DURAGADGET Portable Hard Headphone Case For Audio-Technica ATH-M50X – It arrived on time and it’s a great price, but it’s not really big enough for

Good case and does the job, however not a perfect fit for the audio technica ath-m50x’s like stated in description. You have to place the in the case at an odd angle.

The case is fine for the money and will do a decent job of protecting your headphones. I have ath-m50x and these do fit though it is quite tight. You also have to detach the cable to get them in. As others have said, if you put the cable in the net then it makes the case hard to close. So, overall i think the case is well made but not necessarily suitable for some of the headphones listed.

I bought a pair of reasonably good headphones and wanted to keep them safe in the luggage on travels or at home when they’re not being used. Duragadget’s headphone case does both jobs very well, and should help the phones stay in mint condition for a long time. The case is a hard, fabric-covered black material and has a velvety lining so the phones don’t get scratched. I had some issues at first and duragadget went well beyond the call of duty to make things right. Very impressive customer service.

Protecting your investment. . If you invest in a decent pair of cans then its only logical that you want to protect them too, at this price there’s no reason not too. Fits the headphones snug with a pouch for housing the lead to avoid it getting tangled. The zip seems strong enough for the job. So much better than the soft bag that came with my headphones. I’m very happy with this purchase.

  • OK but not really for ATH-M50/40
  • Not for ATH-M50x
  • Excellent little case
  • Whilst this case does not appear to specific to these headphones it does a good job of keeping them safe and secure
  • Protecting your investment.
  • Top quality Hard headphone case

DURAGADGET Portable Hard Headphone Case For Audio-Technica ATH-M50X, M30, M40 & M50, ATH-RE70WH With Netted Compartment

  • Small storage case for protecting your valuable headphones, finished in an executive matte black
  • Crafted from intensely tough and durable EVA for shock and impact-resistant protection
  • Ergonomically-designed with a contoured shape provides a super-snug and secure fit
  • Lightweight and ultra-portable with a wrap-around zip for additional security
  • Features an interior netted compartment for storing extra earbuds

Not bulky and made from good strong. This case is robust and holds the ear phones very safe for travelling. Not bulky and made from good strong material.

Top quality hard headphone case. This headphone case is of very good quality, i will add some other models of headphones that fit in this case only because i own them and they are not mentioned in the item description,this case will also hold:akg k181djnoontec hammonumark hf-350.

Ok but not really for ath-m50/40. Good for the price, but not specific to ath-m50 (or m40, i think) – you cannot store these headphones folded in this case, which is a shame – the case is bigger than necessary. With my (unfolded) ath-m50x the fit is generally tight and rather awkward (need to find a good angle). Also, you won’t be able to fit anything else with large hps like ath, so the ‘netted compartment’ doesnt make much sense in its current position. However, for other smaller headphones it may be a good choice – light but solid construction. At this price its ok, but if you need something designed specifically for m50s, try elsewhere.