Harman Kardon Harman/Kardon AE Premium In-Ear Earphones, Super sound and value

Good crisp sound, good at reduced conclude and superior. Bass is under no circumstances way too significant for to relaxation of the music. You will hear devices that other earphones either drown in bass or pass up entirely. There is a good deal of volume in the earphones and i doubt you would need to go up to max quantity with these in most options, which includes tube vacation. I have experienced other £100+’earphones ( bose, bowers and wilkins, sony, bayerdynamics to name a few ) and these gain by a crystal clear margin. The fit is at ease, but your very likely to want to check out all the buds right before remaining certain which is accurate for you – fairly common. The i cellular phone controls are fantastic and the mic operates wonderful. The only attract back is the cable. Despite the fact that cable growth does not exist ( or is minimal ) the direct is inclined to twisting and curling and it really is a very little little bit frustrating, but maybe extended expression it nigh straighten out a little bit.

Seem of these headphones is actually excellent. I had practically nothing, that could be when compared to this right before. But on the to start with time of working with it feels very unpleasant since of a sq. condition. You just need to have to break in that. Immediately after two months of applying gags on both equally headphones have fallen off, but the warranty included it. In any case, it is a ideal products, i really enjoy it. Sorry for errors, i am not a native english speaker.

While getting these, i was in a little bit of a dilemna i had attempted cheaper earbuds and didn’t delight in them, and the kinds that i ordinarily brought (phonak audeo pfe 112) had been no lengthier in generation, so the necessary ear filters could not be brought right after they were used up. I also had to just take into account the kind of songs that i listened to and how these bass promoted earphones might influence the knowledge i experienced while employing them. Buildthe construct excellent of these earphones is amid the greatest of any headphones and earphones that i have at any time had the satisfaction of acquiring. While the aluminium provides additional pounds, they come to feel far more solid as a final result, the wire could come throughout as flimsy presented the conduct it has about the jack and emergence from the bottom of the driver head, but this is in sharp contrast to ‘reinforced’ cables i have had in the earlier in which the rigidness has been a downside for use, and they get pulled out of my ears as a outcome. Comfortthis is an location where i was most anxious from the opinions offered right here and on other internet websites. I did locate the silicon eartips that are incorporated to be a bit loose and undoubtedly most well-liked working with the comply tips samples that ended up included in the deal also, although in the close i observed that acquiring a comply established to be the ideal option. Not often do the earbuds tumble out when the tips currently being made use of are the ideal size and condition for you distinct ear, this is an location i discover instead deceptive, everyone’s ears are different designs and almost never are the incorporated buds correct for absolutely everyone, which is why morhpings buds from comply to title one are in my trustworthy view the finest route when you are attempting to make a judgement in this division. Sounddisclaimer: this is entirely my impression, based mostly on use by means of ipads, iphones and a xonar essence stx prosumer seem card, what i am expressing about these earphones i attempt to maintain aim and neutral, but at the stop of the working day it is nevertheless my personal look at. Anywayto begin with, certainly these earphones are fairly a large amount far more bassy than several may perhaps be used to, and are undoubtedly not intended to be in line with a neutral seem profile. I listen to a reasonably peculiar vary of songs, previous rock (europe and bon jovi), virtually 1000’s of piano parts and soundtrack pieces, and a few of digital tracks mixes for just repetitive calming (while that seems strange i discover it will work), but seldom obtain the bass to be overpowering or unpleasant to hear to.

Comments from buyers

“Excellent – enough said, Super sound and value, Extremely good, perhaps even more so when you inject the extra money into third party ear tips”

Great audio – up there with my favourite klipsch x10, and significantly less-so shure se 215, which i commonly use. My only grievance is that they begun to drop aside immediately after 8 months but they are utilized almost each day in tricky scorching disorders and tremendous-glue did the trick. A strong products apart from the plastic back again panels not being glued in location.

Acquired these to get even additional satisfaction from my canine walks, very little like an early morning trot with some magnificent tunes just made even superior by a excellent headphone. Yes they were a little bit dear but so so worthy of it. Feel excellent and stable, very sure they will give me several years of assistance. Oh and they appear and fit terrific as well.

Comply T-100 Isolation Earphone Tips – : Very comfortable foam tips

After messing about with try-lobal and dual-lobal silicone tips on various iem’s over the years, i cannot believe i didn’t switch over, or try foam tips before. I got some free with some shure’s years ago, but i hated those headphones, and those foam tips were too hard. I am glad i read about these on head-fi. I recently bought some klipsch x10s, and was fairly disappointed with them. I’d bought all sorts of new tips but the x10’s go so deep, i couldn’t get a comfortable fit or a decent sound whatsoever. I was ready to send the headphone back. I am so glad i spent £15 more quid on these comply’s.

None of the supplied tips for my klipsch s4’s really fit properly and i was quite disappointed with the sound and isolation i was getting. I’ve had foam tips before and like them so thought i’d try the comply replacement tips. Bought the selection pack to get the right size. All the sizes “fit” in that they stay in my ear ok, but each does different things to the sound. For me the medium size is perfect with good sound isolation and a quality and level of bass that these ear phones have never given me before. The small had too little bass and the large too much so it was a bit fuzzy. If the cost seems a bit steep to just end up using one pair from the pack you could just go straight for the single-size packs – for me at least the sizing does seem to have matched between klipsch and comply.

Prossound quality (at least on my s4i klipsch) is as good as it ever was, if not a little better. Seal is brilliant, took a bit of getting used to, but because they are more comfy, you can stick them in furtherthey look coolconsthey seem to like ear wax, and will probably need replacing within a few monthshard to clean due to the foam texture.

As suggested by the title, there are good quality tips, but i should probably have gone with the black one. Well i clean my ear every day :) but still, after some time, it would look a bit dirty mainly because i keep them in my pocket. Functionally, they are great. Just saying that after a while, they don’t look pretty :).

  • Useful, effective, but also expensive
  • These are great!
  • Overpriced and not durable enough for the cost.

Comply T-100 Isolation Earphone Tips – (S/M/L) Platinum

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Total Isolation
  • Soft Comfort
  • Secure fit
  • Superior audio experience
  • Compatibility: 4 Models to fit all major earphone brands (S-100, S-200, S-400, S-500).

The price of comply series ear buds may seem expensive but there well worth it. If you are fed up with your ear buds not holding & falling out or still hear back ground noise from traffic,chatting,the mrs lol then the comply buds give you heaven on earth & you wont hear a damn thing apart from your music. You will improve the sound of your earphones with deep bass,mids & treble. The secret is to roll the buds between your fingers make them so they fit right in your ear channel then hold for about 45 seconds the comply foam will expand sealing your ears. You will also notice your ears feel like they have cushions hugging them as the comply foam is so light & smooth you almost forget you have earphone on. As with all ear buds they get yukee ear wax on them,i use sterile alcohol wipes from boots & wipe them over gently they then are clean & like new. I have klipsch x10 in earphones with a cowon s9 & a fiio e7 dac head phone amp & the complex added the icing on the cake for my bass junkie sounds.

Good quality, size is missed but i could put by force.

Defiantly better than the rubber buds. Mould to the ear and very comfortable. Great from the gym that plays load music.

I have a pair of sleek audio headphones, and the in ear buds that come with them just don’t fit snuggley enough, i’m in between medium and large for these buds. I did some research and found these ones and they work perfectly. Never drop out and great noise isolation. Very happy with the product.

Bought these for my etymotic hf5’s, had tried used the stock triple flange & the glider tips both giving a good seal (especially the latter). The triple flanges i found a bit of a faff and i found that both they & the gliders felt uncomfortable after not too long. Not only are they sooo soft and comfortable they also seal as well as the gliders (if not slightly better) and you can almost forget you’ve got them in. Well worth what might seem a lot for 3 pairs of foam tips.

Never been a fan of comply tips in the past, always thought they muffled the sound on my denon ah-c551. The thing is, all this time i never realised that i’d been using the wrong size. I have small ear canals and was using medium tips. Anyway, i thought i’d take a punt at getting some of these in the small size for my etymotic hf5 and all i can say is, wow, what a difference.I now have a little more bass and the mids/treble is still clear & detailed. I feel that although the stock triple flanges are great, i never got the bass response i now have and didn’t like the deep insertion. If you’re going to purchase these, just make sure that you get the correct size for your ears.

I purchased these for use with philips she-9850 earbuds, as they’re effectively replacements for the ‘official’ foam tips. There’s not a lot to say – suerb comfort, great sound isolation and probably the best option for anyone with compatible shure or philips products.

I bought these to replace some uncomfortable silicone tips on my klipsch in ear monitors. The comply tips are much more comfortable and offer better isolation than the oval shaped and less malleable klipsch silicones. Another benefit is that they don’t transmit vibrations as noise: what i mean by this is that with the silicone tips if i listen while walking along then every footstep is accompanied by a thudding noise, but if i use the comply foam tips my footsteps disappear and i am no longer forced to think of myself as a lead footed ogre. Some reviewers have complained that on removing the foam tips from their ears the tips are covered in earwax. I’ll just state the obvious and say that if your ears are reasonably clean then this won’t be an issue. You can prolong the life of these tips by washing them in lukewarm water with soap. If you use hot water the foam loses its elasticity. Assuming you have reasonably clean ears and you sometimes wash the tips then you might expect a pack of three to last at least 6 months, perhaps longer. This seems pretty good until you think about the long term cost: if your in ear monitors last you 3 years and you use 6 packs of comply tips then you will have spent perhaps an extra £80 or £90. This is a huge cost, and may even be a greater sum than the purchase price of your earphones.

They are really easy to put on and soft on your ears (you can barely, if at all, feel them in your ears). The seal is much better than the stock black syntetic tips that come with shure headphones which result in better noise cancelling and better sound quality (music sounds a lot more clearer).

I bought these for my klipch x10’s which have an amazing sound with the standard silicone buds. However like many i found these uncomfortable wearing them for any length of time and could never fully work out which size was right for me. After search for a new pair of klipsch (thinking mine were lost) i came across a recommendation for these earbuds. They are a revelation, not only are they more comfortable, provide a better seal but mostly improve the sound creating deeper base and a more defined treble. They are not cheap and i would be interested to hear if they improve cheaper in-ear headsets but for me, a great buy (although i would recomend the black as they do get dirty however clean your ears).

We own a couple of quite expensive in-ear headsets, but problems with the standard ones lead us to comply. Best investment ever, they are that good. Very confortable and stays in ears even during hard workouts.

The buds dramatically improve the comfort of my shure in-ear headphones over the standard yellow foam ones, you just notice them and they isolate you from your environment superbly well. The superior isolation really lets you hear the music better. The shure headphones never sounded so good.

I acquired a established of etymotic hf5’s and struggled to obtain the appropriate in shape and comfort and ease stage. I was proposed the comply tips and acquired some. The fit is exceptional and particularly cozy. They have enhanced the audio high quality of the iems and support isolate the external sounds a whole lot better.

The buds are pretty good and relaxed and the sound is enhanced in excess of the default ones with my klipsch x10i but they really don’t past way too lengthy since of getting wax and grime on them which suggests replacing often which at all-around £5 per pair tends to make them a not affordable luxurious.

Will help me spot my left ear cell phone effortlessly.

These are a great merchandise though they are pretty highly-priced for what they are and they are not notably tough. There are greater and much more cost-effective alternatives out there now. In airs are my recent favored.

I purchased these for my klipsch x10. Wasnt sure what sizing i required so acquired the multipack. Turns out i wanted the huge and my ears are really ordinary so not absolutely sure who would dress in the medium let by itself the compact. The klipsch tips are really very good but becoming a plastic variety product when its humid and they get a small damp the seal deteriorates. The comply conquer that difficulty and deliver a great comfy seal. They are pretty substantially like memory foam and once in your ear conform to its condition beautifully (pretty much). After taken out you will notice they appear scrunched up and a person could possibly feel they have missing their bounce aspect but they return to initial measurement in a couple minutes. I bought the non ear wax sort. I have had the ear wax kind just before but it didnt look to do considerably other than act as a further barrier among cell phone and ear.

I bought these for my shure e3g headphones as the standard synthetic tips don’t in shape my ears specifically perfectly (they retain slipping out) and i never like the provided alternate foam tips as they are far too gentle and never past incredibly extended (retain losing form very immediately). The comply foam tips are soooooooo snug – they slip in simply with out needing to be deformed like the shure foam tips and they just stay put top to greater isolation and sound excellent. They feel marginally firmer than the shure foam tips, so i’m hoping that means they ought to past lengthier with out losing their shape. All in all, really suggested.

Panasonic RP-HC101E-K Noise Cancelling Super Slim Headphone – Good headphones but not fully satisfied

If you want to pay attention to information without having hearing the outside globe this will not likely be suitable – it dampens them a little bit but not brilliantly. I like the compact layout while and they are commonly okay for most of my requires, the battery compartment cover fell of immediately after a few months nevertheless – quite flimsy and now i have to keep the battery in with a rubber band which is a little bit naff.

I’d had not too long ago tried using my close friends bose headphones on a flight, and i appreciated the strategy of seem cancelling headphones. I read through the goods evaluations for the these and considered it would be worth offering them a test as they have been gbp a hundred and sixty less costly than the bose types. I could generally move them on to my daughters if i was not that amazed. Out of the box they sense of very good quality, though the cables are slender and plainly you would need to handle the cable with some care. The major matter is that the noise cancelling operates well, and for the 8 instances a 12 months i’ll use them i am sure they will be great.

I have experienced these now for about four months and have attempted them in trains, a provider bus and planes – both of those long haul and small haul with turboprops (flybe). They are pretty powerful at reducing out noise – the bus was primarily noisy, and these have been truly effective in this circumstance. Past turboprop flights have been way too noisy to listen to just about anything – what a transformation this time. The lively cancellation is effective finest on small frequencies, but i imagine that some superior frequency noise should be shut out by just placing them on, as they suit totally on leading of my ears. I wore them for about three several hours on the transatlantic operate with out having to just take them off, while i you should not believe you would want to wear them significantly more time than that. The management box is on the guide and easy to clip on to a piece of outfits – a lot much more convenient in my check out than have the controls on the headphone alone. The headphones occur with a practical pouch to transport them in and fold flat when not in use. After examining the other reviews i was astonished to uncover i could nevertheless listen to by means of the headphones with a flat battery – as extended as i left the battery in the unit. I use nimh rechargeables – do not know if that will make any big difference. A single battery was still doing wonderful immediately after two atlantic visits – i guess about four-6 hrs use.Here are the specifications for the Panasonic RP-HC101E-K Noise Cancelling Super Slim Headphone:

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  • Reduces outside noise by 83%
  • Slim Fold-flat Design
  • Compact Carrying Pouch Included
  • Double construction with metal core band
  • Frequency response 18Hz-24kHz

I tried the headphones on a teach journey and was dissatisfied they don`t lower out as significantly noise as i was expecting from a panasonic products.

These headphones were being bought for a prolonged-haul flight and ended up exceptional. They equipped into my iphone and into the airplane headphone socket with out any connector. The batteries lasted two journeys of close to 10 several hours just about every. Not owning employed these kind of headphones in advance of, i come across it really hard to assess with other types which is why i have offered four stars. I recognized a good big difference with them on, and a small sum of qualifications noise, but this really was negligible. The sound was so good that i was entirely engrossed in all the four movies i watched back to back on the way out.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good headphones but not fully satisfied
  • Nice and compact but doesn’t cut out extranuous sounds
  • Excellent sound quality – include flight adapter

Applied these on a quick flight and had been very comfy, straightforward to use (when you’ve got mastered the art of unfolding them). A pretty powerful way of decreasing engine noise (not entirely, but much more than sufficient). I did locate that when taking them on/ off in flight, i had a slight sense of dizziness the place the sense of equilibrium (near the ears) was disturbed for a handful of seconds. You need to don’t forget to have a battery in get to use them. On my trip when i desired to use them for the flight dwelling, i identified that the battery experienced died and so they were being ineffective in flight. Moral of the story: have spare batteries. (not confident regardless of whether the headphones are battery lifetime suckers, or regardless of whether i would failed to flip them off/ the in-flight button might have been flicked on once again by slip-up?).

Wife uses these on flights to look at flicks on netbook. History noise on ryanair spoils videos with typical headphones. They are light-weight on the ear and comfy.

It is avery legitimate stating you get what you shell out for. The headphones are alright but you even now hear plane noises.

Audio cancelling is okay but not as fantastic as panasonic make out. Seem high quality is superior, particularly when noise cancelling switched on.

Applying these on the plane, they produced a large variation in reducing noise. Very good seem quality, and the battery didn’t operate out irrespective of employing for several hours. They fold down definitely properly also. Almost nothing poor to say about them.

I owned a pair of these headphones for about a year. I did level the sound and noise cancelling features, however at 1 of the joints in which the ear phones fold in they snapped off. I am not even absolutely sure how it transpired, they had been just in my jacket pocket. So i surely wouldn’t price the establish high quality really.

The cable is definitely prolonged – handy in some cases, but most of the time it receives in the way.

I totally love these headphonesthey cancel track record noise seriously effectively and though you can still listen to some louder irregular noises, the audio top quality will make up for this 10 fold. I use them all the time and the battery lasts for what seems like a lifetime (likely about a week). The only thing i will say is that when the battery goes, so does the sound and if you operate the battery proper down then there will be no seem what so at any time (even with noise cancelling turned off). But if you happen to be seriously that fussed about the battery running out then you will generally have a spare.

Usually speaking good good quality headphones. The noise cancellation performs properly and the sound high-quality looks excellent to my untrained ears. Slight criticism is the aaa battery compartment go over is a bit flimsy and comes open by by itself sometimes if not this would be a five star critique.

Used them a short while ago on two trans atlantic flights. Lessened most of the engine noise and manufactured the flight considerably much more bearable than is normal. Would unquestionably recommend them. Really don’t be tempted to invest a substantial quantity of revenue on other manufacturers.

I am now on my 2nd pair of these. The excellent information is that they are cozy and for the rate have good audio and noise reduction. I have utilized them frequently on the two trains and planes and you unquestionably see the distinction when the noise reduction is on. Only giving them 4 commences nevertheless as the volume handle on my first pair stopped working after about eighteen months and i only acquired seem out of a single channel. I would have predicted them to previous for a longer period than that.

Adequate noise reduction to make prepare vacation additional at ease, the audio is excellent and they are relaxed for a pair of hours. So excellent benefit but just after a though they crank out a ‘clickety-click’ electronic sound each individual now and then which is annoying.

Having had numerous sets of noise cancelling earphones (panasonic, sony, sennheiser, philips)- an absolute requirement on transatlantic flights – i acquired these as they had been low cost when i mislaid by recent pair and was incredibly pleasantly stunned: they are as good as any i’ve had and only fifty percent the price tag of the subsequent lowest priced. As with all such earphones you can’t definitely exam them besides on a plane, bus or train the place you get substantial concentrations of qualifications noise ideal for suppression. Have attempted these on all a few with wonderful success. Will be intrigued to see how extensive they past because vacation earphones are, by definition, relatively flimsy and usually get large-handed treatment method and they are extremely light-weight.

They are adaptable for when i have accidentally sat on them. And the cushioning on the ear does not don out simply. The noise cancellation is effective well adequate (particularly on aeroplanes). On the other hand, do not expect it to compete with a £400 pair. They do the position only as properly as the dollars invested. I would even so suggest them. The aaa battery lasts rather lengthy as properly which is pleasing. The small aeroplane adapter is also amazingly useful. Is trendy and in a fantastic pouch that comes with it.

These headphones were being recommended by which?. As pretty good noise cancelling headphones at a reasonable price. In that regard they are ok but about a check time period of forty eight several hours on extensive haul flights i would say they only cancelled about half of the droning motor noise. They are on the ear and very light-weight so i located that they moved off my ears very a whole lot which considerably defeats the noise cancelling influence.The controls for volume and silence/ checking your environment were in the cable not on the headphones and that is superior. Obtaining the silence button built it simple to examination just how substantially noise cancelling was likely on. With regard to seem excellent they are great but i currently have outstanding stenheiser headphones for that and i purchased these especially to cancel environmental noise and they are not rather up to the mark. Guess it arrives down to you get what you shell out for. I tested bose headphones in retail outlet at more than £200 and they are far better. If you truly want to have fairly extensive distance flights help save up and buy bose.

I have just acquired these headphones and i am extremely amazed with the audio high quality, apart from a extremely slight buzzing throughout quiet areas, which the producers say is perfectly usual. On the other hand, be sure to observe that this products by now features a flight socket adapter so do not be persuaded to choose up amazon’s ‘special’ deal of acquiring a independent adapter with the headphones. I know it’s only 95p, but how a lot of adapters do you definitely have to have?.

Koss Pro DJ200 Full Size Over-Ear DJ Headphone : Great clarity and detail – but doesn’t last

Update – unfortunately, the microphone cable stopped working a few months in. I sent it off to koss, who vowed to replace it but then went quiet for 6 months. It turns out they don’t have this model any more, so if i were you i wouldn’t bother buying these, as i just don’t know how reliable they are. Be warned – customer service is slow and, while helpful, painfully unresponsive. You may get an email back, reply the same day and then not hear anything for months. I’ll leave the original review below, to be fair to them. It’s very difficult to find anything about these headphones online – and that’s a pity, because they’re really rather good. I’d previously owned a set of audio technica ws55i headphones, which i used with my iphone 5. They were great, until the microphone conked out (and the same thing happened with my replacement).

My kids broke my pro dj100, which is the non detachable cable headphone. Been using scullcandy aviators for out doors and philips x1 with x2 cable for at home, with music and movies but in my view these dj200 are better for movies than my x1’s. The mids on these dj200 are fantastic. If you love vocals get these. The x1’s are three times the price and although the quality of sound is much better i still prefer the sound signature because of the forwad mids on these great headphones. To improve the sound invest in a headphone amp. I use the pa2v2 but amazon have plenty of good amps fiio e17.

These headphones are simply unreal when it comes torealism but they have a fatal flaw. That flaw is that the bass is not there literally. I have seen many reviews and they are all kind because of the realism. So my advise is this if where talking jazz classical something definately vocal yougotthe phones done. But if at any point it is bass then dont touch them as sorry to say they dont have it.

The low range voice is very outstandingthe bass effect is very clear and strongeventhough the high range voice doesn’t work very well, but in this low price this products perform very well.

  • Good if you are deaf in one ear
  • Great clarity and detail – but doesn’t last
  • GREAT HEADPHONE ! Just buy them but you need a small amp and maybe M50 pads for comfort.

Koss Pro DJ200 Full Size Over-Ear DJ Headphone with Microphone – Black

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    to make sure this fits.
  • Koss ProDJ200 headphones are the next step up from the incredible ProDJ100. With stylish, spun metal noise cancelling ear cups that swivel 180 degrees, shifting between single & double-ear listening.
  • Features soft closed cushions that create a perfect seal whose comfort is amplified by extreme bass response of these soft, closed headphones.
  • Comes with professional grade 8-foot coiled cord & a new 4-foot straight cord equipped with KTC remote & mic technology made for iPhone, iPad, iPod & all other smartphones & devices.
  • Fold flat into a convenient case for easy portability.
  • Ear cups feature stereo / mono switch & swivel for single / double ear listening preference

I bought these entirely because i’m stone deaf in one ear and they have a mono switch. You can get older sets with a mono switch, often very cheap, but i wanted something up to date. Because i’m a lifelong monophone, to coin a word, i can only write as one, but within that limitation they sound pretty good to me, nicely neutral frequency-wise, no idiosyncracies, that i’m aware of, when playing sonically complex music. (just for listening though: i’m not mixing anything or doing my dj thing). Big cans, of course, you know you’ve got them on, but i’m not especially aware of my ears getting hot, and they don’t pinch my (average size) bonce, as apparently some headphones do. I’ve seen reports of faults to the wiring developing but it’s too early to comment on that. I use them with the last (and best) of the sony personal cd players, while doing the washing up, and they sound pretty good with it.

Good quality headphones but i have to have my ipod absurdly loud to get any decent volume through them.

Sad that there are not many reviews out there, but got to say i am pleasantly surprised. One thing thou, this is not compatible with my android device (galaxy note 2) but i knew it before buying just wanted to make sure that everyone is fully aware of it before going for it :).

Urbanz Block DJ Style Headphones – / – Block DJ Style Headphones

Having go through the testimonials i acquired this item anticipating better each a far better high-quality of audio and suit. In both equally i was upset but not adequate to return the solution as the handiness of obtaining a removable lead isa actual plus. This permits me to use whatever guide i want at the time – prolonged, brief, curly and so on. I have an average sized head but these phones just you should not sense proper on the other hand i modify them. I have acquired at minimum another 4 pairs of headphones ranging from real cheapies (from the pound store) to extremely expensive sony’s and even the pound shop kinds truly feel additional snug than these. As to the seem high quality, once more – i have pound shop types that really sound just as excellent in all ranges. Having said that, if you want truly fashionable wanting, robust cans with removable lead, then these are for you. I will continue to keep them and use them for my video filming in areas that i wouldn’t want to just take highly-priced machines. You also get a smaller to big jack plug adapter bundled in the box).

The direct is not very long ample. It is a shame an extension guide the very same colour as merchandise is not available.

They are good quality for the price, excellent sound, fantastic bass, actractive n the small earphones that was delivered are excellent aswell.

  • Great headphones
  • Urbanz Block DJ Style Headphones
  • Excellent headphones for the price

These have emense seem top quality which is awsome but the only issue i have with them is they are somewhat to unfastened for what i want but in any other case absoulutely frickin awsome.

Great look and the sound top quality is fantastic for the dollars. Acquired for my 11 calendar year previous son and he enjoys them.

Bought it for my eight yr old daughter. She thinks they appear excellent, are very comfortable to dress in with amazing seem. The greatest bit is i really don’t get to listen to what she’s listening to. The bag keeps almost everything alongside one another and the value is sensible.

I’ve obtained the solution swiftly and correctly. When i use them, it blocks out all of seems aside from the tunes that your listening to which is good. They are incredibly properly created as the wire is coiled which is a excellent idea as i’ve constantly harmed my headphones by damaging the wire but i really don’t assume it perfectly materialize here. When you have them on for awhile, you do get incredibly hot ears with owning them on depending on the size of your head but i get pleasure from it. I am truly happy i purchased this product or service and i proposed it to everyone that require some headphones that have very good quality sound, very good bass, adjustable headphone pads and great colors, these are the headphones for you.

Headphones are over-all first rate but the difficulty is that they dont take care of higher frequencies nicely as you be expecting, from time to time it sounds far too loud and from time to time not,in conditions of ease and comfort these badboys aint much too bad and also have a fantastic design and ‘phenomenal bass’ as a audio producer i would not recomend these to fellow producers as it is at times tricky to here devices clearly, they are finest if you use them for testing. For relaxed new music listeners i feel these are truly worth it :)hope this served fellas x.

I experienced expended a few of months looking for a established of right headphones like this and was undecided in between these and a pair of skullcandys, i assume i manufactured the appropriate decision with these mainly because i have listened to from many spots that the common audio high quality on these is top-quality to sc’s. When i gained the headphones (which was a working day right after despatch) i tried out them out promptly and was fairly impressed with the quantity level that the headphones go up to when plugged into my ipod contact, on the other hand to see just how loud the headphones can go i experienced to plug them into my pc and alter some of the seem configurations, they are fantastic headphones and i am delighted with the purchase, oh and also in the not likely likelihood your headphones split just merely sign-up them on the urbanz web-site when you get them and they will give you a lifetime guarantee.

In the words and phrases of my teenage son who utilizes them on his ipad – ‘they are properly very good headphones’ – so that ought to be somethingwould undoubtedly advise trader and headphones.

Soundmagic MP21 Earphones : Wow – seriously good headphones

Wow, these certainly do are living up to all the positive testimonials. Wonderful seem, and not just for the cost. Good punchy bass, easy midtones and crisp treble. The overall sound is distinct and not muddy. They sound like my bose sounddocki’d just like to add that the cables are a v-condition, and not the uncomfortable spherical-the-neck layout, in which one particular cable is longer than the other. I believe the v form (identical cable size to each ear bud) is substantially more simple and significantly less probably to get caught on collars or pull in troublesome strategies. It is really just me, but i didn’t obtain a excellent healthy with any of the 4 dimensions of provided earbuds. The smallest were being closest but a minor as well modest. So i utilised my previous koss earbuds that worked for me actually effectively. Now the audio and healthy are best.

I would recomend them to any one who cant find headphones that will remain in there ears. They contain unique rubber fittings small, medium and large, all in distinct elements. There straightforward to cleanse and are suprisingly at ease, so substantially so i can hold them in for several hours devoid of having to choose them outthere is also a useful clip which you can fassen to a pocket or element of your shirt so if you tug on them they wont slide out. I personally dont normally choose headphones in this selling price array but they are definatly well worth just about every penny. I would also like to get this opertunity to thank nikita perezilo from puretone for her cooperation when i (out of my own particular mistake) requested two of this item. She was very understanding, helpful and promt in her reaction which has definatly supplying me believe in in purchasing much more items from this enterprise. I would definatly recomend this products and this organization to everyone who exhibits an desire.

SoundMAGIC MP21 Earphones with Mic for iPhone – Pink

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    to make sure this fits.
  • Answer calls and control music with iPhone, Blackberry and smartphones
  • Robust metal construction
  • Comfortable fit with stay-in-ear design
  • Sound isolating design
  • Sound signature: Well balanced, accurate sound

Superior headphones- audio clear and lasted more than a 12 months.

I have now been working with these earphones for a month and simply cannot fault them. Excellent sound high-quality, great for all forms of new music from classical to rock&roll to flamenco. Pretty comfy to use, also sturdy for the health and fitness center.

These are a cracking little pair of headphones thinking of the cost. I was a minor anxious that they may perhaps be cheap and horrible but i was pleasantly shocked. They appear with a few of alternative earbuds so you can decide on the appropriate sizing for your ears, after you have picked the ideal kinds they seal genuinely nicely and block out the bulk of track record sounds. I can have on them to gthe fitness center and they fit so well that they really don’t transfer at all or slide out.

SoundMAGIC MP21 Earphones with Mic for iPhone – Pink : After years of using the sennheiser mx 95, i tried these basedon some magazine reviews and they did not disappoint. Now, i’m not saying they are better than the mx95’s but i am saying they made me not miss the sennheisers and those are twice as expensive.

Acquired these as a replacement to higher close shure in ear screens that i dropped and they have been a pleasurable surprisethe audio of these lil items is extraordinary the very low end is skull crushing, the mids are not the pretty best but are listened to and the treble is respectable plenty of. Seem intelligent i have no complications with them. Noise isolation could be better. Coming from substantial conclusion sounds isolation earphones this is in which i discovered the variance the most. I have to put my new music up to drown the sound sipping as a result of when the shure’s only held the noise out. I never ever experienced to go earlier sixty% volume with the shure’s but with these i have to juice them approximately 90%this delivers me to my subsequent issue. If these earphones fit perfectly then the sounds isolation would be doing work but i have not yet observed the great in shape with these. So you may uncover oneself regularly changing them which is kinda aggravating particularly if you have a woolly had or scarf. The other down-position which might be isolated to my established is the microphone.

They make affordable seem and are comfy to put on. What i am dissatisfied about is that while the description claims tunes regulate, this does not incorporate volume management. That mentioned i have utilised the change observe handle and alternatively of the observe shifting the quantity went to utmost and deafened me, but i believe this was not a established purpose, much more of a glitch.

Frankly i’m surprised just how good these headphones are. I have a pair of pairs of sennheiser about-ear headphones again residence that i use for listening to my stereo when the wife is not intrigued in acquiring her ears bleed and these are at the very least as excellent as they are for a portion of the price. I honestly thought the to start with couple reviews of these headphones were being ‘seeded’ by soundmagic given i’ve never read of the brand name right before, but seemingly not.

I requested these immediately after looking through constructive critiques of it on amazon and in several other sound boards. So i had pretty significant anticipations for these. I would say only 60-70% of my anticipations came accurate. Positives:-very good healthy and seal in the ears-excellent quality cable-properly rounded seem high quality-incredibly great seem reproduction, slight details can be read toonegatives:-bass not as solid as i would have appreciated-casing and joint is not of wonderful qualityoverall 7/ten.

Excellent end, fascinating/pleasing design, snug in shape and the cable is quick to untangle. The audio isn’t excellent but it is much from bad in point, for the price they’re a remarkable and, for calls, they are amazing. All in all they’re a fantastic obtain.

The sound out of these tiny beauty’s is 2nd to none. Genuinely distinct, broad audio permitting you to hear just about every aspect of whatsoever you are listening to. Even so, they lose a star because (on my pair at the very least) the phone controls never actually do the job to change tracks/pause/skip like they really should do. The audio was so fantastic although that i just obtained made use of to doing that on my precise telephone. This isn’t a massive deal at all but like i reported, it could just be an concern with this precise pair. All in all a excellent pair of earphones.

Pretty great and well balanced seem, an absolute earn for the price tag. No downsides in the depth region both.

Wonderful audio but did not last as very long as i would have preferred about four months. Microphone worked properly with blackberry but not iphone.

Seem excellent was good, and the remote labored (if you can dwell with the ‘tap after to pause, two times to go ahead, thrice to go backwards’ nonsense). Unfortuately the headphones broke immediately after about six months – the sound stopped coming out the headphone with the remote on it. I have experienced this identical trouble on a different make/design, not guaranteed exactly why. Amazon couldn’t exchange them, as they had stopped offering this design straight, so i really don’t know if this was an isolated failure or not. I’ve considering that changed it with a sony sbh52 bluetooth remote – i am hoping the lack of a physical relationship to get worn/yanked on could boost longevity. Time will explain to on the dependability, but a full set of buttons on the sony is very welcome. (indeed – separate buttons for all the features).

I acquired these as i experienced also bought the ipod nano sixth gen, which came with pretty minimal standard headphone’s (as standard from apple). So i was on the lookout for a headset that would continue to be in position although doing work out at the fitness center. These are ideal and the audio quality is also amazing. Following reading all the good review’s i resolved to give them a go and i havn’t been dissapointed. Even although they are developed mainly for cellular phone’s, they are just as practical for any other use. All in all, an amazing established of headphone’s.

Fantastic sound (foundation a little little bit weak), superior top quality and nice to get the splitter that will allow the headphones to be plugged into the mic and headphone socket of my computeronly draw back is there is no quantity control (which is a true agony).

Wow, immediately after researching a number of ear phones, i was heading to go for the extra high priced kipslch s4i’s. Then i go through a review of seem magic earphones. At this value bracket you would not get a superior sound earphone. Construct good quality could possibly be a increased, but audio is outstanding.

I purchased these in august 2011, and they previous me this extended (thoughts you i are likely to be really rough with my earphones)the seem quality is amazing and total i am pretty satisfied with this purchase. I am likely to acquire a 2nd pair one since this a single just broke.

I have been obtaining mp21s for quite a few a long time now as adore the audio excellent and inline management only dilemma is create quality. Latest pair obtained in could and now august the remaining pud has come aside and is no for a longer period performing very same matter transpired with last set but right bud. I would continue to propose them for the cost but you can be changing them if in day by day use.

Purchased as a reward and they have usually superior seem with superior bass rumble and clarity when speaking/vocals – the inline mic works fairly perfectly and it integrates fantastic with idevices. Even so, they lasted for a when but a crack appeared in wire deal with soon after about 2 months – the audio has considering that been a little bit intermittent. It’s just typical dress in and tear so possibly would not be coated by the warranty which is a disgrace as they were being a awesome established of earphones, but i am going to not get the identical brand once more – even if it was only an unlucky a person off. Ok even though they were being operating, but not advisable.

I’ve got incredibly delicate ears, and these are the types that match me. I have obtained other people dearer than these kinds but they are not as comfortable as this mp21.

Sony Fashion Over-Ear Headphones : Affordable, funky headphones.

I was not absolutely sure suitable absent about these headphones ,but after listening to a extensive range of songs with them i obtain i am fairly amazed with their potential to manage all kinds of appears from acoustic people to prog rock. The bass for me is place on while icannot discuss for these that like the far more bass and drum dominated stuff. How these phones audio on the most up-to-date i pods i really don’t know but on my previous 3rd generation one particular i come to feel they have to have a little bit extra umph. Even when listened to at entire quantity. My artistic zen handles them a little improved ,but they do accomplish well when pushed by my hifi amp. At the cost i paid, i imagine these are likely to confirm challenging to defeat.

Seem replica quite very good and comfortable on so extensive as you are sitting down down,eg. If you are shifting about or performing a job at residence they have a tendency to slip out of situation and you are continuously changing their posture. But i guess they are not made for that form of use, so it’s again to the ear plugs in those people occasions.

Sony Fashion Over-Ear Headphones for iPod, iPhone, MP3 and Smartphone – White

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    to make sure this fits.
  • Over-head headphones with aluminium finish, 40mm neodymium driver available in a choice of colours
  • 40mm neodymium drivers
  • 6Hz-25kHz frequency range
  • High power input up to 1,000mW

Bought these for my lover who didnt have a first rate set. I individual numerous pairs of large conclude headphones (sennheiser hd600, hd595, fa-003, ultrasone 780 etcetera etc) and i was incredibly impressed by these headphones. The sound is energetic however uncomplicated to listen to with an emphasis on making a sleek, simple listening, seem with a slight bass preference. The bass is abundant, with fantastic sub bass functionality that blends into the rest of the range pretty properly. Midrange is even and a minor recessed, but retains a good little bit of element. The treble is easy, easy to pay attention to but with sufficient sparkle and electrical power to keep a significant ‘fun’ variable. They are effortless to drive from conventional mp3 players and the flat cable prevents it from bouncing about or tangling. The in good shape is pretty nice, but will take a very little work to get the greatest positioning and seal on your ears. The cushions could do with getting a little bit softer and much larger but for a compact headphone they are incredibly great. Ive been actually impressed with these headphones and will certainly be having a pair for myself for travelling.

Execs:- incredibly cozy for extended periods of time even with glasses. Several headphones i have tried depart my ears feeling very hot and vibrant pink immediately after just an hour, these do not. – excellent seem for a variety of genres, real clarity. – the flat cable design seriously will work.These headphones hardly ever get tangled- arrived much more quickly than predicted in a remarkably modest package deal. Cons:- i you should not get the issue in the swivel cups – maybe just to make the packaging more compact- materials about the headband is really slim, but i have had mine due to the fact easter and there are no tears.

I’ve been rather impressed with these. Sound high-quality is truly good, with ‘tight’ properly controlled bass that will not swap, and all the things in the mid-higher ranges is crisp and outlined without sounding at all tinny. You can seriously listen to all types of nuances in the seem that are missed with inferior headphones. Even at high quantity degrees there is no distortion. Isolation from external sound is definitely great, so valuable for noisy environments. Not the most snug headphones, but they appear to be to be loosening up with wear. I like the flat cable and in general good quality, and they glance good as well. A 2m cable may have been much more handy, and a single cable entry point would have been awesome, but cannot be much too fussy at this rate.

Sony Fashion Over-Ear Headphones for iPod, iPhone, MP3 and Smartphone – White : So, my headphones have finally died after 3 years and 9 months of use. I’ve used these near daily for years, shoved them in and out of bags and dropped them on the floor of the london underground frequently. I’ve attached a photo so you can see how they’ve worn. In the end, it was the splitting at the headphone jack that damaged them beyond use, and that’s only happened in the last month. I considered reinforcing the end with sugru but i figured it was time to move oni’m docking one star because the material used for the overhead part of the headphones was incredibly fragile, and started flaking and splitting within a few months of use. I ended up wrapping it with black electrical tape before it lost all of it’s cushioning. I think if i’d used less attractive tape i would have felt tempted to throw these away before 6 months of use. I think it’s worth noting that i’ve never received a complaint about how loud my music is, and i’ve used these in relatively fussy offices. I also miss the sound cancellation that they provided on the tube – i didn’t realise quite how much they cut out until i found myself frequently upping the volume when using my apple headphones on my commute.

This kind of a good quality pair of headphones. I have made use of them most days and they have survived a break in, where they were dropped on the floor outdoors. I have experienced them three a long time, so the audio is just not as excellent as it was when they ended up new but really strong and good quality. Also, the sounds-cancelling is really great.

Soon after spending way also significantly time wanting close to for above ear headphones i confidently settled on these sony headphones. I am a good believer that fantastic quality sony audio solutions, rather than their spending plan choices, present fantastic seem quality and these headphones show me correct. Fantastic sound, restricted audio leakage, very good appears to be like and relaxed = excellent get less than £40. I have all of my music on a sony nwz mp3 participant with a mp3’s set to max high quality which can help for greater seem and the head telephones rise to the celebration on par with my beats. Get them, you will never be let down.

These headphones are terrific, they have a high quality seem and really feel considering the value and the audio excellent is exceptional for the value. The style and design also means they include a superior amount of money of audio isolation so new music appears good without having a lot of qualifications noisethe cable itself is nicely developed as well, with a flat tangle totally free wire which is doing the position effectively and feels terrific, though having an l-shaped plug at the stop for a extensive lasting 3. The only downside i would say is the leather-based kind of material on the headband would seem a little slim and could dress in out shortly but all in all for £35 they are a good pair of headphones easily some of the finest i have at any time utilized.

Purchased these headphones as a existing for my sister, and she certainly cherished it. There’s some sound leak, but nothing at all way too severe. They appear stunning in white, very cozy to use, and the seem is superior high quality. For me, a need to get on this selling price assortment. You get a good deal for very little funds.

I bought these to swap a established of sony noise cancelling cans that i experienced owned for about 4 several years and regrettably snapped not long ago. I only made use of the nc circuitry after, as cell mobile phone frequency seemed to interfere with it when on the practice. Prior to purchasing the zx600s i listened to a honest number of headphones for reference and comparison, all within a related price tag variety. Sennheiser, jvc, skullcandy, and so forth. My tunes taste may differ from rock to trance, never r&b or hip hop, and exaggerated bass cans are not for me. I discover they muddy the sound. I also watch a significant sum of movie content material on my s3 when commuting. Of all the headphones i tried, these ended up the very best suited for television/film viewing. For music they are bass biased, even though this is rather quickly manipulated with the s3 equaliser, and is not seriously detrimental to the all round sound of the cans. Seem leakage is minimum, appearing only a little at stupidly large volumes.

My past pair of headphones broke just after quite a few a long time of contented use. They have been maxell brand name, a cost-free reward when i subscribed to q magazine a couple yrs back. They price about £30 at the time i recall. So i wished a very similar priced pair with essential criteria remaining very low sound decline this sort of as not to disturb my wife’s slumbers. The seem from these headphones is wonderful. My daughter has also has a pair of sony headphones which charge about £20. Cannot say to be sincere that the audio excellent is that considerably unique but spending £40 for these does get you increased excellent parts, look and feel. So i am quite satisfied with my purchase. For home use only, not 1 to have on them out and about. I like to have my whole wits about me.

I originally purchased these to use for my college get the job done because i pay attention to my lectures for revision and i located the in-ear headphones started to seriously irritate my ears following a few of hrs of making use of them. These headphones are excellent: they’re light, the cord is created in such a way that it does not get knotted up, and the seem excellent (in my look at) is terrific. I use them with my macbook and my iphone and i much choose the excellent of audio as a result of the headphones as opposed to the in-ear headphones that arrived with my iphone originally. These do still damage my ears a little bit when i put on them for far too lengthy (like exactly where they drive on to my ears), which i was definitely aware of when i initially bought them, but now, just after possessing them for a handful of months, i uncover that this will not bother me fairly so a great deal. Overall, for the cost you pay back, these are a pair of excellent headphones that also seem terrific. As another person who initially required them just for occasional use, i now use them for absolutely every thing.

I bought these headphones as an option to beats by dre studio headphones, which are ridiculously pricey. The sony headphones had been advisable to me by a good friend, who stated the sound was equal to beats but the rate was a great deal reduced. Effectively, till i purchase some beats i cannot look at the two. My to start with perception upon employing these was that the seem seemed a little bit much more ‘tinny’ and not as a great deal bass as my old headphones (skullcandy hesh). Nevertheless, this has considering the fact that improved a little bit potentially thanks to adjusting particularly how they are positioned on my ears. I believe it is dependent on precisely where and how shut to your ears the headphones are. My outdated headphones completely lined my ears, so there was completely no interference from other appears all over me. These only sit on leading of my ears, which is a allow-down. Also, i uncover the complete matter tends to slide down my head when i search down a little bit, unless of course i’ve bought the headband tightened enough (but then you hazard the genuine earpieces staying even more absent from your ears). Do not get me mistaken, they are great headphones and the genuine audio-excellent appears to be a good deal far better and clearer than my outdated headphones (there looks to be extra of a encompass outcome often, which is very cool).

I realise in relative phrases these are not high priced headphones but they are even now £10 far more than i have ever paid out right before and i am very pleased with the sound quality. The suit on the ear feels cosy and at ease and the amount of money o and width of headband adjustments is perfect. I have a smaller head and commonly have to have the headband altered to the smallest and continue to truly feel it not extremely safe but with these i am two clicks absent from entirely closed so they will in shape a wide selection of head sizes.

Prior to i purchased these headphones i experienced two other pairs just one was in ear and the other was a skullcandy pair that experienced excellent seem good quality but failed to just look good. I prefer in excess of ear headphones and in the earlier the only types i would at any time use out would be my in-ear headphones so i decided to get a low-cost(ish) pair of headphones that looked excellent. A single of my freinds experienced some sony headphones and they appeared actually neat so i resolved to get some. Provided the value i expected them to have not amazing sound top quality but they are excellent as lengthy as you aren’t recording vocals or some studio things. They also do well in looking greatobviously with a price tag like that there will be some shortcomings for a start out they do not definitely truly feel like they cost any a lot more than they do as they usually are not produced out of excellent components they also aren’t the comfiest of headphones but all in all i like them.

Acquired for use with a new ipod nano seven. The amount of money of bass appears right to me (biased as i may well be, enjoying the bass trombone in my spare time). Items of songs with memorably significant and very low appears all audio as i would be expecting them to. Quantity degree is excellent way too, both of those with ipod and as an alternative to tinny keep an eye on speakers. Incredibly comfy, with or with no specs on. Now subjected to the massive test – can they cope with the london underground?. They never shut out all the sound the tube tends to make, but you can get adequate quantity to listen to your songs. Perverse gain: my spouse bought other incredibly related sony headphones for a flight, with a change (‘smartphone control’ i believe) on the cable. You could only get the seem on the flight film by repeatedly keeping the swap down.

. I have a amount of sets of headphones ranging from the in ear to overear types. These definitely blow absent the competitors. . Why devote more than £100 on the in-types when these are really much outstanding. Go through some of the reviews for beats for illustration. I pay attention to every thing from large rock (zeppelin, hendrix and so on as a result of to newer stuff this kind of as muse, snow patroil, linkin park by means of to quieter things these as joni mitchell and ellie goulding. I am now hearing items in all varieties of music that i didnt even know was there in the past.

I purchased a pair of sony zx600 immediately after examining the fantastic amazon assessments. I have been using sennheiser pmx60s with my ipod and have been really content. I present a new music demonstrate on our local group radio, for which have a pair of sony z700s. The zx600s virtually match the z700s which are also huge for ipod cell listening. The zx600s create an great well balanced sound from the ipod, rendering all frequencies with out the equalizer. If you like the best end, then you can select ‘treble boost’. You can also try the ‘jazz’ or ‘piano’ placing which you may perhaps prefer. With the pmx60s i have to give them a strengthen with the eq established for ‘r&b’, but they are nonetheless not up to the performance of the sony ‘phones. Summing up, the mdrzx600s are fantastic headphones and are definitely to be advised for listening to digital new music. My only niggle is that the cable goes into both of those earpieces, and it would be good if this went into only one particular aspect like my other ‘phones, but this isn’t going to have an affect on the sound.

I have relied on sony headphones for a variety of several years now and required a new pair right after possessing a ‘sit down’ incident with my last pair i bought the zx600 immediately after looking at some of the assessments on listed here and the promise of ‘noise reduction’ in sony’s pr spin. I’ve tried out them out with different genres of audio and the two my ipod and hi-fi. The audio excellent from equally is very well over the typical you would count on and i consider they conduct way higher than all other cans that are of a related price tag. They handle the ‘heavier’ aspect of my audio assortment just as effectively as the quieter rock ballads and ‘easy listening’ tunes. I’ve nonetheless to see how snug they’ll soon after a pair of hours, but initial impressions direct me to believe they will never enable me down. While there is some ‘noise reduction’ of history sounds – i’m sure there are better merchandise out there – but at £40?. I will not consider so all in all i am exceptionally delighted with my invest in and with a preference of colors offered there is certainly a color for absolutely everyone .

Have owned these certain headphones for a number of several years but they started off to dress in out, so procured this pair to change my outdated kinds. Will work brilliantly and seems good. My preceding pair lasted me nicely over five decades so they had been truly worth the rate.

As the other evaluations have claimed ‘who wants dr dre?’. If you are keen to squander £180 on the letter b then be my visitor. Following attempting the beats solo’s and these i can safely say these are way superior. The base line is just as good if not superior. They are light sturdy and never seem like they are produced of low cost plastic. They are tremendous comfortable and the audio high-quality is just as fantastic as beats. The sound quality is very good for the price. I have read superior from bose headphones nonetheless the pair i tried using were £280 and i’m sorry but i are unable to justify that quantity of income on headphones even with the top quality remaining extremely very good. If you are searching for a pair of headphones that are very good price for cash, comfy, superior base and attractive then these are the headphones for you.

GRDE Upgrade Version Sport Wireless Stereo tooth 4 – Sound is good with LG G2 phone

So significantly so superior , good seem and handy with no wires , falls off your neck and dangles by the ear buds when you do some floor get the job done in the fitness center with your head again , set a towel all around my neck to prevent that.

Sometime connection is misplaced, but mostly working properly.

These arrived now simple pairings with cellular phone still doing work out the full established up but deffo worthy of the dollars and arrived on time as stated i’ll write-up a further tomorrow soon after i finish do the job to see how they perform when i’m trucking down the road.

Effectively worth the dollars,will work strait out of the box,also pair swiftly. Im pleased with this purchase.

This is my second get and i contented for this headset the very first that i have i give it to my brother.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good value product.
  • Good sound, easy to use.
  • Great product – Easy to use

Thank you, just what i preferred.

Labored very well and had been offered on as they’re a bit fiddly.

I adore the fact that they hold close to the neck when not in use. Just want they were greater wanting, significantly less conspicuous.

Excellent headset for people today generally on the move.

four stars simply because changing the earbuds is fiddly. In any other case this is a fine item. Quite superior sound high-quality and quantity. Simple, apparent guidelines, i experienced this paired and operating appropriate out of the box in 2 minutes.

Current reviewthe firm sent me a new gadget, and its like a totally diverse headset :-)phisically they are similar, except a gdre branding on the new just one. Another change is that this one doesnt seem to be to fall apart :-)soundquality is improved, especially voices whichs usually means phonecalls but also listening to podcasts is pretty very good (now)the make in eq doesnt really make a variation, if i didnt know i was switching it i properbly wouldnt observe it had changed. Usabilitythe headset is comfortable to put on, very light-weight and flexiblechanging between the 3 make in eq involves urgent vol up+down, which is not quick to do when its all over your neckwhen youre in a phonecall the same two buttons pressed, mutes the mic. For this i nevertheless use my phones buttonsindividually the volume up and down, skip, back, phonecall and perform/pause buttons are uncomplicated to use, just not when they want to be pressed simultaniously. The battery indicator is noticeable next to the blutooth image, i feel that is a very pleasant featureif youre utilizing it with an iphone, the callbutton operates with siri. No need to push and hold or something, ‘she’ responds correct away, that is also wonderful. All in all, i am now a joyful consumer. The product is excellent, the client support is even superior and for the value you cant get much better high quality______________________old reviewim not sure wether i am just unfortunate, but just after just one charge, the deal with above the powerport can no lengthier go back in area. On the bottom of each earbuds, the little rubber ‘thing’ keeps falling down and out of the earpieces. Sound high quality is not good, but the charges considering there in all probability ok.

Accident 1st november and can be much better less difficult to use a superior solution.

Excellent for managing , high quality of the audio ,absolutely nothing specific but does the gymnasium at the health club.

Operates actually very well, i was nicely amazed.

These headphones are definitely attractive and pretty fashionable in style. The key horseshoe shaped element is worn all around your neck,and is pretty, very snug in fact and the buds then match into the ears,there are a selection of spare ear buds provided. The primary element is designed of what looks to be a really superior quality plastic and are quite well madeafter charging the headphones for about ninety minutes. And speaking of charging there was the only situation i found with this products ie. The charging port include is very fiddly to remove,it took me about 6 tries to get my fingernail less than it to pop it openat this issue i ought to mention the charging direct,i have by no means noticed a flat charging cable beforepairing is soooo very simple and straight forward even a kiddy could do it,permit on your own this 70 yr old geezer. . But at least i am fairly tech oriented and experienced no challenges at all. I am not an professional in sound copy by a lengthy chalk but these headphones seem to give exceptional replica with pretty excellent bassall in all these headphones are really great value for money and are just good for carrying whilst doing exercises/travelling or just plain calming with a very little music.

Great price and wonderful high quality hugely proposed.

Like these, mush far better than the earphones i experienced been making use of beforehand and are pretty snug. Very last for ages on one charge.

Had these now for a several months and the head phones are great. I am particularly joyful with the merchandise.

Audio is good with lg g2 cellular phone. Having said that bluetooth capabilities these as remote controls you should not get the job done as effectively as they ought to.

Mild, easy to use – just the position.

TDK T78695 ST550 On Ear Headphones – /, Crystal clear sound

The headphones are brilliant, could barely think they were not extra pricey. Acquired 2 pairs for a lot less than it would have expense for one particular in the retailers.

At initially glance out of the box i obtained tiny dissapointed mainly because of the low-priced plastic and flimsy truly feel and then i plugged it in. Wonderful audio not like everything i have heard ahead of. The sound is abundant with total system and the bass so deep and easy i uncovered myself dancing around my chairi recommend it of study course by all suggests and i truly truly feel that it could be a a hundred$ earphones quickly. The only con is that certainly the plug cable when you move it could free link and sounds like a burnt speaker. When you get go this, you get pleasure from the magic that is happening.

These headphones explained as black/white, but came as black with a mirrored and silver end, and none the worse for that. They are big and however gentle and comfy to have on with a one sided cable. The extra extensive cable, jointly with the 3. 3mm adaptor allows relationship to an old hello-fi procedure.

Key specs for TDK T78695 ST550 On Ear Headphones – Black/White:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Rich acoustic sound reproduction with powerful bass-boost design
  • Single sided 2m cord for home audio plus 5m cord with in-line volume control for TV viewing
  • Full size stereo headphones with ultra confortable earcups

Comments from buyers

“Crystal clear sound, and none the worse for that”

I just really like these headphones. . The seem is crystal very clear no issue what the style of audio that plays. Light and cozy to use.

Superior for the cost, but not at ease for extensive use. I am not an skilled but audio is okay for me,.

AKG K375 High Performance In-ear Headphones – Great sound, annoying cables

Now applying them on my lunch breaks for netflix, the headphones are cozy and the audio is evidently and ideal with no any adjustments. I always switch to the smallest buds routinely and no problems for me to report.

The sound quality that comes from a small ear piece is exceptional i only imagined this was doable from head phones.

Frequency charge and seem is very high.

  • Impressive performance at the price.
  • Excellent audio quality
  • good sound, dodgy quality build

Wonderful earphones, they give wonderful audio, i presently use bose qc15 headphones and i acquired these to use during wintertime when i have a hat on as the bose getting shut back again in excess of ear headphones need a very good seal among your head and the ear pad. The only difficulty i have is that the massive and medium buds are both equally a little bit far too significant but the little is pretty small, a sizing in among compact and medium would be ideal but of course that is ‘ear specific’, and which is why i give it 4 stars. Totally amazed with the sound, which to me is the most crucial point, awesome bass for such tiny earphones. Also the style is really pleasant without staying much too outlandish, incredibly stylish hunting even however white just isn’t a colour i would typically decide.

The seem is excellent for the cost, it also will work for nay laptops, but not android phones. It seems to be made only for ios.

Features of AKG K375 High Performance In-ear Headphones for iOS Devices – White

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    to make sure this fits.
  • AKG K375 in-ear headphones keep you listening to your favourite music all day
  • The in-line microphone enables you to use AKG K375 headphones while making a phone call
  • Aluminum housings extend bass response and reduce unwanted resonances
  • Comfort is emphasised with three different sizes of soft, malleable silicone sleeves that will fit into ears of every shape
  • Smartphone, specific IOS: designed to be used with iOS devices

When the seem high-quality is fantastic i have never ever experienced so substantially problems with earbuds coming off and getting misplaced. I’ve had to dig them out of my ears a number of periods.

I am extremely happy with these headphones. They are at ease to put on and most importantly they continue to be inside of the ears with out hurting the ears.

I am not a sound buff – but i truly get pleasure from these headphones – anyone who utilizes them loves them and by no means had a issue with them.

Great headphones- superior good quality and wonderful match.

I purchased these in the black friday sale at a quite good price tag. For the value i paid out they have pretty very good sound top quality, and are snug. A few of small annoyances although: – the inbuilt microphone and affiliated buttons rattle, and seem quite cheaply created – the way the headphones have been packaged meant that there are intense indentations in the wires. It hasn’t influenced them so significantly, but may well be a stage of failure in the long run. Personally i would under no circumstances shell out the whole rate for them.

Seem quite fantastic, acquired them on a black friday offer for £22 – would not buy at comprehensive price.

(about 22 kilos) control works perfectly with iphone, seem is okay.

Exceptional audio high quality, at ease and perfectly created. Only draw back is the cable is a bit much too thick and retains its coiled form when taken off from its pouch/box.

Exceptional seem, extremely recommend.

I am extremely delighted with these akg k375 headphones,worthy of the high rate. . Improved than my beats solo hd’s not by miles but a cleaner variety of seem. No issue the new music variety these audio excellent. Can quickly take care of major bass also. I am going to invest in akg yet again extremely amazed.

Blimey, didn’t think you could get audio like this with in ears, truly and genuinely rather a shock. Genuinely, seriously beautiful clean up audio with critically admirable bass.

Great audio, but the cables are a minimal too rigid, which signifies they are normally springing about in my way as i check out to work my phone. Purchased for use on an android, so the volume up and down you should not function.

Pretty very good audio and excellent.

I actually like these headphones. The sound is great and punchy and thorough and managed. The cable is somewhat thicker and a little bit stiffer than the common cable applied on in-ear headphones. This may be a pain if you run with them, but if like me you use them on the prepare, bus and walking and so forth. [my each day commute then you really appreciate the fact they are very unlikely to get tangled. Also the microphone & controls are relatively high up so they are near your mouth and you don’t have to be the annoying bloke shouting into his phone on the bus. The buds are made from metal and seem pretty robust. ]

I purchased a pair of these on a lightening offer and have not been dissatisfied. Right after possessing quite a few headphones around the £30 mark (sony, senheiser, kitsound, audiofly and many others) these are stand-out performers in phrases of audio high quality (crisp, distinct with continue to sufficient base) when utilised with an apple iphone. The thicker cabling signifies that they are much more sturdy than other headphones and have lasted nicely so much (six months). The microphone is effective terrific and i have been on very long calls without the need of any difficulties. Actually shocked with some of the other assessments on below and i’m questioning if we are utilizing the same products ?.

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