Sony Universal All Round In-Ear Headphones : Didn’t last long

This product or service is great in your ear but the quantity is not loud sufficient. I selected this ear headphone due to the fact i like sony products and it seem interesting but i was truly upset with the degree of audio i could listen to while taking part in my new music. No i will not suggested it to my buddies simply because like me they like to listen to the songs.

As indicated in the title, i only give these 3 star just for the reason that they are so low cost, normally i would give fewer. Starting off with the build high-quality, the headphone search and sense pretty basic. They are incredibly light, which is a pro, but their flimsy construction result in microphonics issues. The moving of the cable as you wander will make the earbuds to simply click and pop alot, which can be seriously bothersome and distracting. I simply cannot as a result advocate these for jogging or any sort of phisical physical exercise one should really get a lot much better effects if utilizing the headphones even though seatted, finding out or performing. In conditions of audio high-quality, the system is considerably from remaining brilliant. We are talking about a sub 10£ pair of headphones so almost nothing shocking there. However, and even for its selling price, the sound excellent is not up for the job. Whilst it is not wonderful, it is not awful both.

Soon after examining assessments for these i thought they would be fantastic. Nevertheless they usually are not as superior as i assumed. The audio is alright and it won’t truly support that they you should not remain in my ears very very well. I have acquired some before on amazon for just about £[ and the sound was surprisingly good, better than these ones. So i wouldn’t spend this much on these headphones, try the exspect headphones which are much better quality for a cheaper price. ]

Key specs for Sony Universal All Round In-Ear Headphones for iPod, iPhone, MP3 and Smartphone – Black:

  • Secure fit hybrid silicone earbuds
  • Powerful bass and high resolution treble
  • 9mm driver unit
  • Neodymium magnet
  • Hybrid silicone earbuds (S/M/L)

Comments from buyers

“An absolute bargain for the price!, I love these earphones!, 3 stars for the price, Tolerable sound with a small build quality issue, Didn’t last long, Not as good as I’d hoped from a leading electronics giant.”

For £10, you would be mad not to. Required some new buds as my senheisers sadly died. Was not expecting significantly for £10 but these are truly remarkable. There is oceans of bass, potentially not as delicate as other buds, they can be loud with no sounding like a chainsaw on your ears in the larger frequencies. The only point i would say that lets these down is the cable, it would seem a tad flimsy/low cost but the performance a lot more than can make up for it. Cant remark on sturdiness as i have only experienced them a 7 days. Execs:good soundcomfortableextremely superior valuecons:not as sensitive as otherscheap cable.

Not as superior as i might hoped from a leading electronics huge. . To start with, the color blue you see on screen is not the color blue that the headphones are. The true color is darkish navy blue. I purchased these because there is a break in the cable someplace in my previous types and the left channel drops in and out. I acquired the past types from ebay and they turned out be counterfeit types. I desired to prevent that this time. I plugged these new into my sony cellphone and was a tiny upset at poor audio top quality (lousy bass). I plugged my counterfeit ones back into the phone to assess. It turns out the low-priced counterfeits have a significantly better frequency assortment. I can only conclude from this that if you wished fantastic sound high-quality from sony headphones, you would have to devote a great deal a lot more cash. Hoped this overview helps you make a decision.

For the cost, they are excellent top quality, do the task properly and to a great normal for the rate they are sold at. Great for everyday, each day use.

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  • Colour Name: Black Verified Purchase
    Good quality, have lasted for over a year now with daily use.
    • Colour Name: White
      I wanted something modest so i liked the low-profile buds. Bass was better than previous earphones i’d used. The best feature was the slider allowing me to hang the cable from my neck, thus ensuring the buds wouldn’t be pulled out, better than relying on an over-the-ear design. They have lasted for 18 months, and i’ve been quite rough with them, but now the right bud seems to be operating at half volume and no amount of cleaning or jiggling has fixed it.
  • Colour Name: Black Verified Purchase
    Excellent headphones, superb quality of sound, pleased to have spare heads as well, unusual.
  • Colour Name: Black Verified Purchase

    This review is from : Sony Universal All Round In-Ear Headphones for iPod, iPhone, MP3 and Smartphone – Black

    Tremendous sound quality at a budget price. The sound quality produced by these tiny earphones is simply incredible, especially when you consider the price. Modern culture seems to be leaning towards the over the head earphones that are huge, i can’t understand why, my brother has some dr. Dre headphones and these are clearly superior and are tiny.I’d highly recommend, however, if anyone knows of way of stopping headphones from going into your pocket neatly yet coming out like a spiders web please let me know.
  • Colour Name: Black Verified Purchase

    This review is from : Sony Universal All Round In-Ear Headphones for iPod, iPhone, MP3 and Smartphone – Black

    Sound great and very convenient. These in-ear headphones sound great and they are very convenient because they fit in your bag or pocket without any problem and they are quite comfortable.
    • Colour Name: Black Verified Purchase
      Bought these back in november of 2014 and to date haven’t had a single problem with them. The sound is good and they have survived near enough daily use. For the price that they are you really can’t go wrong and i would buy them again definitely.
  • Colour Name: Black Verified Purchase

    This review is from : Sony Universal All Round In-Ear Headphones for iPod, iPhone, MP3 and Smartphone – Black

    Great while they lasted but one side went after two and a half months.