Nocs Aluminum Earphones – Great buy, comfortable and great sound.

These look incredibly excellent, wonderful audio quality and reasonable isolation. These seem to be extremely excellent, excellent sound excellent and reasonable isolation. I am a small concerned about how nicely they will past, even though. The joint from the cable to the phones on their own looks like it will go sooner alternatively than afterwards.

I will not produce testimonials usually but this is a unusual occasion in which i experience it is needed. 1st of all, the smooth and simple glimpse of the earphones are what offered me on them. The black matted aluminium complete is gorgeous and the three button remote performs perfectly on android equipment (and has a wonderful tactile ‘click’ on pressing them). I didn’t actually care for the rubbery cable as it snags on apparel would have much most well-liked a smooth plastic-y material. I have a few higher finish headphones so i like to think i know what good audio seems like. For the price tag, they seem awesome. Most persons in basic delight in higher treble and bass, which these earphones have in abundance.

Sleak, attractive and seem terrific. Wow, for appears to be and quality of audio these head phones are the best. They healthy in your ears so snuggly that they block the entire world out. The sound top quality is outstanding, they are a pleasure to use. I enjoy the variety of rubber ear items that occur with them for different sized ears. A lovely and technically excellent solution.

  • They sound as good as they look
  • Clear sound but missing the “wow” factor. Can’t get a comfortable fit.
  • Absolutely perfect. Beautiful too
  • Surprisingly good sound, nice bundle overall
  • Comfortable and good sound – not just for Apple products
  • Nocs NS500 Aluminium Earphones with Remote and Microphone

I’m quite content with ns500 nocs. For the dollars vs good quality, i’m incredibly content with ns500 nocs. They are the next pair of nocs ive owned — so that claims some thing.

I despise composing five star testimonials. It ordinarily indicates you have not assumed ample about the flaws, and have not been critical ample. If i was to discover something essential, it would be the burn off in. These headphones genuinely call for 24+ hrs of audio played by way of them prior to they arrive to everyday living with colour and panache, but past that. Out of the box they had been underwhelming, the base just wasn’t there. It was correct and sharp, but there was no color and undoubtedly no ‘punch’. After a although the base is excellent, on an alac track it really is never muddy or way too a lot, but just in the goldylocks array.

They seem as fantastic as they seem. Bodily, the nocs ns500 look to be a effectively made earphone, getting encapsulated in a strong aluminium casing. In the meantime, the earphones are also provided with 4 distinct dimension silicone earpieces to go well with. Enable me put what follows in context, i have around the decades had many sets of earphones, although none as expensive as these nonetheless, i do have a pair of senheisser hd600’s which are a very high close headphone. In the beginning, connecting the earphones to my notebook was not a enjoyable listening expertise nonetheless, the manual states that you must use the earphones for twenty hours in advance of they are adequately ‘worn in’. I subsequently remaining the earphones linked to the notebook with a cd on repeat for the stated timescale and upon 2nd time listening, was extremely impressed. The soundstage was amazing and very very well well balanced throughout the lows, mids and highs in equivalent measure. That stated, those people of you who choose a thumping bass will most likely not be blown away with the small stop reaction nonetheless this is not a detrimental for me. To make the most effective of these headphones, you have to have to listen to some lossless audio (not an mp3) and when i did this with quite a few albums i know extremely effectively, i heard things i’d never listened to just before, these in ears might be modest, but they are exceptionally revealing. I suppose subjectively, they may perhaps not be to everybody’s style and could maybe be viewed as a minor harsh however, i would prefer to imagine of them as truthful to the first supply and for the value, i really feel they give superb benefit for funds.

Relaxed and superior audio – not just for apple solutions. Even though this is offered as for apple products it performs on other varieties of phone and mp3 gamers apart from that the volume buttons on the earphone cable do not get the job done. Nevertheless, the middle button for pausing and unpausing does do the job – a definitely practical characteristic. It is properly made with ribbon cable and a high quality search about the plugs on their own. The concern is regardless of whether you get superior seem to justify the cost. I did some watchful evaluating with the plugs that came with my cellular phone (a large conclusion samsung galaxy notice three), listening to the exact same audio and swapping each and every number of seconds. I did see the sound good quality of these have been superior, whilst i had generally found the types that arrived with cellular phone correctly superior enough. Then i tested them in opposition to the earphones that arrived with my old mp3 player, a samsung yp-u6. To my amazement, the old mp3 participant telephones sounded plainly far better than possibly. This utilizes the open design and style of earpiece, which has a larger speaker and it’s possible which is why it gave a extra resonant seem.