Little Star Creations LPH Little Princess Kids Headphones – At last, our little girl’s favourite,now on headphones

I purchased these from gadgetsville (good service guys) they seemed cheaper but the postage made them the same price as other suppliers in the end. Still, well worth the money. My daughter megan has every groovy chick item you can name. The great thing is that they have wipe clean pads. Her last pair of headphones had spongey ear pads. These got disgusting over time with various sticky, yukky wax stuff. 10 out of 10 for this design groovy chick kids headphones.

At last, our little girl’s favourite,now on headphones. I suggested a long time ago that putting great designs or characters on children’s headphones would make excellent presents. At last,i bought some for our kids for christmas. My daughter (6yrs) loves them and uses them all the time. Even our 3 year old wears them when he can. Saying that, he hasn’t got anything yet to plug them in toabout the packaging. Whilst looking lovely, it is a bit of a struggle to get the pack open. However, with patience, you can even get the phones out during a car journey ( nb: not the driver)keep em coming. John[[asin:b002yov92i groovy chick kids headphones].

I bought these for my niece to use with her new ds for christmas. Although they are made for children they are still a little big for her. I little flimsy and probably not going to last long. Cheaper than buying in games shops but a shame the delivery nearly doubles the price.

My little brother loves these. Two arrived in the post, although i am sure i only paid for one. But any whoo, cute and decent quality. I like the soft padded easy wipe earpieces.

  • Cool Grampy thanks!!
  • Ideal for little ears
  • Nice headphones, just too big for my three year old!
  • At last, our little girl’s favourite,now on headphones
  • ben 10 headphones
  • childs headphones

Little Star Creations LPH Little Princess Kids Headphones

  • Adjustable headband and Soft wipe clean ear pads
  • Reduced volume and Single cable design
  • Ideal for DVD car entertainment systems, iPod, iPhone, MP3 players, laptops, PCs (inc Apple) and portable gaming systems
  • Speaker Type: Stereo and Rated Power: 10mW
  • Maximum Power: 20mW and Connection Plug: 3.5mm to a 110cm single cord

These headphones look good and performed ok, maybe just a little to quite had to turn the ipod on full volume just to hear any thing.

Got these for my 9 year old liverpool mad son. They aren’t the best of quality but perfectly adequate for a child of this age, and in my opinion are good value for money.

Dora headphones – okay for older children. The headphones are reasonable quality, however, they do not fit my 3 1/2 year old daughter, despite them being specifically for children they are on the large side. Otherwise, they work and do the job, we just have to wait for the little one’s head to grow.