JLAB JBuds Original Earbuds : Brilliant Headphones

For the cost, a terrific product or service. I was skeptical ahead of obtaining as i have in the previous employed top conclusion brands, and i purchased this as a type of a ‘not much to shed at the cost’ type of acquire. Remarkably this has turned out to be a wonderful order. Pretty small value, and although a quantity of costly ear buds would quit performing immediately after just a several months, my 1st pair of these continue to continue on to operate and create fantastic audio.

Spectacular audio – good product. I have been working with the jbuds for even though now and do not want to pass up them any more. I had serveral other styles of earphones but none has truly happy me. The jbuds sound excellent, very lound, and they are extremely snug to dress in. When i go jogging they really don’t slide out of my ears and in the sub i only listen to my audio and virtually no outdoors noise. I enjoy the cost and i can advise them to any one.

Jlab earphones sounds fantastic. . Performs like a dream on my kindle hearth. Excellent audio just like significant headphones. Terrific price, fast shipping and delivery. Would suggest solution and support.

Key specs for JLAB JBuds Original Earbuds – Black:

  • Super comfortable, noise isolating fit
  • Gold plated 3.5 mm audio jack for premium, no-loss sound connection to your audio device
  • Rich, dynamic soundstage with crystal clear highs, deep, full mids, and tight punchy bass
  • Driver;10mm balanced full spectrum rare earth micro drivers
  • Available in a variety of colours

Comments from buyers

“Good Price; Surprising Quality, Brilliant Headphones, Ear Bud Headphones, Phenomenal Headphones, Not bad for the price, Really good headphones!”

I was truly impressed with the audio from these cheap earphones. The fit is at ease and the sound cancelling functions actually well.

I was a little bit skeptical about if these headphones could be any great at this cost. Turns out there seriously terrific headphone, not even just wonderful headphones for the selling price. The alternative of bud dimensions offer you a good match for pretty much any individual. The audio is very clear and as significantly as i can listen to they have a fantastic even frequency reaction. To simply call it sounds isolating is a bit optimistic, some in ear headphone i have tried out have been like putting on ear plugs but these only muffle sound a bit,that mentioned i do obtain them great for on the bus so maybe i’m remaining too harsh. A person slight niggle with them would be that i discover you get a lot of wind noise, i like to listen to new music while strolling the puppy which is just not really achievable with these. The cable is a perfect size, very good and gentle and flexible so you seriously don’t observe it when your sporting the headphones. These headphones are a will have to get.

These are just one of the very best sets of earphones i’ve owned, and for beneath a fiver, they are a bargain. I was really astonished at how properly they perform.

Panasonic RP-HJE350E-P Advanced Ergo Fit Earphones Anti-Touch Noise Cord- Pink – Three cheers for sensitive ears

I had not been use any mid range to high end earphone, this is the one that i bought after thousands of consideration, and research by looking reviews in different place. (for other buyers who interested can go to the same model in different color to read the reviews. )i like this phones as the design of it is quite a stylish and unique one compare to a lot of mid-range phones, and it’s panasonic, a very famous brand name worldwide. So i decided to give it a try as i found this in amazon. ( the price is cheaper by half compared to the market price available in most of the shops. (for your information this is selling for 30+ quid in most of the retailer. )i get it before the estimated delivery stated so i’m pleasant of course. I cant wait to try it so i unpack and take the phones out and. Oh yea it fits perfectly in my ear and sooooo comfortable.

Pros: they look cute, nothing wrong with the sound they produce, they don’t fall out easily. Cons: no difference in sound quality to ipod earphones, no sound cancellation whatsoever, for me the wire is way too long. This is my first pair of ear canal headphones and i was mostly after the noise cancellation feature (i fly a lot and can’t hear anything with conventional earphones) and fit (can’t exercise without ipod phones falling out). I expected to be impressed with how fuller the sound would be on this type of phones, but i notice no real difference. Also the noise cancellation is non-existent. I have yet to try them in a plane, but at home i can still hear everything down to a dripping faucet. The reason behind this is that the bit that goes into your ear is not at all like an ear plug, but a thin and hollow bit of rubber that can’t hold its shape when inserted. I’m sure i’ll get some use out of them, and the fit is an improvement to the ipod ones, but on account of the mediocre sound and non-existent sound cancellation i would advise anyone who is thinking about buying this type of earphones to look elsewhere.

This headphones are pretty good because they block the noise and prevent you from hearing other people talking/gossiping. The bass is excellent and the anti-touch cord does the job. This is the second time i’m buying them. The previous ones i had, one of them stopped working but mind you, i had them for years.

Three cheers for sensitive ears. I’ve had these earphones for about a year now and i’m still in love with them. A fairly cheap, quality product which is durable, and looks blingin’. The pink cable makes them easy to spot in that collection of handbag rubbish, and the length allows you to leave the mp3 player safely tucked away. (i’m not a very tall lady, but i’ve had the ipod in the knee sidepocket, no bother). Now some might think this is a stupid feature, i beg to differ – handy. I do use them quite a bit and they can become a small bit uncomfortable but this is after hours of wear. They come with 3 different sized rubbery bits to stick onto the earpiece, for varying size of ear canals. Needless to say, my overly senstive ears are delightedthe sound is astonishing, with a rich, deep bass without overtaking the rest of the audio landscape. Especially impressing considering the price.

  • Three cheers for sensitive ears
  • Great headphones!
  • “Did you speak to me? I didn’t hear you”

Panasonic RP-HJE350E-P Advanced Ergo Fit Earphones Anti-Touch Noise Cord- Pink

  • New slim design with virtual cavity technology
  • Frequency response 6Hz – 24kHz
  • Anti-touch noise reduction clip
  • Cord length 1.2m (0.6m + 0.6M extension)
  • Custom ear depth fit.

Love these headphones – i have bought 3 so far as i keep losing them :-(.

Came quicker than expected, exactly what i wanted.

The range of sound is phenomenal for their size. I’m also surprised at the accuracy/integrity of sound, especially as compared to bigger (and pricier) headphones. I found the cord length optimal.

GranVela® V6 In-ear Sport Earphones Noise Isolating & Universal-Fit Earhook Earclip Series Earbuds : Sounds good to me!

An awesome set of ear telephones. These are possibly the very best ears telephones i have experienced. They seem fantastic and have a higher good quality make with exceptional seem. I gained the orange set (i would have most well-liked the blue but forgot to transform the color when i was ordering) which continue to glance terrific. The two ear parts are individual from the lead so have to be plugged in. They arrived with a wonderful wanting situation which is genuinely effortless. There are three extra sets of ear plugs in the circumstance which is a reward. The product or service was obtained very well packaged and instantly. I acquired this product at a discount in return for an impartial review.

These are fantastic and a seriously excellent rate for the top quality. I have been utilizing wire significantly less blue tooth head telephones for a while now, and though i loved them to commence with, they are bothersome me now. I have to maintain charging them, and they are heavy and drop out of my ears as all the ‘gubbins’ are on the little bit connected to your ear. Time to go back again to ‘normal’ wired head telephones and these are the kinds i selected to do it with. I like that the ear parts are distinct colours, as prolonged as you can recall which colour goes to which ear, you can quickly and simply get them in the appropriate ear with no faffing about. The seem good quality is quite superior. I have read an dreadful good deal worse, and not a great deal superior to be truthful, except if you are some type of tunes and head cellphone conneseuir then these are likely to be just wonderful and dandy for what you use them for. The main spots i use headphones is in the bed, i like to hear to podcasts just before i fall asleep.

Detachable earbud option,superior bass. Granvela earphonesthis item was delivered in a strong box, so would make a great product to wrap up as a reward. What is in the box?on opening the box, you are greeted with a great granvela branded tough scenario. Inside of the scenario, you will discover the earphone cable and also a area which retains additional earbuds. It has three distinct size silicon strategies and detachable earbuds. The earphones are predominantly black, with 1 earbud in purple and the other in blue. The conclusion of the cable is marked l or r as are the buds, so match them up and away you go. Mine for reference were being pink on l and blue on r. The skinny cable is black, and seems quite fashionable and has an angled jack. The inline manage button is situated further more down the correct earphone cable.

Uniquely made ear phones that have quite superior audio but can be fiddly if you are not utilised to it truly is structure. These are pretty unique seeking than my other sets of ear telephones. They have a transparent casing the place you can see the inside of, which i obtain really awesome. They came in a specialist introduced packet and inside it includes:- 2x detached ear shells (blue). – 3x extra pairs of ear buds. Is it just me but why are these removable?. Is it because there are alternatives to purchase distinctive coloured ear shells?. Probably it’s a gimmick issue but they confident look fantastic, which i cannot deny. Anyway, the primary things to think about right here are how at ease it is to dress in and high quality of sound. I have found the silicone ear buds properly tucks into my ears and comfy way too. But i am not truly used to the exclusive design and style and it does acquire me some time to match them in. You see, once you place them inside your ear, you have to loop the black cable ‘over’ your ears (see my illustrations or photos). Not only that but the cable kept snapping off my appropriate ear shell, which can be negative if you are in the bus / underground tube trying to glimpse for that ear shell during fast paced periods.Possibly the metallic cap is just free on mine.

I was amazed with the granvela v6 earphones when they arrived in their wise blue edged circumstance. This can make them useful for transporting and trying to keep thoroughly clean and untangled. There is a very little set up expected when they arrive and i shortly realised it was an simple snap on predicament immediately after fiddling close to ‘screwing’ the separate earphones for a minute (okay a couple of times). I like how the earphones arrive with unique fixtures to support you operate out what measurement you require for your ears. I had some personalised moulded ear plugs made for perform and you would be shocked at how different all our ears had been when the earplugs arrived again from the manufacturersound intelligent, i assume these earphones seem outstanding, there is no fuzz or crackle and the bass appears good. They are also really relaxed in the ear and develop a great seal with noise isolation protecting against ninety% of outside noise filtering in. The rubber silicone ideas provide consolation so i can listen for prolonged amounts of time which comes in useful at do the job. All in all, the fuss cost-free packaging, the plug (and plug) and enjoy options are all superb. These are perfectly worth the income and are a high quality set of earphones.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • These truly are a wonderful set of earphones
  • Head turning funky earphones!
  • Uniquely designed ear phones that have very good sound but can be fiddly if you are not used to it’s design
  • A very original product that had me baffled but was well worth the conundrum
  • Sounds good to me!
  • Quality sound & they look good!

Not for me but definitely superior top quality. I normally struggle with in ear headphones as the ear piece is normally also massive for my ear or it just keeps popping out but these are seriously excellent as they arrive with four diverse sized silicon attachments for unique sized ears. The connection among the cable and the ear piece is amazingly well crafted, you have to give it really a excellent force to make it click on in and you really need to pull in buy to disconnect the two items. The cable length should suite anyone’s demands and the minimal telephone button is in an ideal place so as not to be aggravating. 5 mm jack is angled so as to make it significantly less very likely that the cable will tangle at the contact issue. Putting the earphone cable in excess of your ears is a little difficult if you have prolonged hair and they are also a small unfastened on my ears and there is no way of altering them. Heaps of effort and hard work has been place in to the production of this merchandise even the box that they occur in is truly excellent high-quality and it appears a shame to just place it in the recycling. The minimal situation that is provided is very nice, i am not certain if it is water-resistant but it feels like it is made of neoprene or a little something like that and the zip is a superior high-quality zip, to end it off there is a minor mesh pocket inside to retain the additional silicon ear bits. To me the sound quality is what lets it down, i listen to rock and rock place, matters that have a superior bass to them and regrettably these earphones make absolutely everyone seem like a prepubescent youth or motley crew. I attempted altering the equaliser configurations to each individual various solution obtainable on my ipod but nothing at all built the audio as very good as my on ear phillips shs330 which i have been using for decades and will go again to making use of. Shipping and delivery was quick and it came effectively guarded. I gained this product at a low cost in trade for an straightforward and unbiased assessment.

Distinctive styling and superior sound. .  i was kindly supplied a no cost review sample of these in exchange for my trustworthy opinion. These look wholly unique from any other headphones i have viewed, which is refreshing to see. The earbuds are actually removable, which might not be a very essential feature, other than the layout making it possible for that also lets them to be rotated freely about the connector, which tends to make fitting them beautifully a tad less difficult. They come with a first rate assortment of silicone earbuds, even though on mine, one particular seemed to be missing. Experienced i bought this for my own funds, i would have in all probability complained if that took place. As this is a overview sample, i will let it go, on the other hand. Superior loudness, superior definition and great bass. Greater than i’d normally count on at this selling price place and extra alongside the traces of what i would appear for in a pair costing a truthful bit more.

Memorex CB25 Headphone : Great for the price

It took me a great ten minutes to open up the packaging, which implies to me that the vendor truly does treatment about the situation in which the consumer gets the item. I tested them promptly, and they isolate exterior sounds really very well. The seem high quality is excellent, but not great, and it has a peculiar sound to it that i can not really put my finger on. Total, for the rate you are shelling out they are incredibly fantastic earphones.

Definitely love these earphones. The selection of buds suggests you can match them easily into your ears. I acquired a pair about 18 months ago and they only just not too long ago gave out (after abusing them by using them all day at get the job done, on my commute, and wrapping them all-around my ipod in my pocket when not in use without any security). And even then, they didn’t split so a great deal as just very from time to time cut out. I essentially only changed them since i dropped just one of the buds at some place. I did not wait, and checked my order historical past to spot an purchase for another pair. They arrived quickly and in good packaging. I applied one of the buds in the new established to substitute the one i had missing and now have 2 fantastic pairs.Outdated pair for my commute, and the new pair sit at my desk, so equally are significantly less abused now.

I extensively advocate this product to anyone who needs a excellent solution at a affordable price tag.

Comments from buyers

“I think these are great little ear buds, You wouldn’t think they cost so little, Astonishing Sound Quality, Excellent earphones, Ridiculously good value, Good value earphones.”

I normally go through earphones at the charge of knots. Some do not past additional than a few weeks with the abuse i give them. As other individuals have stated these are a definitely strong model in contrast to other folks i have utilized and great worth at the value.

For beneath a fiver these are actually brillaint earphones. For starters they are robust and sturdy and i never have any real concern of them falling apart in my bag like my past earphones, they also have really great audio top quality for the price. My favourite thing nevertheless is how ridiculously cozy they are, contrary to most in-ear earphones, they sort of bend to in shape your ear and the buds are truly tender. Palms down a person of the greatest buys i have produced in a although.

Quite sharp coloration, superior good quality new music. Flexible to allow for three types of ear-buds so can adjust to any variety of ear. I loved this item for the cost it is ofdid i mentioned that the merchandise was sent in just 3 days.

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