Stoga SMS01 Sports tooth Wireless Headset Stereo hands-free Earbud Headphone – Great set of headphones for sporting activities.

These phones were everything you described. Sound quality, battery life, & the stregnth of the ability to send a good signal once i begin to move away from my phone all met or exceeded my expectations. I was so satisfied in fact that i bought a different pair for sports. They were worth the price & lived up to it’s claims. It will be my go to brand for future purchases as well.

Great sound, comfortable to wear. These arrived in a kraft cardboard box that was nicely printed with the stoga logo on and information on the box about them. Inside the box were loads of pamphlets and information about them as well as a silver drawstring bag to keep them in and 2 pairs of extra earbuds together with one pair of the clear pieces that fit over your ears (which detach easily) oh and a usb cable that is 85cm long. These headphones are very stylish to look. Quickly and easily pairing and connection through my iphone. The pair i received were fully charged but i am not sure if you may need to charge them as they could differ from pair to pair. The sound quality is excellent and the on off switch was easy to put on and off. You can answer your phone while wearing them which is neat too. I found them to be very comfortable but i felt better when i removed the top clear plastic bits but that is my personal preference.

After using the headphones for quite some time i got to say just one thing about it: this is a great headphone. It has a flawless urban styling which is too much attractive and has a great deal of features to go with it. The design is complemented by the beautiful fit of the device in the ears which completely blurs out background noise adding a great deal of detail to music or call whichever you are listening to. The design makes it stay in place with perfect fit into your ears without fear of falling out even if you are working too hard or doing excessive physical activities such as jogging or working out. The waterproof claim made me wear it in rain outside and i still do all kind of wet activities with it (even wearing it in shower) without the fear of damaging it. This comes with a number of inserts which you can play with and select what fits you perfectly. The sound quality is by far one of the best i came across with respect to the various brands of earphones i have used at this similar price range. As a full time music listener, i use this headphone all the time be it attending calls or be it music. The voice quality while on call is perfectly clear and the microphone is also a very good one.

Really impressed with the sound produced by the ear phones. Used them a few times now for when i’m running. Has took a lot of swapping of ear pieces to get a decent fit. This is partly due to me having different sized ears though. My only negative is that they always want to redial the last number i dialed when i turn the music player on. First time it happened i thought it was me pressing the button but all the last times it happened i want touching the ear phones. As with all bluetooth earphones i’ve had you do get some break up when moving about.

  • Great set of headphones for sporting activities.
  • High quality earphones that last about 8 hours on a full charge
  • Great Sound, Comfortable to wear
  • Outdoors headphone!
  • Fantastic for the Price
  • They look good, they sound good and they are good

Stoga SMS01 Sports Bluetooth Wireless Headset Stereo hands-free Earbud Headphone with Mic for iPhone, iPad, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, Nokia, etc-Black+Green

  • New with high quality, please check the store name in case of buying fake and shoddy product.
  • Breakthrough Bluetooth 4.1 technology with high-fidelity, NFC, Strong signal, Fast transfer speech, and Low power consumption.
  • Universal device is compatible with most Bluetooth devices, and reduce white noise
  • Flex grip design provides perfect fit and great stability, with interchangeable ear buds and a behind-the-ear shape design,you can enjoy every lifestyle from casual to active.
  • Ergonomics, considerate and sweatproof design for comfort and anti-fatigue with 8 hrs play & talk time and 180 hrs standby time

Rarely write reviews, check it out. Ok, i very rarely write reviews, but after 5 minutes of these in my ears,i’m listening to the cheetah’s right now as i write this. I’m no audiophile, but for less than 30pounds, the sound quality is very clear, and the bass is very robust. They are also snug in my ears, and clearly will not fall out. The tougher plastic ‘cord’ is genius. I can’t speak to the visual aesthetics because they are on my face, but i don’t care about that. I’m a married man already, and my two daughters are currently too young to comment on dad’s lack of style :)i hope this convinces some of you to try these out, because i really think you will be very happy for the price.

These bluetooth earphones were easy to pair with our devices, produce decent sound, have a clear phone signal, and were comfortable for my ears once i got the hang of the ear hooks. If you are looking for an economical earphone purchase, then these may be just what you are looking for.

A amazing outdoor earbuds,i love all the aspects it has. . Music quality of this bluetooth headset is really good. It’s very crisp and clear all the time. After using this device after several months, there is no reduction in sound or music quality whatsoever. Call quality is as clear as it can be. Overall sound quality is just very good. Another of the great feature that is packed into this headset is it’s battery backup. After listening to music at gym, in between work, on my way home and through to half of the next day, it still does not need to be recharged. This kind of battery backup i really have not expected at this price range. It comes with flexible and adjustable length hinges and moreover you can just fold it up for easy transportation.