Earbud Earphones or IEM Models, This Is What You Need to Know, From Characters to the Dangers

Choosing accessories especially to listen to music is certainly based on taste. Some people choose ear devices based on their size. Of course, most people prefer earbuds or IEM (In-ear Monitoring) which are of course more concise to use.



Of course you are already familiar with this device. Earbuds are standard devices commonly used by people to listen to music

One reason people choose this one is because of the high level of mobility (small size, easy to fold, easy to store). If you use this tool, the resulting sound character tends to be wider and more open, because of the shape and how to use it that is outside the ear hole.

But not infrequently there are also various earbuds that have the characteristics of different sound characters such as a strong bass, or treble. But the use that is right outside the ear hole can also be a bad risk.

The ability to muffle the sound from outside that is not so good can of course affect your hearing if you use it in the crowd.

In-ear Monitoring (IEM)

Unlike earbuds, IEM (In-ear Monitoring) is used by inserting the device into the ear hole. But you also have to be careful using this IEM, especially when you are walking outdoors or while in a crowd.

In addition, the use of IEM with a volume that is so hard is also not recommended so that your exposure is not disturbed.