Sony MDR1R Prestige Headphones – : Some of the best headphones I have bought

I wasn’t too sure about the chrome and brown leather look, but in the flesh (well, pleather) they do have a nice, slightly retro, look to them. I’ve been a long time sennheiser user (hd 555, followed hd 558, total combined about 9 years), but i’ve been pleasantly surprised at how good these sony’s are. They’re a little warmer, less clinical, sounding than the sennheisers, with a little more oomph to the bass, but not enough to over power the mids and highs. They’re supplied with two leads — one for a mobile phone, with mic, click and volume buttons (volume only works on iphone), the other is a standard 3. The one thing i’d change is make the standard cable longer. I’d guess the cable is about 1. 5 metres, which is fine if you’re listening to a portable device. You could replace with a regular 3. 5mm jack cable, but that ruins the aesthetics of them.

Researched headset for months before deciding to buy these, and i am so happy i did. The sound quality is amazing. If you are like me, and want the very best, this headset is definitely the thing for you. I listen to a lot of rock and metal, and the sound is truly impressive, works so well for the relaxed indie music as well. They are so comfortable to wear, it’s almost like not wearing anything as they don’t feel tight on your head. Overall, by far the best headset i’ve ever had.

Some of the best headphones i have bought. Very comfortable to wear and perfect for travelling as they reduce outside noise.

Do not realise how loud these can go – the clarify is up there all the way, its only when you take them off and realise “wow, everyone can hear this as clearly as i can” that i also thought “my ears are gonna be screwed if i use these often”. A seriously quality product, and i’ve had sennheister hd555’s for about ten years now.

  • Brilliant cant stop using them ever!
  • If I had the cash I’d buy 10 to last me my whole lifetime.
  • Good quality top rated headphones at a great price

Sony MDR1R Prestige Headphones – Silver (discontinued by manufacturer)

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  • Standard headphones with 40mm liquid crystal polymer film diaphragm and 4Hz-80kHz HD driver units
  • 40mm Liquid Crystal Polymer diaphragm
  • 4Hz-80kHz frequency range
  • High-Resolution Audio capable

Great sound, beautiful design, very good packaging and service. Not recommend for those who prefer bass.

These headphones sound smooth but clear, and are well detailed. I can hear how an instrument is being played, as well as which notes. All sorts of subtle stuff can be heard, and comfort is good, too. My only complaint is that the cable is fairly short and not coiled. With a mobile phone, but not with a home stereo, where you may want to sit further from the equipment. I shall buy an extension lead.

Truly these are the best looking headphones on the market and make beats by dre look gaudy in comparison, so if you want the premium look don’t look else where. Keeping intone with the premium look is premium comfort, these cans are dream like in comfort and adjust very snugly. Now down to the actual capabilities, these are great cans for music on all devices. But if you want some bass heavy cans these are not it. I would recommend sennheiser for the perfect balance of bass and sound quality but you miss the comfort and looks. For games and movies you will notice a very average performance from such a premium brand especially on tablets and smartphones. Laptop / pc will help balance this with superior sound cards but for portable media viewing these are not perfect. There is a big con with these cans and that is exterior sound leakage, admittedly these are not noise cancellation headphones so that’s to be expected but its particularly noticeable on airplanes which is fairly disappointing. Also these don’t fold up so portability for some may be an issue. If your a sofa surfer and want some seriously good looking comfy headphones for all genres of music these are for you.

These headphones are pure quality. One of the best i have ever had.

These are the best headphones i have ever owned. I went into sony shop to try these out, to hear the quality against the others in the range. I have owned a pair of sony 1700’s for 20 years. They are still going strong, but just can’t handle the bass from the dubstep i now love to listen to. After unsuccessful purchase of pioneer headphones for christmas, i was by fussy on making sure i find the right ones this time. These were £299 in the sony shop. I was worried that these could be fake at this lower price. However having had them for a week, and listened at volume to all kinds of music i can happily say they perform as they should. They are everything you should expect from this quality of product. They are crisp and clean on the top end, without fatiguing ones ears.

Always enjoy sony products and these are no exception.

Why buy certain other trendy brands when you can get a far better sound and at a reasonable price?. Best headphones i’ve ever had.

I wrestled over buying these and kept coming back and looking at them, however being reduced to £87 and having such fantastic reviews i couldn’t really turn them down. As i understand it these were £299 when launched so represent good value. They have thought through lots of issues and having separate cables for iphone and non iphone is a bonus, plus if you break a cable you can replace it without opening the headphones. They ooze quality when you take them out of their plush lined box and the non tangle matching coloured cable is a nice touch. The sound is fantastic, although i am yet to try them on a plane as they are intended for. So far i am very impressed and hope i will still be impressed in a few years time, but so far so good.

Well done, great delivery too.

5mm jacks for the replaceable cables don’t fit the socket in the headphones very snugly. While this doesn’t affect the sound quality, it can communicate noise into the left earpiece when the cable moves e. Minor quibble, and not enough to regret the purchase.

These are wonderful headphones. I purchased them after auditioning numerous others including the bowers and wilkins p5 and the sennheiser momentum. I instinctively new id made the right decision. They have a wider soundstage them either of the above, with a really balanced, natural, warm, and detailed presentation whatever genre of music is played. They feel just right, and above all make me smile. The icing on the cake was that they were awarded a best buy accolade in which magazine. They sound even better using a fiio headphone amplifier. I have since auditioned a friends akg k451 and philips fidelio l1 headphones, both of these sounded thinner in comparison. I recently purchased as a gift the new sony mdr-1a headphones.

These are amazing headphones. They are very comfortable to wear and i have big ears and a big head. They replace my 12 year old sony mdr-f1 headphones and i am very pleased with them. These headphones are well made and feel like they will last as well. I especially like the fact the headphone lead can be replaced so that is another bonus in my book.

As an around-ear headphone at this price vary, it has amazing audio good quality. It is more a mid-treble headphone which provides apparent vocals and vibrant cymbal seems the bass is delicate but however respectable. Works far better for pop and some jazz okay with rocks and metals but not the greatest.

These headphones sound and look good. They are also perfectly madewell performed sony.

As the review title suggests, these are by significantly the most relaxed pair of cans i have at any time worn. I utilised a lot of headphones until i caught with these. They are really gentle and tiny clamping power with excellent padding on both the earcups and the headband this means you can generally snooze with these on and it will not likely harm. These aren’t just relaxed for an hour, but more than the entire day. I have had them on for eight+ several hours and they never harm me at all. They also seem fairly excellent, but i’m not substantially of an audiophile to remark on that individual place.

Properly really worth the investment decision, soft cushioned ears and detachable twine that’s thick and prolonged-lasting so you will not likely be needing to ask for a refund any time prior to the guarantee expires, as is typically the circumstance with 30quid sennheisers for illustration. The only issue: you may perhaps probable develop into so enraptured by the seem high quality that you will require to understand to be a bit additional watchful and glimpse both strategies twice in advance of you cross the street.

Good headphones, new music as i like, us with ipad in lounge when err in doorways watches the soaps, no complains for audio leakage. Good quality kit from sony and a fantastic price from amazon.

It was a reward for my partner, he prefers sony more than beats. Audio excellent is brilliant and they are extremely cozy to use.

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