Urbanz BUZZ Childrens Lightweight Stereo Headphones : Small, lightweight good for the kids

Fast shipping and great product, precisely as described. Fit my grandkids heads (age four and 7) properly.

They seemed excellent, the sound was superior ample for the selling price. They appeared very good, the sound was fantastic more than enough for the price tag but only lasted for about 6 months. Right after that 1 of the pairs just stopped working and the other just one has a sound that does not permit to listen to.

Little, lightweight superior for the little ones. I obtained these to go with my sons ds at christmas. They are tiny, lightweight fantastic for the occupation.

Comments from buyers

“Urbanz Kids Headphones, Great headphones for kids, Great head phones for children, they looked good, the sound was good enough for the price , Small, lightweight good for the kids, My son loves these headphones”

These are a godsend unwell have peace when the grand. These are a godsend unwell have peace when the grand young children are actively playing their game titles, the good quality and audio is faultless.

My son enjoys these headphones. They are relaxed and not too loud. Seem top quality is not lousy possibly – in particular for the games on his leap pad. He’s content to have on them for extended periods of time.

Arrived before deliverygood item- seem bit silent and not fantastic but wonderful for my 2year outdated. Terrific with i pad on extended journey.

Urbanz BUZZ Childrens Lightweight Stereo Headphones – childrens headphones

Bought two pairs of these headphones in different colours for my two kids, 10 year old girl and 6 year old boy. They work well, are comfortable and robust with the handy volume button, are in bright funky colours so they are easy to find and the kids know whose is whose. Really good price for this item, i would definately recommend it.

Bought for my 3-year-old son to watch cartoons on the ipad whilst travelling- these do the job perfectly and are well made.

With 3 granddaughters each with their own tablets watching 3 different progammes they are a godsend. Three colours to choose from means no arguments and phones are really good value. They love them nearly as much as we do. Recommend these without hesitation.

I ordered these headphones actually in purple but was sent pink, they will be fine so will keep them for xmas.

  • Urbanz Kids Headphones
  • Great headphones for kids
  • Great head phones for children
  • they looked good, the sound was good enough for the price
  • Small, lightweight good for the kids
  • My son loves these headphones

Urbanz BUZZ Childrens Lightweight Stereo Headphones, Twin Pack (Pink & Purple)

  • Comfortable lightweight design
  • Noise-isolating design to block unwanted external noise.
  • Adjustable headband, which makes them idealfor kids, however can universal for teens and adults.
  • 30mm Neodymium drivers provide crystal-clear sound clarity. Soft cushioned ear-pads
  • Twin pack: You will receive two headphones in seperate packaging.

A bit more flimsy than i had. A bit more flimsy than i had expected, but cheap enough to replace if anything happens to them.

A really good product, great quality and value, as stated in ad will definitely use seller again and strongly advise you to do the same.

Brilliant, can’t wait for my grandchild to see these. Brilliant, can’t wait for my grandchild to see these, they will be over the moon, arrived very next day and well packaged.

Sennheiser Single Sided Gaming Headset – very cool, and durable.

The packaging for this product or service is incredibly durable, and presents the item a great sense when it initial comes. It works flawlessly with the xbox 360 as supposed. I have not yet had any issues and have been applying the headset for 5 weeks+. Although the microphone can not be bent about your head compared with some head sets and can only be worn on the remaining ear. If participating in for extended intervals of time the attachment on the appropriate can experience slip a little bit. But over-all a very good merchandise an worth the minor further than the microsoft headset. The voice is also much clearer and if your mates do not realise try and use your aged headset (if possible) and get them to compare.

Superior, set absolutely nothing specially specific. By roroblu’s significant brother, a techie. I’m composing about this headset in comparison to the common xbox 360 headset. There is absolutely a far more expert truly feel about this headset than the standard just one, nonetheless, aside from marginally better audio good quality, there isn’t really genuinely that significantly difference. Admittedly it is really sturdier, and the design and style is very pleasant, specially the environmentally friendly aspect on the left facet of the headset. Nonetheless, it does exactly the very same as the standard headset, with only a few of insignificant discrepancies. The earpiece goes on the left ear as opposed to the correct ear, and the microphone is just not flexible. Even though it stops other individuals from hearing you breathe by way of xbox reside, it would be good to have some independence of movement. All in all, i suppose this really should be regarded as as a replacement if your present normal xbox headset breaks or develops a fault, rather than as an upgrade.

This headset is seriously great, the sound is great, my close friends say i audio accurately the very same as when i used the formal headset, and the build feels very sturdy. A single issue to look at is that the arm doesn’t bend in, it only rotates up and down so you won’t be able to bend it in the direction of your mouth. Overall it really is very well worthy of the money nevertheless, and possibly a greater wager than the official headset due to the fact it feels so strong.

  • a sound purchase
  • Sennheiser X2 Gaming Headset
  • Better then the bog standard
  • Does the job well
  • Seem good quality
  • 3.75*. Good, put nothing particularly special. By Roroblu’s Big Brother, a techie

Sound appears okay, i was very upset you can only have ear piece on left hand aspect of head. I know this is a particular desire, but just one thing i truly feel demands pointing out. I also you should not much like the standard jack link. Audio and mic are inclined to drop out now and again when moved.

The plastics appear flimsy and the jack that connects to the 360 controller crackles and pops when unintentionally turned, having said that audio high-quality is fantastic and i like the microphone.

Features of Sennheiser Single Sided Gaming Headset with Noise Cancelling Microphone for Xbox 360 – Black

  • Sennheiser sound, hear your teammate or opponent on Xbox LIVE in clear quality without having to strain your hearing
  • Durability at great value, robust build designed to last and at an affordable price
  • Noise cancelling clarity, the microphone is highly sensitive, so you can talk to your teammate or opponent without needing to shout
  • Light and comfortable, play for hours on end and forget that you are even wearing a headset
  • Keep one ear free, the single-sided design allows you to hear the game’s audio on the TV while chatting via Xbox LIVE

Quite fantastic headset, apparent sound and hardly ever have problems with the mic. Pretty effectively made and solid as perfectly as opposed to the regular xbox ones so should be equipped to choose a number of knocks. Wonderful benefit for funds and would very recommend.

I have left the stars at four for mainly because i have not place it to superior use nevertheless. But i have experimented with it out, and appears to be excellent and feels excellent, extremely cozy. The audio is extremely apparent and when you communicate its incredibly apparent and easy. I appreciate the mute button but it will choose some time to get applied to for the reason that its on the guide and not at the bottom of the trigger pad, so i cannot just swap my thumb to toggle mute ect, :)when it is turned on i can hear a pretty faint buzzing noise, not absolutely sure if all do this?. Well its not annoying but i can see how it can be annoying to some persons. The conclude of the headset lead is just like the conclude of any earphones, it seems a little bit free when i put into the pad, so i will have to be mindful not to tug it. The headset also adjusts to dimension. All round a excellent product or service with excellent top quality, just will have to wait and see how long it final, im guaranteed it will final a prolonged time.

Sony D-EJ021 Personal CD Player : product is good. my only negative comment is that for a

Wonderful delivery service and fab item it really is just like my previous a single but so substantially superior thank you :).

I was lucky to get it as they are now out of date new but it was pretty highly-priced. Nonetheless it looks very well refurbished and just fits my requires – i was replacing 1 i would had a very long time and are not able to do with no.

I bought one of these on twenty third january 2013 and have been making use of it a honest amount of money in excess of the earlier 24 hours. The player tracks cds nicely and does not skip or wait unless of course shaken violently. There is no trouble when carrying it in a pocket although going about, strolling, carrying out household chores. The seem good quality is wonderful so far as i am anxious. My only criticism is that with the quantity turned up entire it is rather peaceful however this will undoubtedly safeguard people’s ears from hurt. When operate via exterior speakers the quantity on their power resource requirements to be turned properly up.Here are the specifications for the Sony D-EJ021 Personal CD Player:

  • Compact full-circle CD WALKMAN.
  • G-Protection jog-proof.
  • Battery life of up to 16 hours playback.
  • ¬†Digital Mega Bass.
  • 1-line LCD for easy navigation. Remote

My only detrimental remark is that for a. My only unfavorable remark is that for a person who is partly sighted the controls are not effortless to deal with. Hwever the problem is mone not the player.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Does its job okay
  • product is good. my only negative comment is that for a

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