Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Studio Monitor Professional Headphones : First Audio Technica And Glad To Have It

Best headphones for below £100 (don’t feel about them acquire them and let them discuss for themselves). Just purchased these beauties on key now and they arrived in an hour. Cant consider the prompt services from amazon and you have to really like itanyway onto the product alone. They arrived in a suitable sized box not like some merchandise that have way much more area and packaging than you will need. I opened the box to be greeted with a cardboard sleeve with the audio technica instruction booklet inside of and it was little suitable for the merchandise by itself in its place of a ninety web page guide. Beneath wherever the headphones themselves and then in-amongst the headphones was a cardboard reduce out with all three leads that you get supplied with the headset. I was quite amazed by the model of them and how very low profile they are coming straight from a pair of beats solo hd two. (which the remaining ear no for a longer period will work) they where wonderful mild and comfy to put on like my beats but a little more stress than the beats. Plugging them into my iphone 6 moreover i opened my tunes and the first track i played was alt-j remaining hand totally free and wow what a differencei was shocked by the variance and i experienced compensated the identical sort of expense for my beats because of to acquiring them off a pal who failed to like them as they wherever a present. The audio from these seriously is amazing and i haven’t read nearly anything like them prior to, i was nervous about the cost tag as i am a small quick of dollars at the instant but i don’t regret the obtain at all.

Simply just, these are quite very good headphones. . I have owned and experimented with a number of pairs of (what i would simply call) mid variety headphones but i have experienced the grado sr80i for a very little though and located them to be extremely excellent. I wished a alter primarily for sound isolation (the two means) and so i went for the in the same way priced shut back option of the m50x. I could not listen to them 1st so i centered my preference on the overwhelmingly exceptional reviews. I can affirm that the critiques are suitable. In phrases of seem they are every little thing the grados are and much more. The treble is crisp and crystal clear but far more reasonable than the a bit more than emphasised grado. The mids have existence and are well well balanced (just as fantastic as the grado) and the bass correctly complements the audio remaining tight, deep and tuneful (far more kick and depth than the grado). The grado wins for seem-phase, on the other hand the m50x really don’t feel so a great deal as ‘closed in’ but the high-quality of the sound is these types of that it feels additional ‘intimate’. The spot in which they have missing a star is convenience.

For the income you cant incorrect with these head phones. . The seem is the very best i have read for the price. The eco-friendly colour is not in your experience style and goes quite effectively with the brown. Plugged into my phone and the audio can be loud enough to preserve each individual sound out. When you got kids managing all around or the tv set is on in the again floor. If you cant go for the confined edition then bag the usual edition which can be had for considerably less. Anyway the extras you get is a awesome bag to place your head phones in.

Key specs for Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Studio Monitor Professional Headphones – Black:

  • Critically acclaimed sonic performance praised by top audio engineers and pro audio reviewers, with detachable cable (3 cables included)
  • Exceptional clarity throughout an extended frequency range, with deep, accurate bass response
  • Proprietary 45 mm large-aperture drivers with rare earth magnets and copper-clad aluminum wire voice coils
  • Professional-grade earpad and headband material delivers more durability and comfort
  • Circumaural design contours around the ears for excellent sound isolation in loud environments

Comments from buyers

“First Audio Technica And Glad To Have It, High-end headphones which demand low-end price, AMAZING Value For Money! Nothing to beat them at double their price!, Powerful, Crystal Clear, Punchy Base and great fun to listen to!!!, Premium Quality Headphones, Amazing Comfort + Good Sound Quality = Happy Customer”

Can not go incorrect with a pair of these headphones. Believe that the hype folks, these headphones seem wonderful and you wont be let down at this value. The rugged create quality and extra equipment of matching smooth pouch and three diverse cables make these headphones a slice above the rest. Only score 4 stars mainly because i uncovered the stock ear pads to be a bit on the small side and did not completely go all over my ears with no touching – perhaps i just have large ears. Purchased some more substantial and far more comfortable substitute ear pads on the other hand and now this is no lengthier an concern.

Incredibly excellent all around option but never drop for the complete ‘best’ bs. Following hearing and watching video clips total of praise i determined to obtain them and this is what i will say. I do believe that they are value five stars but. You get flat response (these are studio displays, not enjoyment headphones). Very well balanced sound (people today who complain about the ‘lack’ of bass fall short to comprehend what they are designed for – flat checking. And as these they have wonderful wealthy lows). Individually, i uncover them realistically comfortable. Indicating – i can use them for hrs and several hours without the need of unreasonable distress and they are fairly nice as nicely. Nonetheless, i do have a smaller skull and very modest ears. I you should not even have to have to use the extenders at all. I just wear them as they are. If you have a really significant skull and large ears you may well not find them as ‘like a glove’ as i do.

So i currently have the ath-m20x headphones, and i considered they had been very great, best headphones i would owned, if you are not looking at spending pretty this a great deal unquestionably check those people out. In any case, i lastly resolved to up grade to the 50x, was really energized when the box arrived virtually close to 20 minutes ago, the initial matter i did with these was go and set on pink floyd’s ‘the darkish side of the moon’. I have never ever read anything so excellent via headphones, the good quality is just remarkable. I was sitting down there for the 1st thirty seconds of ‘breathe’ with my mouth open. The drum and bass strains you can select up is wonderful, alongside with some other minor details that i might barely even found right before. To best it all off you have received three various lengths and types of prospects for various instances and as a audio scholar i can say these would be great for examining sounds also, primarily thinking about their price tag.

Sennheiser RS 160 Over-Ear Wireless Over-Ear Headphones : wireles headphones

The headphones arrived now, and soon after a minimum amount of charging i couldn’t wait any longer to try them out. They really feel actually cozy on my head and block out a large amount of external sound – the principal cause i wanted closed headphones. Putting them on feels a bit like putting on ear defenders.I suspect they may perhaps get a little bit warm to put on for extensive in summer time. The seem top quality is genuinely good, despite the fact that taking part in an mp3 from my mobile phone may perhaps not be the finest take a look at. Even then i can hear seems that i hadn’t recognized just before – the seem is actually obvious. The wireless link addresses the whole of my rather modest flat which is all i want of it. In use, the wireless link just works – turn on the transmitter, convert on the headphones and listen. Only 1 downside – the packaging.

Good quality wireless headphones for every day use. . I now have two sets of these a person set is made use of for hello-fi and the other is employed for participating in my keyboards/synthesizers out of hrs. The transmitter ( smaller puck shaped ) has two optional ability modes – battery and electric power provide device (mains). Battery use is really useful for mobile use, however this was not a key structure aspect as the headphones are not the lightest and the transmitter is not just smallthe energy source device arrives with a ‘y’ direct so that the headphones can be billed devoid of eliminating the electrical power lead from the transmitter. This headphone was intended for use inside a massive place (successful selection, i would say is 7 – 8 metres max). But the seem copy is as real looking as you can get, correct by the quantity array. The ni-mh batteries will run repeatedly for 7 hours on 1 charge. The headband and ear cushions make for a genuinely cosy and comfotable match. The cost is coming down, which can make these a extremely fantastic benefit deal.

I bought these headphones as a gift for my boyfriend. He is extremely satisfied about them, suggests they are quite fantastic good quality and comfortable to use. He can very endorse them. I appreciate how rapid the delivery was.

Key specs for Sennheiser RS 160 Over-Ear Wireless Over-Ear Headphones – Black:

  • Closed, around-ear digital wireless headphones with Kleer’s uncompressed audio transmission
  • Bass delivery is rousing and full-bodied while the closed, snug fit around your ears effectively isolates outside noise
  • Offers a range of up to 20m (line of sight) of audiophile-grade sound
  • Compact portable transmitter, pop in some batteries and you can use it out and about, simply place in a backpack
  • Digital volume control with mute function, simply plug and play

Comments from buyers

“Interference free enjoyment, Sennheiser must have listened to me!!!, Excellent headphones, Wireless Headphones, Great sound and value, but make sure they suit your needs”

The sound quality is relaxed and balanced, the headphones are comfortable and mild and they you should not hiss crackle or pop. However, remember to will not feel you can wander close to inside of 20mtrs of the base station and get excellent reception: you are not able to. You can get up to approximately 30mtrs ‘line of sight’ but inside the property realistically, they’re going to function genuinely well up to about 8mtrs most of the time by way of a doorway or it’s possible a wall but lower out as you move a corner, or a cupboard, or at times when you turn your head a fraction. It is virtually impossible to predict just wherever they will or will not work and some pieces of architecture have a significantly increased result than other people. You uncover on your own accomplishing items like heading into the kitchen area for a coffee and standing on just one leg leaning sideways to preserve reception. They are as well highly-priced to be applied just for looking at tv or lying down and the inexpensive ir kinds will do just as well for that if you do not want to shift, so i’m not really absolutely sure what current market they are for. I genuinely imagined they would get the job done perfectly up to 20 mtrs and that would have been great for me. It truly is likely just my misunderstanding, but i would not have bought them if i’d recognized you can’t actually use them to walk all-around far more than just the immediate vicinity so be warned. I’ve arrive back again to this overview now i’ve experienced the headphones for several months to say i have finally provided up on them and i am likely to substitute them.

Hassle-free & extra secure than bluetooth. Obtaining experienced mm400s can’t say irrespective of whether i like these better but they do link & get the job done better- no seem distortion at all, slightly even more selection, no pairing. On the down aspect need to have a transmitter. Mm400s are additional comfy though these are greater passive sounds attenuation.Ears could get relatively heat, in some cases itching. After burning in the seem is excellent, perhaps mid-fi but bought to appreciate the mobility. Mobility is so remarkable and uncomplicated finding utilized to that wearing a wired pair is pretty much unbearable. Appreciated the audio of the two mm400s and these approximately similarly. Searching to get the mm450-x upcoming just to assess & choose involving the two.These also keep on the head a whole lot better than the mm400s.

Good headphones for exact same home experience. Fantastic as extended as you will not put too numerous walls concerning on your own and the source. Clearly cuts out eventually. Can manage as a result of a few stud partitions at most effective, a solitary brick wall may well make it possible for sign as a result of, but supporting wall will block. Will travel by one particular nterst ceiling/floor also. Battery life could be better, but great sufficient for an afternoon. Really hard to know when to demand, so obtain myself always topping up just in case. Usually takes a while to totally charge also. Think you’d struggle to come across much better with out shelling out a further £100.

Groov-e Kiddies Headphone, but we couldn’t hear a thing and neither could my son who has perfect hearing! We got them for use in the

Acquired this for my two 1/two yr outdated, applied it at a marriage ceremony. Downloaded toystory 2 on the ipad and saved him silent for the support and speeches.

Smaller than the groov-e streetz headpphones. Cozy and just about smaller sufficient for my diddy 3. 5 calendar year aged much too huge for my standard sized 20mth previous but only just. Also acquired the groov-e streetz design which search superior designed and have a volume command on them but are about 1′ more substantial in the headband – packaging destroyed when opened so will be storing them for a couple yrs or giving them away.

Groov-e Kiddies Headphone with Volume Limiter – Blue/Green

  • Volume Limiter at 85DB – as per the safe listening regulations
  • Adjustable headband to get the right fit for your child
  • Soft cushioned ear pads
  • Stylish look & lightweight so it is easy to carry
  • Suitable for ages 3+

The headphones are alright nonetheless soon after about five minutes we uncovered there was a little bit of a free connection. They have been for our two children who are beneath five and so they are ok, do what they have to have to and are reasonably priced.

Bought these for my 5 yr aged to use with her ipod. They are fantastic, in shape incredibly and the seem is fantastic for necessary use.

Excellent headphones for youngsters. These headphones are excellent for my six calendar year outdated son listening to audio stories and songs in his room and in the auto. They suit him flawlessly and are quite simple to adjust. The seem good quality is quite very good and they appear to be very robust. Over-all incredibly fantastic price for money.

Groov-e Kiddies Headphone with Volume Limiter – Blue/Green : But we couldn’t hear a thing and neither could my son who has perfect hearing. We initially ordered the volume control version of these headphones, but we couldn’t hear a thing and neither could my son who has perfect hearing. We got them for use in the car and, particularly, on an aeroplane – there is no way that they would have worked with all that additional noise, so we order the regular set and they are perfect. They fit nicely over his ears and he took them straight away.

Betron HD1000 Headphones – and I wasn’t disappointed they look great and of good quality

Top marks for price and quality. Top marks for price and quality. Bought two in the end one for my grandson and one for myself. Not to mention the swift delivery , once again top marks.

The base driven sound qualities are very good. As i ware hearing aids this product is. The base driven sound qualities are very good. As i ware hearing aids this product is comfortable and the sound quality is good.

Betron are worth the money. . I had a pair of the in-ear phones which have finally started to pack in after a good amount of punishment.

He loved them, he wears a hearing aid so these. Bought these headphones for my husband for under the tree. He loved them, he wears a hearing aid so these are much more comfortable for him than the in the ear ones. On the whole very pleased with purchase.

  • Great, comfy set of headphones with a good, clear, bassy sound.
  • Excellent headphones
  • Amazing sound?????
  • These are worth waaayyyyy more
  • Surprising But worth it.
  • Betron HD 1000 Headphones: Perfect Alternative to ‘Beats By Dre’ at a more attractive price.

Betron HD1000 Headphones with Bass Driven Sound for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mp3 players etc

  • Headphones with Powerful neodymium magnets for stereo sound with powerful punchy bass
  • Extended frequency response for accurate, reliable sound reproduction
  • Increased sound pressure level (110dB) to handle demanding use
  • Rich, crisp bass response , Good attenuation of ambient noise, Lightweight & comfortable
  • Optimised for portable audio including MP3, CD players, iPad, iPod, iPhone and mobile phones (iPad, iPhone and iPod are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.)

Amazing sound?????. Theses head phones are absolutely brilliant and they look the part tovery well balanced and music sounds amazing from themi’ve also got a pair of beats which i payed over £180 forthese betrons sound just as good if not better??.

Just as they said – the headphones are really smart and the sound is excellent. Everything was just as they said – the headphones are really smart and the sound is excellent. My goods arrived earlier than they said which was good for me and i would go back every time — well recomended.

Very comfortable and light to wear. Came in a very smart carry case. And most importantly the sound through them is very clear.

Sennheiser HD650 Reference Over-Ear Headphone – Now I see the hype.

A very long time ago i purchased a pair of high definition 595’s. They had been good, you should not get me erroneous but they didn’t dwell up to what i anticipated. I didn’t give up while, i acquired a pair of 650’s simply because they are so very regarded and would pack much more bass. As soon as i set them on, i cherished them. I like awesome vibrant appears as well as depth. That’s what i really feel they provide me. Establish top quality is superior, not created like a tank but i would not want to support a tank with my neck. They are comfortable and just tight plenty of for me, no ‘clamping’.

Purchased these to go with the colorfly c4 music player. Experienced a pair of sennheiser high definition 205’s for decades which i thought had been very great considering their selling price but on acquiring the c4, required a little something to compliment it. Uncovered a handful of persons applying the c4 with these so bought a pair. As their description implies, they are reference headphones. You will not get any coloration or accentuated bass mids or highs, just sound as it really is meant to seem. Won’t be able to fault them at all, charming bass to crisp clear highs and all that lies in concerning. Ear cups are replaceable as are the cables, occur in a sturdy, hinged box.

Sennheiser hd650 – basically fantastic – and fantastic price for cash. All the opinions say how great these are. I paid £150 for mine from electromonster a few months back and am so glad i did. They’ve long gone up a tiny now. Pricey of course, but they are simply excellent price at their normal pricesound good quality is precise and so incredibly comprehensive -its really hard to acquire them off and switch off the new music. Deal with by yourself and get some nowi am extremely sceptical about forking nonetheless out far more on exclusive ofc potential customers from other manufacturers however (as appears to be usually proposed). I am extra than persuaded the sennheiser qualified prospects do their career just good.

  • The best Sennheiser’s yet
  • Now I see the hype.
  • I thought it might all be hype, but these are excellent
  • Sennheiser HD650 Headphone Initial & Subsequent Impressions
  • The cheaper HD595 might be better for you
  • Pure MagicSennheiser HD650 Headphones

Stunning top quality – from the moment 1 opens the padded storage box one can see/really feel the high good quality of the materials and parts. The 650s really feel alternatively comfortable at 1st wearing (as quite a few some others say) but are remarkably quick to use nonetheless. I was amazed during my to start with hour-extensive listening session to listen to the phones slowly loosen-up/break-in – like a flower unfolding the dynamic spectrum turned clearer, wider and far more satisfying as time went on. After an hour they’re sounding good, but i foresee that there is certainly extra to come. Lovely wealthy and very clear, they’re simply just a pleasure to listen to. Be ready for the breaking in period of time however, my first number of moments of listening experienced me wondering. But as i say, they progressively blossom through the first listening stage. Secondly, an amp of some type is vital for these headphones.

Fairly bass supplemented. . I bought these headphones as a direct comparison to the akg k 702 which i had extremely not too long ago acquired. I experienced study all the evaluations and famous that some explained the akg was bass light-weight although the sennheiser have been fairly improved in this regard. I wanted to discover out for myself. In the beginning i tended to agree that the senns experienced a improved shipping and delivery in phrases of bass but that was since i was in the beginning taking part in reasonably major electric powered songs (rock) but when i switched to the lighter acoustic things of jack johnson, for occasion, i located that the senns did not cope at all well. The complete presentation was flat, dull and muddy and designed the tracks unappealing and tedious. Plugging in the akgs was like stepping out into the sunshine and built me bear in mind why i favored that tunes so much. Yes , the senns do have additional bass but it is not purely natural and it smears the total of the acoustic variety with it is really presence,swamping the more fragile frequencies and masking the ethereal come to feel of some tracks. In distinction the akg is more purely natural with a fantastic rendition throughout all of the frequency array with sufficient but not about represented bass. That claimed , if you want a headphone for heavier type audio this sort of as rock then you will probably recognize the senn 650 but if you want a real all rounder that is good with any genre it is introduced with then the akg k 702 (or 701) would almost certainly be a much better obtain.

Features of Sennheiser HD650 Reference Over-Ear Headphone

  • Phenomenal state-of-the-art headphones, widely used in professional recording studios globally for their absolute accuracy and attention to detail
  • Very wide soundstage with wide frequency response is 10 – 39,500 Hz (-10 dB)
  • Hand-selected matched driver elements left and right
  • Specially designed acoustic silk reduces distortion to an incredible 0.05%
  • Superb wearing comfort, gently cushion your ears for long hours of pure listening enjoyment

For several years i have been discouraged by the sound of headphones which failed to dwell up to the sound that arrived out of my speakers, so with that in intellect i did some analysis into what would give me the effects i was looking for, so immediately after examining numerous opinions in magazines i located that this design of headphones hd650 which was provided five stars in february 2004 by ‘what hi-fi’ and was designed an ‘editors choice’ by ‘hi-fi choice’ about the similar time made these headphones appear like a improved get than the older hd600 design i experienced been searching at so after hearing equally, i took the plunge and acquired a pair of the newer hd650 for myself. The headphones come in stiffened grey card box, which has chrome hinges the box is lined with dark grey foam that is minimize to in good shape the headphones just. The box also contains a gold-plated 3. 5 jack adaptor for use with walkmans ipod’s and other portable audio units. Inside of a distinct plastic pocket comes the manual and the two-year warranty certificate which just like the handbook is penned in english german french italian spanish and swedish and has a listing of sennheiser distribution centres. The headphones are sliver titanium in color. This text is from the handbook:with the high definition 650, sennheiser has adopted the modifications in the listening patterns of tunes- fans and the way in which they practical experience seem. In spite of all purism and the greatest needs on exact sound replica, a slight modify n listening conduct is detectable. Currently lots of audio-enthusiasts want to sense the sound more as a substitute of plainly analysing it.

I am a extended-time headphone consumer and lately determined to improve my ageing sennheiser hd600s. To start with i went fot the highly regarded akg k701s and while they were incredibly good soon after quite a few weeks i discovered they were being just much too uncomfortable to put on for extensive periods. I then attempted grado sr-225s, which were pretty disappointing without a doubt. In individual they felt low-cost and awful – certainly not up to beyer or sennheiser in terms of develop good quality – and the seem appeared merely regular. Then i acquired the sennheiser hd650s and. Make quality is excellent (the cable is significantly sturdier than that on the hd600s) and ease and comfort is streets in advance of the akgs (though they fit extra snugly than the hd600s). But it was the purely natural audio that bowled me about, not to point out the prolonged bass and sweet treble. I pay attention to classical new music and believe that me these cans are the business.

Bose SoundTrue Around-Ear Headphones II : My whole family are great fans of products

The sound is so a great deal ‘softer’ and crisper than my past beats solo ii headphones. Tends to make listening to any style a pleasure. They glimpse fantastic as well, really like the new chunkier headband. Also genuinely comfy, yet again significantly a great deal far more cozy than my beats. They have a comparatively loose grip which helps make them simple on the cranium. The noise reduction is not excellent, when sat on the train with new music participating in i can nevertheless listen to the rumble of the ending and the wheels on the tracks. This wasn’t the situation with my beats.

Pre purchased these for my birthday again in september delivery from amazon was outstanding. So i have been using these considering that then in the studio and on the commute via london. They are stunning the seem is exceptional, strong and full. These headphones are tremendous light-weight on, and drown out background noise to a stage. If you have the dollars for these include them to you basket and be carried out with it, actually taking pleasure in these.

I really appreciated the bose soundtrue around-ear headphones ii. I actually liked the bose soundtrue around-ear headphones ii. Great establish top quality, simple design and style but it worksthis is by much the most snug headphone i applied. I had a number of dr dye and bose sounds cancelling kinds in the previous. For me the seem high-quality is critical, but these great headphones are just excellent at different form of tunes and there is no seriously good or lousy if you just review them by audio. If i take a look at them a single by 1 in a several minutes, then indeed, they are incredibly distinctive. On the other hand if you put on it for >30mins go for what is most convenience. And belief me you will not regret about this decision. It is not a low cost a person to invest in, but i might say if you want 1 to use everyday this definitely is the most effective you can invest in. Amazon, as constantly, the finest provider.Here are the specifications for the Bose SoundTrue Around-Ear Headphones II:

  • Music sounds deep, clear and lifelike, thanks to proprietary Bose technologies
  • Redesigned with a slim profile and new colours
  • Softly padded headband memory-foam cushions for long-term comfort
  • Fold-flat ear cups matching carrying case for easy travel
  • Inline microphone and remote for easy switching between calls and music with selected iPhone models

Fantastic crisp & distinct sounding cans. I am incredibly amazed with these bose audio genuine headphones. The construct good quality is really good though a bit plasticy, they do really feel extremely good and perfectly created. The content made use of for the ear cushions and head band is memory foam which benefits in them being incredibly relaxed when on. They are also incredibly gentle which will allow them to be utilised for considerable intervals. After a though you truly neglect they are on. The audio top quality is also exceptional with all the things sounding crisp and very clear with pleasant bass and highs. No distortion at higher ranges. While these are not sound cancelling telephones the cups address your ears to make a seal and in undertaking so make areally good job of blocking out exterior seems. The other benifit remaining there is no seem leakage possibly.

Spending further for the bose identify?. Bose is a firm with a good status but i never believe the sound excellent merits the selling price of these headphones. They look on a par with merchandise at fifty percent or a third of the price. They are not incredibly very well insulated so there is very a ton of seem leakage to annoy your fellow travellers on the prepare. They are on the other hand incredibly at ease to wear. Lightyweight and extremely perfectly padded. They will fold flat when not in use and occur with a pretty nice fake leather-based zip scenario which has rigid sides providing a great stage of defense. They are very good headphones but i assume the value is a small significant.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Excellent Crisp & Clear Sounding Cans
  • and are not Bose’ excellent noise cancelling headphones
  • High quality headphones
  • I really enjoyed the Bose SoundTrue Around-Ear Headphones II
  • Top class headphones
  • Strong headphones

The headband fits incredibly comfortably. Supplied the value of these headphones i guess. The sound good quality of these headphones is excellent but i would not anticipate fewer from bose having utilized bose headphones just before. The headband suits quite easily. Presented the rate of these headphones i guess the visual appearance can be attributed to this some areas seemed quite low-priced for a bose product or service for occasion the within of the ear cups. I did not like the simple fact the the still left and proper labeling of the ear cups have been on the inside of would of most well-liked this on the exterior. The bose signature is not seen get in touch with me vain but in the scheme of advertising and marketing i would want individuals to know i working with bose headphones probably silver on black would of been far better. This i guess lends itself to the price tag of the headphones. I applied it on my iphone and my desktop unable to regulate the quantity when working with the desktop but the seem just beautiful. I like the capability to answer phone calls with the particular button on these headphones.

High-quality all the way from bose. That is the only way i can explain this product or service. These are comfy and lightweight. The audio good quality they supply is amazing. I have made use of them to hear to both equally audio and audio-guides by way of my ipad, and on both equally counts the seem was crisp. Whilst this is a pretty dear set of headphones, the quality would make the expense truly worth it. All the parts are replaceable so this is built to offer a long time of happy listening. When not in use, the headphones can be stored in the zipped pouch which is incorporated in the box. Just in scenario you aren’t absolutely sure what i feel of this solution, i am a big, major enthusiast.

Sennheiser HD 598 Over-Ear Headphones : Best I have used.

The ideal at dwelling headphones for beneath £200. Sennheiser is a name synonymous with high-quality in the audio planet, and i’ve applied their microphones on a few of occasions just before and they carried out outstandingly. So when purchasing my initially pair of headphones from them, i went in with exceptionally anticipations. Needless to say these headphones sent. Listening to ‘good times’ by jaime xx, the synths are punchy and thorough, the bass is cleanse and the clarity of the lyrics is outstanding. As an extra bonus, they are also particularly snug. I could quickly go for a three hour songs session without the need of recognizable discomfort. One thing to just take into account if you’re considering of acquiring these is that they are open up back, so they will leak audio for the reason that of their style and design. I’m absolutely sticking with my bose ae2w’s for travelling, but when i get household these are my go to headphones now.

Good day to all 1st matter is i failed to acquire my hd598 from amazon as i experienced not tried using them, i now know this is a need to. I read through lots of lots of assessments on the online about a lot of different helps make and styles. I was fascinated on how a lot greater these so called hi end head phones were being in opposition to my turtle beach front x12 types which i imagined experienced a very very good audio. I opted to reserve a try out at a appropriate leading notch hifi provider. I indicate they experienced speakers at 4k every single. I tried out the hifi male hd four hundred, senhieser hd 650(which were favourite)and the most affordable of the bunch hd598’sas i mentioned higher than, you seriously want to pay attention to head phones just before you purchase as there is a substantial variance in seem which was stunning, the hfiman 400 were being shiny in there sound, and were being promptly dismissed, the senn’s hd650 were fantastic, but seemed a bit muffled when compared to the hd598’s which ended up in in between the two. It was a tough conclusion. All were a important enhancement about the turtle seashore but it is solely down to personalized preferencei have been making use of these hd598’s for about a month(aprox about 20hrs) and they are even now improving with use, the bass is obtaining additional beneficial/tighter/further and the sound phase is having broader, i suggest each instrument or backing singer has its have area/angle all over your head they are definitely awesome. Stating that they are not for bass heads as the bass is not as ??/loud as the turtle b’s but that is not a poor matter as you listen to basically each and every sound as it was intended to be, just one word, if you have 128kbps recordings, they seem seriously inferior to larger bit level recordings you can definitely listen to the change in excellent.

Superb all round general performance when utilised with an amp. Amazing all round general performance when applied with an amp. A substantial issue to note is that making use of these via an amp increases them by so so a lot. The depth and bass when applying the three. 5mm adapter plugged into my notebook was inadequate. 5 stars due to the fact the good quality i get through an amp is outstanding but if you are going to plug them straight into a laptop computer or cellphone i would seem at choices.Here are the specifications for the Sennheiser HD 598 Over-Ear Headphones:

  • Top-of-the-range for clarity and increased bass, for a fully immersive music and movie experience
  • Stunning wide soundstage that will pick every detail in your music, hear the tiny nuances you have never heard before
  • Field-replaceable parts for an extremely long lifespan
  • Every detail and layer of your music is audible
  • “Eargonomic acoustic refinement” (E.A.R.) design channels the audio signal directly into your ears (simulating loudspeakers)

This pair of headphone is not pretty extraordinary out of the box, but it will be striking to your ears soon after burn in of hours. I generally hear to classical. The soundstage is superb with a wonderful concert hall emotion. They are super comfort, hardly really feel carrying them. The only draw back is there is no portable bag along with the deal. In any case, i’ll get 1 myself:).

Coolest headphones i have at any time worn. . These headphones appear like a the cadillac of headphones. The image trace at the classy nature, but only when you truly maintain them can you enjoy it entirely. As with most sennheiser stuff, they are fantastic top quality. I had to send out them again since i just couldn’t get on with them. They ‘colour’ the audio a bit as well a lot for my preference, my pair of old hd580 (changed by hd600) are considerably extra neutral, which is what i desire. All that tells you is seriously, at this cost issue, you will need to hear to them 1st. If you have hardly ever had a first rate (£150 plus) headphones before, you would like these anyway. But if you now have hifi headphones, they may perhaps not be your cup of tea, regardless of what the review say.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • “Smells of rich mahogany”
  • The perfect at home headphones for below £200
  • Feels better than previous HD5x cans of the same flavour.
  • proper hifi cans
  • Stunning – almost too good!
  • Best Sennheiser I have used.

These headphones are quite impressive. Perhaps a little bit too early for remaining words but on the outset they do sound marginally darker than i predicted and soundstage is broad just about audio distant – i am not utilized to this sort due to the fact all my headphones ended up closed back. But i can see this doing work to the edge when looking at matters for illustration. Separation is honest and placement of instruments about your head shut to chic. I am making use of them with a mini portable e12 amp an consider they pair up alright but also wonderful straight out of my mbp. Pretty small impedance and straightforward to drive. In my scenario they do not leak out that considerably (i listen quietly much more normally than not) but certainly they are completely open up and cranking up the quantity would signify you’d leak whichever your listening to correct out.

Purchased for television use – outstanding option. Becoming marginally hard of hearing i have been locating it tricky to pay attention to the tv set although even now protecting a volume that will not deliver my partner into orbitthese head phones ooze quality, the structure is most likely regarded as retro, but being 68 – i can are living with that and favor the style and design to some others. They are pretty snug to have on for pro-longed intervals with their velour ear pads, there is some sound leakage, as you would expect with the ‘open’ design and style – but this has not guide to any inter-loved ones listening problems – its only marginal at the volumes that i playback atthe connecting cord is extended and very nicely created – compared with many fitted to in-ear telephones – so no tangling etcetera. The frequency response is wider than most and i have also analyzed them with classical and rock cd’s immediate from our amp with exceptional benefits. I deliberated prolonged and challenging right before acquiring and now know that i have manufactured an outstanding preference.

Sony MDR-ZX100W Outdoor Headband Headphones, brilliant headphones

For this price tag, it is amazing. Nevertheless, i think it is only fair to convey to you prospective prospects the handful of faults these headphones do undergo. For some people, no make a difference how low-cost they may possibly be, a minimal fault may be a offer breaker. These are really excellent wanting, no arguments about that at all. Specifically if you go for the white colour, these headphones unquestionably search a good deal much more costly than £10. On the other hand, a single or two design and style characteristics give it absent a little bit, but i will arrive to that in a brief when. The audio developed is wonderful. The mids and highs are properly created with neither sounding synthetic or drowned out. The bass is just not that solid, which could occur to a disappointment to these who thump to major bass audio, but the toned-down bass makes it possible for for a considerably additional pure audio, specifically if you listen to acoustic, classical or just vocal music.

I bought these headphones as in ear-kinds irritate me. You actually cannot fault the value for funds. Its now a yr on and i’ve discovered they haven’t done that dreadful crackling factor or misplaced any sound high quality. The sound good quality is actually good, there are obviously headphones out there that have much far better sound quality and sound cancelation but you will pay out a whole lot of dollars for the privilege. I am presently seeking for some with a more high-class seem to use at household when studying but have no intentions of obtaining rid of these beauties. The very best issue about them is that because they are reasonably priced you are not worried to fling them all around, shove them in a bag or go functioning (they have never fallen off as soon as). I’m not terrific at wanting soon after factors, these headphones have been by way of a many years worth of battering and receiving sweaty in the health and fitness center and they are however likely strong.

Sony MDR-ZX100W Outdoor Headband Headphones – White

  • Closed-type supra-aural, 30mm driver unit, 1.2m cable (both-sided)
  • 30mm ferrite drivers
  • 12Hz-22kHz frequency range
  • Lightweight design for maximum comfort

Good small established of headphones. I definitely never know what people today are moaning about, for a £10 set of headphones these are fantastic. These audio very clear as a bell to me. Allows get two matters straight. These were under no circumstances intended to compete with dr. They are not sound cancelling, and have hardly ever been promoted as so. I like a superior bass in a track as nicely, but that is not wherever music finishes. I procured these as a short term evaluate till my to start with wage arrives in, i am on a very long commute to operate (2 hrs there and two several hours back) and required one thing that would switch my other headphones (blue atari gear4) and glance a tad extra professional all around an office environment surroundings.

These headphones are the business. The sound high-quality is astonishing for the price tag and they fit so very well. The headband is extremely cozy. These are value every single penny. Also, the cable size is just right.

Right after making an attempt so numerous headphones that will be relaxed and not harm my ears right after lengthy time listening new music i found these. Quite lightweight , smooth on the ears, and sound is just incredible. I like the white color as well they look neat and thoroughly clean. Bass is fantastic and really loud and that is what i preferred. They are extremely affordable but good quality. Never assume about it, just obtain them. The only down side i should position is that they you should not have volume command on them.

Sony MDR-ZX100W Outdoor Headband Headphones – White : The headphones workamazingly well considering the cheap price. I am very impressed by the sound quality from them, even though i’m not an expert when it comes to these things and have only brought a few non-in-ear headphones before. They look good and aren’t chunky to wear. However they’re not amazing, and if i have been wearing them for too long it begins to hurt my ears and head inthe positions i read or travel in whils wearing them. It’s a bit annoying, but to be expected for headphones of this price, i guess. And not everyone listens to music as often as i do.

Jvc Haeb75b Sports Ear Clip Headphones, Solid product for the price ◘ No real additional features ◘ Decent cable length ◘ Solid but not spectacular sound

Purchased these headphones not too long ago and so considerably have no problems. I come across headphones with ear clips a lot more cozy to use, as the in-ear kinds in no way feel to keep place. These feel great worth for income.

These are incredibly relaxed to put on and match snuggly powering the ear for uninterupted listening to my audio whilst working on the allotment. The seem excellent is quite great i would advocate these to any one.

Jvc Haeb75b Sports Ear Clip Headphones with Adjustable Clip – Black

  • Sports ear clip headphones with adjustable clip structure which has five selectable positions for secure fit
  • Splash-proof ideal for sports and exercise
  • Powerful sound with bass boosting earpieces and 13.5mm Neodymium driver unit
  • 3 colour selection
  • 1.2m cord with gold-plated iPhone-compatible plug

Strong product for the cost ◘ no serious added characteristics ◘ first rate cable size ◘ strong but not spectacular sound. General for the value, this solution is superior. It has a decent size of cable [from the earphones to the three. 5mm jack which i can easily run from the pocket in my trousers [where i have my mp4 player]. The clips are flexible [you can bend and twist them; they are not rigid], so can accommodate a variety of ear shapes. The clips also have a sliding mechanism to adjust their position [if you look at the earphones in profile, you can see where the blue part attaches to the black ear clips. The black ear-clip section can move forwards and backwards across the blue part, thereby extending the total length of the earphone ⇛ hence the size can be adjusted]. This is the only additional feature of the earphones. The sound is good but not earth-shattering. Basically what you would expect on bog standard earphones. ]

I am a landscape gardener and a gym nut and not a particular lover of inexpensive stuff. To start with of all i bought the precise similar ones from asda for £12 and to be trustworthy i did not believe they would be all that wonderful but to my complete surprise they definitely are extremely spectacular minimal points. Landscape gardening – i’m out in all weathers, snow, rain, sunlight and also in some of the most messy conditions regarded to guy. I have dropped them in a couple of ponds, puddles, mud, been caught on factors, and even trod on them a handful of moments, once the actual speaker arrived out and i just popped again in and carried on listening. Gym – they kept on heading via all the sweat and tears. Nonetheless never ever failed me thoughon the entire of things i imagine they have lived up to most tests that headphones will never even get and i’m ashamed they even outlived my very high priced htc. Hope this helps any person and everyone who reads this.

Probably the most effective headphones i have ever owned. Two months back, they survived a whole clean cycle with my laundry and ongoing to get the job done completely. Then last evening, i not only laundered them yet again, but then tumble dried them for a complete 90 minutes (not on objective). Nevertheless performing correctly, good seem top quality, and now genuinely cleanse too.

Jvc Haeb75b Sports Ear Clip Headphones with Adjustable Clip – Black : These headphones were bought to use whilst running on a treadmill as i used to get static shocks from my other pair. These work great, they have great sound, i don’t get any static shocks and they remain on your ears whilst running at speed.

Sennheiser HD 518 Open Circumaural Headphones – continue to live up to their high standard

Price-wise these are the cheapest of sennheisers high-end open headphones, but that doesn’t stop them from being an impressive piece of technology. They are very comfy to wear, have a tight fit, are well adjustable, look great with the silver grills, and sound fantastic. The cable is removable and i was surprised by how large these phones actually are compared to photos. Sound quality is of course the main highlight of all headphones, and certainly so for the hd 518’s. The sound is vibrant with detail, letting you very clearly listen to just about anything as if you were right there in the studio or audience. My biggest fear with these was that their preference for mid’s and high’s over bass would make them unfit for bass-heavy music, yet they still sound fantastic. If all you care about is dirty sub-bass, maybe i would look at other headphones, but the overall richness of these phones is definitely worth the price.

Would you like a 100k stereo system but, like me, can’t afford it without actually leaving yourself without a house to put it in?. Well, spend less than 100 pounds on these headphones instead. Incredible is the only word i can use. The whole experience is not the usual tiring, pressured, “in your head” affair which i always found to be the problem with closed-type phones, no matter how much musical detail they provide. These are actually “ear speakers”; you get a real sense of concert-hall spaciousness and depth. The sound itself is the exact opposite of harsh or overblown – mellow and musical. If you think you have heard, say, a beethoven piano concerto so many times that you know it backwards, just wait until you hear it through these amazing cans.

I chose these headphones for 2 main reasons; sound quality and comfort. I am very pleased to say i am not disappointedthe overall sound quality are amazing with rich bass and crystal clear highs. They took around 50 hours of breaking in before they really shined. By this time i was blown away by the quality. Even at extremely loud settings they are completely clear. Very impressed indeedthe headphones rest around your ears, not on them. This is brilliant as they do not cause a ache on your ears. However, the headphones were a bit of a strain on my head at first due to them being too tight (i do have a big head mind). The padding was also tougher than i expected and would cause discomfort after an hour or so of use.

I have had 4 sets of sennheiser in-ears over the past 3 years, none of the pairs were replaced due to breaking but because i started wanting more from my audio experience and so i went up the price range and started to notice subtle differences as i did so. I went for the hd 518’s after needing a set of over-ears for late nights coding/photo editing and for use with my guitar amp. I have also purchased the fiio e5 headphone amplifier – black for use with these headphones. I have now owned them for 2 weeks and have had them playing a burn-in cd for 40+ hours when i haven’t been using them. Comfortat first when i put these headphones on i thought that the padding around the ears was a little too stiff, i persevered with the notion that they would soften up with use and low and behold they have done just that. I am now able to wear these for 6-7 hours and long into early hours of the morning without the slightest bit of discomfort. Sound-bleedingthese headphones are open back and yes they do bleed sound but then that is the negative point of open-back headphones. You can hear these headphones from roughly 20 feet away at full volume on an ipod if there is no background noise present.

  • Best Headphones Yet
  • Great sound, but not an all-rounder
  • Under-rated much?
  • Rich, warm and disappointing.
  • Lose yourself in the music with these
  • What a great pair of headphones!

Sennheiser HD 518 Open Circumaural Headphones with E.A.R. Technology

  • Outstanding audiophile headphones for music lovers wanting quality and affordability
  • State-of the-art double-layer diaphragms for absolute transparency and minimal distortion, for accurate reproduction of the original recording
  • Lightweight aluminium voice coils for high efficiency and excellent dynamics
  • Open-backed design for the most natural listening experience
  • “Eargonomic acoustic refinement” (E.A.R.) design channels the audio signal directly into your ears (simulating loudspeakers)

I bought these headphones to use with my pc, iphone and ipad – so basically for mp3 use etc. They are of incredible quality, and so they’re are no flaws with the sound. The packaging and general build quality is also incredible. However, there are a couple of noticeable issues. Firstly, i cannot use them with my phone without removing the case from it. The sound leakage is also quite bad, and it lets a lot of sound out, but lets no sound in (ideal for home use though). The major issue i have found is the length of the cable (very long) and the 3. The cable originally comes with a 6.

Pure sound quality on a budget. . I’m using this with a sandisk sansa zip+ and what a combo. If you’re looking for a set of wrap arounds with clean, crisp sound then go for this set of ear warmers. Nice feature is where external sound is not completely drowned out – by design. This is the best set i have bought for this price and higher. And i always base my purchases on reviews. Aesthetics are to personal taste – i like it, some won’t. All in all i’d recommend to a friend to buy.

Lose yourself in the music with these. Initially these seem darker in tone than some headphones with slight bass emphasis. This impression soon passes. They quickly become invisible with a wide range of music. This is assisted by light weight, and excellent long-term comfort from the large, spectacle-friendly ear-pieces. Some plastics look a little cheap but the overall construction is durable. These are open headphones and this is apparent in the natural and unwearying soundthe 5m cable can pick up interference from some electronics. Otherwise they are an excellent choice for silent musical practice with realistic reproduction with no obvious constriction. Primarily of course they are for the reproduction of music and they perform this task with a subtlety that belies their price. Listening over a long period it is difficult to be analytical as, with good quality source material, they successfully draw you into a realistic sound stage.

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