Final Audio Design Adagio III Headphones : Good for modern pop/electronica

Shame that bass dominated using primary buds. Had to change buds to lower the bass stages that dominated seem.

Good quality output on these ear phones. Ear buds are cozy and smug to wear. Earphones glimpse fantastic, like the crimson and white bands on the earphones much easier to explain to them apart when fitting.

Incredibly good audio – quite fiddly to use. The seem on these is quite fantastic in truth – baggage of base and seriously gives a large soundthere is certainly some sound leakage from them but in the tranquil carriage on the educate i did not get any reviews from the men and women in close proximity to me (i did talk to) and i could could even now listen to the announcementsnegative factors – not extremely fantastic for functioning – saved dropping out which was a bindalso the ear buds kept falling off in the bag and possessing to hunt all over to uncover thembut the seems was incredibly very good for the dimensions and i use them when not accomplishing activity.Here are the specifications for the Final Audio Design Adagio III Headphones:

  • Compact Driver: The 8mm dynamic driver unit of the Adagio V produces speedy and accurate delivery of sound from a compact size.
  • Balancing Air Movement: BAM mechanism optimises the air movement inside the housing and controls unwanted vibrations for powerful bass and a deep 3D spatial expression.
  • Optimized Air Flow: The shape of the housing optimises highly-efficient air flow inside the cabinet ensuring the best in sound reproduction.
  • Original Design: The original elastic cable eliminates microphonic noise travelling up the cable while the original eartips ensure enhanced sound insulation.

Rather outstanding even straight out of the box. I hesitated over shopping for these mainly because i wanted some thing similar to my seinheiser ie8’s and my shure se535’s both equally of which i very own. You never can notify with peoples views of headphones considering the fact that the assessments are quite subjective to what you have listened to right before. Obviously a thing will sound great in comparison to apple headphones or in the same way cheapies. I have to say although that if it is bass you want these are really specific even straight from the box. They in good shape really great and snugly with the standard plugs and i was quickly amazed by them inside 30 seconds of listening to anjunabeats volume 6. I can very easily listen to these in the health and fitness center and not fret much too substantially about ruining them as i would with the shures or ie8’s. Looks like a fantastic rate stage for high-quality phones with wonderful bass and audio. Definitely the shures are better but the gap is not enormous. No notion on their longevity as just opened the box.

Audio great, but not that a lot superior than less expensive choices. . These seem wonderful but do need to have rather a while to settle in, have examine sixty-80 hours on line. I discover they audio very best if you angle them marginally diagonal. While the bass can be pretty weak until you’ve got positioned them flawlessly.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Taut, Punchy Bass
  • Boom! Boom! Boom!
  • Disappointing bass heavy earphones
  • Good for modern pop/electronica
  • good for audio-books and dvds, but not really for music
  • Good for fans of R&B but not so good if you’re into rock

Excellent in ear headphone alternative. Very good seem, compact and really comfy – these headphones feel properly made and appear with a selection of rubber ear buds in unique sizes. Not a make i had beforehand heard of but joyful to advocate.

Uniquely comfy and close to perfect and musical seem, with placement of individual orchestral instruments plainly definable. A little high priced but worth each penny.