Coloud On-Ear Hello Kitty Headphones : Amazing headphones!!

I love the hello kitty design and feel these are suitable for the adult hello kitty fan as they are a mature design and are very classy. I would recommend these headphones if it is luxury sound quality you are looking for. But what i would say is the headphones themselves are a delicate design and therefore would advise people who purchase these to handle these head phones with care. Overall a very nice pair of headphones.

I’ve been through a lot of sets of ear/headphones and these lasted the longest – nearly three years and one side has just now started to flicker. The sound quality is great, they fit well and won’t come off (even on a treadmill. Sound doesn’t spill out of them, even at full volume. The only drawback is that the covering on the sponge part can tear after a lot of use – mine has come off completely and left the sponge exposed.

Had a pair of these already – good sound quality for the price, fun styling, but eventually developed a dodgy connection. Ordered a replacement pair, but they arrived already displaying the same fault before they’d even been used. Returned and ordered an alternative.

I’ve had mine for nearly 2 years and they’re only just failing on me, which is well upsetting as they were £35 when i bought them. They’ve lasted longer than any other make i’ve had, including skull candy.

  • Great sound quality
  • Brilliant – Look fab, sound fab, as good as any mid range headphone I’ve tried!
  • Excellent Sound quality but delicate headphones and should be handled with care

Coloud On-Ear Hello Kitty Headphones

  • Natural materials where the headphones meet the skin
  • 1 Year Premium replacement warranty
  • Biodegradable packaging featuring full branding and visible product
  • Handmade 40mm Drivers
  • 3.5mm plug for maximum compatibility

Bought these for my daughter for an amazing bargain price. Packaged really well and she absolutely loves them. Can’t get her to take them off. The sound quality is honestly so good that. I would use them if it wasn’t for the hello kitty logos.

Bought these for my daughter (19) was worried they might look a bit cheap, but far from it.

Love it and it goes with your kids changing fashion.

I originally bought these from hmv, waited a week and a half and they still hadn’t been dispatched so i cancelled the order completely and ordered them from here instead. They were dispatched the same day i ordered them and got here today. They got here so fast and i am pleased with how quickly i received them. So far, since i opened them this morning, i haven’t taken them off. They sound absolutely amazing and look so funky. Probably the best product i’ve ever bought.

Have bought these headphones as part of my grand-daughters christmas present. Unfortunately, for the purpose of this review, i don’t know the sound quality as they are still boxed. However, i chose these specifically for their colour and style. She hates those little plugs that fit inside the ears so these cushioned headphones seem ideal. She’s only six but quite grown up and these are a little more ‘sophisticated’ than the usual ‘pink’ pink ones. As they’re hello kitty, i know she’s going to be delighted with them.

Was very happy with this item, very beautiful but also good quality headphones, which is not always the case with novelty headphones but these are well built and very cute for a sister or niece.

I love these, i was willing to pay the price just for them having a quirky design and thought sound quality would suffer – but having used them in conjunction with my blackberry mp3 player i was pleasantly surprised – the quality is just as good as any decent mid-range headphone i’ve ever used, and a lot better than i expected by a mile. When i play music with the bass boost at full volume (obviously not recommended for health/hearing damage, but i couldn’t resist) the headphones vibrate and boom just like a sub woofer, so they’ve got a lot of power to them and they’re very well made. Some headphones i’ve bought have broken apart easily, but these are wonderful quality. I couldn’t have bought a better pair of headphones, especially for the price i paid, i would recommend them to anyone :).

Being a hello kitty fan, i just had to get these. These are made of very good quality and the sound is great. A must for the hello kitty fans out there.

Many thanks for thease i had a hard time getting a pair i use them all the time as the small ear plugshurt, they are the perfect thing for me i hardly take them off.

Really nice bass to them and they look adorablebut if you wear them for longer than half an hour they will start to hurt.

Good quality and fast delivery.

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Coloud On-Ear Hello Kitty Headphones
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