Sony MDR-V300 Headphones : MDR – V300 Headphones

Bought these to exchange a crackling logitech headset, which i basically desired to pay attention to tunes with. The audio excellent is great and they go exceedingly loud if you want them to. Sony claims these are ‘monitor’ headphones, but right screens feel to cup the ear entirely, whereas these relaxation on the ear. I desire this design as it allows you put on and remove the headphones speedily. The bass just isn’t quite as popular as the logitech, but potentially this is thanks to the set remaining ‘monitor’ typical, and it is adequate. A reviewer pointed out that the band is very restricted, but the tightness decreases right after a few months of use.

Crazy sturdiness and good quality. I purchased these headphones 4 many years back. Existing status is as follows:speakers, perform beautifully great – and by that i necessarily mean they are great. I use them for day-to-day listening, dj’ing at get-togethers and so on, and music output – and they do all 3 superbly, with outstanding array and clarity. Foam padding is as smooth and cozy as the to start with working day. The product about the foam has worn absent, exposing the foam, on one ear only – this is because of to the way i use them, consistently pushing them off and on one particular ear. The cable and jack is excellent. Really, i bent the jack somewhat by incident a few years back, but these damn items continue to perform high-quality in any appliancethe true frame is plastic, yeah, but hold robust. I’ve pulled the headphone out once or twice by accident and they just slotted correct again in, still adjustable and rigid. The hinges (for folding shut) are floppy as hell but that won’t subject when you’re using them and will allow them to close down flexibly when in your bag. Ideal price electronic system i ever bought.

Excellent sound and perfectly worthy of the price tag. These are an fantastic established of headphones. I bought them for listening to my mp3 player in mattress as the minimal ear pieces that you get with mp3 players get on my nerves (specially considering that i’ve lost the minimal pads that go over them). Wonderful sound and properly worthy of the price.

Key specs for Sony MDR-V300 Headphones with Neodymium Magnet – Folding Design:

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  • 30 mm driver unit for high-quality sound
  • Reversible earcups for easy single-sided DJ monitoring
  • Metallic silver finish for the earcups
  • Compact folding design for easy carrying and storage
  • Gold-plated plugs to provide reliable transmission of audio signals

Comments from buyers

“Quality Headphones for day to day use, Well worth the money, Unbelievable Value, Great headphones but not perfect., Fab sound, good size, nearly perfect, Better than the price suggests”

Fantastic, but why these kinds of a prolonged direct?. Amazing seem for this sort of a modest products. Excellent is up there with my pro technics headphones. Not sure why these types of a extended direct – frustrating for very simple ipod listening. I often imagine if the merchandise has a prolonged guide it should at the very least clip off to make it possible for shortening on one more guide. I am heading to get a pair of connectors to do this myself and enable a microphone connection substantial up on the lead.

Extremely fantastic, but minor change in of this mdr range headphones. I’m a dj and individually never go for the fancy high-priced can’s that significant names throw out. I formerly owned the v200 which experienced commenced to get a bit crackly on the hello-hat’s and bass, so i wished an up grade and went for these seeming as they are upcoming in line. Fact be hold in my eyes (or ears, must i say. ) their is very minimal distinction in between these and even the v200 or v500 (the two of which price extra or a lot less). The develop top quality is the same alright but about time results in being creaky and fragile. The seem top quality is incredibly significantly very similar, potentially a minor much more bass overall performance in these than the v200. Apart from it really is wonderful silver finish, very little a lot more can be mentioned, besides sony could be charging you an additional tenner for the delight of a screw-on long headphone jack (alternatively than the prior plug in) and for the reality that this headphone jack is gold plated rather than silver, for the old propaganda tale of it conducting much more electrical power, though fore it ‘must’ develop much better audio. (nevertheless once again, i have grave doubts about no matter if these a issue is important when bass is thumping away in a dj booth). My future pair of can will be a different make.

These headphones are strongly suggested. I did have a pair of ten pound technics headphones from argos, but they broke soon after a few of months. These sony headphones are this kind of a very good get. Only three pound extra than my former headphones and these are considerably less than 50 % the dimension of these beasts. The audio quality is terrific to. I saw the mdv150 product but was put off by the lack of bass and to a slight extent treble it bought out of them but when i go through some critiques for this i thought i would give them a try. Also argos was charging fifteen quid for the mdv150’s.I was also very pleased with amazon as i recieved the headphones the day after dispatchment.