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After messing about with try-lobal and dual-lobal silicone tips on various iem’s over the years, i cannot believe i didn’t switch over, or try foam tips before. I got some free with some shure’s years ago, but i hated those headphones, and those foam tips were too hard. I am glad i read about these on head-fi. I recently bought some klipsch x10s, and was fairly disappointed with them. I’d bought all sorts of new tips but the x10’s go so deep, i couldn’t get a comfortable fit or a decent sound whatsoever. I was ready to send the headphone back. I am so glad i spent £15 more quid on these comply’s.

None of the supplied tips for my klipsch s4’s really fit properly and i was quite disappointed with the sound and isolation i was getting. I’ve had foam tips before and like them so thought i’d try the comply replacement tips. Bought the selection pack to get the right size. All the sizes “fit” in that they stay in my ear ok, but each does different things to the sound. For me the medium size is perfect with good sound isolation and a quality and level of bass that these ear phones have never given me before. The small had too little bass and the large too much so it was a bit fuzzy. If the cost seems a bit steep to just end up using one pair from the pack you could just go straight for the single-size packs – for me at least the sizing does seem to have matched between klipsch and comply.

Prossound quality (at least on my s4i klipsch) is as good as it ever was, if not a little better. Seal is brilliant, took a bit of getting used to, but because they are more comfy, you can stick them in furtherthey look coolconsthey seem to like ear wax, and will probably need replacing within a few monthshard to clean due to the foam texture.

As suggested by the title, there are good quality tips, but i should probably have gone with the black one. Well i clean my ear every day 🙂 but still, after some time, it would look a bit dirty mainly because i keep them in my pocket. Functionally, they are great. Just saying that after a while, they don’t look pretty :).

  • Useful, effective, but also expensive
  • These are great!
  • Overpriced and not durable enough for the cost.

Comply T-100 Isolation Earphone Tips – (S/M/L) Platinum

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  • Compatibility: 4 Models to fit all major earphone brands (S-100, S-200, S-400, S-500).

The price of comply series ear buds may seem expensive but there well worth it. If you are fed up with your ear buds not holding & falling out or still hear back ground noise from traffic,chatting,the mrs lol then the comply buds give you heaven on earth & you wont hear a damn thing apart from your music. You will improve the sound of your earphones with deep bass,mids & treble. The secret is to roll the buds between your fingers make them so they fit right in your ear channel then hold for about 45 seconds the comply foam will expand sealing your ears. You will also notice your ears feel like they have cushions hugging them as the comply foam is so light & smooth you almost forget you have earphone on. As with all ear buds they get yukee ear wax on them,i use sterile alcohol wipes from boots & wipe them over gently they then are clean & like new. I have klipsch x10 in earphones with a cowon s9 & a fiio e7 dac head phone amp & the complex added the icing on the cake for my bass junkie sounds.

Good quality, size is missed but i could put by force.

Defiantly better than the rubber buds. Mould to the ear and very comfortable. Great from the gym that plays load music.

I have a pair of sleek audio headphones, and the in ear buds that come with them just don’t fit snuggley enough, i’m in between medium and large for these buds. I did some research and found these ones and they work perfectly. Never drop out and great noise isolation. Very happy with the product.

Bought these for my etymotic hf5’s, had tried used the stock triple flange & the glider tips both giving a good seal (especially the latter). The triple flanges i found a bit of a faff and i found that both they & the gliders felt uncomfortable after not too long. Not only are they sooo soft and comfortable they also seal as well as the gliders (if not slightly better) and you can almost forget you’ve got them in. Well worth what might seem a lot for 3 pairs of foam tips.

Never been a fan of comply tips in the past, always thought they muffled the sound on my denon ah-c551. The thing is, all this time i never realised that i’d been using the wrong size. I have small ear canals and was using medium tips. Anyway, i thought i’d take a punt at getting some of these in the small size for my etymotic hf5 and all i can say is, wow, what a difference.I now have a little more bass and the mids/treble is still clear & detailed. I feel that although the stock triple flanges are great, i never got the bass response i now have and didn’t like the deep insertion. If you’re going to purchase these, just make sure that you get the correct size for your ears.

I purchased these for use with philips she-9850 earbuds, as they’re effectively replacements for the ‘official’ foam tips. There’s not a lot to say – suerb comfort, great sound isolation and probably the best option for anyone with compatible shure or philips products.

I bought these to replace some uncomfortable silicone tips on my klipsch in ear monitors. The comply tips are much more comfortable and offer better isolation than the oval shaped and less malleable klipsch silicones. Another benefit is that they don’t transmit vibrations as noise: what i mean by this is that with the silicone tips if i listen while walking along then every footstep is accompanied by a thudding noise, but if i use the comply foam tips my footsteps disappear and i am no longer forced to think of myself as a lead footed ogre. Some reviewers have complained that on removing the foam tips from their ears the tips are covered in earwax. I’ll just state the obvious and say that if your ears are reasonably clean then this won’t be an issue. You can prolong the life of these tips by washing them in lukewarm water with soap. If you use hot water the foam loses its elasticity. Assuming you have reasonably clean ears and you sometimes wash the tips then you might expect a pack of three to last at least 6 months, perhaps longer. This seems pretty good until you think about the long term cost: if your in ear monitors last you 3 years and you use 6 packs of comply tips then you will have spent perhaps an extra £80 or £90. This is a huge cost, and may even be a greater sum than the purchase price of your earphones.

They are really easy to put on and soft on your ears (you can barely, if at all, feel them in your ears). The seal is much better than the stock black syntetic tips that come with shure headphones which result in better noise cancelling and better sound quality (music sounds a lot more clearer).

I bought these for my klipch x10’s which have an amazing sound with the standard silicone buds. However like many i found these uncomfortable wearing them for any length of time and could never fully work out which size was right for me. After search for a new pair of klipsch (thinking mine were lost) i came across a recommendation for these earbuds. They are a revelation, not only are they more comfortable, provide a better seal but mostly improve the sound creating deeper base and a more defined treble. They are not cheap and i would be interested to hear if they improve cheaper in-ear headsets but for me, a great buy (although i would recomend the black as they do get dirty however clean your ears).

We own a couple of quite expensive in-ear headsets, but problems with the standard ones lead us to comply. Best investment ever, they are that good. Very confortable and stays in ears even during hard workouts.

The buds dramatically improve the comfort of my shure in-ear headphones over the standard yellow foam ones, you just notice them and they isolate you from your environment superbly well. The superior isolation really lets you hear the music better. The shure headphones never sounded so good.

I acquired a established of etymotic hf5’s and struggled to obtain the appropriate in shape and comfort and ease stage. I was proposed the comply tips and acquired some. The fit is exceptional and particularly cozy. They have enhanced the audio high quality of the iems and support isolate the external sounds a whole lot better.

The buds are pretty good and relaxed and the sound is enhanced in excess of the default ones with my klipsch x10i but they really don’t past way too lengthy since of getting wax and grime on them which suggests replacing often which at all-around £5 per pair tends to make them a not affordable luxurious.

Will help me spot my left ear cell phone effortlessly.

These are a great merchandise though they are pretty highly-priced for what they are and they are not notably tough. There are greater and much more cost-effective alternatives out there now. In airs are my recent favored.

I purchased these for my klipsch x10. Wasnt sure what sizing i required so acquired the multipack. Turns out i wanted the huge and my ears are really ordinary so not absolutely sure who would dress in the medium let by itself the compact. The klipsch tips are really very good but becoming a plastic variety product when its humid and they get a small damp the seal deteriorates. The comply conquer that difficulty and deliver a great comfy seal. They are pretty substantially like memory foam and once in your ear conform to its condition beautifully (pretty much). After taken out you will notice they appear scrunched up and a person could possibly feel they have missing their bounce aspect but they return to initial measurement in a couple minutes. I bought the non ear wax sort. I have had the ear wax kind just before but it didnt look to do considerably other than act as a further barrier among cell phone and ear.

I bought these for my shure e3g headphones as the standard synthetic tips don’t in shape my ears specifically perfectly (they retain slipping out) and i never like the provided alternate foam tips as they are far too gentle and never past incredibly extended (retain losing form very immediately). The comply foam tips are soooooooo snug – they slip in simply with out needing to be deformed like the shure foam tips and they just stay put top to greater isolation and sound excellent. They feel marginally firmer than the shure foam tips, so i’m hoping that means they ought to past lengthier with out losing their shape. All in all, really suggested.

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