/L) Charcoal

  • Enter your model number
    above to make sure this fits.
  • Active Fit
  • Soft Comfort
  • Blocks noise
  • Compatibility: 4 Models to fit all major earphone brands (S-100, S-200, S-400, S-500)

These earphone connector was precisely what i was searching for at the wonderful price they are remaining offered at. I have experimented with a lot of related solutions without the need of too a great deal good results for one cause or an additional. The match is absolutely great and moulds by itself to your distinct ear measurements upon inserting into your ear. After moulded they sort a limited enclosure which continues to be put even when engaged in vigorous exercise. The restricted snug in shape also will help emphasis the sound improved, delivering further base and richer overall midtones and highs you can genuinely listen to, they truly do block outside the house noise to that diploma. The earbuds need to be equipped to be cleaned gently to remove the inescapable create up of ear wax on them, these. I have hooked up these to my sennheiser cx310 and they perform nicely, in simple fact the first time i have truly began applying them considering that i bought them. My only gripe is they are not extra common, as you require to very carefully examine compatibility of brand and model otherwise they wont fit on to the headphonespros:-comfortable to dress in-fantastic noise insulation-custom suit to each individual specific-easy clear-neutral color-retro match-ablecons:-not common.

I was a minor sceptical about these, as they appeared to promise quite a good deal, but they essentially reduced the amount of track record noise incredibly very well, as nicely as being cozy (and i usually have trouble with distress from headphones. )my only criticism was that the packaging was extremely tricky to get into, and to get the earphones out of devoid of squashing them a little bit out of shape.

Comply T-200 Isolation Earphone Tips, Sceptical at first – now I’m a believer!

Significantly far better seal but a little bit alters the suit over-all. . I purchased these to swap the hybrid tips on my sony earphones. The problem i was possessing was that the inventory tips gave a fantastic seal and had been cozy to wear but if you took them out (say to chat to a person) when they are warm it was just about unattainable to get a fantastic seal again. This implies that the earphones abruptly drop all of their bass response and sound tinny. The comply tips seem to be just the occupation. They in shape easily and you should not look to effect the audio quality (not like some other reviewer’s stories). I believe the trick is to push back on the tips to ensure that the foam conclusion does not muffle the conclude of the earphone. – the rubber main is extended than the inventory tips irrespective of utilizing the suit finder on the comply site. Whilst producing a very good seal this means that the earphones you should not go as significantly into the ear canal than the inventory tips so it feels like they are hanging out a little bit.

These definitely remodeled my earphones. They variety a tight seal which under no circumstances feels awkward. Th only situation is that i failed to know which size so now have some spares that i cannot use. Not confident what the response to that a person is as it can be unachievable to evaluate ear canal dimension.

These earphone tips in good shape on my apple in-ear headphones, and they make all the distinction to the high quality of seem. I hear to a good deal of classical songs, and it truly is transformed by these tips. And they are really fantastic at isolating sounds, so i can pay attention on the tube without having currently being at all disturbed by encompassing noise. They are also incredibly comfy it can be no issue to have on them for a extensive time. I have by now requested a second batch, to have some in reserve. Outstanding and hugely proposed.

Really should have been equipped by manufacturer. Perform really perfectly originally but use out to soon. Earbuds shouldnt be this consumeable.

This uncomplicated solution is remarkable. My in-ear headphones truly feel and sound diverse. Audio isolation is just perfect, i cant hear anything at all other than my tunes. I will in no way regret obtaining this product or service. Fundamentally does every thing it suggests on the bundle.

Comply T-200 Isolation Earphone Tips – (Large) Platinum : A bit better than the shure. Got these to replace the ones on my shure e2c earphones and my first impression of them is very positive. They feel softer than the shure models and more comfortable. They also seem a little easier to insert. I haven’t had a chance to fully test their noise isolation properties yet but once again they seem to be at least on a par with the shure models. They are a similar price to shure and i would buy them again. Edit: i’ve now tried them on a few plane journeys and i can confirm that they have excellent noise isolating properties.

Comply T-500 Isolation Earphone Tips – Quite simply – these work!

I cannot think that are utilised to use earphones without the need of these they are absolutely outside of amazing. They make working with ear phones comfy and i could quite a lot put on ear telephones all day without the need of dealing with any pain. In some cases i just use these as awesome cancelling when i am at get the job done i want to have a very little bit of silent and peaceful i’m considering. They were so cozy that i encouraged them to perform colleague who has now also purchased is in pair.

They match nicely on my sennheiser ie80s and deliver wonderful isolation, but each individual idea seems to rip just after only about 3-four weeks for me. Great whilst they lasted, but the lifespan just wasn’t very long sufficient regrettably, specifically for the rate.

They are alright but im not confident if they boost the audio any greater than the present eardbuds i have on my earphones. I personally assume they are overpriced for what they are.

  • Especially good for sports
  • Super confortable
  • A difference not worth the price
  • The best tips I have ever used
  • Very comfortable
  • Great for small ears – Jaybird Bluebird X actually fit now!

A big difference not worth the value. I’ve used these for very a when now, so here is my impressions on them. At to start with they were odd to get utilized to. In contrast to the inventory earbuds on my sennheiser cx 400 ii, they are far more at ease and firm. They are also isolate outside the house sound a lot more, but not completely. A when afterwards and i’ve just gotten applied to them. I can listen to music at lessen volumes to totally block out outside sound, but i like to listen to my audio loud anyway so that would not make a difference. I’ll confess when i put in Ā£15 on these i was anticipating a ton far more from them. Positive they are additional at ease for lengthier occasions in comparison to stock earbuds, but they attract dust more, and usually are not as considerably as an improvement as i would hoped they’d be. Paying out Ā£15 on these in my feeling is also much.

High-priced for what they are. I can basically use any of the measurements relatively easily and they don’t drop out in the health and fitness center. Genuine advancement in sound high-quality with the a few or 4 distinctive pairs of headphones i am making use of.

Wonderful product, problematic servicing and longevity. Exceptional audio isolation, incredibly finicky to get onto earphones. They are pretty fantastic, but will require a ton of maintenance and cleansing and do not very last lengthy.

Alright so the title may possibly appear an about exaggeration but these have designed these a variance to my listening satisfaction from theĀ ultimate ears tremendous. Fi 5 professional – profesional excellent in ear headphones – whiteĀ i have owned for around a year. My annoyance had been the absence of convenience and appropriate seal provided by the tips that arrived with the superfi execs thus i commonly observed myself taking some outdated sennheisers on journeys in its place. But the use of these soft tips has vastly enhanced listening enjoyment and i was able to pay attention for several hours at a time on a modern prolonged haul flight with out irritation or movement of the headphone in my ear. Just desire they’d contain these with the product in the very first put.

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