Motorheadphones Overkill In-Ear Headphones – Fiddly, bass heavy, indistinct

Christmas present but sure my husband will love them.

Great headphones at a bargain price. These headphones are fantastic quality for money. I really think you’ll be hard pressed to warrant spending more money on fancy brand headphones when the sound quality of these is so excellent. Also why would you when you can rock out with motörhead headphones. They were purchased at a fantastic price and the delivery time was also very quick. I seriously cannot fault these, if you are contemplating buying these let me do you the favour and tell you you’d be a fool not to.

My hubby is a super motorhead fan and this was a no brainer. Had them on preorder and was kept totally up to date on there progress. Well packed and perfect great value for money too.

The headphones look nice , fashionable but let’s face it they have to be headphones first. I love the detail and the shape however the microphone is positioned to far away for you to use it if it wasn’t in front of ur mouth and i do mean in front of you’re mouth. A person can only hear you if you either scream or have it on your lip for them to pick up the sound. Sound is ok , however the headphones do not deliver on quality or richness or detail in the sound. You can wear them comfortably for a few hours but i think the rubber just feels weird with these buds and it gets not uncomfortable but you just want to take them out so you don’t go mad from the weird feeling it gives your ear canal. They are worth the money if you were paying 14 £ or lower yes if it was over nah just get something with more reviews. I am a student in the uk and romanian and there is that thing of leaving everything on the table so if you leave them on the table they look good they are good for sound but that’s all that you get is good , oh and you get some bass.

  • If it’s too loud, you’re too old!
  • Well I like them!
  • General good Headphones
  • Fiddly, bass heavy, indistinct
  • Great headphones at a bargain price

Motorheadphones Overkill In-Ear Headphones with In-Line Mic and Remote – Silver

  • All metal earphones that give you high quality audio
  • In-line microphone and music controller for answering and ending calls
  • Pausing and playing music
  • Comes with a Motörhead drawstring bag for protection when not in use
  • Three sizes of earbuds allow for the most comfortable fit
  • Specifically made for use with your Smartphone

With every other kid wearing cheap dre knock-offs, i thought i would give these named headphones a go. Well if you cant trust lemmy, who can you trust?with a varied musical taste from messugah to mozart, these really are a great middle ground for enjoying all genres, especially at the price. I think those that said they were badly made and especially those who said they lacked bass, i think they they were very unlucky cause mine chuck out bass like lemmy’s thundering 4001. Well done mr kilminster and co. A nice product and perfectly endorsed.

Great sounding and looking earphones, the only complaint my daughter has with them is that they tangle up very easily.

Absolutely brilliant sound very good bass but what would you expect from lemmy.