JVC Sports Clip Headphones, Comfy, sound good but no volume switch!

I have utilized these for only just one run and as substantially as i would like to carry on making use of them they just will not keep place. They never go tiny sufficient to clip about my ears and so unfortunately are no fantastic for me. The vendor nevertheless was quite quickly and the service was good.

Comfy, sound great but no volume change. Purchased these as a reward for my boyfriend who desired some ear phones for his iphone for when he was cycling as the conventional iphone earphones held falling out. These appeared like a great value, attractive and good audio top quality staying jvc. He definitely appreciated them except for one particular issue. They look robot have an inbuilt volume controller. You can make phone calls with them, skip tracks forward and many others but won’t be able to manage the quantity which would seem very daft.

Purchased it for my partner and he truly likes them. Won’t slip through his gym exercise routine and the sound high quality is extremely very good as well. Would recommend it to everyone.

The one button remote usually takes a bit of receiving used to for some functions. As headphones they audio pretty very good but they are a good deal quieter than the stock earpods and they can be uncomfortable to fit correctly often.

This is manageable for the value. Its preserving grace is that it has a mic, which on mine has now stopped functioning whilst there is a static sounds coming out of the right ear when l plug it into my iphone. It would have scored a bigger mark if it was as sturdy as the devoid of the mic, which l had right before this.

JVC Sports Clip Headphones with Mic and Remote for iPod / iPhone / MP3 Devices – Black/Red : These headphones cost me about £13. The first lot £50 the next £20. These are more comfortable than either of the others and as the others broke (they get chucked in bags and sat on) these won’t be such a pain in the wallet to replace. Sound quality ok but needs more bass. Cable is a bit thin and tangly. Didn’t notice the lack of volume control on the remote but what do i expect for the price??instead of a useless adapter (perhaps the connections inside are round the other way) i’d have split the cable so that you had a choice of 2 lengths. Still pleased with this purchase.