Philips Foldie On Ear CitiScape Headband Headphones – Ok, but feel flimsy

I recently broke my citiscapes which was a bummer but i replaced with these. They’re not as comfortable but i love the funky colours. The fabric covering on the wire also becomes unattached in a day or two from the socket.

The product illustrated and ordered is black and gold; the phones which arrived areturquoise and tan. Never mind, the colour isn’t really an issue for me but the overallquality and appearance is pretty poor (the plastic parts look particularly. Plastic)given the hefty seventy pound recommended price tag. The non-twisty cable is a plus. Sound-wise the phones are pretty good; the ear pads are comfortable and produceno discernable leakage (i can’t stand the tch-tch-tch of fellow-travellers’ sociopathy). My last pair of over-ear phones (sony) were forty quid and superior in every way for the price. If you’re looking for new phones shop around; there are far better deals to be had.

There are so many headphones out there it can become difficult to choose, so let me help. First of all these are not top notch headphones where you hear every sound as clearly as if you were in the room, they are budget headphones that do a fine job. The quality of the sound you hear is good enough for most things and the added bonus of being about to plug into your iphone (or similar) and take a call whilst listening to your favourite music, is really helpful. Whilst the colour isn’t what everyone would choose, i found them very smart. Unless you want to spend oodles of cash on high quality headphones, these really are worth the money. Great sound for relatively little money and they look good too.

Average sound, but comfortable. . I use these at work, and must admit, did get a few comments about the colour. The style is retro, and the fact they fold up makes them easy to slide into my bag. I also like the fact that the cable can be disconnected from the headphones as well, which means i can replace it if breaks. I quite often destroy headphone cables. I wasn’t blown away by the sound. It was perfectly decent for listening to jazz and folk, and i liked the fact the bass didn’t drown everything out. The pads that go over the ears quite small, which means they just cover the ear and this was good for those of us who wear spectacles. These aren’t particularly expensive headphones, but perfectly adequate for my needs soundwise. The remote control on the cable works with iphone/ipods.

  • Stylish phones with decent performance
  • Decent sound, some leakage issues, colours are unique
  • Look Good, Sound Clean
  • Soft, Comfy and Well Padded
  • So – So Phones

Philips Foldie On Ear CitiScape Headband Headphones – Black

  • 40mm high performance neodymium drivers for sound clarity
  • Closed acoustic design for greater bass and noise isolation
  • Flexible metal arm designed for long listening comfort
  • On-ear soft cushions for added comfort
  • Switch from music to phone calls with built-in microphone

These headphones are marmite you either hate the colour or love it and i actually don’t dislike so from that point of view i’m happy. These are at full price an expensive option and if your a music lover who is expecting crystal clear sound and that bose feeling these are not for you. In my opinion they are aimed at the not so discerning teen who wants a retro pair of headphones with an goodish sound and plenty of volume. Would i recommend maybe i’m not sure, at amazons price point there are many on the market of equivalent and dare i say better sound quality, i do think the build quality is nice though and if you have a teenager looking for that retro feel headphones there aren’t many out there. So to sum up build quality nice, colour personal choice but not horrendous, comfort definitely good and price from amazon good to, sound though there are better out there but these are okay for money. Pop into currys and test drive before you buy.

The barista in costa said nice headphones. The philips citiscape headphones are the first headphones i have owned where someone has commented on how nice they look; and for that reason these may be the phones your are looking for. If looks do matter know that they sound way better than any phones that came with your music device; your music sounds wider and there is more detail. On the chord there is a answer / siri button and microphone. If you are interested in more than the looks; it feels well made; albeit it the materials do feel a little cheap. The leather looking material may be bonded leather or pvc; it feels ok but the downside is they are unyielding and so the noise seals aren’t so good and external sounds leak in. Philips haven’t scrimped on the sounds though; it is a marked step up from included ear buds; i dug mine out of the phone box to give them a spin; they are made from far worse plastic; sounded harsh and everything felt compressed. The philips cityscape do a much better job on your ears; they sound much wider and in that space they present a nice neutral sound. Sadly the same can’t be said for the microphone in a quiet place its fine; but my phone (like lots of others) has a noise cancelling feature that doesn’t work well when you don’t use the internal microphone so callers didn’t find it as good. Not having volume controls feels like model positioning and price control which is a shame.

Strange looks, disappointing sound. Note: these are listed as ‘green/brown’ in the product description – i would call them ‘cyan’ or ‘turquoise’ – or even ‘baby blue’ rather than green. Looks:reminiscent of a bianchi bicycle – a similar colour, and the brown padded handlebar tape that is wrapped around the headband only emphasises this. It’s an unusual colour combination that feels a little bit feminine to me, but avowed cyclists will be used to such things. They didn’t really go with my look, let’s put it that way. They feel as if they’re aimed at the 18-25 agegroup in some way. Comfort:i could feel the padded handlebar tape resting on the top of my head. They’re light, and the pads on the phones are soft and leather-like; i could wear them without complaint, but there’s no feeling of a snug ‘fit’ – these feel square on my rounded head. I’d like my head to feel ‘gently cupped’ when wearing headphones, ideally. Quality:the detachable lead was crackly at the pin when rotated in the socket – i’ve had problems with connections wearing out with the headphones in philips headphones before, and this doesn’t inspire confidence.