Koss Pro DJ200 Full Size Over-Ear DJ Headphone : Great clarity and detail – but doesn’t last

Update – unfortunately, the microphone cable stopped working a few months in. I sent it off to koss, who vowed to replace it but then went quiet for 6 months. It turns out they don’t have this model any more, so if i were you i wouldn’t bother buying these, as i just don’t know how reliable they are. Be warned – customer service is slow and, while helpful, painfully unresponsive. You may get an email back, reply the same day and then not hear anything for months. I’ll leave the original review below, to be fair to them. It’s very difficult to find anything about these headphones online – and that’s a pity, because they’re really rather good. I’d previously owned a set of audio technica ws55i headphones, which i used with my iphone 5. They were great, until the microphone conked out (and the same thing happened with my replacement).

My kids broke my pro dj100, which is the non detachable cable headphone. Been using scullcandy aviators for out doors and philips x1 with x2 cable for at home, with music and movies but in my view these dj200 are better for movies than my x1’s. The mids on these dj200 are fantastic. If you love vocals get these. The x1’s are three times the price and although the quality of sound is much better i still prefer the sound signature because of the forwad mids on these great headphones. To improve the sound invest in a headphone amp. I use the pa2v2 but amazon have plenty of good amps fiio e17.

These headphones are simply unreal when it comes torealism but they have a fatal flaw. That flaw is that the bass is not there literally. I have seen many reviews and they are all kind because of the realism. So my advise is this if where talking jazz classical something definately vocal yougotthe phones done. But if at any point it is bass then dont touch them as sorry to say they dont have it.

The low range voice is very outstandingthe bass effect is very clear and strongeventhough the high range voice doesn’t work very well, but in this low price this products perform very well.

  • Good if you are deaf in one ear
  • Great clarity and detail – but doesn’t last
  • GREAT HEADPHONE ! Just buy them but you need a small amp and maybe M50 pads for comfort.

Koss Pro DJ200 Full Size Over-Ear DJ Headphone with Microphone – Black

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  • Koss ProDJ200 headphones are the next step up from the incredible ProDJ100. With stylish, spun metal noise cancelling ear cups that swivel 180 degrees, shifting between single & double-ear listening.
  • Features soft closed cushions that create a perfect seal whose comfort is amplified by extreme bass response of these soft, closed headphones.
  • Comes with professional grade 8-foot coiled cord & a new 4-foot straight cord equipped with KTC remote & mic technology made for iPhone, iPad, iPod & all other smartphones & devices.
  • Fold flat into a convenient case for easy portability.
  • Ear cups feature stereo / mono switch & swivel for single / double ear listening preference

I bought these entirely because i’m stone deaf in one ear and they have a mono switch. You can get older sets with a mono switch, often very cheap, but i wanted something up to date. Because i’m a lifelong monophone, to coin a word, i can only write as one, but within that limitation they sound pretty good to me, nicely neutral frequency-wise, no idiosyncracies, that i’m aware of, when playing sonically complex music. (just for listening though: i’m not mixing anything or doing my dj thing). Big cans, of course, you know you’ve got them on, but i’m not especially aware of my ears getting hot, and they don’t pinch my (average size) bonce, as apparently some headphones do. I’ve seen reports of faults to the wiring developing but it’s too early to comment on that. I use them with the last (and best) of the sony personal cd players, while doing the washing up, and they sound pretty good with it.

Good quality headphones but i have to have my ipod absurdly loud to get any decent volume through them.

Sad that there are not many reviews out there, but got to say i am pleasantly surprised. One thing thou, this is not compatible with my android device (galaxy note 2) but i knew it before buying just wanted to make sure that everyone is fully aware of it before going for it :).

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Koss Pro DJ200 Full Size Over-Ear DJ Headphone with Microphone - Black
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