NEW-EARBUDi Clips on and off Your Apple iPhone 5® or iPod® EarPods – A must for all apple earpods!

Excellent, not disappointed.

Good idea, holds the apple earphones (new version) in place perfectly when running. Purchased two colours blue and white. Easy to fit to ear phone and comfortable to wear.

A must for all apple earpods. I previously had bought the white version of this product, and was very satisfied by how well they held my earphones in. Unfortunately i lost one of the clips, and the stability they offer became apparent upon my next run. So back again to buy another set, and now i discover you have expanded the range to include colours, so i have purchased both blue and pink. I am not sure if you have altered the manufacturing process slightly, but the product seems improved, the fit is slightly more snug and they do a terrific job at keeping the earpods in place. The colours look even better than the pictures – maybe improve these as you are selling them short. They look fab, work fab, and i would recommend them to all apple earpod users.

Cool design combined with convenience. Loved the cool design so this is the second time i ordered then.

  • A must for all apple earpods!
  • They really do work
  • Saves on new ear phones
  • EARBUDi’s are my new Best BUDi!
  • Cool design combined with convenience

NEW-EARBUDi Blue Clips on and off Your Apple iPhone 5® or iPod® EarPods – Finally, Earbuds Stay in Your Ears !

  • Snaps on and off your NEW Apple iPod® & iPhone 5® EarPods
  • Earbud tilts and rotates for a custom fit to your ear
  • Soft over the ear design with comfortable fit
  • Full Satisfaction Guaranteed / Apple earbuds not included /patent pending
  • NEW for Apple EarPods – iPhone 5 – Blue

These clips are comfortable but don’t keep the buds firmly in the ear, could be the shape of my ears though.

After trying and failing to get the new style earbuds to fit i found these and at the price i thought why not. They hold the earbuds in place while running, no other earphones do that.

Earbudi’s are my new best budi. Love my new earbudi clips i can use my apple headphones now with out them always falling out of my ear’s.