Betron B850 Earphones Headphones – Best headphones I’ve ever used

Great customer service and headphones. I was excited to receive these having used betron headphones before. However the pair i received was faulty – the control panel didn’t work properly and my iphone 6 didn’t recognise it. I wrote to the betron customer service team and a new pair was sent out to me the next day. Besides the control panel working and it beng compatible with my phone, the new pair is also light, sound quality is great and i love them.

Delivered much earlier than expected. Have gone through 3 set of earphones recently as when i’m running they never seemed to stay in my ears, however,these earphones are fantastic. I’m using the memory foam tips and they stay in all through my run. Good selection of tips to get correct size. Sound quality is great though admittedly i’m no expert on that subject. All i can say is i’m very impressed and more than happy with the product.

The headphones came very nicely packaged and the quality are excellent for the price. Beats any other headphones in the same price range. The clarity is top standard and the bass is very deep. Which is what i was looking for. I would highly recommend this product. You also get a small carry bag with it with many different sizes of earbuds. On top of that you get a year warranty which makes this product a bargain.

Really pleased with these headphones. Sound is very good and ear pieces feel comfortable in ears. I would definitely recommend this product.

  • Fantastic headphones
  • Great product at an unbeatable price
  • I wanted a better performance than ordinary earphones
  • These are good, very good.
  • High quality, practical earphones!
  • Highly recommended

Betron B850 Earphones Headphones, High Definition, in-ear, Tangle Free, Noise Isolating , HEAVY DEEP BASS for Samsung, LG (With Volume Control and Mic)

  • Powerful bass balanced with superb mid and high end detail
  • Light Weight Body,Symmetrical Cable, ideal for use with Samsung, LG Mobile Phones
  • Includes 6 pairs of super soft silicon ear-tips in different shapes and sizes for wearing comfort, A pair of Memory foam earbuds but extra comfort, A convenient carry pouch , A cable clip
  • Made of premium quality galvanized zinc alloy, these headphones are so robust they’ll never fall apart. 1 year Warranty 30 days Money Back Guarantee
  • 1.2 Meter Tangle Free Flat Cable , Gold Plated L shape 3.5mm Jack

It is surprising to find such a good quality product at such a low price. The sound of these earphones is excellent, and i’d wager that it is of a similar quality (or better) to much more expensive alternatives. As the product describtion implies, the bass is quite pronounced – this is something i consider a positive, but if you disagree, it’s generally possible to lower the bass volume on your phone, tablet etc. I found the rest of the audio to be quite clear, being able to easily hear all instruments played in music – be it classical or rock. I found no instances of audio being muddled. The earphones come with quite a few sets of buds, so that you can replace the “stock” ones if they don’t fit into your ear too well. I’d recommend trying out some of them, in order to find the best fit, as this has a big effect on how good the earphones sound. It also comes supplied with a small cloth bag, which you can use as a carrying bag for your earphones, or to store the extra buds.

Best headphones i’ve ever used. 99, these are the best value headphones i have ever used. Pros:+ cheap+ great bass+ quality sound for the price+ comes with 8 pairs of buds, a clip and a bagcons:- cable is a bit shortas someone that has previously owned betron b650’s and b750’s, i can definitely say that the b850 pair is the best to date. I would recommend these even as a primary pair of headphones to anyone.

I bought these to replace a pair of “skullcandy” headphones which i had had for a couple of years and which i was expecting to “go” quite soon. I was impressed with the package that i received from betron – as well as the headphones there is also a little velvet bag containing a number of different rubber caps for the phones to ensure a comfortable fit as well as a clip to fit to your jacket/shirt. The actual cable is unusual in that it is flat and not a rounded cable – this should (i hope) prevent breakages. On to the sound and this is exemplary – the bass is crisp, clear and very “heavy” and the treble is bright. Overall the sound is as good as i have known from a pair of in-ear headphones and, at their current cheap price, i would have no hesitation in recommending these to anyone.

Panasonic RP-HV108E-K Stereo Inside Earphones in – Big sound at little cost

I didn’t think i’d been too difficult with them. Any movement along the wires is audible.

I bought so many pairs over and over again (’caused my children keep stealing them from me).

Good named product at an excellent price. Unfortunately i cannot comment on the sound quality with music, as i only bought them for listening to speeches, but it does this very well.

I use these in bed and often fall asleep with them in so they get lain on and therefore take a bashing – these are my second pair and the first ones lasted a few years so they are robust. The in line volume control is a very good and useful feature.

  • Music to my ears
  • Pretty good for the price
  • Way below standard Apple earphones
  • Big sound at little cost
  • Superb quality earphones for the price
  • Great sound quality

Panasonic RP-HV108E-K Stereo Inside Earphones in Black with Volume Control.

  • In Cord Volume Control
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Cord Length: 1.2m
  • Drive Unit: 14.8mm
  • Compatible with iPod/MP3 & CD

I know these little in-ear phones aren’t expensive, but you get a lot for your money:well made, quite robust, with a cable 45. 3″ (126cms) in length, which i find ideal as it enables me to tuck my mp3 player into my jeans pocket. I do have a similar pair (can’t remember the make) but the cable is so long i’ve had to roll it up and secure the excess with an elastic band, which is then lumpy under my clothes. The little ear pieces are also marked l and r, but not easily seen as it’s black on black – i’ll probably put a dab of red nail polish on one of them, as i find it really does matter that they go in the right ears. These do not come supplied with those little foam covers; personally i’m not sure i like them, but for those who do you’ll need to supply your own. Okay – volume control – one or two reviewers have remarked that this is not sensitive, and that it doesn’t go right down to silence. Dare i suggest that they try turning down their actual player just a little – the result will then be silence. I have found these to be really powerful little earphones, good clear sound, great bass and no hissing or crackling. The jackplug which fits into the player of your choice is right-angled which is exactly what i wanted as the socket on my mp3 player is on the side.

Had to tweak the eq on my tablet to get the best out of them. For the price these are very acceptable. Had to tweak the eq on my tablet to get the best out of them.

Nice headphones with handy volume control. Would give them 5 stars but i can find it hard to adjust the volume. Its a ‘slide’ button so sometimes you go to high or low. However overall they are very good.

Logitech G430 Surround Sound Gaming Headset : So good for the price!!!

Great value i suppose awful surround sound. This headset is alright revenue and the sound good quality is excellent, bar the point it isnt the loudest headset. The surround sound is horrible tbh. Also the motorists are normally bugging out with teamspeak and games at times when the surround sound is on. And dont even check out to pay attention to songs with surround sound on. Its great but if i had examine a great overview i would have bought a 5. 1 surround headset for ten-fifteen far more.

Incredible sound quality but a large challenge. Remarkable sound quality in comparison to my aged turtle beach locations however there is a huge issue with the drivers which bring about a awful crackling sound when operating a activity and music from a little something like youtube or spotify.

Headsets i’ve experienced about the several years this a single is straightforward the finest. Out of all the headsets i have experienced in excess of the years this one particular is straightforward the most effective. Prior headsets involve fatal1ty, plantronics gamecom 777 & corsair raptor hs40m with the plantronics were greatest total in the earlier. Even so, the make top quality on the 777 led to the plastic snapping higher than the left earpiece the place the mic recesses into the headset. The g430 has a good bodyweight to it, feels reliable ample and create quality at first signifies no obvious tiredness details major to breakage. The earpieces are significant, cozy and enclose the ear snugly without being way too tight. The sound top quality is, for me, exceptional. Participating in games like l4d2 reveals formerly unheard noises and immersive results, that was an enjoyable shock immediately after participating in all these years. The bass is satisfyingly meating without any of the earbleeding oversaturated thumping typically linked with heaps of bass. The mic picks up well, is one more sound component which feels like it’s going to stand up to several years of use.Here are the specifications for the Logitech G430 Surround Sound Gaming Headset:

  • Lightweight design lets you play comfortably for hours
  • Performance-sport cloth earcups are removable for cleaning
  • Features 7.1 surround sound using Dolby technology
  • Folding and noise-cancelling mic

I have had this headset for two decades and counting now. It has superior sound to it and sound cancelling features. The headset it also pretty comfy which i like, while took some sporting in initial. Doubtful if it was my sound card becoming humorous or not but i had a whole lot of difficulties with the usb stick aspect of it, and the wire if not saved wrappd up is extremely very long and very easily caught less than laptop or computer chairs, but overall a really worth wile headset.

Should acquire if your a youtuber or gamer. Magnificent sound from these headphones. I received them considering they would be alright given that it has digital surround sound not authentic seven. On the other hand the sound quality and the excellent of the surround sound blew me away. The sound is crystal distinct and you can definitely tell exactly where any sound is coming from. For gaming this is great, the mic as properly on this is awesome. I file youtube video clips and this improved the audio by pretty a bit. It has a condenser mic so photos up your voice really properly. It is not as very good as a skilled mic but way greater than other headsets out there.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good price for a high quality product
  • however the headphones have taken a few knocks over the year and have stayed sturdy, so the build quality doesn’t seem to be
  • Good mid-range gaming headphones, but note that the 7.1 audio is emulated
  • Great value headset
  • It’s decent, but I’ve had better headsets in the past.

At very first this headset appeared to operate fine. But a difficulty arose the place i stored having interference and static appears although in sport. This challenge would not solve until finally i restarted my pc or disconnected and reconnected the headset. I appear to have now set this problem on my individual as shopper support from logitechs support site has been none existent in my scenario. In summary it truly is a fantastic headset with mic excellent and audio excellent remaining great. Acquire this merchandise at your possess risk although as the challenges i encountered were very little quick of a suffering and i was only equipped to solve them since of my individual tinkering.

By no implies do they really feel like a extremely significant high-quality pair of headphones. Pretty plastic sense to them, relatively mild. Having said that they are comfortable. I have had no distress using them several hours at a time and are a lot extra cozy than my past turtle beach front headset. Have had no problems with the headset itself. Excellent for listening to tunes, gaming or just looking at movies. Quite minimal sound leakage which is great.

Panasonic RP-HJE125E-K Earphones, Glorious comfortable sound

Feel quite good for the revenue – and i like the style. For the funds i wasn’t expecting very a great deal. Even so for below a tenner these signify a great buy. They have a refined but specific seem and i imagine that the bass conclude is rendered greater than other earphons i have which price much a lot more funds. The uncommon ear-fitting may get a bit of having made use of to as it is very various to any of my other earphones — having reported that, at the time these panasonics are in the ear they really promptly are comfy. I have worn them on 1 event for over an hour and felt that the abnormal earplug structure labored extremely effectively for me. Not positive how they will fare around time with regard to toughness and many others. The cable is quite slender, but i feel that if you address them reasonably thoroughly i cannot see any reason why they would acquire any problems (time will inform). Total, primarily when you take into consideration that these cost less than £10 i imagine they are value offering a check out. I was pleasantly shocked with their audio high-quality but i guess that is a really individual statement as all people has distinct tastes.

I do not usually treatment for headphones like this that only go in your ears, because i discover them very agonizing to have on. Even so, i needed anything modest to use at the health and fitness center, somewhat than having in massive, over the ear headphones. I also did not want to shell out far too a lot. They are rather comfy to have on, appear to be to me to give excellent audio quality, and were quite reasonably priced. They arrived with two other comfortable earpieces so that you can modify them for a greater in shape if you like. I have not bothered as the types they came with presently fitted seem to do the occupation nicely enough. I are unable to say that they block out all exterior sound, but they do lessen it, and for what i want them for, they are great. They are shaped and feel to stick in my ears well plenty of even when i am exercising rather vigorously.

Panasonic RP-HJE125E-K Earphones – Black

  • Ergo fit design
  • 9mm driver unit
  • Frequency response 10Hz- 24kHz
  • 3 pairs of ear pads ( S/M/L)
  • Available in 4 colours

I like quite great in good shape at ease now i utilized the other in ear buds that came with them. Don’t comprehensive out while i’m on my ft excellent value would get an other pair.

The kind of ‘good buy’ we like. I did not know what to assume from these earphones but hoped they were being a action up from the cut price-retail outlet types i have typically attempted. They were – and howthey sounded pretty great on my computer & delicate sufficient for my philips go-gear which is really fussy. Frequency response is good with generous bass & crisp treble but not at the expenditure of center. The in good shape is at ease – i from time to time have on them for several hrs a working day & havn’t had any troubles. They are superior than many of their contemporaries (jvc gummies for instance) & i am really happy with them would invest in all over again. The only detail in opposition to them is the ridiculously long solution code.

Really excellent earphones for the price. For the what i paid, i have no complains. The audio is very good and well balanced even though not at the very same level as my cx a hundred seventy five (£23) or nocs ns400 alu (£49). They are undoubtedly much better than much less expensive copies out there.

Panasonic RP-HJE125E-K Earphones – Black : Good price for a good product. These headphones are not going to last you forever, obviously. However, my first pair lasted 6 months and i am notable for over-using headphones and not taking proper care of them, apple headphones have lasted me anything from 1-5 months. They are great quality for the price you pay, and the quality of the music seems fine on a variety of music. Would recommend to anyone who just wants to listen to music.

Apple Genuine Headphone : So worth buying. X

Ultimately initial excellent at a decent cost. Seem to be similar to the first pair which just broke outstanding rate as very well.

Great value for money,purchased for xmas. Bought as a stocking filler for xmas. Arrived on time and packaged perfectly.

The product arrived when it was supposed to.Here are the specifications for the Apple Genuine Headphone:

  • Genuine Apple Earphones
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Excellent sound
  • Intergrated Mic & Remote Controls

Extremely excellent product or service no fancy packaging but does what it suggests on the tin.

These are excellent headphones and well worth the price tag rather than paying stock cost and they are genuine far too.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great Headphones
  • Decent quality for the price
  • Brilliant! thanks
  • Good earphones, however
  • Works well on iphone 5 and above
  • Seem legit and work well, they have lasted longer

Brought 2 pairs as both equally little ones needed them. Really joyful as they are the genuine issue.

Works well on iphone five and above. I essentially believed it was not actual so i am revising my evaluate. I experimented with it on iphone 5c and it labored definitely properly. The head of the telephones do really feel inexpensive while.

Sennheiser PMX 686G Sports Earphones – Good quality headphones.

Not the most fashionable product i ought to say but they are comfy, well designed for applying for the duration of sports (i use at the fitness center) and sound is very clear.

Terrific sound, not absolutely sure about when operating. Quite possibly the only concern i have is that these earphones seem to ‘bounce’ a good deal when utilized running, creating a booming sound in my ears. Normally, good sound quality, and prompt supply company from the supplier.

Gymn headphones are a actual obstacle. I have tried out the hook style, the overhead form and the neck style. Certainly, you want them to continue to be on although running and i come across the ‘hook’ style a fall short for that. Which leaves the overhead or the back again of head bands. The overhead types work but seem a bit daft, these also perform and continue to be-in reliable by a 10k operate. No concerns with not hearing when i get sweaty ears which has trigger challenges with the a lot more spongy types you get on some headphones. A fantastic take a look at for me is to have the treadmill on at a good pace with all the noise that generates and play ‘seven country army’ by the white stripes – if you can hear the signature bass riff crystal plainly over all that history then they are very good gymn headphones and these passed that exam. I was applying the apple variant, and it labored with my afterwards generation ipod touch. Notice that simply because i was working with it with my ipod i are not able to comment on how nicely the contact operation with apple iphone will work.

  • Not up to Sennheiser’s past standards
  • Still the best running headphones – but by no means perfect
  • Great sound, good price
  • Great Sports Companion
  • At Last! Earphones for running which do the job
  • Good quality headphones.

Possessing experienced sennheiser ‘phones in advance of (my son made a decision he preferred them) i experienced superior hopes for these. Plugged into my apple iphone, the audio was distinct and quite crisp on a wide variety of tracks, perfectly up to the expected conventional from this company. Exactly where these occur into thier own, however, is the style and design. For any one who requires headphones for an energetic way of life then these are excellent. The neckband, instead than a standard headband, indicates these are far more comfy to wear – you could even wear them with a biking helmet, while individually i am not positive about the producers promises for the product or service allowing for extra awareness of the world all-around you. The inline quantity,/observe regulate and microphone are a fantastic notion so you can answer the telephone, improve tracks management the volume only and quickly, even though your cell phone stays in your pocket.

Not just for samsung galaxy. The packaging of this headset states prominently that it can be for samsung galaxy (although mentioning other models in a smaller typeface) and amazon’s product title mentions galaxy. I don’t know why this is considering that it’s going to operate with any android product. A partnership deal maybe?the headset comes with a carrying pouch and a cable clip. I like the glimpse and truly feel of it, with its green cable and rubbery distant buttons. It is really lightweight and feels about as comfy as this variety of headset is at any time likely to get. It is a sports headset the emphasis is on secureness relatively than comfort and ease. It feels a ton nicer than other neckband earphones i’ve made use of in the previous. In use the headset appears good, as you ought to count on from sennheiser. There are no earphone covers supplied, when definitely there must be.

Features of Sennheiser PMX 686G Sports Earphones – Galaxy

  • Inline smart remote and mic on the cable are compatible with most smartphones and portable players (compatible with Galaxy and most other Android devices)
  • Vertical in-ear design for greater situational awareness and safety
  • Ultra-lightweight neckband for a secure, comfortable fit
  • Para-aramid-reinforced cable provides superior strength and reliability
  • Oval-shaped cable ensures a tangle-free listening experience and reduced cable noise

Lime environmentally friendly sporting earphones. These earphones are built for ipod , apple iphone and ipadthey are for sporting routines as have the band that goes about the again of your head for securenessthey are water resistant with antimicrobial at ease protected inner earphonesthey have a one. 2m solitary cable with a 3 button intelligent remote attachedthey also come with a storage pouch and cable clipi have tried out these with my ipod touch and they have a fantastic audio and function welland seem to be great and protected on my head.

Would not sense flimsy at all, while i suppose time will explain to on that front. The buds are snug more than enough, and i never generally get on with these condition buds (i favor the canal kinds). No covers, but they only get sweaty and go lacking when you happen to be jogging, so i believe that was an intentional style and design decision. The sound top quality is excellent, whilst i am admittedly no audiophile and am generally delighted with some £15 earphones. I’ve taken them out on a three mile run and they held organization. The mini distant on the cable is effective fine with my nexus 5 (android) mobile phone, while you might be a bit minimal in what you can do. The only downside i can see is that they’re a small on the dear facet.

Shure SE215 Dynamic Microdriver Earphones – SE215 Review

I did a lot of research before i purchased these shure se215 earphones. I had a price limit of around £80 so these were definitely within range at £73. I particularly wanted a good fitting pair that would be comfortable when worn for several hours on the trot and have a level of sound quality to match. Having had the earphones now for a couple of days i thought i would write a brief review covering my first impressions of the product. It’s true to say that initially the design is quite striking. From each earphone is a short length of semi-stiff cable that you bend over the ear (from front to back). Fitting can be a bit awkward at first, but once completed a few times, sat very well in my ears and seemed quite comfortable. Again, because of the unique?.Design they fiited quite well and probably wouldn’t accidently fall out if moving around alot.

Shure’s se215’s are a great combination of quality sound output and durable. For sub £100 in-ear headphones, shure’s se215’s are a great combination of quality sound output and durable, replaceable cabling. Very pleasedif like me, you think about in-ear headphones for travel (small & convenient to carry, comfortable even whilst resting your head, as well as great for noise isolation) you’ve probably gone through a fair few pairs of them, just like me. My high in-ear headphone turnover is for 2 reasons. Being so small and easy to carry, i find their easily misplaced. Also, in my experience, at this price bracket at least, the wiring is almost universally vulnerable to the sound cutting out, rendering them useless (one pair within 2 days of delivery, some last over a year but still eventually give out). Consequently, although i love my music, i’m always reluctant to spend anything over £100 for what is travel based listening. Paying more might get me both amazing sound, and build quality that’d ensure they’d last. I’ve certainly been tempted.

These were nothing like the bass cannons i was expecting. These were nothing like the bass cannons i was expecting. Until the supplied tips wore out and i went for some comply tx 400s. Wow, made all the difference (got to do a mod to make them fit). Just in first few minutes after switching and it feels like a different earphone, cannot believe the difference. I’m no audiophile so i will leave those judgements to others, expect for saying that if you want big bass these can deliver, you just need to right tips (that’s why i’ve gone for four stars). The things i like most about these are:memory wire fit makes these the most comfortable i’ve ever owned, no annoying snagging and pullinglong cable adds to the above pointvery well constructed, especially cable (which is replaceable anyway)l jack is better for longevityimprovements:supplied case is ugly, i had an existing one i use from a different set so not a big deal for me.

When you buy a shure product you will always have high expectations, expectations these headphones exceed by a mile and a half. The presentation in the box is fantastic, just the right amount of accessories provided. The accessories included are a case and 6 pairs of ear buds, 3 foam and 3 silicon. These are provided in sizes small, medium and large. The headphones are well made and sound fantastic. Having listened to various rock, drum and bass, pop and alternative music i can say very happily that these are perfect for pretty much every style of music. The headphones have a nice clean sound-stage, very spacious for in ear headphones. Also they have a fair amount of bass but not too much to overwhelm, songs like self vs self by nero ft in flames or innocence from the same album show this very controlled bass. Overall i would say fantastic build quality, wide sound-stage, good controlled bass and fantastic separation.

  • Good sound, great comfort if not slightly confusing
  • VERY GOOD! (shame theyve started to break :-( )
  • Shure’s SE215’s are a great combination of quality sound output and durable
  • Shure’s awesome design
  • Great Earphones, Good Price
  • I expected a lot more out of these(Update)

Shure SE215 Dynamic Microdriver Earphones

  • Sound Isolating Design shields over 90% of the ambient noise
  • DynamicDynamic mics have a simple rugged construction and can handle very high sound pressure levels.
  • MicroDriver deliver detailed warm sound quality with improved bass
  • Detachable cable with formable wire and a wide assortment of accessories for secure comfortable fit
  • Frequency response 22 Hz – 17.5 kHz

I’ve been using seinhisers (£70-130 mark) for around two years and they keep breaking. Furthermore they don’t hold on the treadmill. So first advantage as that these weidly fitting things stay in really well. And despite being slightly larger than some – you don’t notice with a snug fit. Secondly they block out a hell-of-a-lot of noise which i was impressed with. The buds are top quality and secure good isolation. Thirdly the sound is fantastic. Real drive and clarity on the bass (without overpowering) and the drives do a top job of seperating the different elements of the song – powering through the bits that count.

These in ear headphones are simply amazing. Bass is deep and thumpy, mids a crisp and clear, vocals are great and the treble is reproduced well. I use the foam tips, as they are more comfortable (i have small ear canals) and fit my ears very tightly and it makes the bass sound better than the silicone tips. I was using apple standard earphones before and i have realised how bad they really are. I would recommend these to anyone who loves their music, especially bassy music.

Was contemplating a pair of shure’s for some time. I started off with a pair of se110’s but the iem’s kept falling out of my ears. Decided to try a pair of ue mf220’s and the pair sounded decent but not the most comfortable due to the stiff silicone sleeves. Then thought of replacing the sleeves with a couple of comply tips but decided to go over the budget a little and give the se215’s a try. In my opinion, its the shure high-end iem design which makes their new range of iem’s a true winner. The combination of the swivel (removable) cable, isolating foam tips and form-able over eat wire truly makes the minitors stay within your ear lobe very securely. In terms of sound quality, i’ve tried the se530’s and i was blown away by the sound quality but i’m not about ready to splurge off over 300 pounds on a pair of iem’s to complement my mediocre portable setup.

Beats Powerbeats2 Wireless In-Ear Headphones – Brilliant Bluetooth headphones

Stunning bass and price with a pinch of connectivity issues. Make sure you try all the earbuds povided for best fit or you won’t feel the real sound of the powerbeats. And believe me, these babies got bass for sure. Never heard anything like this coming from in-ear headphones. Overall the product is great: excellent fit, superb sound, absolute style while working out. Unfortunately, there is a bluetooth conectivity issue which is rather annoying. Sometimes the device is losing signal to the paired iphone 6 or ipod nano (6th gen) which causes sound pops and cracks or even worse – the beats just stuck in a moment they can’t get out of. Than you’ll experience severe and endless static noise in your ears forcing you to restart the headphones. This is totally unacceptable for the price range of the powerbeats 2. Hopefully a firmware upgrade will address the problem in the future.

Best bluetooth headset i’ve ever used. I love these headphones however i can’t give them 5 stars because the mic / remote is not resistant to my sweat and i went through a number of them. Now i don’t use them when i know i’ll be sweating a lot in the gym and they are awesome. Well worth the cost (plus the bose sport for my sweaty gym sessions).

Great set of wireless gym earphones if you got the cash to splash :-). Great set of wireless earphones :-)what can i say about these puppies?. First off, great build quality, slightly heavier than expected at first but after using down gym for the first time yesterday, u completely forget about them being in the ears. Didn’t fall out once – treadmill, cross trainer, stepping machine, rowing machine and even skipping – stayed put in the ears. Fully charged yesterday and used for 6 hours straight. Crackling noise kicked in which indicated they needed charging. For a set of powerful earphones, 6 hours of wireless use was brilliant in my opinion. Sound quality – probably the most argued point about dre beats earphones/headphones – most reviews u read about simply state that they’re too bass heavy and lack mids and highs or are just rubbish for the money u pay. For me, bass is key simply due to my taste of music. I also own the dre beats solo hd’s and the dre beats wireless.

Dre wireless powerbeats are ideal for using in the gym. They didn’t fall out of my ear whilst using the gym equipment. I find them extremely comfortable. The sound quality is excellent. The headphones are light and portable and have a remote, so you can adjust the volume etc.

  • Excellent choice of wireless In-Ear Headphones for everyday use and activities!
  • So far so good, although am a little worried about some of
  • Great set of wireless gym earphones if you got the cash to splash :-)
  • Forget what you think you know about Beats, these will rock you!
  • Superb – both quality and sound!!!!!
  • Excellent Earphones, a long search finally ended.

Beats Powerbeats2 Wireless In-Ear Headphones – Cobalt Blue

  • Easily pairs to your Bluetooth device with 30 foot range
  • Premium sound performance and rechargeable 6-hour battery
  • Sweat and water-resistant
  • No-slip grip in-line mic and remote for calls
  • Lighter, smaller and with a flexible ear hook

I usually always buy bose headphones but. I usually always buy bose headphones but i loved the idea of going wireless. Great for running just slip your phone in your pocket and you don’t need to worry about where to put the cable and they don’t slip because they clip over the ear, even when you sweat they stay in place. The sound is really great too.

Superb – both quality and sound. Just arrived and i can not be more pleased. Paired with my iphone and ipad in seconds as i wanted to test them asap. Ive had jaybird wireless headphones before – until i had them nicked. Wireless is the only way i will go now – i hate the wire dangling into your pocket etc. I bought a cheaper pair (jam) but was not impressed so thought dr beats – you cant go wrong. I am not disappointed at all. Comfy, stylish and superb sound quality. I haven’t had a voice call on them yet (although i do tend to answer the phone rather than chat so everybody can hear you). Music and programmes are crystal clear, no crackling or hissing like i received with the jam headphones.

Unexplained charging failure. Bought these at christmas for my wife. Only used them less than a dozen times. Then bizarrely they would not charge. Initially red charging light would go on then go off after a few minutes. The issue is well documented but no detail about cause or fix. I brought them to an apple store who initially wanted to take them for fixing. I was travelling so not an option. However in the end a different apple store swapped them. The actual headphones are fine. A little too light on bass (ironic for a beats product).

Panasonic RP-HJE120E-K Ergo Fit Ear Canal Headphones : Great value for the money.

Excellent audio, inexpensive and horrible cord. . Purchased these to exchange a second pair of sennheiser 25s right after they lost an ear right after a fairly quick time. They audio excellent and fit actually effectively, the only problem is the cord which receives tangled up really effortlessly in contrast to the new rubberised cords on far more high-priced buds. Not a biggie though, for this reason only just one star missing.

Great top quality seem substantially clearer than my outdated earphones and also these don’t drop out at the health club which is a reward.

Incredibly great audio good quality for a fiver – wire is awful even though. Surprisingly good for a fiver. Loud, apparent, relaxed and fit securely in my ears. Will come with a several different buds far too for distinct ears. The downside to this solution is the wire. The wire is slim and effortlessly tangles. It is fairly quick as well and does not have a mic. I can see this becoming the weak issue in the headphones and reckon it wouldn’t acquire significantly to destruction the wire by getting it snagged on anything. Aside from that if you are in the market place for a very low cost pair of in ear headphones that have decent seem excellent then hit these up. No they probably wont make sure you an audiophile or contend with a mid variety pair of headphones but the cost effectiveness ratio is challenging to defeat.

Key specs for Panasonic RP-HJE120E-K Ergo Fit Ear Canal Headphones – Black:

  • Ear Canal Headphone

Comments from buyers

“Well designed, great sound., Great stocking filler, Brilliant Earphones!, Exceptionally good headhones, Great pair of cheap headphones, Brilliant headphones!”

Genuinely at ease fit owing to the oval shape of the mountings. Genuinely comfortable fit due to the oval form of the mountings for the rubber grommets – i can not feel significant conclude goods will not undertake this strategy. This is exactly where my praise quite much ends. The sound high-quality is on a par with the earbuds you come across bundled with all smartphones. Flat, lifeless audio with no actual clarity or precision at any frequency. Reasonably astonished by the perplexingly significant ranking particularly with persons claiming that the audio top quality is fantastic, but when you think about the price and ease and comfort you cannot complain far too a great deal i guess. It would have value me more in petrol to go out and invest in some thing equivalent. Acquired as an interim cheapo alternative for the great yet fairly cheap sennheiser pair that i have misplaced, and which will no question exhibit up as soon as i order a further set. A 3 star assessment usually takes the selling price massively into account. Double, treble or quadruple the selling price and you can divide the score by the exact element.

Cannot go improper for six quid definitely. Decent low cost earphones, sound not fantastic but very good for the cost band. Treble a little bit crackly at valume but as lengthy as you have sensible excpectations for £6 telephones you’ll not be disapointed. I would have acquired much more highly-priced types but it seems to me that considerably of the time you can pay 5-10 times this selling price but get notheing like 5-ten x the enhancement.

Quite possibly the very best price range earphones out there. . I’ll hold this limited i was hunting for some good earphones throughout the new calendar year as a substitute for my prior headphones, a pair of skullcandies. Even although now i can undoubtedly manage some luxury earphones, i opt for not to as these earphones are truthfully a person of the ideal headphones i’ve utilized in a very long time. While the lyrics in a music could do with a minor extra ‘focus,’ everything else is fully up to my typical, if not surpasses them. It is really comfortable and whilst the create high quality is questionable at a look, i’ve experienced these for a thirty day period now and they’re displaying no indications of wear and tear inspite of constant abuse by means of shoving them in a pocket or throwing them on a table. If they were to abruptly split i would not get anything else at this sort of a low value.

Beats Powerbeats2 Wireless In-Ear Headphones : Love these. I usually always buy bose headphones but

Dre wireless powerbeats are best for applying in the gymnasium. They didn’t slide out of my ear while making use of the gymnasium gear. I locate them really comfy. The audio quality is excellent. The headphones are mild and moveable and have a remote, so you can alter the volume etc.

Bluetooth will work fairly effectively, has a bit of a hissy each individual. Bluetooth performs rather perfectly, has a bit of a hissy just about every now and then if i put it in the improper pocket of my jeans, feel it prefers to be closer to the receiver when im strolling alongside, not certain what thats about since it operates fine about the dwelling, so cant be a length factor. Audio good quality is fantastic, not as total a seem as ordinary earphones or on ear headphones, but thats likely since the buds dont sit as significantly in as i applied to have them. Battery lifestyle is excellent, dont believe i’ve ever listened to these extended ample in just one go to drain them completely, dont consider as well prolonged to cost back again up possibly. Will come in a nice circumstance with a mini lead for charging. I would obtain these again, but maybe not if they were comprehensive rrp. Would be fascinated to listen to what more affordable wireless earphones sound like before however.

Excellent earphones, a extended search ultimately ended. . Creating a review for earphones / headphones is a really subjective factor. You can study assessment right after assessment of what audio experts believe about their favourite cans but till you exam them oneself they are all pretty meaningless. I myself was seeking to obtain a very good set of on ear headphones final calendar year, immediately after reading through evaluate on assessment of hundreds of distinct kinds of headphones i made the decision to go for both the bowers & wilkins p3 or p5’s. So with a wallet of my difficult attained dollars i went to some retail merchants in cardiff to give them a check drive. . And came residence with a established of bose quietcomfort 3’s instead. To me, the songs i listened to through those headphones just sounded tired, flat and lifeless whereas the qc3’s have been excellent to my ears and i cherished how they sounded. (certainly i know this is how the neutral b&w are meant to sound, i just didn’t like it). So, lesson discovered, have confidence in your have ears not what anyone else thinks. So, ‘why produce a critique for these earphones then?’.Here are the specifications for the Beats Powerbeats2 Wireless In-Ear Headphones:

  • Easily pairs to your Bluetooth device with 30 foot range
  • Premium sound performance and rechargeable 6-hour battery
  • Sweat and water-resistant
  • No-slip grip in-line mic and remote for calls
  • Lighter, smaller and with a flexible ear hook

Overlook what you assume you know about beats, these will rock you. I would not lie, i really don’t much care for the ‘beats’ variety of merchandise, they are generally of mediocre high quality and are around priced. However, i have been regularly looking at very good assessments about the powerbeats two earphones, and immediately after acquiring a disappointing working experience with the hottest bose sports earphones i decided to give these a consider. The sound was very poor, they experienced a terrible fit, and they seemed fiddly. Even so, a very little participating in with the different sized earbud dimensions and a slight adjustment of the arm which hooks guiding your ear to tighten the suit and ‘boom’, wonderful audio, loud and restricted bass. Not only do they audio fairly fantastic, the bass is highly effective and loud. The battery lasts for hrs and the recharge time is rapid. They are confortahbe to have on, and no wire usually means that they are suitable for all sorts of exercise routine. All in all then, neglect your preconceptions about beats merchandise, these are a good established of earbuds that audio excellent and are definitely quick to live with.

I preferred a pair of wireless headphones for ages and when i observed the dre beats on present £135 i tgought i would acquire a gamble and get them. They are by far the finest headphones ive had. The seem high quality is leading notch and they are perfect for individuals who are active not just folks who use the health and fitness center but men and women like me who put on them even though im at function in the kitchen area or just walking all-around city. They search very good experience superior and most vital they seem great .

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Excellent choice of wireless In-Ear Headphones for everyday use and activities!
  • So far so good, although am a little worried about some of
  • Great set of wireless gym earphones if you got the cash to splash :-)
  • Forget what you think you know about Beats, these will rock you!
  • Superb – both quality and sound!!!!!
  • Excellent Earphones, a long search finally ended.

Terrific headphones, some troubles. Just acquired these and i truly feel fairly content with them so much. Audio high-quality is great and they healthy actually well. Also amazed with the swift demand perform. One or two concerns have arisen, the initial getting they from time to time link to my laptop computer (surface professional 3) as ‘powerbeats hand-free’ and the audio top quality goes to mobile phone simply call good quality. This can be remedied by switching the audio output to ‘powerbeats wireless stereo’. The up coming challenge is a movie and audio lag problem evident on pcs. This is obvious on all videos and the only way all-around this i have found is using vlc and change the sound delay to match but i cannot do this for web videos.

Exceptional – both equally excellent and sound. Just arrived and i can not be far more pleased. Paired with my apple iphone and ipad in seconds as i required to test them asap. Ive experienced jaybird wireless headphones before – right up until i had them nicked. Wireless is the only way i will go now – i despise the wire dangling into your pocket and many others. I acquired a less costly pair (jam) but was not impressed so thought dr beats – you cant go erroneous. I am not upset at all. Comfortable, trendy and superb sound high-quality. I haven’t had a voice connect with on them yet (even though i do have a tendency to answer the cellular phone fairly than chat so everyone can hear you). Audio and programmes are crystal crystal clear, no crackling or hissing like i obtained with the jam headphones.

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