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A sub-£15 part of headphones is never going to emulate the more expensive models on the market, but these do a fair job of satisfying most of the basicsthe ‘phones themselves are relatively understated, with perhaps the red cabling being the only real overstated feature. The ear-pieces are comfortable, but i would have rather they were a little larger as they don’t sit particularly well. Sound quality is decent, certainly compared to cheaper in-ear sets – the around ear design cancelling out much of the background noise. I think these would be ideal as a ‘second-pair’ where they mighty take a bit of a battering; or for children, who i think would find them ideal.

At the end of the day these headphones are great value. My children like to use my headphones, but i really don’t like them using my decent ones, these headphones don’t provide the best sound, but the are more than acceptable and are robust. Not for the person who wants a musical experience, but if you want a cheap robust set of headphones then these are perfect.

Arrivers promptly great quality.

These headphones are not the best and certainly not the worst i’ve ever used. Compared to many they do the job. The sound quality is okay not brilliant but okay and especially for the price point probably better than most. They offer functionality as well being able to take phone calls etc. They have the look of very expensive headphones but only the look once you pick them up you know they are not the real deal. On saying that if you have kids in college or you enjoy curling up on sofa listening to audio books then for the price they are a winner. If you enjoy music if you enjoy really really enjoy music then there are better headphones for not much more out there. These are definitely middle to lower end of the market. You get more than you pay for but you could do much better. I would though recommend these for the kids who mindlessly walk to school and college listening to vibes and texting their mates because they are excellent for this and if they drop them or leave them on the bus then you have lost not so much at the end of the day and they do have many extras that more expensive models charge you for such as call facility.

  • brilliant sound, just wish my singing was as good
  • A Good Deal But.
  • Perfect for heavy handed kids

Hednoise Street Over Ear Headphones – Black

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  • Driver 40mm
  • 32 ohm, 105db
  • 20Hz-20KHz
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod, most smartphones, MP3 players and portable music players.

Well worth the money,brilliant sound ,just wish my singing was as good. So good ive just ordered a pair for my 16 year old daughter as mine keep appearing in her bedroom.

A good first pair of headphones which, with their shiny red design, i think are squarely aimed at the teenager market. They have a good amount of padding around the ears and on the headband, which makes for comfortable reasonably long listening sessions and they appear to be sturdily constructed. The sound is perfectly acceptable to my ears and while not scaling the peaks of a +£100 pair is good for the price. There is an in line microphone for use with a mobile phone, which works well.

First off, i would never have considered buying these had i not had my new, more expensive headphones stolen, but that’s my preference. They seem rugged enough to put up with general use and abuse of the generic £15-headphone-wearer on the tube or whatever. I was let down by the clarity; spending £10 more on some sony headphones i used to own offered a lot better quality for not a lot more cost. But, they’re cheap and they work. The cable’s a good length and there’s phone compatibility for iphone etc.

There’s realy no argument that these hednoise over ear headphones area bargain as long as one is prepared to accept their evident limitations. For fifteen quid the sound quality is relatively good albeit a little wooly aroundthe edges. When compared with slightly more expensive models (my £35 sonyphones are amazingly good for the price) they’re more than a tad disappointing. The finish, truth-be-told, is somewhat lacklustre and the red, black andsilver plastic body can’t really compare with the market leader whose styleit is rather obviously attempting to emmulate (are you watching mr dre?) butit’s not a bad looking piece of kit with which to increase your urban cred. The biggest problem, however, is the amount of sound which leaks out ofthe ear pads. If you wore them on a train you’d almost certainly be invitinga sharp tap on the shoulder and a frown from irritated fellow passengers. All-in-all i can’t muster more than an average rating for this one.

These over ear closed back headphones look better than they sound, but for the money they are impressive. The styling is in the contemporary ‘beats’ mode, with the shiny metal adding a touch of class. The red lead is strong and unlikely to knot up. They come with a plug in adapter for use with a smart phone. This then connects with the inline mic. The main advantage of this is that you have the option to not use the adapter and these then work on standard headphone jacks on your mp3 player. The ear pads are comfy and fit securely, giving a good level of insulation against background noise. Sound wise they are styled for heavy bass response, which to my ears is at the cost of balanced mids and highs, but this is partly a matter of taste and can usually be compensated for by the user in terms of eq settings. If you are a bass freak, then the good news is that you will like these. Overall these are clearly not a great pair of ‘phones, but for the money they will appeal to the young style conscious market.

I was looking for a reasonably priced pair of earphones for travelling and the like and didn’t want to use my more expensive monster set. I didn’t know this brand but i gave it a go and was very happy i did. Decent bass levels and clear audio sound. Nicely packaged, comfortable and look great. For a product under £20 you do get a really decent pair of ear phones and i am looking to purchase a couple more for my kids. Highly recommended and happy.

Since my old pc headset broke, i’ve been using these headphones for my laptop. They’re compact and comfortable, and the black-and-red design is attractive. The ear pads are just a shade on the smaller side than i’d like (i have sensitive cartilage piercings which get a bit mushed), but probably not an issue for most. I had one issue which i hope is an unusual one-off problem – when they came out of the box, the wire from the headphones to the mic was not secure, and the copper was exposed. This struck me as dangerous and shoddy, but since i worked the housing back in, it hasn’t come out. Of course, it isn’t getting heavy street-use so it might be different if it was. That certainly raises questions about overall production quality. In-line volume control would also be helpful, whatever device this is used with, so i found that a little frustrating. However, i have no complaints about the sound quality. The strong bass is a bit too much for computer tv-watching, but that can be adjusted on the machine.

This is a pretty good on a small budget as long as you can respect that sound quality will not be comparable to the more expensive headphones, and you will have to be more forgiving with deep bass. It just about handled the max volume limit on my ipod, but even then it sounded slightly tinny. For the price, the sound quality is sufficient and better than some of the cheaper in ear headphones. Regarding comfort and quality of build, it is light, the faux leather is soft and nicely stitched together. The ear pieces are equally soft, however they don’t pivot. The headband is also nicely padded and can be extended for comfort. The headphones comes with a mobile phone adapter and has an in-line microphone and mute / remote call control for when you’re out and about. Judging by the colour, price, mobile phone compatibility and the much smaller ear pieces, i’d say that these would make a great present for the younger generation, especially with christmas on the horizon soon.

I shall start this review by stating that i’ve used numerous pairs of headphones over the years ranging from freebies from blackberry to dre beats and sennheiser hd series. The phrase that ultimately springs to mind after trying these phones is. If you’re expecting anything special sound and comfort wise. Open the package and you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d received some knock off dre beats. The colours and styling is much the same but the quality is much worse. The cable on the set i received had almost come detached from the phones themselves and i had to spend the first 5 minutes repairing them before i could even plug them ini spent the first 5 minutes wearing the headphones unplugged in order to get my head around (pardon the pun) how damn uncomfortable they are. Perhaps its my unusually large head but the phones seemed to be squeezing inwards. Very hard like i had entered some sort of brainwashing machine. Very awkward sensation indeed and i can’t expect these to be suitable for long term use. This of course may differ from user to user, but i am here to offer my opinion and experience. After fiddling around a bit in order to find the most comfortable position for the phones to sit, i untangled the cord and paired them up with my iphone 4s. Now in order to not remain totally negative, i must say i like the cord arrangement on these. Nice thick, red cord that seems to want to stay in a straight line and not curl into a ball every 2 seconds, and is of decent length too.

I am a headphone virgin having always been happy with ‘free’ ear-buds that came with my phone upgrade (must have a drawer full of them). I just never got around to buying a pair of headphones. Why bother?thanks to amazon vine for the gift of these headnoise over ear headphones. After a few days of listening to music with them i finally get it. They are comfortable and pleasantly warm. The sound is much better too. Can’t say i’d wear them out and about – a much younger man’s thing – but i really like these headphones. I see on amazon that they’re quite cheap too which is nice if the get borrowed or sat on.

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