Sennheiser PC 350 Special Edition 2015 Gaming Headset – Good for gaming, bad for music

Christmas present for gamer son. He is delighted with it and was testing it as soon as he was allowed.

I use these on my gaming pc and they are so light i never really notice them at all no discomfort like with other headsets, when they said they where noise blocking they where not kidding. I have had family stand at the bottom of the stairs shouting me for dinner and i never heard them at all. I would say they are a little expensive for what they are but they are good,light and do the job very well.

Not much in the box but they do sound very good. . My set came in a brown box which was very simple to open. There really wasn’t much in the box aside from the headphones and a converter which takes the mic and headphone jacks and combines them so they work on things such as a smartphone or the ps4s jack. I do like that the mic boom folds up and automatically mutes it with a nice soft click. I haven’t got much to compare it with but it certainly sounds good enough to me when using a loopback kit. As for the headphones, it actually took a little while for me to get happy with these when testing on my pc – at first i though they were a little flat when listening to music and also lacked presence during battlefield but i then discovered some settings on my pc were throwing them off. After correcting this the sound was very even with nothing being pushed too much – not as good as my studio monitors but good enough for headphones and certainly i’ll keep using them if the situation called for it.

Sennheiser pc-350’s have actually been around for a few years now and have previously been acclaimed as one of the best gaming headsets available – these special edition versions keep the same basic technical spec’s but have a couple of style differences compared to earlier pc350’s. The high-gloss blackness of the originals has been swapped (and in my opinion improved) by switching to a graphite coloured matte ribbed effect on the outer shells, these reportedly have better sound insulation too. They still have exceptional build quality, with very little squeaking or creaking while you’re wearing them. Despite being built like a tank they really don’t feel that heavy on your head, the weight is nicely distributed and the fit means they don’t slide forward if you look down at your keyboard. In fact if you slump into a dead sleep after an all-night session you’ll almost certainly wake up that afternoon still wearing themthe sound is quite amazing, at least in some respects – the precision of the placement of sounds is really extraordinary, you can tell exactly which direction sounds are coming from, even judging the distances from you too. The definition is superb but it’s quite different from most music-orientated headphones – there’s no thumping dj-style bass or soaring treble, it’s all been carefully attenuated for clarity. So you’ll hear, with terrifying clarity, the grenade launcher firing that shell at you, hear it arc through the air on its way to visit, hear exactly the spot on the ground where it lands – but it won’t quite shake your world as it detonates. On the plus side, that kind of accuracy means you’ll be more likely to get the heck out of the way, so maybe sennheiser know what they’re doing. The microphone is good too and the clever way you can mute it (into ‘sheldon cooper afk’ mode) by just raising the boom is handy, you hear a little mechanical click as the switch works.

  • A refined gaming headset for the PC and it’s VOIP friendly. I prefer my identical looking PC 363D’s (but both can warm the ears)
  • Great, but not perfect
  • A really nice set of premium closed back gaming headphones.
  • Expected better from Sennheiser!
  • Not worth the money
  • Tinny to start, but let them warm up

Sennheiser PC 350 Special Edition 2015 Gaming Headset

  • Sennheiser’s original speaker technology delivers ultimate sound accuracy and clarity
  • Professional noise cancelling microphone ensures crystal clear conversations
  • Convenient microphone mute by simply raising the boom arm
  • The intuitive volume control is integrated on the right ear cup
  • Extra-large ear pads ensure supreme comfort for long gaming sessions
  • Sennheiser special edition and does not come in Sennheiser branded packaging

I’d heard that the sound on this headset wasn’t as great as expected for the price, and so i’d prepared by purchasing a sound card (asus xonar dx) so i could fiddle with the audio settings. After owning £40 sennheiser 150s then £50 160s i didn’t really think that at double the price the sound would be inferior, especially after reading the plethora of positive reviews. I was very much disappointed with their sound out of the box, and frantically compared them with my cheaper 160s to justify my £90 purchase, but was left distraught. Although the highs were clear and pretty damn good, bass sounds were just terrible. I clung to hope that they would ‘break in’ over time as many reviewers had advised, but ultimately it was the sound card’s equalizer settings that brought me a huge feeling of relief as i managed to tweak them to sound pretty decent. After setting them up right, they come through with the quality you would expect from sennheiser headphones, crisp and bassy. Comfortit’s really the comfort of the pc 350s that makes them shine. With complete ear coverage you can wear them for hours on end without any ear pain as your ears are barely touched. The padding on the cups and on the roofare wonderfully soft and comfortable as well, and it keeps itself nicely and gently wrapped around your head.

Best gaming headphones money can buy. There’s absolutely nothing bad i could say about these headphones. Sound is very ‘real’ and sharp, you’ll hear everything just like it’s meant to be heard. And unlike original pc350s, these can be used with music tooit’s not easy to be the best, but sennheiser surely makes it look easy.

Feels like a sennhesier knock off. . Packaging it comes in was disappointing as was for a gift. No fancy box, just a small brown box looked like it wasn’t new. The headband is rather annoying have to mess with it each time i wear it to get the ear cups to seal right around my ear otherwise it doesn’t sound right. Would have rather stick with my old headset tbh even if the sound isn’t as good just because of the headband.