JVC Xtreme Xplosives Headphones – Mindblowingly awesome

Not too bad for the price but not great. . As many people have stated before, the packaging is a nightmare to work with. After 10 minutes of attacking it with scissors and a knife and managing to cut myself on it i finally got the headphones out. I bought these to replace my sony mdrex38ipb. Ce7’s on which an earbud had stopped working. I really hoped that these would be able to stand up to my old ones in terms of sound quality but sadly i was a bit disappointed. The bass sounds fairly good but, unless all you listen to is dubstep and heavy metal, you will quickly realise any mid or high tone music sounds very tin-cany. The build quality does not appear as good as i expected from jvc either. The cabling and connectors just feel cheap which lets down the whole product because the actual earbuds look reasonably well made.

Like me, that has smaller ear canals. For those, like me, that has smaller ear canals, these are perfect. They fit in your ears perfectly and don’t make your ears hurt, like the “normal” headphones, like the once you get from apple for example. The sound is also really good and when you wear them, the noise around don’t bother you and the people around will not hear what you listen to, unless you turn the music up to the max.

Good, but not as good as jvc hafx1x. I bought these after getting super duper impressed by jvc hafx1x. Sound quality is almost as 90% as good as jvc hafx1x, but the build quality is nowhere as near as the other one. The wires are outright thin and feels cheap. Looks wise, it seems to be a very flimsy and cheap one. Bottomline is: if you want something as good as jvc hafx1x, compromise on the microphone and get them, not this poor one.

I bought these back in february 2013 and only now in 2015 they finally started to die. The right side earphone started to go crackly about a month ago, as for the mic pause/make call button that went a few months before the earphone however that in itself is a minor issue. I listen to a wide genre of music and i mean wide so i know for a fact i put these headphones through their paces, chief amongst what i listen to is dubstep & trap and while even at full volume these headphone preformed beautifully. And yes while i am no musical/sound connoisseur i can only tell you what i feel about this product based on my long and very cherished time i had with them and for that very reason i would recommend these to anyone and everyone, if you take good care of this product it in turn will see you rite and keep you smiling as you head bang along through the years.

  • Excellent choice
  • Great in many ways
  • Good, but not as good as JVC HAFX1X
  • Great sound for the money!
  • Filled a huge gap on my personal listening pleasure

JVC Xtreme Xplosives Headphones with Remote and Mic – Violet

  • Cord-mounted single-button control and microphone compatible with Apple, Blackberry and Android devices makes it easy to operate play, stop and skip functions and answer a call.
  • 10mm large diaphragm neodymium driver units and Extreme Deep Bass Ports deliver ultimate bass sound with rubber protectors for body durability.
  • Comfortable fit with ergonomic contoured form and three sizes of silicone ear-pieces for superior sound isolation.
  • 2mm thick and robust 1.2m pure copper cable (Y-type)

Great sound comfortable to wear. These little headphones offer great sound quality and deep base, they are comfortable to wear for long periods of time ( 6 + hours)however two bad points about thisthe remote only works for play pause or skip tracks, no volume control which is kinda disappointingand the other bad point is that they tangle veryy easily, same with most headphones but still quite annoying.

Bought a pair of these many months ago, really good earphones considering the price (only slight annoyance was that they kept falling out of my ears), unfortunately they fell in some cereal so i ordered another pair, only then to find that they fixed themselves a day later but oh well the new pair came with a mic and remote anyway. Side note the mic does not work with computer’s, only works on phone unfortunately :(.

Ripped after 1 month use of jogging etc. They had really good sound, worked flawlessly with my samsung galaxy s6, had good bass, clear voice. However the material quality was not so good, it got ripped after 1 month of use. Sorry jvc cant give you 5 stars.