Sony MDRXB600B Overhead Extra Bass Headphones – Great sound, immense comfort

Lots of bass and clear sound. Comfortable to wear and looks cool too. Folds up nicely so it can fit into smaller bags. Cushions supress external noise nicely. And the detangle wires are never a bother.

If you fell in love with sony’s previous xb series and wanted another pair of the awesome sounding softness on your head – this is not the phones for you. The first impressions i had when i put these on my head was that they sat quite tightly and heavy. Quite the opposite from the previous series. I was glad to hear that the sound quality is really quite good. Not top of the line by any reach- but really quite good for a pair of this price. But alas- after using them for a longer period of time, they start to really push on your ears and start to feel quite uncomfortable. After heavy use, they start to soften up- but it’s a major flaw in my book. They do keep out quite a bit of sound though since they lay so tight on the ears- so i guess that’s a good thing. I’m writing this review just after they broke. I haven’t even had breakfast yet- it’s right next to me. I had these headphones for about seven months. I used them pretty much every day though, but i was always careful with them since headphones break all the gash dang darn time. I just picked them up today and they literally “fell apart”.

Comfy, great sound, up there with the top. You know i was worried they might not live up to the best headphones that are trending. What i’ve learned is that all these beats and bose are just another great marketing ploy. Sure beats and bose are awesome, but for a fraction of the price these are friggin perfect. The bass is tremendous, they are comfy as hell, they look seriously cool (bought them for my girlfriend and she said she would have seen them and wanted them compared to any other headphones she’s seen). The top band is brown leather, the ear innards are a very very comfy leather. When they are on all exterior noise is blocked out and you are left to submerge yourself into your music. The sound quality as mentioned matches the best (i kid you not) with bass, clarity and power. They come in an awesome sony box which makes them seem quite special.

These sound brilliantly, but the bass is a tad bit less punchy as compared to the xb-500s. Exceptional headphones nonetheless for it’s pricepros:-affordable-good overall sound-fold-ablecons:-bass not as much punchy-no carrying case.

  • Best headphones I’ve ever had
  • Very Good Sound Quality
  • A little too much “Extra Bass”
  • Great headphones
  • Really comfortable, raeely good sound
  • Comfy, great sound, up there with the top. I kid you not.

Sony MDRXB600B Overhead Extra Bass Headphones – Black

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  • 220g overhead headphones with folding design, 40mm neodymium driver and Vibe Structure
  • 40mm neodymium drivers
  • 4Hz-24kHz frequency range
  • Flexible diaphragms for enhanced bass

Great sound, immense comfort. Having tried 300 quid headphones i can attest to the quality of sound these ‘phones output considering their price. Furthermore they’re the most comfortable pair of headphones i’ve ever ordered, and look extremely stylish and high qualityhighly recommended – treat yourself :-)p.

Really comfortable, raeely good sound. These have to be the most comfortable headphones i have ever owned – and there have been quite a few. I bought these to replace my akgs which suffered an internal cable rip because of the constant folding. The sound on these is excellent, seems to have a great response across all frequencies; the bass is deep and responsive to give depth, but not too much as to overwhelm the sound – assuming you do not have bass boost on you mp3 player. Higher ranges also come out clearly. The length of the cable is sensible, not too long, but some might find it too short if you keep your player well away from you (this is a minor detail as most people seem to have to wrap up the cable when carrying their device). Noise isolation works well in that very little background noise is currently coming through (i am currently in a noisy office). One other thing to note is the cable, there are separate right and left cables rather than the wrap around variety that has caused by problems before (see above), by this i mean the feeds go straight in to each headphone rather than going through the body of the headset with a feed to one side. Cable also seems a lot more heavy duty that a lot of flimsy cables that come with other headphones. Maybe some sound responses are a little muted at certain frequency combinations, but i’ can’t really fault them for the price.

Best headphones i’ve ever had. These are an amazing set of headphones. Bass is as described, extremely good and the sound is very clear. They can get a little uncomfortable after an hour or two but that shouldn’t stop anyone from purchasing these.