Skullcandy Ink’d 2 : Good headphones for the price

Acquired them for fewer than £14 to substitute a pair of denon ahc260rs i use with my iphone 5. I had fears about deviating from a very well set up brand name, but had read many quite a few positive opinions of skullcandy. However, all reviews and literature i could uncover unsuccessful to cover the remote. I took a punt, and though the remote would not have quantity control, it has perform/pause, skip, connect with respond to/stop/siri command. The minimal density material utilised for the outer of the wire is supple and appears extremely not likely to pinch or crack.

. The sound out of these is pretty fantastic. For this price tag bracket you cant go completely wrong. Bass is pretty good, clarity and they fit extremely nicely.

Okay established of earphones for now – but how very long will they very last?. If, like me, you are constantly getting rid of earphones or swinging them about the area then these are a great possibility as they are low cost more than enough and do the position. I have the black and red coloured option and they glance genuinely good. In conditions of audio we have to be sensible, these are lower end earphones and they really simply cannot be when compared to highly-priced high quality stlye earphones. Nonetheless, all factors deemed, the sound is not lousy and is definitely very good sufficient to use when out and about. There is the normal cable rub that you discover with in-ear earphones but that has to be anticipated. There is no inline control with these earphones which is a bit aggravating and they only arrive with two sizes of in-ear buds: modest and massive. Also yet another warning – i have experienced skullcandy whole metal jacket earphones before which labored truly effectively until finally the wire started out to fray soon after a couple months until eventually they were finally unusable inside a calendar year and i assume the similar might happen with this pair. General, they are low-priced but great looking earphones. The seem is fantastic and they are good for employing when out and about.

Key specs for Skullcandy Ink’d 2.0 In-Ear Headphones with Mic – Black/Red:

  • Supreme Sound delivers Attacking Bass, Natural Vocals and Precision Highs
  • Flattened cable for style and durability
  • Mic1–db collection–lets you manage your device
  • Designed, engineered and manufactured by Skullcandy
  • Ergonomic Design for the ultimate fit

Comments from buyers

“Clear sound, Comfortable, Ergonomic and No Tangles!, Good value headphones, Excellent value for money, Great Headphones!, Good sound for the price, rubbish build quality and materials, Good headphones for the price”

For the £15 price tag with absolutely free postage i simply cannot fault the earphones. The non tangle wire is a welcome update on preceding skull candy versions and is also for a longer period i feel, and they continue to appear with all the a variety of colors techniques to welcome any character. For £15, quit studying this and go set them in your basket already. Until you received the mic earphones. The most disheartening aspect is the in-wire mic is too large, it frequently catches on my collar/jacket each time i switch my head pulling out the earphones. It are unable to modify volume, & the double push to modify monitor purpose is so small it just pauses then plays audio. The mic is rich evidently audible at the other stop of the phone so if you make the occasional phone and you should not put on a collared shirt to operate it is fantastic. Consequence: seem excellent is very easily well worth much more than the cost, so get them but stay away from the mic.

Most likely my most effective acquire nevertheless on these earphones. Probably my best order but on these earphones. The mic works excellent, it performs for answering incoming cell phone phone calls and hanging up, pausing, enjoying and skipping ahead in my songs – my only dilemma below is that the directions that appear with say 3 presses to skip back and i won’t be able to get it performing but it really is no main situation. I even identified the perform and pause functions worked on the youtube application which i discovered great. I have no main challenges to complain about, just all round praise, consequently five stars. I am employing samsung galaxy s3, most current os and software package updates and so on.

Something i have observed lately even though seeking for replacements for my now broken earbuds is that everybody has their personal impression, and that feeling is subjective to that distinct person’s tastes. It is for that reason ineffective to some extent to explain a established of headphones as ‘rubbish’ or ‘the finest in the world’ without justifying why. So i shall check out for these skullcandy’s. I’ll update this overview when i have had a decent duration of time using them, but first impressions are:create top quality and physical appearance – in comparison to the urbeats headphones which arrived with my htc a single s, they sense a little bit low-priced by comparison – the earbud shells are plastic as opposed to metallic, and as a end result sense a tiny little bit flimsy. That claimed, the beats broke on me so time will inform how they past. Other than that, they glance pleasant enough (pretty very similar to the beats) and the flat cable is a bonus. Seem – once more, this is highly subjective but evaluating them to what i arrived from, the bass is undoubtedly there, loaded, deep and undistorted. Surely on par with the beats headphones. Nevertheless, this is to my ears however to the detriment of the midrange – admittedly tweaking the equaliser settings on my phone assists, but the mids are really silent.

Beats Solo2 On-Ear Headphones – Just love these headphones

I was sceptical about beats by dr. Dre but this headphones are the greatest detail considering the fact that slice bread if you adore your audio. It provides pleasure each and every time i use it and has created my weekly physical exercise a great deal far more enjoyable, get ot and in no way feel the idiots saying otherwise, well worth all the cash.

Wonderful seem but bad item longevity. Have had a blue pair for seven months and liked them that much i purchased a grey established for my son. Then the correct hand speaker stopped operating for no rationale on my pair. Incredibly dissapointing for these a expensive product. I hope my son’s lasts a good deal for a longer time. Cant fault the sound just the sturdiness, as a result the 3 stars.

Intro:all right, for starters, i am by no indicates an ‘audiophile’, but i am a headphone enthusiast. Before this, i had both of those the hd650, oppo pm3’s and msr-seven, all being great headphones of class, but i uncovered them to be pretty uninteresting sounding, so i opted to get arguably the most ‘fun’ sounding headphone on the current market – the beats solo 2 wi-fi. I gotta say, i observed myself having an absolute blast while listening to thesesound: four. five / 5the bass is incredibly deep but pretty managed, the highs aren’t harsh sounding at all, so there is no listening fatigue that i personally seasoned soon after listening to say. The msr7 for an prolonged time period of time. The just one downside to the sound even so, is that the mids appear really recessed, so you don’t get that high-quality or richness in the vocals, but it didn’t bother me as well a lot as these still sound exceptional. Convenience: three / 5this for me is where this headphone truly allows me down. It’s like putting your head in a damn vice (hence the title). Now, i by no means have a massive head, its really alternatively little, but the pressure just seemed like way too significantly no matter.

  • My grandson is ‘angling’ for me to give him these. But I’m keeping them for myself!
  • Just love these headphones
  • Best headphones I’ve ever used
  • Gorgeous headphones, great sound!
  • Yes, their overpriced and Yes, they sound amazing!
  • Beats Solo Headphones

My grandson is ‘angling’ for me to give him these. But i’m retaining them for myself. I have the wired variation of these (there is a bluetooth version, i feel). I did not obtain the headphones on amazon (bless ’em). They ended up offered to me as a christmas current. By an individual who certainly thinks a good deal about me, for the reason that they are genuinely good headphones and they are not especially low-cost. Evidently, they are nicely sought soon after by youngsters, simply because my 17 calendar year outdated grandson is usually asking to borrow them. Basically, i imagine that he is trying to get me to give them to him. But i will not, since they are terrific for significant listening. I never uncover them terrific for outdoors, or non-severe listening, since i want less obtrusive earphones for that.

Really excellent when they do the job, although sent two pairs again since tunes stopped enjoying on one particular facet, 3rd pair appears do be undertaking the trick. Incredibly great for folks who like emphasised bass. three stars for the faulty merchandise. Whilst amazon have been type enough to obtain and ship a new pair cost-free of charge utilizing their primary company.

I’m no audio specialist but l really like these headphones. I acquired these in a retailer wherever i was intending to get bose headphones, but i was ready to pay attention to a variety of tracks and assess to bose silent consolation and best stop sony headphones. I purchased the beats solo 2 as i a lot most well-liked the tone, richness and clarity of sound. I am no audio professional but l appreciate these headphones, it’s a serious pleasure to hear to all sorts of songs. Actually endorse you consider these out.

These headphones have been wonderful. Even though the earlier 2 headphones i have. These headphones have been terrific. Even nevertheless the previous 2 headphones i have acquired stopped operating in one particular ear, the two occasions in the ideal ear, the purchaser services rates no income at all for replacing them, and with prime, i recieved the replacements within just a working day which was incredible.

AKG K451 High-Performance Foldable Portable Mini Soft Cushioned Headphones – On behalf of ageing music lovers.

In the end a compromise, albeit a very well-engineered one. These headphones are detailed and revealing. For acoustic and electronic music they are very good. There is a slight spike in the treble which can be fatiguing for longer listening sessions. The bass is present and natural but requires a good seal around your head – you might want to consider removing eye glasses for example to get a complete seal around the ear. The ear pads are really very comfortable indeed. Don’t expect them to sound their best out of the box – it takes a few days of listening. They are low impedance headphones but they do need an amp to sound good in my opinion. That’s how i feel after 500+ hours of listening with the k550. My other pair of headphones is the philips fidelio x1.

Must agree with just about all the positive reviews here. I bought these on the strength of the tons of positive reviews all over the net. I already own grado sr325is and rs1i but i just had to hear what all the q701 fuss was all about and at £250 delivered i could hold out no more. At first listen i was honestly pleasantly surprised as i expected them to sound horrible before the burn in process but they stayed on my head for some hours. However contrary to some peoples beliefs “burn in” does exist and as i have three sets of phones and limited spare time letting these burn in on my head wasn’t an option so i just left them plugged into my kitchen radio for a week and hey presto. They have smoothed out just lovely improvements in just about every element of the music and i feel a lovely laid back relaxing presentation (compared to my grado’s anyway). According to many reviews i’ve read these headphones suffer from a lack in bass and i think this puts people off and nearly me too. But to be fair i think the bass is reminiscent to that of a descent stand mounted speaker just a soft puff of air rather than a floorstanders rumble. These must be the best bang for buck headphones i have ever bought.

I decided to take a trip for a few months, and i took my b&w p3’s instead of the larger k550’s. I love the p3’s, but the k550’s are so much more natural, open, and relaxing to listen to. Not to mention so ultra comfortable. The p3’s feel like music is being injected into your ears, whereas the k550’s make you feel like you are walking around inside the musical landscape. I never realised how much i’d miss them. I’m almost tempted to have my friends mail them to me, i miss them that much. Well, the dynamics sound a bit better / more powerful only when you’ve found the perfect fit on your ears, or when you press them onto your ears a little. It’s frustrating that they sound their best only when a little pressure is applied. If they release a newer model that doesn’t have this limitation, i’ll upgrade in a heart-beat, until then i’ll accept them as they are. . Beautiful*note* for audio enthusiasts that appreciate a good dac, you’ll be pleased to know that these cans respond very well to dac upgrades, you’ll hear the difference. I had a fiio e11, and they sounded good when using it, but when i ran them into my c.

Incredible headphones with very few drawbacks. These headphone are incredible. Build qualitythe build of these headphones is very good considering the price. Previously i have had many headphones from sennheiser and i would say these are comparable to the mid-premium ranges in terms of quality. The fit is comfortable for up to an hour or so of listening to music. The case is well made and feels like it’s going to protect these for years to come. Sound qualitythe sound quality is fantastic for on-ear headphones. It is un-coloured and clear. Considering these are not in-ear or over ear, the base is measured and sounds strong but natural. The frequency range is distinct with highs and lows discernible and crackle free.

  • Stunning well balanced studio sound!
  • Give them time and they’ll give you fantastic sound.
  • Really Beautiful
  • What hifi got it right!!!
  • On behalf of ageing music lovers.
  • Excellent, but be advised

AKG K451 High-Performance Foldable Portable Mini Soft Cushioned Headphones with In-Line Volume Remote and Microphone Compatible with iOS Apple Devices – Black

  • 2009 Red Dot Design Award winner
  • Super soft ear pads
  • Closed-back, lightweight design
  • Blocks out most ambient noise
  • Fold away flat into a hard carrying case for easy portability and protection

I recently bought some p5s to replace my bose quiet comforts for travelling but my sennheiser ovation 560s are over 20 years old so i thought i’d try some new technology for home use. I’d been researching for weeks, tried dozens of headphones in various london shops as well as speaking to several hi-fi experts before settling for the black q701s. An ipod doesn’t really have the power for the quincy jones phones unless you buy a decent amp but of course you would also need to download cds in the apple lossless mode to get the best out of them. But this review is mainly based on the sound i get out of my home stereo and the quincy jones headphones certainly live up to the rave reviews i’ve read on several web sites. I put ‘lioness’ on first and amy’s voice jumps right out with stunning clarity, while the bass notes are soft and clear. The instruments in the background somehow separate out; so different to the slightly mushy boom of the p5s, and even the bose phones are comparatively dull (though i still think they are great on a plane). I now want to listen again to all my favorite cds and at under £300 on amazon i think these headphones are a bargain. Two cables are supplied, one is so long you can walk around a room with the headphones on, and they really are comfortable. I’m absolutely delighted with them and according to some reviews they are even better when broken in.

These are the most accurate set of headphones i have ever had the pleasure of owning. My profession is opera singing and believe me my ears are the most critical on the planet. I have listened to them on an ipod and through my setup at home and was interested to hear that another reviewer did not think they were great on an ipod. My first listening was on the ipod and i was blown away at how impressive they were, amazing sound like nothing ive ever heard before , these are somthing else. The soundstage is incredible with highly accurate highs , mid and bass extension( another criticism from other reviewers is lack of bass maybe they were listening to the wrong phones these have a beautiful low accurate tightly controlled low end). The music seems to have more pace and realism, i even heard on a particular recording people walking across the floor on a classical recording and coughing, oh yes everything is picked up on these and thats what theyve been designed for proper studio moniters( quincey jones was absolutely right to put his name to this brand i can tell you he knows what hes talking about). The only problem with these is that they are very hard to drive so even for your ipod they need a portable amp otherwise you wont be able to turn them up very loud. My suggestion is the fiio e7 at 150 mw but if you can wait the new fiio e17 which will be more powerfull at 99. Having tried them all these are an excellent choice and are rated at 250mw. ( they will be available within the next few weeks). I cannot believe the quality of sound you can get on the move with an ipod i am so happy with this setup. My next move is to upgrade the cable to a better one and see if we can get any further improvements. As for burning in these are amazing out of the box if i get any improvements ill be really happy.

A lot of headphone for your money. The first thing you notice about these phones is that they are big and solid. The ear pads do rotate flat for storage, but you are still left with a huge package. That’s a shame, because they work great with portable devices. I have tried other headphones that sound great on my hifi but fall apart when plugged into my mobile or mp3 player, these sound the same whatever i plug them into. Before i bought these i had seen reviews saying they were “the closed headphone that sounds like an open headphone” and i would agree with that, they have a spacious wide open sound, full of energy. Bass is surprisingly light but still better than most open type phones. Overall it’s quite exciting and “in your face” so if you are looking for a warm mellow laid back sound go elsewherewhy not five stars?.

Audiance A2 Premium Over Ear Stereo Headphones in & – I love these headphones

Audiance a2’s are good. For the price i payed i truly was not anticipating to be blown absent. Following all £10 is substantially low-cost for a pair of over ear headphones. Having said that upon arrival of the headphones i was immediatley proved erroneous. The look of the headphones on their own glimpse fantastically effectively created. The wire/ wire managing from the headphones has a rope coating and consequently tends to make tangled wires a lot less repeated. The sound top quality alone is wonderful. Not as soon as failing to impress me. The variety in quantity is great. Making it possible for you to be totally emmersed in the songs (when you want to be).

Best headphones ive ever acquired. With this top quality id hope them to be far more pricey so certainly obtained a bargain. Arrived in advance of predicted delivery date far too.

My headphones arrived currently and they are wonderful i have to say just required them for listening to my new music when i am going for walks. I’ve experienced soy ahead of these are a lot greater audio is fab and loud i enjoy my songs loud.

  • Top for sound quality
  • I would recommend these for sure
  • the ear cups fit nicely onto and round my ears
  • Great clear sound which is a great start for these
  • Audiance A2’s are brilliant!
  • sounds great and comfortable to ware

The headphones seem to be to have a respectable amount of bass, and can tackle large pitch sounds very nicely. One particular bit of assistance is to not hear to music very loud, as this could guide to ear agony.

The ear cups fit nicely on to and round my ears. Annoyingly i’ve gotten by way of a couple of pairs of headphones by now this calendar year, predominantly cause i hadn’t located these straight absent. The seem from them is apparent and distinct. Then they’re cozy way too, the ear cups in shape properly on to and round my ears. There is scarcely any strain from them and then you have the headband piece. Straightforward to adjust and once more they’re quite comfortable and sit easily on top of my head.

Features of Audiance A2 Premium Over Ear Stereo Headphones in Black & Red (3.5mm Jack)

  • 40mm Driver Units Ensure The Delivery Of High Quality Sound and A Deep Bass Level
  • Versatility Is Provided Thanks To The Gold Plated 3.5mm Audio Jack Which Will Fit Most Phone, Tablets, MP3 Players, Laptops And TVs
  • The Durable & Tangle Free 1.2m Braided Cable Features A Built In Microphone Letting You Answer Phone Calls Without Getting Your Phone Out
  • Each Ear Cushion Is Covered In High Quality PU Leather To Give You A Comfortable Padded Fit While Also Helping To Cancel Out Background noise
  • Audiance A2 Headphones

Superior affordable headphones. Perform truly perfectly and match tremendous good and restricted on my ears so there is very little sound bleed. No complaints in regards to the audio – primarily in comparison with the price. I like them and know i will get a whole lot of use out of them.

This headphone appears definitely fantastic and most importantly sounds good for its price. This headphone appears to be like really great and most importantly seems fantastic for its rate. I extremely suggest this to anyone that is seeking for wonderful seems to be and amazing audio top quality headphone at reasonable value. Also, the consumer services is really excellent.

tooth Headphones Gosin® Swift tooth 4 – Satisfied Quality

Possibly i’ve just gotten blessed, but i have no difficulty with these wireless headphones. They continue to be linked truly well. They’re not ‘cuff’ model while. With that currently being claimed, the mic is of excellent top quality and does a great work for issuing voice commands. I’ve never ever experienced an situation with accepting hands-free calls possibly.

I purchased one particular of these just since of tunes and so its not so wirery, anyway, the products came in a wonderful gospin packaging with the wireless earphones inside of with a number of more earbuds for erganomics, has a compact usb cable to demand them up and a instruction manuel. When i utilized them for the first time the earbuds felt comfortable but a very little hefty, but thats ok due to the fact what do you expect. In purchase to use them all you want is to change on the power on the earphones and scan for a gadget from your cellphone and youll be hooked up very easily. You can also use these on laptops due to the fact i have tried. The tunes within the earphones are quite amazing for the value. I can uear the vocals from tracks completely, rifts from music and the clarity and bass in other individuals, its all all over very good. These are also incredibly isolating so you dont have background sounds so its just you and the songs. These earphones also come with a microphone, it is straightforward to converse with, but having said that you do have to have to be a bit loud so they can hear you, or well so you can be louder. The excellent isnt ideal, but it does the job effortlessly.

Great excellent and clear audio. Simple to pair with an ipad or cell cell phone. Appreciate the command features which enable you switch amongst tunes. Just an over-all good merchandise and for the price you cant defeat it. To all those that are skeptical give them a attempt.

  • Great headphones for GYM
  • Very good for the money
  • Works great during workout
  • Glad to have this
  • Perfect Sound earphones
  • Very convenient headset

They continue to be in for my full operate, have incredible audio quality and block out any other sound – i even started out working with them at perform when i need to have to emphasis. Good price bluetooth headset.

I utilized thse headphones for my iphone6. I like the controls on the right earpiece though i do with the center would activate talking the observe number like a number of other bluetooth headphones i have employed. The just one factor i truly enjoy is that they generally join when i turn them on.

Features of Bluetooth Headphones Gosin® Swift Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Sport Headphones Sweatproof Running Gym Exercise Bluetooth Stereo Earbuds Earphones Car Hands-free Calling Headsets (Green)

  • Gosin® 4.0 Bluetooth headphones deliver Wireless Music and Calls coupled with superior audio performance rivaling the best in wired headphones.
  • Signal Enhance Technology, the ability to run and play sports outdoors while using your music device anywhere on your body without the traditional limitations of your body getting between the devices and blocking signal.
  • Gosin® 4.0 Bluetooth headphones for running has a behind-the-head design that eliminates troublesome wires tangling during your workout. It also protected against sweat and moisture damage by its design.
  • Comfortable, stable, and built for action, Gosin® 4.0 features an active design that fits comfortably and stays put for all levels of exercise. The easily accessible on-ear controls let you keep moving while you control your music or calls.
  • Original Gosin®, Exclusive and Best-Selling Internationally Certified Electronic Brand, We Believe in Quality

The gosin wireless headphones is one particular the most affordable substantial high-quality bluetooth headphones in the market. The box it comes in is reasonably modest but the solution itself is simply wonderful. It lasts me about eight hours of on and off use. The audio high quality is fantastic with the proper sum of bass and treble and sounds. I use them for the gym and when i’m at do the job. The cable is tangle free and is the great length and isn’t going to annoy my neck with any form of discomfort. If you might be seeking for a low expense nonetheless terrific sounding bluetooth earphones, these gosin bluetooth earphones is the way to go. I was offered a evaluation sample for a genuine evaluate and i actually love it with out any question.

Trouble pairing with apple devices. I have only when been equipped to pair my headphones with my iphone, ipod or macbook. I’d recognize any information on how to take care of this challenge. The 1 time they did pair on the other hand the audio was wonderful.

Sound Intone Ms200 2015 New Stereo Foldable Headphones – Impressive for the price.

Good value for what you get. They are comfortable, i also enjoy the simple fact they fold up so i can preserve them in a purse in my purse neatly when touring.

Unbelievable benefit for these kinds of a excellent products, really simply surpassed my anticipations and have practically enhanced the total of time i use headphones simply because they are that excellent. If anyone is contemplating these headphones my ideal information is to invest in them and in no way glimpse back again since they are terrific.

Wonderful sound/supplies for your cash. . If you are looking for a affordable, great sounding set of bins, then you actually need to have these on your small record. Guaranteed, there are most likely headphones that price tag in extra of £100 that sound much better, but appear on, you will never consistently get worried about these currently being nicked or damaged at this value. Will unquestionably be trying to keep these on my wish listing for when i want to swap them – hopefully not for some time nevertheless mind.

  • These are great headphones for kids
  • Superb quality and performance for great price
  • Bargain pair of headphones!
  • More great sound – how do they do it?
  • Like for most of us
  • Design protection elements, comfort, durability and super sound quality. Each addressed in the review.

These are excellent headphones for children. These are fantastic headphones for little ones. We have two sets, in purple and blue. They choose some abuse and are best for the lesser head. The headphones stay on and really don’t tumble off as the youngsters dance and bounce all around. They can also hear us above their tunes which is very good. My daughter chew threw the cable (irrespective of remaining advised not to) to the extent that the cable was exposed. They nonetheless worked but santa despatched her a substitute with a notice stating do not chew the cable as i is not going to provide you anotherthe only small downside is the very good searching packaging is that crystal clear really hard plastic and so a struggle position with scissors to open.

The sound quality was excellent. . The shipping and delivery was quickly, the headphones where significant good quality manufactured from sturdy plastic and the sound top quality was fantastic, terrific products. I received this merchandise at a price cut in exchange for an trustworthy critique.

Features of Sound Intone Ms200 2015 New Stereo Foldable Headphones, Over-ear, Hi-Fi, Light Weight Headset, for Smartphones/ Mp3/4 Players/ Laptops/ Computers/ Tablet/ iphone/ samsung/ Ipod/ Andriod/ HTC (White/Purple)

  • Great Sound Quality – Strong low bass, great noise-isolation.
  • Human Body Engineering Technology – Equipped with protein leather earpads, ergonomic design, soft touch and good air permeability.
  • Folding Compact Design – Provides extra flexibility, portability, and durability.
  • 40mm Magnetic Driver Units – Feel the power of any dynamic sound. It will feel like you’re in the front row of a concert.
  • Braided Wire With 3.5mm jack – Compatible for all 3.5mm Jack Devices, 7 Color Choices

I purchased these headphones centered on critiques when i was on the lookout for a very good pair of headphones. I am not an audiophile and can’t convey to you everything about crispy highs and lows or anything in concerning for that issue. In phrases of audio overall performance, all i can say is that i can’t use any other pair of in ear or over ear telephones now since every little thing sounds so awful. I heard new issues in songs i have experienced for a long time. Its aggravating to use something else because i know how great the new music can be. Overall, they have reignited my really like for songs, i feel like i acquired good worth for money, and i will never ever don a low-cost pair of headphones once more.

Structure safety components, convenience, sturdiness and super sound excellent. Each tackled in the overview. . I rewview sparsely, but am so impressed with this product or service for the cash compensated that i felt compelled, even with dyslexia, to write as much facts as achievable to assistance some others seeking at obtaining these :-)normal fit and really feel:simply place: my 12 yr outdated son enjoys them. Fantastic for him to use with his phablet take note four and his computer system and all method of other works by using in the household as well, they are not the loudest headphones ever, but i put that down to my ‘large, outdated gentleman ears’ (mid forties). Ordinary ear sizing is best :-) company was great, i believe, lol. I ordered and gained a nicely packed parcel by what felt like ‘overnight delivery’. They in good shape him flawlessly so ‘sound bleed’ is pretty much not possible for me to detect (with my hearig aids in) subsequent to him on the couch. He has perfect listening to while i have listening to reduction bi-laterally (fifty three%), but with hearing aids in i can detect the tsk-tsk from most headphones pretty quickly. That mentioned, i gave these a whirl with out my hearing aids in, and even with my reduction, by pressing the cups to my ears and playing music from my cellular phone i bought a good assessment of the sound excellent, which was really extremely good, and adequate quantity to indicate my son experienced to shout next to me to get read in excess of my note four participating in ‘someone like you’ by adelle, which is barely thumping foundation or wall-of-sound audio substance. These deliver a fantastic broad vary sound top quality, not overly heavy on bass but sufficient for any input that demands it, which is awesome as neither he nor i like major bass overpowering in any songs tracks or tv set or motion pictures and so forth (it can cause bodily discomfort in many individuals, and both of us feel that from bass remaining far too substantial in stages compared to the relaxation of the input sound, fyi hat difficulty is called ‘recruitment’ and is a known hearing ailment, which does not neccessarily affect your ability to hear bass or yet another frequency, or connected to hearing loss, it is just that it really phyically hurts when your partuicular frequency that has an effect on you is as well loud, or overpowering inside the stability of other sound which inevitably prospects to escalating volume to attempt to hear the other frequencies.

SONY PRO MDR7506 Headphones Pro closed – Good beyond belief

I necessary a pair of headphones with great audio reproduction which really don’t leak seem. I purchased these right after digesting quite a few reviews. I am extremely amazed by their sound high-quality. As a pleasant bonus they fold up in a incredibly compact way – superior for travelling – and they arrived only a pair of times after i ordered them.

How can anything for these kinds of a minimal value be so very good. Really, these have revolutionise my listening working experience. I was applying £50 worthy of of sennheizers and these are infinitely superior. I can change of the innovative 3d influence on my sound card – it the clarity is so great and the separation incredible. Certainly – just about any kind of submit processing of audio is a poor point for the reason that these sound so clear and the response for clean up and flat. My son listened to them and claimed ‘i did not be expecting the influence to be so profound – it is just like currently being in the space with the musicians’. Be sure to, if you enjoy audio and do not have a multi hundreds finances – get these. Just, once you have them, you will not want to listen to just about anything else.

I’m just the common tunes listner (nicely probably extra than ordinary to be genuine. ) at to start with i believed i will get dre beats being a hip hop listner, after some exploration i realised how poor that would’ve been. I discovered these, they seemed great and experienced crazy assessments so i bought them. They’re so comfortable and match so properly on my ears. The audio is just incredible, the most effective i have at any time heard, anyone music you can come to feel and encounter the production. But if you do obtain these, you much better start finding your music in incredibly substantial high quality simply because the poorer top quality audio (lower little bit charges) really do seem undesirable.

  • Bought these a year ago and haven’t looked back.
  • Try out this quick test
  • Music to my ears
  • A very balanced sound with smooth, deep bass, a clear mid range and detailed highs without being too harsh
  • If you love music, you’ve got to buy these!
  • Sony MDR-7506 Headphones

Was hunting for a 50-one hundred fifty pair of superior high quality closed headphones,i go through a great deal of critiques ahead of ultimately choosing on the sony mdr7506 (amazon. Etcetera) and i have to say they do not disappoint, these headphones audio wonderful and are very cozy (even though give them a week to crack in), i use them all working day extensive and even while jogging on my treadmill as they continue to be-set and never jump close to. I could identify 30 distinct possibilities i looked at all through my search but the several i narrowed the research down to (dependent purely on assessments) ended up the sennheiser hd280pro (my 2nd preference), beyerdynamic dt770, beyerdynamic dt 235, sony mdr-v600 and the sony mdr-7506. The only down aspect to the sony mdr-7506 to me was the lack of tender ear-pads (which is a particular selection), but i uncovered even this to be very easily preset in the kind of ‘beyerdynamic dt250 replacement ear pads’ that are beautifully compatible and interchangeable with the sony mdr-7506 ear-pads, which was a fantastic obtain offering equally top quality and ease and comfort.

Very confortable, stable and durable. The sound appears to be pretty flat wich is fantastic. For the selling price, i dont assume theres any improved studio headphones out there.

Features of SONY PRO MDR7506 Headphones Pro closed

  • Headphone Type: Dynamic, closed

    Magnet Type: Neodymium

  • Driver Size: 40.0 mm

    Frequency Response: 10-20kHz

  • Impedance: 63 Ohms

    Sensitivity: 106 dB/W/m

  • Power Handling: 1,000mW

    Plug Type: Gold, Stereo Unimatch plug 1/4″ and 1/8″

  • Cord Length: 9.8 ft
    Weight: 8.1 oz

I was supplied these headphones as a reward after inquiring for some for xmas three many years ago, and they are going as powerful as they were being when i obtained them. No crackling in deep bass and the highs are just as clear as when i received them. The clarity in tunes is incredible no matter if it is acoustic or dance new music. I have utilized them when commuting, even when working and biking as they in good shape well and are snug for extended durations. On best of this they have been thrown in the bottom of a rucksack with books and all types on prime, and even now totally wonderful, the only put on is on the ear pads from sporting them so frequently. Even with worn ear pads the noise reduction from outside the house is continue to wonderful and many others wont be equipped to listen to your new music. The only petty difficulty i have had is the duration of the spring cord wire when i have been employing them when travelling, but i am conscious these are studio headphones so i won’t be able to complaincan’t suggest these plenty of, i am sure they are likely to very last me one more 3 many years and additional.

A very balanced audio with sleek, deep bass, a crystal clear mid array and comprehensive highs devoid of currently being too severe. In our musical residence, the four of us have a total of 12 pairs of earphones/ headphones involving us (the bulk remaining sennheiser designs). A pair of earbuds for just about every ipod, a light-weight established for the laptop and a pair of full-measurement cans for tv and stereo. I however have my pair of sennheiser high definition 414 that i bought new 20 decades ago (awaiting a new cable) so i listen to 2 or 3 unique pairs for every working day. All are squarely in finances territory, £30 – £40 and they have been excellent. But i have been reading also several best-close reviews and normally hankered soon after a really excellent established of headphones. But could i justify the cost?then i was reading through a terrific review web site, the wirecutter, and came throughout their review of the most effective $a hundred and fifty headphones, [.and when i saw their test winners were only £69 on here sold by appods and fulfilled by amazon with super saver delivery i thought i’d splash out. I was aware that there were some fakes out there and checked out some unboxing videos on youtube which clearly show the differences in packaging and product. I am glad to report that the set i received from appods are genuine. ]

Jabra Revo Wireless tooth On-Ear Headphones : Excellent pair of wireless headphones for the price of £90 @ lightning deal

Amazing, now i pay attention to considerably much more tunes and use headphones far more normally. I am do not hear to tunes extremely normally, nor i liked to use headphones when viewing movies for example, they have been just getting in the way, but with the revo wireless it truly is an additional story. Yesterday i experienced them on the total working day though taking pleasure in a walk in the park, i went out at about eleven in the early morning, and i came again household at 6pm, almost the entire time i listened to songs, then at property, because 7pm till one:30am i viewed some episodes of two and 50 % gentlemen with the headphones. Audio:i’m not a big audio listener and i you should not have other headphones to examine them to, just before i utilised a pair of 30£ headphones for films and in ear headphones that arrived with my mobile mobile phone, nicely with the jabra revo now i can listen to sounds i have never ever heard just before in music, the high quality is very fantastic and the sound is quite clear. Movies:although possibly there are much better headphones for motion pictures, and these are improved suited for new music, i imagine they are superior for equally. I use these headphones really generally when seeing tv demonstrates and i have tested it with rapidly and furious 6 and the high-quality was astounding, i could listen to the wheel squeaks and the soundtrack with a great deal of base pretty clearlyconnectivity:they can be connected by way of usb, by using three. five jack and by using bluetooth, with devices with nfc it is very straightforward, you just faucet and go. Though i failed to have any difficulties with my mobile mobile phone, i did have some difficulty with the personal computer, when lying in mattress with my laptop at the finish of my bed (approx 2m) the seem from time to time dropped, when i received closer and i was sitting proper in front of it the seem didn’t drop. I you should not know if it truly is a challenge with the headphones or with my computer nevertheless. Touch controls:this is a single of my favorite options of these headphones, i will not have to get out my cellular phone out of my pocket to modify volume or adjust track anymore, which is really easy.

It truly is a revolution or really should i say revelation, wow this headphone beats all the other pricey headphones i have, the bass and aspects that was missing from other bluetooth headphones is no problem at with this headphone in point you hardly see any big difference among wired and bluetooth and if you use the absolutely free jabra app that is readily available in app retail store with its dolby capabilities the headphones leaves other folks by the wayside, it is truly remarkable, i’ve expended so much money on bluetooth headphones but this is to start with a person i am definitely amazed with.

Following playing with a friends one particular, was absolutely on the fence until i observed it on sale on friday. In use ever since arrival, and certainly very well really worth it. Execs:excellent seem excellent, even on wireless. Quick to hook up through bluetooth to a number of gadgets. Drawbacks:restricted fit with glasses on, slight pinching.

Key specs for Jabra Revo Wireless Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones with Mic – Black:

  • Dolby Digital Plus sound
  • Wireless Stereo sound (A2DP) and remote control (AVRCP)
  • Turntable Touch Control for calls and music
  • Foldable design
  • Up to 12 hours talk/music time and up to 10 days standby time

Comments from buyers

“Great sound and comfort, Unbreakable – Great headphone for everyday use, Amazing, now I listen to much more music and use headphones more often, Fantastic product, Best Bluetooth headphones arround, The materials are good, the metal of the loops around the earpieces “

Good pair of wireless headphones with professionals and disadvantages. Bought these in the black friday product sales – £90 not terrible. I haven’t applied the nfc as of but as my mobile phone will not have it. Execs:effortless bluetooth relationship with cell phone (galaxy s2). Very good, apparent recommendations in the box. Long long lasting (9hrs bluetooth so much). Amazing mechanism to function volume, tracks (turntable action). Will come with headphone jack as choice use.

So, here is what i desired these headphones for. I go climbing/rambling, and it really is awesome to listen to new music while you happen to be attempting to just take the hill. I desired to give myself a pair of months to live with these headphones, ahead of reviewing. Also, looking at that i am stepping up from tinny telephone earplugs that would tumble out of my ears, i am not truly a connoisseur of headphones, so retain that in intellect. The headphones are cozy, and even retain my ears warm on chilly, brisk winter days. I are likely to do a large amount of weekend hiking on uneven terrain, and they have a great grip. I will not jog or skip with them, but for simple strolling and fairly rigorous hiking, they remain on my head and above my knitted hats. The audio is apparent enough (i pay attention to spanish tapes with these), and i discover the simple fact that i can modify the volume with a contact of my finger to be a nice contact. It’s effortless to link in conditions of bluetooth to the two my mobile mobile phone and my laptop (so my husband or wife does not have to listen to my spanish tapes or soccer matches).

These are my initial bluetooth headphones and, i am going to hope they hold on going as, i appreciate these. Audio excellent is excellent, so is the structure. I do like how jabra supplies four different colors which is awesome but irritated how they raise rate on specific ones. Placing these up ended up effortless but experienced problems with charging. usb port will not charge the headphones. can, which i by no means understood about. But i am not positive if they could of been billed from a laptop or computer or not, simply because i was setting up a firmware update even even though it really is not neccasry, but i did it incase for any foreseeable future difficulties.

Sennheiser PMX 686G Sports Earphones – Good quality headphones.

Not the most fashionable product i ought to say but they are comfy, well designed for applying for the duration of sports (i use at the fitness center) and sound is very clear.

Terrific sound, not absolutely sure about when operating. Quite possibly the only concern i have is that these earphones seem to ‘bounce’ a good deal when utilized running, creating a booming sound in my ears. Normally, good sound quality, and prompt supply company from the supplier.

Gymn headphones are a actual obstacle. I have tried out the hook style, the overhead form and the neck style. Certainly, you want them to continue to be on although running and i come across the ‘hook’ style a fall short for that. Which leaves the overhead or the back again of head bands. The overhead types work but seem a bit daft, these also perform and continue to be-in reliable by a 10k operate. No concerns with not hearing when i get sweaty ears which has trigger challenges with the a lot more spongy types you get on some headphones. A fantastic take a look at for me is to have the treadmill on at a good pace with all the noise that generates and play ‘seven country army’ by the white stripes – if you can hear the signature bass riff crystal plainly over all that history then they are very good gymn headphones and these passed that exam. I was applying the apple variant, and it labored with my afterwards generation ipod touch. Notice that simply because i was working with it with my ipod i are not able to comment on how nicely the contact operation with apple iphone will work.

  • Not up to Sennheiser’s past standards
  • Still the best running headphones – but by no means perfect
  • Great sound, good price
  • Great Sports Companion
  • At Last! Earphones for running which do the job
  • Good quality headphones.

Possessing experienced sennheiser ‘phones in advance of (my son made a decision he preferred them) i experienced superior hopes for these. Plugged into my apple iphone, the audio was distinct and quite crisp on a wide variety of tracks, perfectly up to the expected conventional from this company. Exactly where these occur into thier own, however, is the style and design. For any one who requires headphones for an energetic way of life then these are excellent. The neckband, instead than a standard headband, indicates these are far more comfy to wear – you could even wear them with a biking helmet, while individually i am not positive about the producers promises for the product or service allowing for extra awareness of the world all-around you. The inline quantity,/observe regulate and microphone are a fantastic notion so you can answer the telephone, improve tracks management the volume only and quickly, even though your cell phone stays in your pocket.

Not just for samsung galaxy. The packaging of this headset states prominently that it can be for samsung galaxy (although mentioning other models in a smaller typeface) and amazon’s product title mentions galaxy. I don’t know why this is considering that it’s going to operate with any android product. A partnership deal maybe?the headset comes with a carrying pouch and a cable clip. I like the glimpse and truly feel of it, with its green cable and rubbery distant buttons. It is really lightweight and feels about as comfy as this variety of headset is at any time likely to get. It is a sports headset the emphasis is on secureness relatively than comfort and ease. It feels a ton nicer than other neckband earphones i’ve made use of in the previous. In use the headset appears good, as you ought to count on from sennheiser. There are no earphone covers supplied, when definitely there must be.

Features of Sennheiser PMX 686G Sports Earphones – Galaxy

  • Inline smart remote and mic on the cable are compatible with most smartphones and portable players (compatible with Galaxy and most other Android devices)
  • Vertical in-ear design for greater situational awareness and safety
  • Ultra-lightweight neckband for a secure, comfortable fit
  • Para-aramid-reinforced cable provides superior strength and reliability
  • Oval-shaped cable ensures a tangle-free listening experience and reduced cable noise

Lime environmentally friendly sporting earphones. These earphones are built for ipod , apple iphone and ipadthey are for sporting routines as have the band that goes about the again of your head for securenessthey are water resistant with antimicrobial at ease protected inner earphonesthey have a one. 2m solitary cable with a 3 button intelligent remote attachedthey also come with a storage pouch and cable clipi have tried out these with my ipod touch and they have a fantastic audio and function welland seem to be great and protected on my head.

Would not sense flimsy at all, while i suppose time will explain to on that front. The buds are snug more than enough, and i never generally get on with these condition buds (i favor the canal kinds). No covers, but they only get sweaty and go lacking when you happen to be jogging, so i believe that was an intentional style and design decision. The sound top quality is excellent, whilst i am admittedly no audiophile and am generally delighted with some £15 earphones. I’ve taken them out on a three mile run and they held organization. The mini distant on the cable is effective fine with my nexus 5 (android) mobile phone, while you might be a bit minimal in what you can do. The only downside i can see is that they’re a small on the dear facet.

Shure SE215 Dynamic Microdriver Earphones – SE215 Review

I did a lot of research before i purchased these shure se215 earphones. I had a price limit of around £80 so these were definitely within range at £73. I particularly wanted a good fitting pair that would be comfortable when worn for several hours on the trot and have a level of sound quality to match. Having had the earphones now for a couple of days i thought i would write a brief review covering my first impressions of the product. It’s true to say that initially the design is quite striking. From each earphone is a short length of semi-stiff cable that you bend over the ear (from front to back). Fitting can be a bit awkward at first, but once completed a few times, sat very well in my ears and seemed quite comfortable. Again, because of the unique?.Design they fiited quite well and probably wouldn’t accidently fall out if moving around alot.

Shure’s se215’s are a great combination of quality sound output and durable. For sub £100 in-ear headphones, shure’s se215’s are a great combination of quality sound output and durable, replaceable cabling. Very pleasedif like me, you think about in-ear headphones for travel (small & convenient to carry, comfortable even whilst resting your head, as well as great for noise isolation) you’ve probably gone through a fair few pairs of them, just like me. My high in-ear headphone turnover is for 2 reasons. Being so small and easy to carry, i find their easily misplaced. Also, in my experience, at this price bracket at least, the wiring is almost universally vulnerable to the sound cutting out, rendering them useless (one pair within 2 days of delivery, some last over a year but still eventually give out). Consequently, although i love my music, i’m always reluctant to spend anything over £100 for what is travel based listening. Paying more might get me both amazing sound, and build quality that’d ensure they’d last. I’ve certainly been tempted.

These were nothing like the bass cannons i was expecting. These were nothing like the bass cannons i was expecting. Until the supplied tips wore out and i went for some comply tx 400s. Wow, made all the difference (got to do a mod to make them fit). Just in first few minutes after switching and it feels like a different earphone, cannot believe the difference. I’m no audiophile so i will leave those judgements to others, expect for saying that if you want big bass these can deliver, you just need to right tips (that’s why i’ve gone for four stars). The things i like most about these are:memory wire fit makes these the most comfortable i’ve ever owned, no annoying snagging and pullinglong cable adds to the above pointvery well constructed, especially cable (which is replaceable anyway)l jack is better for longevityimprovements:supplied case is ugly, i had an existing one i use from a different set so not a big deal for me.

When you buy a shure product you will always have high expectations, expectations these headphones exceed by a mile and a half. The presentation in the box is fantastic, just the right amount of accessories provided. The accessories included are a case and 6 pairs of ear buds, 3 foam and 3 silicon. These are provided in sizes small, medium and large. The headphones are well made and sound fantastic. Having listened to various rock, drum and bass, pop and alternative music i can say very happily that these are perfect for pretty much every style of music. The headphones have a nice clean sound-stage, very spacious for in ear headphones. Also they have a fair amount of bass but not too much to overwhelm, songs like self vs self by nero ft in flames or innocence from the same album show this very controlled bass. Overall i would say fantastic build quality, wide sound-stage, good controlled bass and fantastic separation.

  • Good sound, great comfort if not slightly confusing
  • VERY GOOD! (shame theyve started to break :-( )
  • Shure’s SE215’s are a great combination of quality sound output and durable
  • Shure’s awesome design
  • Great Earphones, Good Price
  • I expected a lot more out of these(Update)

Shure SE215 Dynamic Microdriver Earphones

  • Sound Isolating Design shields over 90% of the ambient noise
  • DynamicDynamic mics have a simple rugged construction and can handle very high sound pressure levels.
  • MicroDriver deliver detailed warm sound quality with improved bass
  • Detachable cable with formable wire and a wide assortment of accessories for secure comfortable fit
  • Frequency response 22 Hz – 17.5 kHz

I’ve been using seinhisers (£70-130 mark) for around two years and they keep breaking. Furthermore they don’t hold on the treadmill. So first advantage as that these weidly fitting things stay in really well. And despite being slightly larger than some – you don’t notice with a snug fit. Secondly they block out a hell-of-a-lot of noise which i was impressed with. The buds are top quality and secure good isolation. Thirdly the sound is fantastic. Real drive and clarity on the bass (without overpowering) and the drives do a top job of seperating the different elements of the song – powering through the bits that count.

These in ear headphones are simply amazing. Bass is deep and thumpy, mids a crisp and clear, vocals are great and the treble is reproduced well. I use the foam tips, as they are more comfortable (i have small ear canals) and fit my ears very tightly and it makes the bass sound better than the silicone tips. I was using apple standard earphones before and i have realised how bad they really are. I would recommend these to anyone who loves their music, especially bassy music.

Was contemplating a pair of shure’s for some time. I started off with a pair of se110’s but the iem’s kept falling out of my ears. Decided to try a pair of ue mf220’s and the pair sounded decent but not the most comfortable due to the stiff silicone sleeves. Then thought of replacing the sleeves with a couple of comply tips but decided to go over the budget a little and give the se215’s a try. In my opinion, its the shure high-end iem design which makes their new range of iem’s a true winner. The combination of the swivel (removable) cable, isolating foam tips and form-able over eat wire truly makes the minitors stay within your ear lobe very securely. In terms of sound quality, i’ve tried the se530’s and i was blown away by the sound quality but i’m not about ready to splurge off over 300 pounds on a pair of iem’s to complement my mediocre portable setup.

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