V-MODA XS Metal Noise Isolating On Ear Headphones : XS Headphones absolute quality for the price.

Sources:○ galaxy note 3 >fiio e11 portable headphone amp○ pc >arcam rdac >graham slee solo srgii headphone ampoverviewi’ve long been a fan of v-moda’s uniquely styled headphones along with their military level build quality, but never really warmed to their bass emphasized sound signature after briefly owning the lp2 back in 2012. Back then i was testing between the lp2, sennheiser hd 25-1 ii and my favoured audio technica ath-m50 (which i still love). The v-moda xs seem to be an updated version of the v-moda m80, keeping the same style but introducing a cliqfold system for improved portability and offering a more neutral sound signature with a flatter frequency response. Style, durability & comfortthe v-moda xs look very stylish and feel durable. There is some plastic used in these, but there’s still a good amount of steel and aluminum to keep them strong and durable. The steelflex headband feels very durable and comfortable, and can be flexed to reduce clamping force, which is minimal anyway. The new cliqfold technology allows these to fold down to fit into the compact and cool looking exoskeleton zippered hard carry case, making them one of the most portable on-ear headphones i’ve seen. The headphones are supplied with nice quality, kevlar reinforced fabric one buttoned speakeasy mic cable, with a gold 3. 5mm straight plug at the headphone end and 45 degree angled plug at the other.

I’ve had a number of headphones in the passed, all okay, couple of really nice but as a whole they have been much of a much. Then i received my v-moda xs headphones which has pretty much blown all the others away, these truly are outrageously good sounding headphones. When i first received them i guessed they were going to be better than average, you can almost always tell with how they are presented, nice box, hard carry case, quality cable and build that oozes quality. They fit snuggly, the weight is set perfect, you forget you have them on. Sound is exceptional, all the boxes are ticked for me, the bass is solid with out being boomy, mid and treble are pitched just right, i have a fairly eclectic taste in music, anything from led zeppelin, pink floyd, to a bit of take that, coped brilliantly with my mad tastes. I did enjoy listening to led zeppelin and dire straits i thought the guitar riffs sounded like they were being played live in the room. I have used them on my ipod, imac, ipad mini and my samsung galaxy s4 and they sound great on the all. They cleverly fold so that i can pop them in the case supplied, ideal for when i off on holiday, they will fit in to my pocket which is great as the plane people seem to have a thing about you carrying anything other than hand luggage. 100% recommended, best set of headphones i have tried, even better than my brainwavz hm9 hi-fi noise isolating headphones which i being using daily for sometime, now its my v-moda xs that i am using.

This is the v-moda xs metal noise isolating on ear headphones and when i was approached by v-moda to do a review, i knew i couldn’t refuse. When they first arrived i was really impressed by the packaging, it looked absolutely incredible and very professional with a nice carrying feature on top. These headphones are absolutely fantastic, i had never heard of v-moda before they contacted me but i was blown away by the quality of these headphones. They really do deliver a surprisingly good, satisfying audio output. Being on-ear headphones, i was surprised by the audio, especially because of the size of the headphones but they held out well. Holding the product in my hand i could tell they were a nice and solid build. The headband is made with a nice, soft material and can quite easily bend to allow you to fit it over your head easier. The headband is very comfortable and won’t make your head ache through a long period of usage. The headphones ear cups have a nice soft padding for the ears, they offer great comfort and they are just the right tightness so there is no chance of the headphones falling off your head. Here are the specifications for the V-MODA XS Metal Noise Isolating On Ear Headphones:

  • Award-winning sound and ultimate ergonomics in an ultra-portable size
  • Unique collapsible CLIQFOLD design for compact storage
  • Metal construction and military level testing ensures unrivaled durability
  • Supreme comfort, natural noise isolation, bespoke fit and 3D sound with over 3 years of fitting R&D
  • Ultra compact exoskeleton hard carry case and detachable cable with 1-button microphone

Just the perfect portable headphones you will ever need. . These cans are absolutely great. They are a perfect companion for your media needs and are insanely well built. They are also great for masking flaws in audio making them perfect for streaming services like spotify. They are not completely neutral, they have some ‘colour’ in them but not very much. Just enough to make them just right for movies and games. These are the most balanced cans i have ever owned. They perform everywhere and with anything i throw at them. I take off a star because of the high price and because you are going to need some days for your ears to get used to them. They will probably make your ears hurt when you first put them on within the first half hour or so.

Are they the best headphones?. Vmoda======they have been around for a few years now and they are know as makers of stylish but durable headphones. I also like the fact that it’s possible to customise them with your own design. The custom shield kit can be purchased directly from vmoda and isn’t that expensive. Beats=====beats are an admirable set of headphones that sound fine and look good. They are in the premium headphone category as these are. Overall i prefer these for the sound and style. But there’s not a huge difference. Pros=====they look lovelythey feel so soft, like a pair of clouds on the earsthey have a light grip on earsthey can be worn for hours without discomfortthe sound is perfectnot a great deal of sound leakagecons=====none that i can hear. Sound======they’re headphone so although they look beautiful the sound is important.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great compact headphones, comfort issues for big ears.
  • Built to last, unlike most tech these days.
  • Tough, portable and great-sounding
  • HUUUUUGE Sound from tiny cans
  • Expensive, but really nice.
  • Great set of headphones in swanky packaging

In my opinion the headphones lack bass. I’m far from an audiophile so i strongly recommend double checking this with other sources, but the bass was minimal on these headphones. I couldn’t hear that much under ideal listening conditions and barely any at all on a bus. I’m not a bass monster but i felt like the music needed more of a kick than these headphones were giving it. Perhaps this flat, transparent, uncoloured, balanced sound is what you want, but i wanted more bass. Otherwise i have no other issues with the sound quality. As far as i can tell, and i repeat i’m not an audiophile, they sound good with clarity etc. I wouldn’t go as far as saying they are stylish but they don’t make you look like an idiot when out in public. Even the bright orange kevlar cable doesn’t look silly.

Fantastic, if pricey, headphones. . These are primarily designed for use as portable headphones. They fold up to fit in a small case and are, although featuring a lot of metal, lightweight with cables which surprisingly resist tangling. I have a pair of grados i use at home and, while they are excellent, they were far too expensive for me to risk losing on the train. Usually i buy cheapish buds, though one does end up going through a lot of them. Anyway, got these for testing and, while they aren’t quite to the standard of my grado headphones, they’re good enough for wearing around the house if i am, say, doing the housework. Still don’t trust myself not to lose them on the train, though. Not too leaky, which is nice. The cable is detachable and can be put into either cup. So, build quality is excellent and they are well designed. The most important thing, however, if you are thrashing out the amount these headphones are, is what they sound like. The bass is punchy and clear but, more importantly, it is well defined. So many times i find the bass on headphones can be powerful, but it is all horrible and distorted.

Sound Intone HD30 Stereo Lightweight Folding Portable Wired Headphones Kids or Adults Headsets Includes In-line Microphone and Controller, Nice looking set

Pleasant and sturdy offering a very excellent sound, significantly at the rate. You cannot go erroneous with these to be honest.

It is very simple to get my five stars. . Micthese headphones have a constructed in microphone. I can hear really very well with it. It is not sharp or tinny and the sound is incredibly loud when the device is turned up. The particular person i am speaking to on the other conclude also claims they can listen to me really perfectly. They are very snug on my ears. The headband can be adjustable on the two sides and will in good shape quite a few unique dimensions heads. They are marketed as kids headphones but they also suit me as properly. Fold upthese fold up so i can place them in my bag when travelling. It also has a detachable cable so make it uncomplicated to healthy my bag,easy carry and conserve areas.

Sound Intone HD30 Stereo Lightweight Folding Portable Wired Headphones Kids or Adults Headsets Includes In-line Microphone and Controller for Phone Chatting with Detachable 3.5 Mm Audio Cable Earphones, Stretchable Headband, Great Heavy Bass Foldable Headset with Soft Earpads Earphones Children, Boys and Girls Earpieces for IPhone, All Android Smartphones, PC, Laptop, Mp3/mp4, Tablet,Computer Music Headphone(blue)

  • Soft leather earpads, ergonomic design, soft touch and good air permeability.stretchable headband 90 degree for comfortable wearing.
  • Folding compact design,Easy to carry and save spaces.Provides extra flexibility, portability and durability.
  • Great sound quality and strong low bass, great noise-isolation. 40mm magnetic driver units,feel the power of any dynamic sound.
  • With detachable 3.5mm audio cable build-in microphone,call/answer button.High tenacity eco-friendly plastic outer shell.
  • Smart in-line remote control for all 3.5mm jack devices.,All Android smartphones,Iphone,PC,laptop,MP3/MP4,tablet earphones. 6 color choices.

These headphones will work effectively in any 3. They are incredibly relaxed to put on for an prolonged period of time and enjoy the microphone addition. These headphones provide great sound excellent that it distinct and can go really loud if needed. Simple to pack up due to the fact you can fold them up.

Sense great, sound great, they are great. Comfort surely gets a 5 star from me, these are have fantastic padding and preserve your ears warm too. The sound appears great, i attempted it on reduced, medium and significant and all of which seemed excellent with no distortion whatsoever. Inside the box i foundthe headphones & detachable cable. The headphones are nicely padded and in good shape beautifully. They fold to nearly 50 percent the sizing so carrying them in your bag is carried out with simplicity. I was able to plug in to my honor seven and get started listening to music right away. The mic & button is a nifty reward too. I been given my headphones at a price reduction in return for my truthful evaluation.

As someone who receives as a result of earphones at a price of knots the initial thing that struck me with these headphones is how durable they are. When folding and unfolding them they feel strong and total it feels like a substantial item. The sound high quality is really superior and when i took them off to see how a great deal sound escaped out it was extremely tiny – i tried out at a average volume and once three-4 ft absent could listen to nothing at all. The colours are wonderful much too, pleasant and vivid. I hadnt been guaranteed about headphones as i have constantly applied earphones, but for household use at least i believe i am a change. I obtained a low cost on this product in return for an straightforward evaluation.

Sound Intone HD30 Stereo Lightweight Folding Portable Wired Headphones Kids or Adults Headsets Includes In-line Microphone and Controller for Phone Chatting with Detachable 3.5 Mm Audio Cable Earphones, Stretchable Headband, Great Heavy Bass Foldable Headset with Soft Earpads Earphones Children, Boys and Girls Earpieces for IPhone, All Android Smartphones, PC, Laptop, Mp3/mp4, Tablet,Computer Music Headphone(blue) : Really good sound for a bargain price. I got these for my husband whose old headphones were well past there sell by date. So i let him put them to the test and the following is his opinion on these headphones. These are good quality and well made he feels they are comfortable and has a very good cord to prevent tangling. The sound is great and even at volume sounds quality. There is a good amount of bass which for him really matters and added bonus of the mic and call answer features really is a plus. The style is good too (i got the blue ones for him) he likes the way they look and the feel. All round for the price they are a bargain for the quality you get with them. So i am happy he enjoys them and will get a lot of use out of these headphones while he listens to his favorite tunes in his computer room. (i was given this item at a discount for my honest and fair review which in no way affects my opinion as stated).

AKG K451 High-Performance Foldable Portable Mini Soft Cushioned Headphones – On behalf of ageing music lovers.

In the end a compromise, albeit a very well-engineered one. These headphones are detailed and revealing. For acoustic and electronic music they are very good. There is a slight spike in the treble which can be fatiguing for longer listening sessions. The bass is present and natural but requires a good seal around your head – you might want to consider removing eye glasses for example to get a complete seal around the ear. The ear pads are really very comfortable indeed. Don’t expect them to sound their best out of the box – it takes a few days of listening. They are low impedance headphones but they do need an amp to sound good in my opinion. That’s how i feel after 500+ hours of listening with the k550. My other pair of headphones is the philips fidelio x1.

Must agree with just about all the positive reviews here. I bought these on the strength of the tons of positive reviews all over the net. I already own grado sr325is and rs1i but i just had to hear what all the q701 fuss was all about and at £250 delivered i could hold out no more. At first listen i was honestly pleasantly surprised as i expected them to sound horrible before the burn in process but they stayed on my head for some hours. However contrary to some peoples beliefs “burn in” does exist and as i have three sets of phones and limited spare time letting these burn in on my head wasn’t an option so i just left them plugged into my kitchen radio for a week and hey presto. They have smoothed out just lovely improvements in just about every element of the music and i feel a lovely laid back relaxing presentation (compared to my grado’s anyway). According to many reviews i’ve read these headphones suffer from a lack in bass and i think this puts people off and nearly me too. But to be fair i think the bass is reminiscent to that of a descent stand mounted speaker just a soft puff of air rather than a floorstanders rumble. These must be the best bang for buck headphones i have ever bought.

I decided to take a trip for a few months, and i took my b&w p3’s instead of the larger k550’s. I love the p3’s, but the k550’s are so much more natural, open, and relaxing to listen to. Not to mention so ultra comfortable. The p3’s feel like music is being injected into your ears, whereas the k550’s make you feel like you are walking around inside the musical landscape. I never realised how much i’d miss them. I’m almost tempted to have my friends mail them to me, i miss them that much. Well, the dynamics sound a bit better / more powerful only when you’ve found the perfect fit on your ears, or when you press them onto your ears a little. It’s frustrating that they sound their best only when a little pressure is applied. If they release a newer model that doesn’t have this limitation, i’ll upgrade in a heart-beat, until then i’ll accept them as they are. . Beautiful*note* for audio enthusiasts that appreciate a good dac, you’ll be pleased to know that these cans respond very well to dac upgrades, you’ll hear the difference. I had a fiio e11, and they sounded good when using it, but when i ran them into my c.

Incredible headphones with very few drawbacks. These headphone are incredible. Build qualitythe build of these headphones is very good considering the price. Previously i have had many headphones from sennheiser and i would say these are comparable to the mid-premium ranges in terms of quality. The fit is comfortable for up to an hour or so of listening to music. The case is well made and feels like it’s going to protect these for years to come. Sound qualitythe sound quality is fantastic for on-ear headphones. It is un-coloured and clear. Considering these are not in-ear or over ear, the base is measured and sounds strong but natural. The frequency range is distinct with highs and lows discernible and crackle free.

  • Stunning well balanced studio sound!
  • Give them time and they’ll give you fantastic sound.
  • Really Beautiful
  • What hifi got it right!!!
  • On behalf of ageing music lovers.
  • Excellent, but be advised

AKG K451 High-Performance Foldable Portable Mini Soft Cushioned Headphones with In-Line Volume Remote and Microphone Compatible with iOS Apple Devices – Black

  • 2009 Red Dot Design Award winner
  • Super soft ear pads
  • Closed-back, lightweight design
  • Blocks out most ambient noise
  • Fold away flat into a hard carrying case for easy portability and protection

I recently bought some p5s to replace my bose quiet comforts for travelling but my sennheiser ovation 560s are over 20 years old so i thought i’d try some new technology for home use. I’d been researching for weeks, tried dozens of headphones in various london shops as well as speaking to several hi-fi experts before settling for the black q701s. An ipod doesn’t really have the power for the quincy jones phones unless you buy a decent amp but of course you would also need to download cds in the apple lossless mode to get the best out of them. But this review is mainly based on the sound i get out of my home stereo and the quincy jones headphones certainly live up to the rave reviews i’ve read on several web sites. I put ‘lioness’ on first and amy’s voice jumps right out with stunning clarity, while the bass notes are soft and clear. The instruments in the background somehow separate out; so different to the slightly mushy boom of the p5s, and even the bose phones are comparatively dull (though i still think they are great on a plane). I now want to listen again to all my favorite cds and at under £300 on amazon i think these headphones are a bargain. Two cables are supplied, one is so long you can walk around a room with the headphones on, and they really are comfortable. I’m absolutely delighted with them and according to some reviews they are even better when broken in.

These are the most accurate set of headphones i have ever had the pleasure of owning. My profession is opera singing and believe me my ears are the most critical on the planet. I have listened to them on an ipod and through my setup at home and was interested to hear that another reviewer did not think they were great on an ipod. My first listening was on the ipod and i was blown away at how impressive they were, amazing sound like nothing ive ever heard before , these are somthing else. The soundstage is incredible with highly accurate highs , mid and bass extension( another criticism from other reviewers is lack of bass maybe they were listening to the wrong phones these have a beautiful low accurate tightly controlled low end). The music seems to have more pace and realism, i even heard on a particular recording people walking across the floor on a classical recording and coughing, oh yes everything is picked up on these and thats what theyve been designed for proper studio moniters( quincey jones was absolutely right to put his name to this brand i can tell you he knows what hes talking about). The only problem with these is that they are very hard to drive so even for your ipod they need a portable amp otherwise you wont be able to turn them up very loud. My suggestion is the fiio e7 at 150 mw but if you can wait the new fiio e17 which will be more powerfull at 99. Having tried them all these are an excellent choice and are rated at 250mw. ( they will be available within the next few weeks). I cannot believe the quality of sound you can get on the move with an ipod i am so happy with this setup. My next move is to upgrade the cable to a better one and see if we can get any further improvements. As for burning in these are amazing out of the box if i get any improvements ill be really happy.

A lot of headphone for your money. The first thing you notice about these phones is that they are big and solid. The ear pads do rotate flat for storage, but you are still left with a huge package. That’s a shame, because they work great with portable devices. I have tried other headphones that sound great on my hifi but fall apart when plugged into my mobile or mp3 player, these sound the same whatever i plug them into. Before i bought these i had seen reviews saying they were “the closed headphone that sounds like an open headphone” and i would agree with that, they have a spacious wide open sound, full of energy. Bass is surprisingly light but still better than most open type phones. Overall it’s quite exciting and “in your face” so if you are looking for a warm mellow laid back sound go elsewherewhy not five stars?.

Sennheiser MM 550-X BLUETOOTH HEADPHONES : At the price paid, they were value, but maybe not quite living up to the top-of-the-range billing you expected from

Better to be experienced at a decreased rate. Fr on a lightening deal for £140. I already owned the mm450-x which i bought for the similar value. Although the mm450 x have been good they did start out to hurt my ears after a limited when so i made a decision that this mm550 x was a good offer as they are over ears as an alternative of on ears. I would not be pleased at total rate with either pair but for £140 the mm550 x are ok. They are really cozy but as previously pointed out the srs is rubbish. These are not worth the usual additional £100 or extra when compared to the mm450x. The audio is very good but as also pointed out in other evaluations they are not really loud at all. They are best vacation headphones but for the income greater can be identified for the dwelling.

Put in the final 12 months flying again and forth, and these headsets are a godsend. Fantastic sound cancelling, and i failed to even have to convert it on still. Just place it over your ears and all the things is muffled out. I don’t really want overall silence (for this reason why i failed to change on noise cancelling) but the the surroundings are muffled enough that i could not listen to the toddler 2 seats away screaming for his toy. Switch on songs and seem, and all sound disappears. Appreciate the plane attachment. Now that airbus a380 has fantastic screens, no more requirements to split out the ipad. Moreover, i really don’t have to dress in the scratchy plane headphones. I can also continue on looking at a movie whilst every person else have to hand their headphones in.

Yet another high-quality sennheiser merchandise – notably very good for flying. Possessing utilized a sennheiser mm450 headset for in excess of eighteen months i leapt at the likelihood to try its even bigger, updated brother the mm 550-x. These in excess of-ear ‘full cans’ appear extremely related to the 450s – similar style buttons, in fact the similar controls whole halt, and the same battery, and really don’t weigh way too substantially a lot more either. In the box with the headphones is a wonderful have bag made up of some guidance (booklet and cd), usb charging direct, mains charger with a selection of adaptors, audio adaptors and a stereo cable. Once more, very similar to the mm450, and the similarities don’t end there. Bodily the 550s search superior and feel like they have the same fantastic construct excellent of the mm450, and getting use the mm450 for as extensive as i have i discovered that the way it pairs, and the way the controls function, had been similar (barring new features of training course). The electronics have been updated, and these headphones also help a type of surround audio (srs encompass simulation) as very well as sound cancellation and palms cost-free contacting. Right before we get began working with the headphones i’m going to cover the controls. They look a little bit complicated to start with as there are seven buttons on the ideal earpiece that give all the things you have to have to work your headset. Sennheiser have evidently accomplished some careful research listed here as it is easy to work out which button is which by contact.

Key specs for Sennheiser MM 550-X BLUETOOTH HEADPHONES:

  • Invisible microphone for crystal-clear conversations
  • Direct cable option for use on airplanes, with an airline adapter included
  • Superb stereo sound neodymium magnets and patented duofol diaphragms for excellent sound reproduction
  • Sirs wow HD technology for wider, taller sound, with greater clarity and with a stronger bass

Comments from buyers

“Great headphones, Better to be had at a lower price, Another quality Sennheiser product – particularly good for flying, Crystal clear sounds all day long!, Best investment ever!, nice and light and produces clear sound with my Ipod “

At the price paid out, they have been worth, but perhaps not really dwelling up to the major-of-the-variety billing you predicted from sennheiser. When i saw these fifty percent selling price i determined to go for them. They even now seem overpriced to me tbh, but at fifty percent rate i can are living with that. The sounds cancellation is ok, but becoming lively i assume it requires louder noises than hums and rumbles. I was dissatisfied in the volume tbh and the manuals are not the most useful, 1 of these diagrams only tries. I imagine in hindsight, depending on your priorities, i would advise the four hundred or 440 most likely, but it is even now a quality products however and no regrets.

These headphones are good. . Appears occur across nicely and are properly reproduced. The sound cancelling is a authentic should have in noisy environments. Bluetooth is quick to established up and hardly ever drops out. The only disadvantage that i have found is that it is relatively as well simple to phony connect with when the bluetooth is on and you are making an attempt to change media track or volume. All in all i am satisfied with my acquire.

Good sound, reasonable sounds cancelling, rubbish battery. I selected these mainly because there is quite tiny obtainable when you want bluetooth and noise cancelling and complete above ear convenience. In point these are almost certainly the only cans that do all 3 and for that they ought to have five stars by itself. The sounds cancelling is really superior, not as great as the bose peaceful consolation fifteen, but perfectly appropriate. They are comfy, yet again, i can dress in the bose all day (and do very usually) and possibly wouldn’t be satisfied in these all day, but for a few several hours it is really not an situation. The battery everyday living is dreadful, i am guessing two hrs it’s possible?. There is a 3 beep notification that you are minimal on juice, which arrives about a minute right before shut down, and as this kind of is completely worthless. It often transpires for me at the beginning of a commute for some rationale. I have docked them two stars just for that as with out electric power these usually are not significantly use.

Sony MDRZX310 Foldable Headphones : Great for the kids

Respectable seem at a very low price tag place. These are the updated model of the well known mdr-zx300 assortment, there are some minimal cosmetic distinctions when compared to this newer mdr-zx310 model (sony emblem offset from the center, slightly unique mouldings on the headband region only modest variances however)as i have both of those styles i can look at them esp in regards to sound. Each have 30mm neodymium motorists, and the exact same 10–24,000hz frequency rangequick summary of very good and badgood:+ great tonal balance with fantastic bass response+ develop is high-quality for the selling price feel reasonably effectively made, cans are foldable+ comfy and light-weight i have worn these for several hours and they never ever annoy even longer carrying durations+ perfectly unfold out tonality giving a superior feeling of presencecons:- wire duration is one. 2m which may well be a bit short for some (ie listening to tv, hifi etcetera)seem clever these seem a minor greater balanced than the older product, somewhat brighter in the mids and highs. Bass is very great for a budget set of cans, with awesome depth and great soundstage. These sound a great deal far better than you hope in this cost selection and are a great choice for spending budget telephones which are light-weight, seem good and quite portable. Build excellent is adequate it could be enhanced below nevertheless i’ve not had problems with the phones to date. They do not have the identical purely natural tonality and in the vicinity of best blend of bass/mids/treble as my more pricey yamaha hph-200’s, but these cost a lot significantly less and sound very good for the inquiring selling price. 1 of the superior spending plan cans out there in this value array.

Initially i was exceptionally content with the product, fantastic quality of seem for the incredibly acceptable price, excellent bass, pretty at ease and seem great. Having said that right after a pair of days the cable about the wire snapped exposing the wire (the solution experienced been seemed immediately after with fantastic care). This is obviously starting up to induce some troubles with the seem. Nonetheless i am not guaranteed if its just a faulty batch as my companion has the black edition of this merchandise and has not had any issues, on the other hand acquired from a unique provider. In general the item itself is amazing however this has caused some disappointment.

I purchased these for listening to audio while finding out and travelling. I thought i would check out folding headphones, as despite sony headphones possessing great audio, headphones in a very similar selling price array look to be flimsy and types i have had in the past have snapped just earlier mentioned the earpiece. These experience pretty durable, and fold neatly absent for carrying. A lot more importantly, the audio is remarkable. Basically as soon as i plugged them into my itunes, l was pretty impressed by the sound. I’m very into ‘sound’ but completely disagree that spending less money indicates poorer audio high quality. Off the bat, these are great sounding headphones. Tinker with your eq options in itunes a little bit, and they are phenomenal. Dre’s beats headphones, and did not assume they sounded any much better than these do once you’ve got established your eq the right way.

Comments from buyers

“Good value, very good sound for the price, Beats Dr. Dre’s ‘Beats’ headpones, Stylish Headphones with great sound for a cheap price!, Excellent value for money, Fabulous headphones, very nice quality and comfortable to wear, very lightweight.”

Some pretty ass headphone tho. This is some pretty ass headphones. I extremely advocate you buy this. It has a great structure with shiny sides for swag. It has the ideal audio quality for persons that are sensitive about their tunes like me. I purchased this friday sixteenth of january and it arrived the upcoming working day- saturday seventeenth of january. It naturally demonstrates that it has good shipping and delivery even nevertheless i selected 3-five times delivery. ?????????????✌️?????.

For 15 quid i wasn’t anticipating substantially but these are certainty anything, they reproduce sound just as very good as my sony fifty pound set of earplugs, work good on a airplane and glance the component, would absolutely endorse.

Just got them and they look wonderful – greater than my previous sony mdr-v150 headphones. They feel like they’re a good high-quality as effectively. Most critical, the seem is definitely crisp (i really don’t like headphones that just pump out typically bass).

Sound Intone I65 2015 New Foldable 3, ♻️ I FULLY RECOMMEND THE I65 portable headset TO ALL ♻

What a pair of headphonesi purchased these for the sole purpose of gaming but now i choose them everywhere you go. Good sound high quality with a perfect quantity of bass and treble.They also glimpse the partforget dr. I swear they will never enable you down.

I was wanting for a new headset for audio only. Common sense won it in excess of my wishes and i went ahead and bought these shiny cans. Comfort and ease is incredible and it feels pretty light-weight all-around the ears and the cranium. Greatthis headphone just about tends to make observing movies (this kind of as lord of the rings or casino royale) or participating in online video game titles (such as battlefield three). Many thanks for reading and pleased amazoning (why not).

Sound Intone I65 2015 New Foldable 3.5mm Hi-Fi Stereo Over-ear Swivel Cups Headphones, Portable Stretch Headsets With Ergonomics Wear Design Noise Cancelling, for PC/Smart Phone/Iphone6 /Ipad/Samsung /Psp/ Ipod/Mp3 Player/Android (Black/Gold)

  • Great Sound Quality – Strong low bass, great noise-isolation.
  • Human Body Engineering Technology – Equipped with protein leather earpads, ergonomic design, soft touch and good air permeability.
  • Folding Compact Design – Provides extra flexibility, portability, and durability.
  • 40mm Magnetic Driver Units – Feel the power of any dynamic sound. It will feel like you’re in the front row of a concert.
  • Braided Wire With In-line Control- Durable, tensile, effectively reduces the external resistance and also prevents the line from tangling

We purchased this for our 5 yr-outdated preschooler, who is utilizing an ipad in his class. The ear handles are a comfortable plastic product, which would make it easy to wipe with sanitizer. The jack matches both an ipad mini and a regular ipad. It folds and is adjustable, which is extremely interesting, primarily for storing in a desk or schoolbag. What shocked us was the sound high quality, though–as excellent as the brand name names we all know and adore, but for way fewer charge. The wire is protected with a braided fabric, which is pleasant for young children–fewer probability of nicks. We have been ready to compose his name in silver sharpie marker on the broad, padded headband. A incredibly light-weight headset, which is very good for little ones also. We identified that heavier earphones make his neck hurt immediately after a although.

Finest in excess of the ear headphones. This is a wonderful established of headphones. The are comfy and very easily adjustable to suit your head. The sound good quality is incredible and i like that i can fold them up and consider them with me or retailer them with no using up significantly room.

Like these headphones i have them im back/gold they glimpse genuinely fantastic especially with my gold s5. They have quantity regulate and end/enjoy also speaker which i feel is a will have to on headphones. Like that they fold definitely properly. Only adverse i have compact ears and they really don’t actually include my ears which is odd but continue to snug just not for for a longer period then an hour. Sound is also not awesome but very good high-quality even now.

Sound Intone I65 2015 New Foldable 3.5mm Hi-Fi Stereo Over-ear Swivel Cups Headphones, Portable Stretch Headsets With Ergonomics Wear Design Noise Cancelling, for PC/Smart Phone/Iphone6 /Ipad/Samsung /Psp/ Ipod/Mp3 Player/Android (Black/Gold) : Excellent well priced, well made headphones. . There must be 100’s of different brand of headphones on the market and it seems to be getting bigger all the time, at this price point and it’s very hard to tell what is good and what is not. The sound intone i65’s looked like a nice pair of folding headphones, ideal to pack awayfirst impression’s and good, well made, nice build quality. Build and looks count for nothing if the sound is poor, i plugged them in to my ipod, i was surprised how good they are, plenty of bass which everyone seems to like, all the ranges are delivered with accurate acoustics, clear treble and mid with just right. They are a nice comfortable fit, my little lad keeps pinching them from me to listen with his new ipod touch , he reckons the are really sick and clear, think that means they are good coming from an 11 year old. Sound intone is a new brand to market, i have had a couple of things and have been impressed with everything so far. Very pleased with these well priced well made headphones.

Sony MDR-V55 DJ Stereo Headphones : FAR superior to Beats

Really good bass, seem excellent, clarity just perfection. I warranty you will not regret getting these headphones. They are tremendous comfy and also fold-ready so you can have them close to very easily. I really adore how these glimpse and healthy on your head. You can use them all working day because they are tremendous at ease.

Top seems excellent, appear fantastic, flat cable is a boon and great price. . For several years i have used the sony mdr-v700 headphones for djing, and have gone through 3 pairs of them during my job. Those people formative djing times are now in excess of (sadly) and i am running my very own organization. That business requires ensuring that my personnel work in peace and silent without the need of disturbances on the entire so i acquired every person in the office a established of these headphones. They have wonderful seem good quality, and seem and really feel good, cannot fault them. The flat cable is superb as you don’t get the bothersome cable snarl up that you get on other headphones with the standard round cables. The only reason for not supplying 5 stars however is that on the create entrance they usually are not quite up to the mdr-v700’s. When i take in my lunch putting on these headphones they make a funny (and really irritating) creaking sound – it is really the plastics rubbing jointly wherever the earphone cup joins to the headband. If it did not do that it would be an effortless 5 stars. Continue to a wonderful product as a affordable cost, and you will however look very neat walking all over on the underground with a established of these on disregarding all of the other commuters out there.

Like lots of just before me i was joyful with the sub-par encounter i was obtaining out of my £15 – £20 cranium candy. But after they broke soon after three months use (once more) i just experienced to go on. I enlisted a mate who’s a massive audiophile to come up with a checklist of the finest funds headphones he could locate. He returned post-haste with a website link to these beautiful headphones he spouted off why these are the most effective in only the way an audiophile could. But i keep in mind really little of that dialogue what i do keep in mind is him expressing they are much better than most or even all beats by dre. I am not here to give you an in-depth review of the technical side but i will be telling you how i felt about them 4 months on. The sony mdr-v55 dj stereo headphones give the most effective audio expertise i have ever experienced. The cups are cushiony and smooth maintaining the bulk of the audio from escaping, they also will not likely harm you ears from excessive wear periods as very long has you have the sliders established to most effective in shape your head. The cups can also be switch to any route for greater storage, or to be turned in to headphone speakers.Here are the specifications for the Sony MDR-V55 DJ Stereo Headphones:

  • Foldable headphones with 40mm driver unit, neodymium magnet and 1.2m cord
  • 40mm neodymium drivers
  • 5Hz-25kHz frequency range
  • High power input up to 1,000mW

Music to your ears, and then some. I initial tried using these headphones when travelling on the tube in london as i was curious to examine them from my sennheiser noise cancelling types and i was totally amazed the excellent of tones they manufactured. I was listening to tunes from my ipod and listening to clarity of devices like i’ve not carried out for many years. It was like remaining a teen again and listening with very good hearingok, so they were not so great for chopping out the tube sound (even even though they’re the ‘over-the-ear’ design and style) but they did cut down some sounds. Nevertheless, as opposed to other normal headphones i’ve tried using on the tube, i could nonetheless comfortably hear to tunes, but most importantly was the good quality of that tunes it was excellent respectable top quality foundation for some of the heavier things but even now capable to reproduce the lighter notes of acoustic instruments. I am by no signifies an audiophile so i are not able to communicate in the descriptive phrases made use of by these experts but i was stunned by the tonal traits coming out, i felt like i was listening with new ears. I have applied them on my laptop at home and the audio is just as great. For the price tag, i cannot fault these at all remarkably encouraged.

Acquired to change sennheiser hd202 which designed a defective link just after somewhere around 4 decades of frequent use. The sony’s are on the ear, instead of the around-ear type of the sennheiser, but there is no more audio leakage, a thing that i was anticipating. I as opposed a few brands on the higher street prior to getting from amazon, and these stood out. Not only for the depth of the bass, devoid of remaining also overpowering, but the clarity of the mid vary and trebles. In contrast to the beats, denons, jvc, skullcandys, and other people that i experimented with in the shop, i could not see why any person would want to commit any much more than the £35 desired for these, until they want to abide by the group and invest in the manufacturer that at present has the trendiest picture. The build quality is unquestionably there, and quite practical, with the flat red tangle-free cord, linked to one particular ear only, a fold-able design and style for storage and an l-shaped jack for connecting to tablets and clever-phones. The size of the wire is stated by other buyers as a detrimental, but i’ve in no way observed that i needed to be extra than one. 2 metres from the device that i was plugged into.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Just superb, don’t waste money on other expensive models!
  • Fantastic- The best in it’s class!
  • Looking for great headphones? You’ve just found them!
  • Great headphones but they squeak whilst walking.
  • MDRV55 – Great product for the budget minded DJ
  • Slick, powerful and comfy

Superior searching headphones but pretty bassy. These are excellent tricky sporting headphones but are incredibly bassy and do not block out bordering sounds really well. These are so bassy in truth that they do not replicate what is becoming played correctly. Even so, for listening to audio these would be fantastic. I do the job as tv set cameraman and these headphones enable me to keep an eye on seem as it is currently being recorded but as i stated, audio is extremely bassy and ambient sound can be heard i. They do not block out exterior sound that effectively. That explained, for the price, they are a fantastic buy. Fashionable, fairly priced, strong headphones.

Sharp and clear seem with great foundation. I am an ex sennheiser hd 205. I have been applying this merchandise considering that number of months now and i am very amazed with the build and sound top quality in this rate. Sharp and apparent sound with excellent base. I am an ex sennheiser hd 205 user, was broke right after handful of years. I was satisfied with sennheiser hd 205 apart from somewhat restricted on my head. I required to check out something new and i pick sony mdr-v55. It’s far more at ease on my head than sennheiser hd 205.

Sony MDRZX310 Foldable Headphones : Some sexy ass headphone tho!

Buying these as a low-cost non permanent replacement for a pair of long serving trusty sony mdr7506’s (which are remarkable headphones for the price) i was not anticipating the to be any place in the vicinity of as great, but looking through the evaluations was hoping for superior clarity than i got. Like a ton of low-cost ‘phones they are hefty on the mid bass and the audio appears narrow and clenched in comparison to additional high-priced possibilities – nevertheless they are only £15. They are very first rate, but if you happen to be following any kind of clarity or like ‘honest’ sound copy on a finances then go for sennheiser hd201’s for only a few of quid far more – would like i had now.

Ok for the rate, but improved possibilities readily available. So i am not a dj or a qualified, i am a student who was hunting to replace his just lately deceased headphonesa handful of months ago, i purchased the pretty able sennheiser high definition 201, these had been a charming established of headphones, priced equally to the sony mdrx310 and about as moveable. As considerably as audio goes, these headphones ended up, regretably, much even worse than the other pair. The poor sound is overcompensated for with a really muddy bass, mid-tones all audio off to me and im frequently displeased with their comfort and ease much too, they seem to be much too tiny for my head, or it’s possible the padding close to the ears is not fantastic. If you are looking for a low cost established of cans, these are good, i guess. Even so, if you want to expend about £2 more, then please get the sennheiser hd 201 instead and you can notice the sound distinction straight away as well as the enhanced ease and comfort etc.

Superior cost, great high quality. Because of to the mother nature of possessing greater lugholes i have designed the jump from in-ear headphones to the more than ear sort. My problem was that i put in fifty percent my journeys ramming them back into my skull and if i even so a lot as imagined of sneezing then sport over. My greatest issue was how cumbersome they may search and how challenging to carry all-around they might be – they search just fantastic to be truthful and when they’re on it is really quick to overlook about them staying there. Also, they fold up and healthy beautifully into my overcoat pocket. Eventually, for any one else hunting to make the transition from in-ear to over-ear headphones: in these cooling temperatures we’re enduring now they double up as nice heat ear muffs.

Key specs for Sony MDRZX310 Foldable Headphones – Metallic White:

  • Headband-style headphones with lightweight, folding design, 30mm drivers, and 98dB/mW sensitivity
  • 30mm neodymium drivers
  • 10–24,000Hz frequency range
  • Compact, folding design

Comments from buyers

“Good value, very good sound for the price, Beats Dr. Dre’s ‘Beats’ headpones, Stylish Headphones with great sound for a cheap price!, Excellent value for money, Fabulous headphones, very nice quality and comfortable to wear, very lightweight.”

I bought these for listening to new music though researching and travelling. I considered i’d consider folding headphones, as even with sony headphones having great sound, headphones in a related selling price array feel to be flimsy and kinds i have experienced in the earlier have snapped just over the earpiece. These feel really sturdy, and fold neatly absent for carrying. Much more importantly, the sound is outstanding. Basically as before long as i plugged them into my itunes, l was incredibly impressed by the sound. I’m pretty into ‘sound’ but completely disagree that spending considerably less dollars means poorer sound good quality. Off the bat, these are wonderful sounding headphones. Tinker with your eq options in itunes a little bit, and they’re phenomenal. Dre’s beats headphones, and didn’t assume they sounded any superior than these do the moment you’ve got set your eq appropriately.

Perfect for the latest generation of i-pads, telephones or mp3 gamers.

Acquired these for the young ones to use on vacation, so we were being largely wanting for strong headphones much more than everything. The construct quality appears good, but it is nonetheless early times. They arrive with thick cables which appear to be hard sporting. As you would be expecting with headphones in this selling price vary the seem selection is not wonderful. The lows are okay but just about anything larger than this sounds muffled. . A properly built pair of funds headphones, just never anticipate them to compare with the far more expensive headphones for sound high quality.

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