Sound Intone E6 Sports Earphones – Good for Walking

Bought loads of these to have in my family’s stockings for christmas, the sound quality out of these is brilliant, my mom can finally hear the bass track in the damn gabrielle album.

Surperb headphones so much better than expected. Surperb headphones so much better than expected. Fits great in my ears, never falls out of my ears, and i even do a lot of running, parkour, jumping climbing and rollerblading, not once have they fallen out. They also come with loads of ear bud sizes to fit different ear lobe shapes so no fear there.Love the fact it doesn’t get sweaty either, and they are light, and i always keep the volume at around half, because the sound is so good for the price. They are even better than some older headphones i bought a while back which were £70. Comes with a sleek nice mini case to hold everything too.

Great quality ear buds for general use. The build quality of these earbuds are very good. They will withstand typical use in an active outdoor setting such as jogging, beach, mowing the lawn, etc. . The earbuds have a slightly heavier feel than you may be used to, due in part to sturdy build quality including heavier duty cord. The cord is tangle free, unlike most of the products priced below this price point. Of note, the earbuds, like most these days, come with 3 different sized fittings.

“these earphones are actually pretty nice. They work very well and have good quality sound. I can hear all the details of the music clearly and it blocks out all the outside noise. I can zone right into my music and and enjoy very high quality vocals and each and every instrument. There is no static or pauses. I am really happy with them. Also they are comfortable in my ears. The sit in my ear perfectly and securely and are not irritating in any way. They are well-built and seem like they will last for awhile. I have been using them for several days and have had no issues. I received these to try for free in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

  • Really good earphones for runners!
  • Great for running
  • Buy for construction, not for sound
  • Super fit for sport
  • Looking for a comfortable and quality earphones? This is it!
  • High quality, low price!

Sound Intone E6 Sports Earphones, Stereo In-Ear Headphones with Microphone, Remote, and Volume Control ,Tangle Free, Noise Isolating , for iPhone, iPod, iPad, MP3 Players, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Nexus,etc (Green)

  • Patented ergonomic earpiece design provides long-term wearing comfort
  • Noise-reduction in-ear design with energetic sound and enhanced bass
  • Inline microphone, remote and universal volume control for user
  • Sweat–resistance design offers increased durability
  • Include carrying case and 6 sets of eartips for the best fit and comfort; 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

Starsabsolutely the best for the price. . I was using a heavier headset for my daily one hour walk. I decided to get something lighter, but thinking i would lose some of the sound, especially the bass. Well, let me tell ‘ya, these are by far the best headsets i’ve ever owned, bar none. So good i’m buying two more pairs for my granddaughters. Heck, even if they last only a couple of years, what’s a few bucks?.

The ear hoop is perfect fit for sport, you can run as long as you like, and no need to wait and deal with your earphones, just keep running. I like it very much, because of the good sound quality, and nice design. I thinks i buy a great item.

Great pair of cheap headphones. “headphones stay in my ear really well the sound is pretty decent – better than some headphones that cost 5 times the price and the plug that goes into my ipod is at right angles which tend to last longer than standard ipod headphones that bend and fray.