Comply Tx-500 Isolation PLUS Earphone Tips With Wax Guard Medium 3 pairs : Great for comfort

I just bought them so my ears could get used to the size of the jaybird bluebuds x a bit more comfortably. . They are quite pricey for what they do and for the time they last. I won’t buy them again, i just bought them so my ears could get used to the size of the jaybird bluebuds x a bit more comfortably.

Really good fit – probably the best ever i’ve tried however the foam breaks after about 1 month of medium (up to 1 hr each day) use. I have now gone through a pack of 3. However while it lasts, the earphones fit me perfectly providing the best comfort i’ve ever experienced.

Bought after much searching online for a better earphone tip than the standard. These fit like a dream and are well worth the investment.

Comments from buyers

“Good, not the best for the gym. Used with Jaybird Bluebuds X, Huge difference!, Good sound but these require a perfect fit, more hassle, These Tips are great. They fit ‘snugly’ on the Bluebud X’s however , Worth the upgrade, Comfortable and stay in place”

Great tips, but do make sure you get the correct size. I bought these then i had to buy medium.

Was well gutted with my blue buds till i found out about these. I was a large on the blue buds and large on these too.

Absolutely amazing got these for my new jaybird blue buds because the earbuds that come with them are horrible don’t stay in yor ears at all no seal makes the sound quality pretty poor defiantly not worth the money for the headphones but boy do these make the earphones perfect the sound quality now is best iv ever heard perfect a little hard to get the earbuds on don’t seem like they fit but they do just need a bit of force to get them on.

Comply T-200 Isolation Earphone Tips Medium 3 Pairs : These will change your headphones from average to great

A bit highly-priced for what you are obtaining but they do last for a longer period than the recommended timeframe proposed an extra point. A definite update around any conventional tips. Genuinely helps to isolate audio, insert comfort and also reduced that cable bounce sound if you are walking. A bit expensive for what you are finding but they do previous longer than the recommended timeframe suggestedan additional issue, i have utilised these on two seperate sort of earphones. The one particular with the more compact port and as a result larger sized foam absolutely seemed to accomplish better.

Great solution – superior value maybe. These are a comfy item for sure – and the isolation is good. Unfortunately the cost of them is relatively large and they tend to choose up dust & dirt simply. Over-all, i assume they were being a excellent acquire for me, they’re well worth it for use in my noisy workplace setting – but they will not be to everyone’s will need.

These are the ideal sounds isolating ear tips i’ve at any time made use of. These are the best sound isolating ear tips i’ve at any time applied. Pricey, but i will continue on to buy them, cannot fault. Not a supporter of the blues nevertheless, they display up ear wax as well very easily, suggest sticking with the blacks.

Quite comfortable and quick to suit. But they do split and get started to occur apart following a handful of weeks occasional use.

Deform when pressed but constantly feel to return to their original shape and do their task as very well as the original tips i had – not sure it was a large enhancement as i was replacing them since the tips i experienced ended up the completely wrong size for my ear. I did like the point that element of the packaging is truly a 3 compartment plastic storage situation which yo can retain and re-use.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • A fantastic product!
  • These will change your headphones from average to great
  • A bit better than the Shure
  • Brilliant product, the difference these make to sound &
  • A bit expensive for what you are getting but they do last longer than the recommended timeframe suggested An additional point
  • Sceptical at first – now I’m a believer!

Above-priced but, the excellent is excellent.

A little bit better than the shure. Obtained these to switch the types on my shure e2c earphones and my 1st perception of them is quite favourable. They really feel softer than the shure models and additional at ease. They also feel a tiny less complicated to insert. I haven’t had a chance to entirely examination their noise isolation attributes still but once once more they appear to be at least on a par with the shure styles. They are a identical cost to shure and i would obtain them yet again. Edit: i have now experimented with them on a handful of airplane journeys and i can validate that they have great noise isolating qualities.

Comply T-400 Isolation Earphone Tips Medium 3 Pairs – Upgrade your headphones

Big money for a big improvement. From the outset i ought to say here that i’m not a fan of in-ear headphones, and on top of that i’m a die-hard audiophile who has run speakers like the latest quad electrostatics at home, and a regular concert-goer. Point is you won’t usually hear me gushing about this entry-level stuff. I added these tips to a pair of soundmagic e10 i use occassionally when not wanting to fire up my full-sized cans. First thing you notice is how much more comfortable the e10s become than with the standard supplied tips. This is a big deal for me as usually in-ears quickly make my ears feel itchy and sweaty. The first listening session lasted for nearly two hours without any fidgeting or scratching – setting a new endurance record right from the off. Next thing you notice is the improved sound isolation. Dropping the noise floor is always a great thing for sound quality as it allows you to hear the quieter parts that otherwise would have been masked by external noises. It spares you from having to crank the levels to hear all the details.

Comply t-400m ultra soft tips. I have had my sennheiser ie8 earphones for about a year but never felt comfortable with the supplied tip options. I read some reviews and thought i would try the comply t-400m tips. On trying to fit them i found the inner sleeve of the tips to be a fraction too tight to fit over the ie8 stems requiring a lot of effort to position them resulting in actually snapping off one of the stems. Fortunately it snapped back into position (“phew”). Once in place and in use – fantastic. Extremely comfortable and secure with reasonable isolation but not completely cut off from the outside world. However i am concerned that i am going to struggle to replace them with fresh tips without risking snapping off the stems again as they are starting to get a bit grotty. Positives- more comfortable and secure than supplied tips as they do not feel like they are continually trying to fall out. Negatives – tight fit makes them hard to change with the risk of damaging to the stems in the process.

Got these after reading some reviews and they weren’t wrong they are really good they fit snugly in to your ears and don’t move, add more tone toy your music and good when running at the gym as they dont fall out. They do wear out after a period but that’s a small thing.

The headphones fitted me properly so the sound was poor. The difference these make to the sound from a set of soundmagic e10s headphones is incredible – none of the rubber earphone tips supplied with the headphones fitted me properly so the sound was poor. Add these, and it’s like having a set of headphones that would have cost a lot more. Extremely comfortable too just to top it off.

  • Great to start with but quickly degrade – Here’s an alternative
  • Makes a big difference to noise reducing earphones
  • Wow! What a difference
  • these are awseome
  • Really comfortable for long periods of listening
  • Comply T-400 great buds

Comply T-400 Isolation Earphone Tips Medium Black 3 Pairs

  • Total Isolation
  • Soft Comfort
  • Secure fit
  • Superior audio experience
  • Compatibility: 4 Models to fit all major earphone brands (S-100, S-200, S-400, S-500).

These really do fit inside my ear and so block out extraneous sound. They are comfortable when worn for long periods too. Whatever in-ear phones you buy add these to your order.

Very good when new but fall apart pretty quick. Great quality when they are new, but after a couple of months of daily use, the foam rips and falls apart. So now i am using the smaller size until they rip and fall apart. These are the non-sport specific ones but provide good grip and don’t fall out when jogging. Which is probably why it’s a good job they fall apart: i’d hate to think of the amount of sweaty wax that has soaked into them.

Squidge into the shape of your ear cavity and bosh. Perfect sound from your headphones. Use them on y diddybeats in ear jobbies.

Comply Tx-400 Isolation PLUS Earphone Tips With Wax Guard Medium 3 pairs – Pleasantly surprised

Made a great deal of difference to my listening experience on shure s215. I’ve been trying a lot of headphones recently, iems and full open jobbies. Not been blown away by many of them. Wasn’t even that impressed by the shure s215’s i went with as my iems. But wow, these made an immediate difference to the oomph of the sound. Seems to have another level to it, especially the lower frequencies (which the tribesman in me absolutely loves). At first i thought this wouldn’t fit, in fact the official literature doesn’t list them as compatible. Had to take the plug bit from my existing shure tips (these won’t fit the s215’s straight out of the box) and scrape off the foam, then insert that plug into the comply tips and hey presto, ready to go.

They stay in, are comfortable and provide excellent sound insulation. I also tried the spherical ones but these cone shaped ones are better.

Best mistake i’ve ever made. I bought these to use with shure 530’s, and they were too big ( my fault in ordering the wrong size). However, upon searching the net for ideas a work-around before returning the item, i came upon a solution to make them fit, and wow are they good. Even at low volume the isolation is superb. Fantastic clarity and an un-muddied bass, along with a comfort that surpasses any other earbud i’ve tried. Shure should supply these as standard.

  • a must for the denon earphones
  • Great alternative to conventional buds but a little pricey!
  • Why did I not get these sooner?
  • Really comfort eartips replacements
  • Forget £50 plus headphones – these make sub £20 ‘phones beat them all!
  • Fantastic Comfort, not so long lifespan

Really comfort eartips replacements. I’m using these with digital silence ds101a earphones. These are much softer than original rubber tips. Still earphones stays in ear.

Big improvement in volume and bass, just wish they lasted forever. These things are a must have for music lovers. I use them with my urbeats earphones and they make a massive difference. They don’t last forever but that is to be expected as they are foam (if they could some how make them last longer they would be perfect). They isolate sound fantastically and are very comfortable, going from the standard rubber cushion to these you will notice a big improvement in volume and bass.

Features of Comply Tx-400 Isolation PLUS Earphone Tips With Wax Guard Medium Black 3 pairs

  • Total Isolation
  • Wax-Guard protection
  • Soft Comfort and secure fit
  • Superior audio experience
  • Compatibility: 4 Models to fit all major earphone brands (Tx-100, Tx-200,Tx-400, Tx-500).

I have been using these for some time with sennheiser and ultimate ears earphones with great results. Comply have now recommended them with jvc hafx1x xtreme xplosives in ear canal headphones so i thought i’d try with them and the improvement is significant. Outside noise is reduced but the big difference is the improvement in solid bass quality. The only problem with these is the short life before they need replacing, which makes them more expensive than the earphones over time.

I got the mixed size pack, because i wasn’t sure if i’d need small or medium sized tips. I was thinking small, but it turned out i need medium, so good choice for me to go for the mixed pack. I use these with the ribbon in-ears that came with my htc one smartphone. Those in-ears are surprisingly good, crisp and clear with a nice sound stage for in ears, if a bit heavy on the bass, but the microphonics produced by the ribbon cables touching anything (my clothes) is horrendous. Using these tips, combined with putting the ribbon cables over my ears, fixes most of that problem. And these tips block out most of the phone conversations going on around me in my open plan hell- err. For that alone they’re worth the price, and i’m expecting them to perform wonderfully on my next flight as well.

1 9 10 11