Sony MDR-XB50AP In-Ear Extra Bass Headphones – Lush premium ear phones that deliver outstanding music

Haven’t been able to try out the in line control with my phone as my current lumia setup just doesn’t seem to like it. In terms of sound, astounding. Been using with my sony nwz-b183 4gb usb style mp3 player – red and the quality leap compared to the originally supplied set is amazing. Bass is incredible, and this is without the bass boost feature on the walkman turned on. When its on, get ready to go deaf. Fits comfortably in my ears with attached earbuds, but varying sizes are supplied to suit most.

Lush premium ear phones that deliver outstanding music. I painstakingly used a digital microscope to capture the fine details of these earphones. For the in-line remote demonstration, i just loaded a random podcast — you’ll see in the video. [watch the ‘play/pause’ indicator change as i press the button on the in-line remote. ]when i listened to music (off camera) i played some hard trance music, then some deep house. I didn’t know that earphones could be this goodat the time of writing these are priced at £30 — i think that’s great value. Not the cheapest, but they sound so good. I probably don’t know my arse from my elbow, compared to many people. I’m just giving you my visceral reaction — for what it’s worth. They’re quite rigid, and a little invasive — they go right in your ear. Despite this, i still love , so i give this 5-stars.

Didn’t expect it to be this good. Actually one of the best sony in ears i have ever tried. And yes, i have tried most of them.

Sony earphone usually have bad bass and looks agry. However, this earphone is very different to normal sony earphones. The shape: the shape looks cool and the circle metal thing makes the extra bass. The sound quality: the bass makes me that i feel like i’m using beats earphone. Reasonable price: £30 is not bad price for extra bass series. The cable: the cable don’t get tanggled very easily. Noise isolation: it feels like wearing bose noise cancelling earphone for £250. But this earphone is only £30. Case and hard package: the case protects your earphone well and the package is solid7. Spare ear cushion: there is small, medium, and large. If you are thinking of buying beats earphone or bose earphones, please think about it. The sound quallity is really simillar and it cost more than £50. Beats and bose earphones are expensive because the names make the product expensive. I have beats solo 2 and i bought it because it looks cool. However, sony finally released cool good earphone.

  • Lush premium ear phones that deliver outstanding music
  • Like other ear/headphones the cord has been flattened slightly which
  • What are you waiting for?! Buy them!
  • Great for music and not too bad for voice either
  • Another great Sony product
  • Didn’t expect it to be this good

Sony MDR-XB50AP In-Ear Extra Bass Headphones with In-Line Control – Blue

  • Enjoy superb sound reproduction every time with specially designed 12mm driver unit
  • Powered Bass Duct delivers extra deep bass.
  • Neodymium magnet for powerful sound delivery
  • In-line remote and microphone for hands-free phone calls.
  • Carrying pouch included.

Good sound quality, great value for money. Sony is a trusted brand when it comes to audio visual devices. These earphones do not disappoint. Compatible with most devices, for me it’s iphone or ipad. The earphones comes with 4 different sized buds for different ear sizes, and fit a treat. The noise cancelling is impressive, when playing music there is little interference from other sounds in the room and do not emit too much sound for others in the same room. The inline feature allows the ability to control the device, and if connected to a phone allows for speaking. The sound quality is good, but not up to high end that you may find in b&w, beats of jbw i have used in the past, for for the money these are good. Overall a really nice set of headphones, another great product from sony.

This is a great pair of in-ear headphones. Clear sound and top notch build quality. Would definitely recommend them.

Great for music and not too bad for voice either. Does what it says on the tin. Great for music and not too bad for voice either. The button on the lead allows hands free answering of calls but not volume control.

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    After purchasing sony headphones previously, i thought i would get some newer and better quality ones. Although i’ve only had these a few weeks they do have a nice quality, they are not the best in the world – they are £30 but are still good quality. They are slightly big, but because they come with four sets of soft ear pieces so you should try each to find the best size for you and they’ll hold fine. Sadly although can stop/pause/skip songs and answer phone calls you don’t have the ability to change the volume which is a downside. I like the design, they are rather cool, i haven’t tried them while doing any major physical activity so i’m sure if they hold, but would recommend to someone who likes music, but doesn’t want to send a whole load in case they lose them anywhere.
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      I have he earlier versions of these so i know there good, the 2015 improvement are good. Sound is excellent, bass is deep but without the crap muffling you get with crap beats. Needed a pair for my pocket, as my denons finally died after many good years of uses. Shame there’s isn’t volume control but i’ll survive.
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    Good sound, deep bass, good noise isolation. I like them; good value for money.
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    This review is from : Sony MDR-XB50AP In-Ear Extra Bass Headphones with In-Line Control – Blue

    Like other ear/headphones the cord has been flattened slightly which. The sony mdr-xb50ap are a decent set of in-ear earphones which are marketed more towards listening to music on your phone offering the ability to answer calls on supported devices. If the device isn’t supported, the microphone may not work. I’m just using them with my laptop or kindle – just for general use rather than any serious music as these are not the highest quality. Like other ear/headphones the cord has been flattened slightly which really helps to stop them getting tangled up although still not perfect. The ear pieces are angled and fit comfortably into my ears offering a little outside noise reduction and they also come with 4 sets of ear pieces in various sizes if the ones already on are too big/small. The one thing i don’t like is the rubber easily picks up dirt so you really want to be carful where you are placing the earphones down before you end up with crumbs in your ears. A little sony branded pouch is also supplied but the ear pieces are easy to clean with detergent and water. Although i find the ear pieces fit comfortably and securely in my ears, they are still quite heavy with what i am guessing is the bass booster so they’re not ideal for exercising with. They do have a good bass on them and there is directional sound although you will still hear everything with just one ear bud in.
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    This review is from : Sony MDR-XB50AP In-Ear Extra Bass Headphones with In-Line Control – Blue

    You can never go wrong with sony headpones. These are smart, comfortable, fit well even in my tiny ears and best of all the sound is top notch. I dont like my music overly bassy, i listen to a lot of rock music and i do like the drum beats to kick in loud and they certainly do with these beautys. What i love about in ear headphones is that you dont get external noise, you can literally disappear into the moment without interruption and imm not sure about any of you but i work so much better when i have my music on and am ignoring everyone else. I love the pouch too, a small but versatile and plush velvet drawstring pouch. You also get 3 diff size buds as standard and the inline control works really well. I have found that they are a bit on the awkward side to sit in my tiny ears and tend to fall out, i am not sure why sont decided to make them angle but its very annoying. I have always been a fan of seinnheisers cx500 in ear headphones but so far these are so much better, only time will tell if they are as hard wearing, but as long as the wires dont strip off at the headphone jack like ive found the sh’s do after a few months they should be fine.