Jays a-JAYS One Plus Tangle Free In-ear Earphones – Initially a little dissapointed, only to be won over completely a month down the line.

I’ve been a skullcandy user for my entire life, until i got tired of them breaking every 2 months. These are slightly more expensive, but you can feel the sound difference straight away – clearer, fuller, with a lot of bass. I’ve been using them for 4 months now and treating them horribly (putting them in my pocket when not in use). I have yet to see them get tangled in my pocket, and/or start breaking up.

Decent sound, good build quality. My headphones are rarely off my head and hence i can justify spending good money on a quality pair and appreciate the difference. Oddly enough, it seems that the cheap ones last but dont sound good and all too often the expensive ones sound great but dont last. In the past year alone i have had 2 pairs of beats tour and a pair of soul sl49s break on me, issues with control button, y joint in cable and joint on the 3. The beats sound terrific and fit well, the earpiece seems to be solid metal (alloy) and they fit well. However, you only have to look at the cable joints and button to be suspicious about how easily they can break – no mouldings just flimsy plastic covers on the joints. The soul sl49s looked better, particularly the control button, but my pair developed a fault on the 3. 5mm jack in less than 2 weeks, decided to go for a refund and i cant see a new pair fairing any better. Decided to replace them with a-jays four as i bought some for my son at xmas and was quite impressed with the look and sound of them. Ok, so ive had my a-jays fours only a few days, but after several hours use its clear that the sound isnt on par with the beats or soul, but its entirely decent and very pleasing unless you crank up the volume too much and then the bass goes into distortion. The ear-pieces are plastic, but fit my ears ok and i particularly like that they sit flush with my ears, very neat looking and i can wear them under my crash helmet of whilst lay in bed and they are still comfortable, unlike many others. The best thing about the a-jays is the quality of the cable and construction/joints. The flat cable is just like beats tour which i personally like. The rubberised plastic mouldings around the 3.

These earphones seem to be getting a lot of hate due to the poorly fitting earbuds. On the one hand i completely agree, they are terribly designed and do not fit the majority of people’s ears, did they even try them on themselves before actually going in to the full manufacture process?.However, what some prospective buyers may not realise is that they come with a free ‘voucher’ to get some comply ear tips delivered which are some of the best ear tips i have ever used. You just send them an email with your receipt and i got mine in a couple of days which means these earphones were an absolute steal, super cheap yet completely out performs a lot of earphones in the under £100 range. Great hi’s lo’s and mids, and i’ve never had earphones that perform this well across the spectrum, really impressed with them. They also seem quite durable. Why you wouldn’t get these at £24. 90 i don’t know, they’re probably the best value for money earphones i have ever purchased.

These 5 stars as the sound they produce is amazing. These would have been the perfect headphones. I would give these 5 stars as the sound they produce is amazing. These would have been the perfect headphones, but after 9 months of use (around 1. 5 hrs per day) the left channel stopped so now i am returning the item and am considering what to purchase next. Shame about this as everything else is top, but if you want a more long lasting product look somewhere else. After all the price is not exactly cheap.

  • A very high-value-for-money portable hifi headphone
  • Clear Loud Sound
  • Initially a little dissapointed, only to be won over completely a month down the line.
  • Good overall but broke after a month.
  • work with Galaxy S2
  • iphone app for the t-jays four is incredible!

Jays a-JAYS One Plus Tangle Free In-ear Earphones (discontinued by manufacturer)

  • Tangle Free Cable
  • 5 Different Sized Sound Isolating Earbuds (XXS-L)
  • Heavy Bass Impact
  • Built-in Mic for Phone Calls
  • One Button Solution for Volume Control, Skipping Tracks, Answering and Ending Calls

Brilliant sound and build quality. Works great with the android app – htc desire with cyanogenmod 7.

A very comfortable pair of good-sounding portable headphones. Edit: 10/28/13:i dropped a star because after extensive usage it turns out that the cord coils a lot, probably due to the unfortunate cord + extension design, which at first seemed to me like a very good idea, but in the end is definitely not. Original review:i’m not an audiophile but i like listening to music for hours, both while doing other stuff on the move and on the comfort of an armchair. I like lightweight headphones with good sound, and after reading tons of review online i chose these headphones. I am really happy about the headphones. I previously owned sennheiser px 100 i and ii, and. Well, the sound is actually different from them. More soundstage and more stress on the mids and highs. When i listen to lyiric sopranos the difference is evident, it’s a lot better. Also the bass is good, but not as punchy as the one of the senn.

To start with, the case these earphones arrive in would probably survive a house falling on it. For me personally, the phones themselves are a big step up in comfort from the apple jobbies supplied with my ipod touch and the sound is better too. A good selection of rubber earpieces is supplied to ensure you get a decent fit. The flat tangle-free cable is also a nice touch. For the money, these earphones are great value.