RHA MA750i Noise Isolating In-Ear Headphone – My first impressions and review

Delightful, high quality product easy to wear and listen with. . These in-ear headphones are delightful to use. The over the ear loop makes the headphones very comfortable to wear. The presentation and high quality finish of this item is in keeping with what one would expect from a high quality item. The wire is thick and coated with a sleeve that appears to reduce any rustling noise. The provided clip also helps with keeping feedback noise from contact with clothing to a minimum. To say that these ear phones are very good at isolating the wearer from outside noise does not really say enough. The isolation is so good, i cannot hear people talking in the same room where i am listening to my music. I have not head any complaints about sound leakage from people in the same room as me either. The fittings are beautifully made and the strain fitting on the headphone jack is a pattern that many other manufacturers would do well to emulate.

Great, articulate set of in ears. Very high build quality, rugged components and an attractive industrial design. Comfortable around the ear too despite me wearing glasses. These aren’t for bass junkies and those looking to physically feel low frequencies will be left wanting. What they do however is clearly replicate individual layers of music clearly; this is an audiophiles set of in ears. However they are at their best after a week or so wearing in as they have a overly shrill high end out of the box. The main drawback is that are fiddly to remove from your ears as there’s little to grip once they’re in. And the earplugs weren’t the best fit for me and i ended up using a pair from an old set of in ears. The clear silicon used for the earplugs seems a bit thin and i didn’t get a decent sealed fit. However there’s so many pairs in the box (i didn’t try all of them) i’m sure most people won’t have a problem after trying them all out.

The earphones are of amazing build quality. The earphones are of amazing build quality, look, feel and, most importantly – sound. However, this is the first pair of the earphones with such extensive amount of rubber ear tips/buds out of the box – and none of them, except only for 1 type, fit properly. Never had a problem with any of the earphones before; when i only had 3 sizes – medium was my perfect choice with all brands. With these ones – only earplug style tips work, which is a bit disappointing. In other reviews i read people having trouble choosing their perfect fit, meaning that it’s not just an issue of mine. I’ll be happy to buy additional tips if there any proper out there for this model.

I’ve finally ordered the ma750i in-ear headphones after previously buying several sets of rha on-ear headphones. I’ve always loved my on-ear headphones but i can never wear them for long due to my ears hurting (small ears) so in-ear headphones suit me better. These are fantastic and by far the best headphones i’ve ever bought. I love the smart packaging and the fact that there are different sized ear buds. No other earphones have fitted me properly until now. They’re really comfortable, excellent quality sound like all their other headphones have been and are clearly very well made. I’m extremely pleased with them and will definitely recommend them to other people and buy them as gifts too. Thanks rha for another fab product.

  • Serious Value for Money
  • Insanely good, oozes quality
  • A headphone which matches its stunning looks with the sound it creates
  • Stonking sound, with build quality of a tank – these are superb
  • My first impressions and review

RHA MA750i Noise Isolating In-Ear Headphone with remote and microphone – 3 year warranty

  • Noise isolating design with 303F grade stainless steel construction
  • 3-button remote and microphone (for use with compatible Apple devices)
  • Premium carry case and stainless steel ear tip holder

I’ve been a user of rha earphones and headphones for a few years and currently own the ma150’s, the ma350’s and the ca200’s so jumped at the chance to get my hands on the newly released ma750’s. They come packaged in a very nice box, inside you’ll find the earphones themselves along with a carrying case and a metal tray with various types and sizes of earbuds which should fit any size of ear. I’ve never owned a pair of earphones that came with so many different types and sizes of earbuds and after trying a couple of different pairs i managed to find a pair that were a good fit. The carrying case has a leather feel to it although i suspect it’s faux leather and not real leather, it fits the earphones fine along with the tray of earbuds if required. A nice addition but probably not something i would use on a daily basis. As for the ma750’s themselves, well they’re a bit different to any earphones i’ve used before as they fit behind and over the ear so i was a tad dubious at first. But after using them i’m actually liking the fit and style of the earphones over the more traditional straight forward in-ear ones. The earphones themselves are made of polished stainless steel and have a premium feel to them and the cable used on the earphones is quite thick, thicker than that used on my previous rha earphones. This is a bonus as it does cut down on cable noise that you may get when the cable is moving against clothing, etc.

Better than my old shure 215s and no more expensive. I ordered these yesterday and they arrived today (wow. And postage was free) and with, i think so far, excellent sound quality. My old pair of shure 215s, which i thought were about as good as it gets for under £100, had served me well for some years but had a really irritating habit of cutting out in the right ear. This is where the electrical contact at the junction was not reliable (the buds are detachable, with a push-on arrangement, and this was the issue). I could not go back to cheap headphones after the shures, but am very happy with these. If anything, i prefer the sound quality, though perhaps the shures were picking up a bit more detail at the top end of the frequency range. But for most purposes, these are great.

Oozes quality – with sound to match. I have quite a few pairs of earbuds: creative, sennheisers, shure, bose (to name a few) plus a pair of rha ma350s  which i’ve also reviewed. In short these are – pound for pound – the best earbuds i’ve ever tried. To begin with, as usual, the high build quality and components are very evident. The drivers are made from milled aluminium which compliments the 3. 5 ml jack and the y-connector (where the left and right ear cables join). They seem extremely robust and have an appealing ‘industrial’ look and feel to them. The cabling itself again feels sturdy and hard-wearing; it is noticeably thicker than most i’ve tried, has a generous length and features a sliding clasp just above the y-connector to adjust the ‘spread’ of the cable (there’s even a clip supplied in the box to attach to the cable to say, a shirt). Usually you only get a choice of three sizes of rubberised cups to slip over the speaker tips: rha provide no less than nine (so there really is no excuse for not being able to find the correct size for you – a common complaint with earbud-style earphones). They also come in a variety of material finishes too and they can all be stored securely on the supplied stainless steel rha-monogrammed holder that fits in the leatherette carrying case (the attention to detail is striking).

SoundMAGIC E10S In Ear Isolating Earphones : The best and wont break under normal circumstances

Amazing deep and elaborate sound with a assured and coloured bass. The highs are adequately separated which is outstanding specified the relative lack of complexity of the solitary driver design and style. I was not terribly pleased with the incorporated rubber earpieces which did not generate the perfect seal, but they hardly ever do. I in actuality changed mine by diy setting up some tailor made canal fittings out of 3m sponge earplugs by punching a central gap and fitting them about the driver. The seem isolation is excellent and the experience of the detail in the audio has been enhanced further. A person destructive is that the foil covering the driver stop is really flimsy and has pressed by way of – this has not modified the listening expertise but is a indication of affordable manufacture. Nonetheless, at the price tag we can accept this for the gorgeous audio effectiveness.

I acquired these following working with the typical e10 earphones(the more mature types without a mic) for about 9 months. The mic is a great addition and the most important reason that i acquired these as an alternative of the typical e10 earphones for a second time. I use the mic for playstation network and occasionally calls and it seams to be relatively excellent excellent. As for audio high-quality i’m not seriously sure if there is a signifigant boost. The foundation seams to be a little bit better and they appear to be to be a little bit louder but apart from that they seem to be quite much the similar. There is a solitary button on the still left eaphone wire that can be applied to pause audio and modify songs. It appears to be relatively sturdy and operates high-quality. There is also a switch wherever the wire splits in two that is utilised to optimise the earphones for different gadgets this definitely works as you can hear if you are listening to your gadget on the wrong a or b manner nonetheless i you should not know why the earphones have to have this as the past technology of the e10 earphones did not need a person. The genuine swap that changes from the a to b setting is inadequate good quality and i wouldn’t be shocked if it broke or grew to become free in the potential.

ten x greater than a £20 set. . Why did i get so a lot of less costly £15-£20 sets of earphones?. Acquired these on the energy of hifi option evaluation and can now hear to my tunes with out the distraction of absence or excessive of any frequencies. Despite the fact that i have a number of major range audio techniques i can listen with these earphones with no criticism, particularly when listening to compressed product on a moveable machine. My other reference headphones are beyer dt100s – old i know, but an sector benchmark.

Unbelievable bass and good precision appropriate as a result of the frequency vary. Unbelievable bass and good precision suitable by way of the frequency selection. Received to be 1 of the very best buys around at this selling price.

I at first requested the betron dc950 earphones but they have been returned for the reason that a wire was slipping out of the microphone/remote as before long as i took it out of the box. These earphones are considerably superior in conditions of make/sound top quality. I am not a audio pro but they seem exceptional for a product in this price tag bracket the seem is quite very clear with a lot of foundation. They do the job correctly with my nokia lumia 735 and my dell xps 8700 computer system. I like the tough zipped circumstance provided it can be very well designed and does a great occupation of preserving the earphones and holding the extras. You can get less costly earphones but commonly the create/seem good quality suffers. I would highly suggest this product.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • I keep coming back to a really good thing!
  • good headphones but they don’t work perfectly with iPhone 6
  • Sound very good so far
  • Another great set of earphones
  • Good but a minor problem
  • Thumbs up from the teen

A further terrific established of earphones. I currently have a pair of the typical e10 without the controls which are wonderful so when i observed these i experienced to get them. It truly is not effortless discovering first rate earphones with a mic/controls that work with android, so i was happy to see these that claimed to operate with all smartphones. There is certainly no compromise to the seem high-quality, it’s still amazing for this value vary. The good quality of the earphones by themselves is still wonderful, the cable in particular is powerful and isn’t going to tangle like other rubber-based mostly types. You nevertheless get a variety of distinct sized earbuds but now they also include an adapter which is meant to enable you to plug them into a computer for skype etcetera. The controller is on the left earphone and it has a solitary button that controls tunes, answers calls and a very long press provides up google now. The plug is a bit bulky and plasticky due to the compatibility swap even so its heading to be in my pocket most of the time so not an difficulty for me. My telephone (nexus five) was not stated on the label for which change to use but just try out both equally and you may simply know which a single you want (mine was a). This is one more exceptional merchandise from soundmagic which last but not least brings outstanding audio with the advantage of new music controls and a mic to android phones at an affordable cost.

Extremely comfortable, light-weight and discreet, the experience very well produced with a very good excellent cable that does in fact look to resist tangling. But the greatest detail is the sound high-quality – actually excellent for an earphone this dimensions, and this rate. I did a reasonably intense a/b take a look at in between these and the dunu dn-12 trident, which are half the price of these, and it was a pretty close phone. The dunus just received out for me on audio quality, and they also really feel far more weighty (currently being all metallic) and a tiny much more considerable in the earpiece itself, but the cable of these soundmagics looks far more robust. In the end, i saved these as they have a microphone, which i essential. If you do not have to have a mic i would go with the dunus.

Sound Intone Ms200 2015 New Stereo Foldable Headphones : The sound quality was perfect.

Superb quality and performance for great price. I was sent these headphones as a review item, and having reviewed quite a large number of headphones over the years i was happy to try these out. The headphones out of the box feel good quality. On checking the price of these items i was quite surprised by how good they feel to be honest as these have the feel of headphones i have reviewed at 3 or 4 times the price. The headband is well padded, the folding works smoothly and the ear pads themselves feel comfortable and well made. The cord is also the type designed not to twist, having a sort of braided quality to it. I prefer headphones with this sort of cable. I tested these headphones with my pc, my phone (nexus 5) and ipad. 5mm connector none of these devices had problems connecting.

These headphones come nicely presented in a classy and sturdy teal box and good first impressions are carried on with the actual headphones themselves. They have a good weight and tactile feel to them, weighty but not too much so. The items sent to me for review were white and green and very bright they are too, perhaps appealing more to the younger market in this guise but a decent selection of other colours are also available. The headband is plenty adjustable and the cups fit over my ears making these comfortable cans to wear for longish periods. When not in use, they fold up and fit nicely into my bag. I also like the strong tangle-free cable which is plenty long enough when out and about. Sound is good – clear and quite warm with a better bass than i expected. I’d give them 7/10 for audio and describe it as lively rather than atmospheric. Whilst marketed as gaming headphones they do not actually have a mic so would only be usable for passive gaming and with a pc or new-gen controllers with a standard headphone jack.

More great sound – how do they do it?. Having tried the i35s and i65s i now had a chance to try an even cheaper set of sound intone headphones. At £15 you would think you couldn’t possibly get quality headphones but i was again amazed. Lookswise they are excellent. Metallic elements (some actually plastic) nicely offset by blue highlight. Comfortwise there is good padding on the ears and just enough on the headband. A day wearing these has caused no discomfort. As ever, the headband increases in size for larger heads like mine. The headphones fold down so fit nicely in to a shoulder bag. The ears (thankfully) have l and r to help with getting them round the correct way.

Comments from buyers

“These are great headphones for kids, Superb quality and performance for great price, Bargain pair of headphones!, More great sound – how do they do it?, Like for most of us, Design protection elements, comfort, durability and super sound quality. Each addressed in the review.”

Really impressed with this headphones. Really impressed with this headphones. For a start, the playback is great and sounds awesome which is obviously what we all want headphones for. Crystal clear audio and doesn’t distort at high volumes. As someone who dj’s in clubs this is extremely helpful as some headphones you literally struggle to hear through and always need to crank the volume up and it sounds terrible.

Great sound/materials for your money. . If you are looking for a cheap, excellent sounding set of bins, then you really need to have these on your short list. Sure, there are probably headphones that cost in excess of £100 that sound better, but come on, you won’t consistently worry about these being nicked or broken at this price. Will definitely be keeping these on my wish list for when i need to replace them – hopefully not for some time yet mind.

Didn’t expect to be too impressed with these headphones at the price, but have been proved wrong. For just under £11, i think the sound quality is remarkably good. The headphones are comfortable too. Whilst i am not convinced that the headphones are ‘noise cancelling’ as stated on the description, i was nonetheless pleasantly surprised at the amount of noise they do exclude. Overall, an impressive bit of kit for the price.

Sennheiser PX 100-II Foldable Open Mini On-Ear Headphone : Exceptional sound quality for the price

K i acquired these on the strength of the ***** assessments. But i unsuccessful to glance at the one particular * assessments which have recognized an issue with these,namely one particular earphone fails. This is the exact purpose i was buying new ‘phones as my sennheiser 415hd failed entirely out of the blue (following three many years with the similar factor. It took me whilst to locate out the difficulty. I’ve been in electronics for a while and i traced the fault to the driver truly failing,( fwiw no continuity on a volt meter established for resisitance- the copper windings experienced parted?) never in all my several years have i recognized a driver to fail. At the phones but never ever a driver are unsuccessful.

I have just received these this morning and simply cannot believe how superior they are. The bass is outstandingly great. They are snug and have just the ideal quantity of grip on the ears.

Pleasant headset, poor sturdiness. I locate this headset very comfortable and the audio excellent is considerably superior than with the conventional earbuds. I discovered the apple in-ear earbuds somewhat uncomfortable and they would not stay in thoroughly when i was going for walks (they are however fantastic for plane use in which you are just sitting however). So my first expertise with the sennheiser px-one hundred iii was pretty constructive. I have had the px-a hundred for decades and the only matter that needed changing was the ear pads (effortlessly carried out & inexpensive). I purchased the px-a hundred iii for use with my iphone about 18 months back. In that time, the headset has been replaced less than warranty 2 times. Both of those replacements have been because of to the cable shorting so that the left & correct channels are combined (mutes any mono supply and distorts any stereo audio). With the 3rd 1, the connector not too long ago broke. Portion of the problem is that the cable isn’t really sturdy and the 2nd dilemma is that the straight three.Here are the specifications for the Sennheiser PX 100-II Foldable Open Mini On-Ear Headphone:

  • Open design for natural sound reproduction, a musical all rounder
  • Single-sided cable for convenient handling
  • Steel-reinforced headband for high durability
  • Fold and flip design allows the ear cups to be turned 90° and the headphones folded towards the headband
  • Supplied with handy soft carry case for storage and transport

Great sound – technically flawed. The seem excellent of these headphones is fairly remarkable for the price tag. I am most likely on my 7th pair in as lots of decades. I purchased the initial variation of px-100’s in a cell phone store sale and have been a faithful and hefty consumer ever due to the fact. I feel i have finally dropped tolerance with them mainly because they have a dependable fault the place the audio in a single ear will quit about six months value of use. I have experienced a pair of pairs replaced underneath warranty but i could have to look at an alternate set now my hottest pair have bust once again. Assume up to a several years worth of use if you use them day by day, probably much less. Also, the sound although wealthy and comprehensive of bass, really leaks out of these. Buy with this caveat in thoughts. I place up with the flaw for so extended because of to them remaining terrific value for income but they have permit me down for the previous time.

Extraordinary sound excellent for the value. I have found evaluations the place one ear fails. I have experienced these for ages, often you need to have to make guaranteed it is plugged in the right way – not a fault of the headphones definitely. The sound high quality – for the selling price i was blown away. If they were 2 times the value, i nonetheless would have been extremely amazed – and i very own the bag daddy version, the legendary hd25s – although they are not suitable for extended use, for films etc. If these do pack in, i will not hesitate to get again. Be careful not to sit on them, the folding arm can jam if you are unfortunate, and it requires forced back again down, which can split them. Overal though, they are fantastic, and nicely truly worth the income.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • The best general use headphones
  • Nice headset, poor durability
  • Okay, but disappointing
  • Very convenient accessory for my ipod
  • Great sound, very comfortable – very pleased!
  • Excellent quality at an excellent price!

I experienced the unique px-one hundred phones and they sounded wonderful – unfortunately they weren’t incredibly strong, and finished up only actively playing into just one ear. The longevity of the phones was missing – many commented on this in amazon evaluations. But i’ve set my faith in sennheiser after all over again and got this newer px100 ii set. Only time will notify how sturdy they are, so this review’s centered on other elements. Seem – various from the px-a hundred. Superior in some techniques, not as fantastic in other folks. I am not an audiophile though so it really is only my subjective belief – the seem is vibrant, comprehensive but most stuff appears like it can be been fed via some variety of bass blaster, and also weirdly would make classical string new music audio annoyingly muffled as if you will find a little bit of carpet fluff on the stylus. (not that i am employing a stylus – electronic only, me. )of program, when headphones are new it can acquire a bit of time to get used to them similar as with any audio products.

Fantastic worth and good sounding earphones. I could not believe that it when i noticed these arrive in third prime best invest in in a which?.Headphone evaluate, outclassing headphones costing £110–£240. I obtain them mild and cozy with good seem. Having said that they do leak a lot of audio as they are open-backed, so i use them for listening at house or at function when i’m on my own. Might be a bit intrusive on the bus/tube. I would be delighted with these headphones if i’d paid out a large amount far more for them, but at this rate it is a no-brainerpros – excellent audio and superb pricecon – noisier than a toddler with sugar-hurry.

Bose SoundTrue In Ear Headphones – These In ear headphone Stay in the ears and are very comfortable Plus you can buy the replacement part that fit

Make sure they work and send them back straight away if they don’t. Fantastic headphones but these were faulty. Don’t know if amazon check if they work or just visually inspect. Took them on holiday and they stopped working within a couple of days.

My second pair of headphones. . This is my second pair in 18 months. Our new puppy found them and liked them to. They have changed the jack from 90 degrees to straight which i find was better,all in they are a great pair of headphones.

As with all things bose, quality and sound just win every time. Great piece of kit i would recommend straight away, best sound, maybe consider the noise cancelling option if you need it – i don’t and it saves having another little active box to carry with you, recharge etc.

I’m not really an audiophile, but i am a serious music lover. I upgraded from last years bose model. Bose has made leaps and bounds with this one. The middle range response is more detailed and strong compared to last year’s model. It is comfortable to wear, with selection from one of 3 earbuds provided. I can even wear this during my workout without having the headset being falling off. Good choice, but a little bit pricey.

  • my second pair of headphones.
  • Good when used with isolation replacement tips.
  • Best iPhone headphones
  • Good, but not worth it
  • Finally, something that makes an iPhone sound good!
  • Perfect purchase

Bose SoundTrue In Ear Headphones – Cranberry

  • Tonally balanced sound with pure, rich lows
  • StayHear ear tips remain firmly and easily in place
  • Durable construction designed and checked to withstand the travails of listening as the wearer moves
  • A variety of colours to suit everyones look

I love music and the quality of sound is very important. I love music and the quality of sound is very important to me. I spent a couple weeks looking through hundreds of headphone models, and in the end i went for these. I’m very happy with my decision. I’ve read reviews saying the bass is lacking, i couldn’t disagree more. It’s not overemphasized like on some headphones, but it’s deep and crisp. The midrange and treble is out of this world. They aren’t isolating headphones (don’t seal in your ear canal), so they wouldn’t be great on a busy commute, but if you’re using them in a quiet environment like work (as i do), these are the headphones for you.

And the “spock ear” grips hold them secure in my lugholes.

What a great quality sound, stays in place no matter what your doing. Could waffle on about clarity, but in simple terms they are bose and that’s says it all, i’ve never been disappointed with any of their products.

Bose ® SoundTrue In Ear Headphones : Pretty good earphonesbut

Lastly, some thing that would make an apple iphone sound excellent. I have for a prolonged time begrudged having to pay foolish cash for earphones and, i guess, have suffered appropriately. Nonetheless, these bose earphones are, so considerably, perfectly well worth the cash. The silicone stayhear fittings make them the most at ease earphones i’ve at any time utilised. (whoever arrived up with earbuds, by the way, requirements punished. )sound top quality is terrific – have tried them on a nokia lumia 930 and an apple iphone 5. Anything at all that can make an apple products sound very good has to be a winner. The bass is undoubtedly there but not frustrating and i have but to come across a treble location that i would contemplate painful (i am extremely delicate to these better stages). Dependent on equalizer settings and the tracks becoming played, the middle ranges can occasionally truly feel a small misplaced – but how considerably of that is down to the product relatively than the earphones, i can’t be guaranteed. All in all, never ever guaranteed about the selling price tag of things like this, but they’re snug and sound wonderful so i will not complain much too much.

These bose in ear headphone continue to be in the ears and are extremely cozy in addition you can purchase the substitute aspect that match. I genuinely assume that anyone who appreciates listening to music privately should commit in prime quality headphones (earphones). These bose in ear headphone keep in the ears and are really snug in addition you can purchase the substitute part that in shape in your ear.

I enjoy audio and the top quality of audio is very crucial. I really like tunes and the good quality of sound is very critical to me. I put in a pair months searching through hundreds of headphone models, and in the finish i went for these. I’m pretty joyful with my conclusion. I have examine reviews expressing the bass is missing, i could not disagree more. It is really not overemphasized like on some headphones, but it is really deep and crisp. The midrange and treble is out of this environment. They are not isolating headphones (you should not seal in your ear canal), so they would not be fantastic on a busy commute, but if you’re applying them in a tranquil setting like perform (as i do), these are the headphones for you.

Key specs for Bose ® SoundTrue In Ear Headphones – Black:

  • Tonally balanced sound with pure, rich lows
  • StayHear ear tips remain firmly and easily in place
  • Durable construction designed and checked to withstand the travails of listening as the wearer moves
  • A variety of colours to suit everyones look

Comments from buyers

“my second pair of headphones., Good when used with isolation replacement tips., Best iPhone headphones, Good, but not worth it, Finally, something that makes an iPhone sound good!, Perfect purchase”

Does not eradicate environmental audio.

By much the most effective, i have applied till date. I have attempted sennheiser, jbl, sony and now bose. I like the layout which fits my ear perfectly and a single that does not pop out and i will not feel any discomfort even after extended hours of usage (more than three hrs of continuously).

Strong but let us in a great deal of outdoors sounds. 8/10 seem quality10/ten comfort5/10 sound cancelingmost comfortable pair i have ever worn,first rate audio good quality good bass, only concern is that it allows in allot of outdoors sound which can direct to an challenge with quantity.

Amazon Premium Headset : A real gem to have

Really good headphones, good sounds and the magnetic ends are. Really good headphones, good sounds and the magnetic ends are really good at reducing tanglingonly problem is the volume adjusters dont work on my iphone which is a pain but a manageable one.

Don’t expect this product to be 100% compatible with 3rd party apps. Bear in mind that this does not always work fully with third party apps e. Bbc iplayer, netflix, itv player. With most of the third party apps it will control volume, but it will not pause or skip. However, i have edited this review because since writing it, some of the functions have improved. For example, this did not used to work well with the audiobooks app built in to the fire tablet but it does now pause, volume +/-, although i still cannot skip chapters using it. Audible are aware of this, as are amazon, but despite one having been taken over by the other they are still operating as if separate companies with audible use treated as if it is third party(mayday operators don’t know much about using audio-books and talk as if it is nothing to do with amazon). However, since writing this review i can confirm that immersion reading now works so you can listen and read at the same time with the words being read highlighted, and this headset will pause both the audio and text. This does work really well with spotify too and will pause, skip to next, and skip to any number of tracks by repeatedly using the pause button as well as volume up or down.

Love these and what a good price. I have so much trouble with the ones that go into your ear. These just sit neatly inside the outer ear, (no pushing them inside) i like to use mine at night for the radio. With the ‘normal’ sort you can’t lay on your side as they press more into the ear, with these you can and you don’t actually feel them, fantastic. They do not fall out of your ears either whether your walking, running or cycling. Lastly, no tangling anymore.

Key specs for Amazon Premium Headset:

  • Engineered by Amazon to work perfectly with your Fire phone
  • Ships in box with Fire phone and is compatible with Fire tablets
  • Designed with magnetic earbuds and a flat cable to keep your headphones tangle-free
  • Features a mic and multi-function button to allow you to control your calls, music and more
  • Delivers clear, crisp sound through ergonomically-designed earbuds

Comments from buyers

“Great Earphones ! Definitely Premium !, Absolute Bargain, Don’t expect this product to be 100% compatible with 3rd party apps, So nice I bought it twice, Bought as a present for my wife who was disappointed with the sound from her Kindle but was delighted , Great headphones”

They’re alright decent sound and fairly comfy but button only works with amazon devices which is annoying because i have samsung but ye decent.

They’re literally the best earphones i’ve ever owned. They’re literally the best earphones i’ve ever owned. I usually go with £10-15 sony ones but they usually break easily especially when you are clumsy like me. These ones are very sturdy, they do not break easily and the sound is by far better than any cheap sony i’ve had in the past. They’re probably not as good as more expensive ones, but i’m satisfied with them and i would not spend more than £20 on earphones, so probably the best i can get at this price.

Got these with the fire phone on a lightning deal, these are great headphones. Crisp sound, nice feel, and most importantly they actually fit and stay in my tiny ears.

SoundMAGIC E10S In Ear Isolating Earphones – Sound very good so far

Bought these for my 15 year olds birthday and he say s they are really good. When he takes one out of his ear to talk to you there is no sound coming out to distract or any noise when he has them on so doesn’t annoy anyone else next to him. The sound quality is the excellent for the price so pleased with my research which recommended them. The wires also seam much sturdier than normal phone earphones so hoping they last as well as being an amazing present for a teenage boy.

The best and wont break under normal circumstances. Excellent sound, excellent craftsmanship and for an excellent pricei brought the e10 and they broke twice. But it’s clear that with this e10s model improvements have been made and i’m very happygood job b(~.

Good value in-ear plugs, sound very good and isolation is perfect for travelling on public transport. The cables seem robust and after a few weeks daily use now are still in good condition; they come with a case to assist. Also, the cables do not have that cheap feel that others have, they untangle easily.

Fantastic deep and complex sound with a confident and coloured bass. The highs are sufficiently separated which is remarkable given the relative lack of complexity of the single driver design. I was not terribly happy with the included rubber earpieces which did not create the perfect seal, but they rarely do. I in fact replaced mine by diy building some custom canal fittings out of 3m sponge earplugs by punching a central hole and fitting them over the driver. The sound isolation is outstanding and the experience of the detail in the music has been enhanced further. One negative is that the foil covering the driver end is very flimsy and has pressed through – this has not changed the listening experience but is a sign of cheap manufacture. Still, at the price we can accept this for the stunning sound performance.

  • I keep coming back to a really good thing!
  • good headphones but they don’t work perfectly with iPhone 6
  • Sound very good so far
  • Another great set of earphones
  • Good but a minor problem
  • Thumbs up from the teen

SoundMAGIC E10S In Ear Isolating Earphones with Mic – Black & Silver

  • SoundMAGIC’s engineers have tuned the drivers of the E10S to deliver a heavy bottom end. Delivering deep rolling bass balanced with superb musical detail, the E10S creates an exciting and fun listening experience.
  • Compatible with all smartphones, the E10S incorporates an ingenious user adjustable switch enabling control of Apple as well as Android smartphones. Owners of multiple smartphones can easily swap between devices to control call answer and end functions without compromise.
  • These versatile earphones offers full management of telephone conversations with the integrated microphone and one button smart remote. The supplied VOIP adaptor transforms the E10S into a multimedia computer headset.
  • Machined in one piece, the metal earphone body makes the E10S robust and ready for the rigours of everyday life, whatever you throw at them. Inside the sheath of the cord a twisted cable ensures strength and a tangle-free listening experience.
  • The in-ear design combined with the right eartips seals music in and leaves unwanted noise out. Lower volume requirements allow you to protect your hearing from damage loud music can cause.

Purchased these around six weeks ago as an impulse buy, really out of curiosity as to how much better they might sound than my £20 sennhesisers which do a fair job coupled with my fairly ancient i pod. I listen to music on a roksan system at home so have two very different listening experiences/reference points. Having listened to everything from psychedelic rock to reggae to dance music extensively, i find the phones to be really musical, more depth and separation of sound than i imagined would be the case, nice bass and only slightly tinny with some recordings. Overall very pleased and if they last a while i will be even happier. If you currently buy cheap headphones and wonder if the upgrade is worth it, i would say a resounding yes.

Unbelievable bass and great accuracy right through the frequency range. Unbelievable bass and great accuracy right through the frequency range. Got to be one of the best buys around at this price.

I bought these after using the standard e10 earphones(the older ones without a mic) for about 9 months. The mic is a nice addition and the main reason that i bought these instead of the standard e10 earphones for a second time. I use the mic for playstation network and occasionally calls and it seams to be fairly good quality. As for sound quality i’m not really sure if there is a signifigant increase. The base seams to be a bit better and they seem to be a bit louder but apart from that they seem to be pretty much the same. There is a single button on the left eaphone wire that can be used to pause music and change songs. It seems fairly sturdy and works fine. There is also a switch where the wire splits in two that is used to optimise the earphones for different devices this definitely works as you can hear if you are listening to your device on the wrong a or b mode however i don’t know why the earphones need this as the previous generation of the e10 earphones didn’t need one. The actual switch that changes from the a to b setting is poor quality and i wouldn’t be surprised if it broke or became loose in the future.

Sennheiser MM30G In-Ear Headset : These headphones are great, not sure what is with all the negative

To start with if you are a person like my spouse who would say one thing alongside the traces of ‘how a lot for headphones??. They all sound the exact to me’ then you possibly will not likely get substantially from these and would be finest sticking to the ordinary apple kinds. If you can notify the difference in excellent of headphones then these are going to make your eardrums as happy as mine are. I have owned various models and brand names about the years and as i utilised to perform for a big electrical retailer i have experimented with a lot of a lot more out facet of what i would phone a fair rate vary. You do get what you pay for but these are punching over their bodyweight. To give a honest check i performed different kinds of music, fifteen move by radiohead is a single that is widely utilized to test high quality so i performed that. I also played music by (but not limited to) the rolling stones, terrorvision, carter the unstoppable sex machine, the beatles, laika pet, levellers, clawfinger, rage against the machine, korn, klf, the prodigy, faithless, pink floyd. I also had some classical on at one place and some acker bilk. A truthful exam by any ones expectations i imagine you’d agree?(3/4 volume, no eq)these mm30i’s built songs seem to be much more 3 dimensional alternatively of the typical flatness of regular headphones.

Much better than beats (not that it will take considerably)good array, if you like having total regulate utilizing a custom made eq then you can expect to really like these. Arrives with huge and compact rubber bits, appears terrific when firmly in your ear. Operates with most phones, just alterations the functionality of the +/- buttons to skip observe (on htc just one).

Good value, first rate seem good quality. I have experienced these earphones for about 3 months so believed it was about time to write a critique. First impressions – great box, quite good recommendations, three distinctive sized buds going from truly pretty compact to relatively big so these really should suit most individuals comfortably. Seem good quality – initially coming from the common apple earphones i was not blown absent – certainly they were greater (extra clarity, crisper and louder) but for the selling price. I was tempted to return them but figured i persevere and i’m glad i did. The moment adequately bedded in (i would say at least fifty hrs of use) these truly did occur in to their own. Sound became clearer, bass enhanced radically and the full range bought better and better. Development – seem very well built, mine continue to glance like new – no uncovered wires/scratches.

Key specs for Sennheiser MM30G In-Ear Headset for Samsung Galaxy – White:

  • Perfect fit to your Galaxy – made for the latest generations of Samsung Galaxy Smartphones and tablets
  • Easy music and call control – the in-line remote enables you to easily play/pause your music, change volume, take/end calls
  • Effective noise blocking – ear-canal design for effective passive attenuation of ambient noise
  • High-end dynamic speakers giving superior bass driven Sennheiser stereo sound
  • Comfortable custom fit – due to 3 sizes of ear sleeves (S/M/L) supplied

Comments from buyers

“The lovechild of the CX-300’s and Apple earphones, For the price these headphones are great nice and comfortable, Good headphones for travelling Android users, Perfect. Bargain for £30 with 2 year warranty, A Five Star Hifi Product!, Good value, Decent Sound Quality. Excellent Construction.”

Excellent headphones for travelling android consumers. Rationale for order: i generally use these whilst travelling (driving/national rail/tfl [tube) and wanted something that would allow voice and music player control in the remote so i don’t have to faff about with my phone in public. Given the dearth of choices for headphones with android remote functionality i picked these based on price and previous experiences with the sennheiser brand (good) and didn’t want an ‘inline’ (one-button) remote. Device: samsung galaxy s4 mini (gt-i9195)android: 4. 9-build-554-play (full version))user: male, 30’s, finance professional. ) the white version is more expensive than the black ones for some reason. Sound quality: seems good, no worse than some, more expensive, headphones i have tried for home use. Headphones are always tested by me using part i of stravinksy’s the rite of spring at a medium to high i. Loud, but comfortable, volume. I don’t pay much heed to technical numbers with headphones anymore (i learnt that sometimes they list frequency responses humans can’t even hear after a certain age)(b). Functionality (calls): plus/minus adjust the volume and the middle button takes and hangs up calls. Haven’t attempted anything else in a call. Mic quality seems good; though i haven’t used it in a very loud/busy environment. Functionality (music player): unbeknown to me initially the functionality seems to vary by music player (app). ]

The sennheiser mm 30i ear-canal headset is a excellent product or service, great seem: fantastic lows, outstanding highs and absolute high quality mids. Will work with the two my itouch and apple iphone 3gs respond to calls, alter tune and handle volume with simplicity. No complications with pressing the buttons, they every have a unique shape so you can management this matter with your eyes shut. 5mm plug, you can be confident this won’t break like other 90 degree three. Also the ear buds just in no way seem to slide off the earphones, which is wonderful.

Coming from a pair of £5 earphones i found in hmv i’m impressed. The seem excellent is a great deal far better. It is very clear, i can listen to matters i’ve hardly ever actually noticed. The singer having a rapid breath just prior to singing as an instance. The bass isn’t as overpowering as i assumed it would be. I only go through this ‘simply lean back and delight in the bass-hefty stereo sound’, after i received the earphones. I did flip the bass down with an eq, but not by a great deal. Sound isolation is great as considerably as i know. I are unable to really say nearly anything else about sound high-quality, i am not an audiophile so. I am a little bit dissatisfied with the wire, i was expecting one thing a little bit thicker. Other than that, they come to feel alternatively strong. I’ve read through testimonials stating that they’ve broke within just a couple months, hopefully this doesn’t occur.

Samsung Earphone : Same as original. Good buy for replacement

Does what i need them to do and seem good quality is perfect.

Fantastic pair of headphones low-priced definitely relaxed and has no complications with it at all it lasted a great four months and the one side stopes operating and then the other aspect right after a when so i do recommend these as they were just one of the ideal headphones i had come by for these a low cost selling price lasted four months for me.

Wonderful good quality for how significantly they price.Here are the specifications for the Samsung Earphone:

  • Genuine Samsung Earphones – (No Retail Packaging – Bulk Packaged Comes In Poly Bag)
  • Make Calls & receive easily
  • Strong and light weight. Gold-plated 3.5mm stereo jack for increased fidelity.

The audio top quality is incredible. Came early before approximated shipping, will definitely be ordering once again.

Arrived before the approximated shipping day. Incredibly quick and responsible products.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Sound is nice and clear and they work fine during a telephone
  • Genuine Samsung, Unbelievable price
  • Samsung Headphones
  • Recommend this product
  • A great pair of cheap earphones
  • Surprisingly decent. And then surprisingly decent on another front!

Audio top quality is / was significantly much better than the first earphones that came with the s5.

Great top quality really speedy shipping will purchase yet again.

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