KitSound Cobra Sweat and Water-Resistant Flat Ribbon Cable Sports Earphones – Pink : Great headphones- sadly broke after 2 months of moderate use

Once again, kitsound pulled off another great product. I have other kitsound items in my collection of stuff and i was more then pleased to purchase these with their history of well made, great sounding and extremely well priced products. If you were to walk into a high street store and purchase the usual branded headphones for this kid of price, you’re find them so terrible that you wished you had not bothered and just given the money spent to a homeless personthese, however are worth it. They are a really well balanced pair of headphones. The sound (with the right tip remember) had a great balance of deep base but the mid and treble are still there as they should be. Really well made and a very good length for sports earphones. As always, they are only water and sweet resist so don’t go swimming with them but i every confidence that they will be withstanding my un-natural bucket amount of sweet i seem to produce in running. For the price: you can’t go wrongfor the quality: perfectover all – 5/5.

These are great value at the price (blue ones were seven quid). I wish they did them in white or black tho. The flat cable really does work in stopping tangles. Bought these for sunbathing and finally got them to stay in, after trying all the sizes of earbud, by putting them in upside down (that’s suggested in the instructions actually). If you buy these for sports i think you’ll be disappointed as they probably will fall out. Maybe nikki lauda would have better luck than me. Sound quality is great, lots of bass and good clarity all round. Highly recommended for sedentary people.

Received headphones on friday (6th dec) after ordering a few days before. I love this brand of headphones so brought my boyfriend a pairvery happy customer, very happy overall.

I got these for my husband because he enjoys listening to his music when he is out and about doing sports. He mentioned previously the fact that the phones have to fit securely and the wires have to be easily manageable – with good sound quality but not total noise cancelling – for safety purposes. I looked on amazon for various products and came across these. The price was not bad and the reviews were pretty good – so i thought, for the price, it is worth a buy and see whether they would suit his purpose. I must say that so far – hubby has been more than satisfied with the phones in relation to the physical quality (i personally really like the ribbon wires – stops me from getting them all tangled- and the product felt wellmade and not flimsy), and sound quality – good base, nice middle tones, not tinny at all. The comfort of the phones is also worth mentioning. Hubby’s concern is that the perspiration would affect how securely the phones stay in – but he said that he has not had this issue so that’s good by me. I am tempted to get my own – so that i do not have to borrow hubby’s especially since he has been using them loads.

  • Sound quality great but not well fitting :(
  • Great headphones- sadly broke after 2 months of moderate use
  • Very Very Happy!

KitSound Cobra Sweat and Water-Resistant Flat Ribbon Cable Sports Earphones – Pink

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  • Sweat and water resistant
  • Flat ribbon cable resists tangling
  • Soft-touch material
  • Bright, bold colours
  • Comfortable to wear

Great headphones- sadly broke after 2 months of moderate use because a power lead inside of the pod came off the speaker.

They are ok but they didn’t really stay in my ears very well and weren’t any good in the gym. They didn’t tangle much though and the sound was good quality. I bought some phillips sweat proof sports earphones which are much better.

After buying the kitsound ribbons and loving them i was looking for something more suitable to use for the gym. The longer cable drew me in straight away as i hate being on the treadmill and the earphone start to get tugged out of your ear. I used the medium sized buds and seem to be getting on fine – no sign of them coming out whilst at the gym. Again i’m so pleased they have the flat cable, now i have 2 pairs of headphones with a flat cable i don’t think i can ever go back. The headphones sound great for the price, and although not quite as good as the ribbons what can you expect for half the price. Love the way the yellow and black go together. To be honest i haven’t worked that hard whilst wearing these but i also got caught in the rain wearing these and trusted them enough not to worry – of course they were fine. Again i can’t think of a fault and these are the best headphones you would get for this price.

The earphones are really good quality but they don’t stay in my ears for long. I always wear a hairband when i run luckily so that helps. Must be my ears though becuase everyone else seems to have reviewed them well.

Ok, so i looked at the price and wondered if i should take a punt on these. It seems i was correct to do so. I am very much pleased with them. So far i have used them most nights in the gym the sound is great. The isolation is very good and i don’t seem to need to turn them up too much due to this. I personally love the tangle free cord. It was not something i was looking for but i will be from here on as i am so surprised to well they can be untangled. I have found the standard tip is fine for me so after a little playing with just got them to work. Sound perfect and they look cool too. I could not help but go for the pinki think for this kind of a price range i would not mind replacing them every 6 months but while i am not there yet, i can not see any reason why i would need too as the build quality is very impressive.

These earphones are great for going out for runs, there water resistant which is a real bonus. All round great earphones, specialising in sport.

These things did not fall out of my ears and worked really well for their purpose (i run the cable up my back between a t and top or just under the t). However, i bought two and both are now broken – both at the plug end although i rarely unplugged them. They lasted about 8 months and 10 months respectively, so i will buy another set simply because i want to give them another go and (when they worked) they worked well (for me).

As mentioned by the previous reviewer, i was also a little sceptical about these earphones as they were so reasonably priced, but after reading the other reviews decided to give them a go, and i must say i wasn’t disappointed. They not only look really funky, great shape and good choice of colours, they are very practical, and most importantly sound great and are really comfy to wear. They have a really nice clear well rounded and full sound and are so comfy compared to my previous earphones that i bought to use with my ipod. They come with 3 sizes of ear gels, i found the medium to be a perfect fit and that the sound isolation worked well. This is the first pair of earphones that i’ve had with the ribbon cord and it has been very successful, cuts down on all the time of trying to unravel lots of tangles before i can listen to my music – a bonusand, although these are water resistant and not waterproof, i was caught in light rain and my headphones didn’t fail me, so i’m confident they will stand the test of time at the gym or out jogging. Great sounding, funky earphones at a great price – would definitely recommend as a all round good buy.

I purchased these based on the other reviews and i must say as far as the sound quality is concerned they are brilliant so do not be put off by the price tag. The only issue i have found is that i cannot get the ear buds to stay in my ear properly no matter which size of bud i use. I have a feeling this is more down to my ears than anything else though as i often have problems with this kind of thing.

Comply T-100 Isolation Earphone Tips – : Good sound and comfortable but not durable

I acquired a set of etymotic hf5’s and struggled to locate the ideal healthy and comfort amount. I was proposed the comply tips and purchased some. The in good shape is excellent and incredibly at ease. They have improved the audio quality of the iems and assist isolate the exterior noise a large amount improved.

I bought these for my klipch x10’s which have an awesome sound with the normal silicone buds. Having said that like many i located these awkward sporting them for any size of time and could never completely get the job done out which dimension was correct for me. Just after search for a new pair of klipsch (thinking mine have been dropped) i came throughout a advice for these earbuds. They are a revelation, not only are they a lot more comfortable, deliver a greater seal but largely make improvements to the audio producing further base and a far more outlined treble. They are not low-priced and i would be fascinated to hear if they improve cheaper in-ear headsets but for me, a terrific buy (whilst i would recomend the black as they do get dirty nonetheless clean up your ears).

Comply T-100 Isolation Earphone Tips – (Small) Blue

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    by entering your model number.
  • The original foam earphone tips. Made in the USA using proprietary memory foam materials for the ultimate in ear headphone upgrade. Professional P-Series tips are trusted and used by the military
  • Isolation Series replacement ear tips are made from premium foam and engineered to create a custom in-ear fit to block out external noise and provide a superior audio experience with enhanced bass
  • Super-soft memory foam reduces earphone irritation and fatigue. Comply foam tips are 2x softer than silicone tips so you have the most comfortable earphones
  • Body-heat activated foam adapts to ear canal and provides a perfect seal. Limits outside noise for a superior audio experience and enhanced bass
  • 4 models (100, 200, 400, and 500) to fit all major earbud brands. See compatibility chart here:

Right after messing about with check out-lobal and dual-lobal silicone tips on a variety of iem’s around the a long time, i are not able to think i did not swap about, or consider foam tips before. I obtained some free of charge with some shure’s several years ago, but i hated all those headphones, and individuals foam tips had been way too really hard. I am happy i study about these on head-fi. I not long ago acquired some klipsch x10s, and was pretty let down with them. I would purchased all sorts of new tips but the x10’s go so deep, i could not get a relaxed healthy or a decent seem in any respect. I was ready to send the headphone back again. I am so happy i put in £15 more quid on these comply’s.

As advised by the title, there are good quality tips, but i ought to probably have absent with the black a person. Nicely i clean my ear each and every day :) but nevertheless, soon after some time, it would seem a little bit filthy predominantly due to the fact i continue to keep them in my pocket. Functionally, they are excellent. Just saying that soon after a when, they will not glimpse quite :).

Great top quality, size is missed but i could place by pressure.

I have a pair of modern audio headphones, and the in ear buds that come with them just you should not healthy snuggley more than enough, i am in involving medium and significant for these buds. I did some investigation and located these types and they operate properly. Under no circumstances fall out and good sound isolation. Extremely happy with the merchandise.

I use these on shure se530s. I locate that they present a improved seal in the ear, and are a lot more comfy than the tips that arrived with the earphones. What most astonished me was the advancement in currently excellent seem quality. Whether or not or not these function for you will count on getting the proper size, and ensuring that you get the suitable angle in the ear. I found that with these i need to have to put the earphones in my ear at a various angle than with the normal tips – you have to have to experiment. I really don’t find that you can find any messing about placing them in now i’m made use of to them. You do need to swap them periodically, but they aren’t pricey bought in packs, and effectively worth it.

Comply tips are an superb up grade more than common earbud tips. Comfortable and give a great offer resulting in an enhanced sound. In good shape correctly to the shure se315’s. I constantly suit comply buds to my earphones and would (and do) advise them.

None of the supplied tips for my klipsch s4’s definitely in good shape effectively and i was pretty dissatisfied with the audio and isolation i was acquiring. I’ve experienced foam tips before and like them so considered i might check out the comply substitute tips. Purchased the collection pack to get the right dimensions. All the measurements ‘fit’ in that they continue to be in my ear okay, but every single does different matters to the seem. For me the medium sizing is excellent with fantastic audio isolation and a top quality and stage of bass that these ear telephones have in no way provided me in advance of. The small had way too small bass and the big as well significantly so it was a bit fuzzy. If the charge would seem a little bit steep to just conclusion up employing a single pair from the pack you could just go straight for the one-size packs – for me at least the sizing does look to have matched among klipsch and comply.

We own a pair of pretty pricey in-ear headsets, but troubles with the typical ones direct us to comply. Finest financial commitment at any time, they are that superior. Really confortable and stays in ears even throughout difficult exercises.

I acquired these to switch some uncomfortable silicone tips on my klipsch in ear monitors. The comply tips are much additional relaxed and give much better isolation than the oval formed and fewer malleable klipsch silicones. Another reward is that they will not transmit vibrations as sounds: what i indicate by this is that with the silicone tips if i listen while going for walks along then each individual footstep is accompanied by a thudding sound, but if i use the comply foam tips my footsteps vanish and i am no longer pressured to imagine of myself as a lead footed ogre. Some reviewers have complained that on getting rid of the foam tips from their ears the tips are lined in earwax. I am going to just state the clear and say that if your ears are fairly clean then this is not going to be an difficulty. You can prolong the lifestyle of these tips by washing them in lukewarm drinking water with soap. If you use warm h2o the foam loses its elasticity. Assuming you have reasonably cleanse ears and you sometimes wash the tips then you may possibly assume a pack of 3 to last at minimum 6 months, maybe lengthier. This would seem really good until eventually you think about the extended term price tag: if your in ear displays last you 3 several years and you use 6 packs of comply tips then you will have spent maybe an further £80 or £90. This is a large price, and may even be a increased sum than the invest in rate of your earphones.

By no means been a lover of comply tips in the previous, constantly imagined they muffled the sound on my denon ah-c551. The thing is, all this time i under no circumstances realised that i’d been working with the erroneous measurement. I have smaller ear canals and was making use of medium tips. Anyway, i considered i’d take a punt at getting some of these in the smaller size for my etymotic hf5 and all i can say is, wow, what a change.I now have a small extra bass and the mids/treble is nonetheless distinct & detailed. I feel that despite the fact that the stock triple flanges are great, i hardly ever acquired the bass reaction i now have and didn’t like the deep insertion. If you’re heading to acquire these, just make confident that you get the right sizing for your ears.

The buds are really great and comfortable and the audio is improved about the default ones with my klipsch x10i but they really don’t last much too extended simply because of having wax and dirt on them which usually means changing consistently which at close to £5 for every pair makes them a not low-cost luxury.

Helps me place my left ear telephone effortlessly.

I acquired these for my shure e3g headphones as the typical synthetic tips do not in shape my ears particularly effectively (they retain slipping out) and i do not like the supplied option foam tips as they are far too smooth and really don’t previous incredibly very long (maintain losing condition incredibly rapidly). The comply foam tips are soooooooo snug – they slip in easily devoid of needing to be deformed like the shure foam tips and they just keep place main to greater isolation and audio high-quality. They feel somewhat firmer than the shure foam tips, so i am hoping that suggests they must past for a longer period without getting rid of their condition. All in all, very recommended.

After my shure earphone foam tips experienced found their greatest, i purchased these as a substitution (pack of six). They in good shape just as cosy into the ear if not superior but their only downside is their color as a gentle gray will display up your ear muck and typical grime a lot more than the black ones shure deliver.

I ordered these for use with philips she-9850 earbuds, as they’re successfully replacements for the ‘official’ foam tips. You can find not a good deal to say – suerb comfort and ease, excellent sound isolation and probably the best possibility for any individual with appropriate shure or philips goods.

Prossound high-quality (at the very least on my s4i klipsch) is as superior as it at any time was, if not a very little much better. Seal is amazing, took a bit of acquiring employed to, but for the reason that they are more comfy, you can stick them in furtherthey glance coolconsthey appear to like ear wax, and will most likely want changing inside a couple of monthshard to cleanse thanks to the foam texture.

I acquired these for my klipsch x10. Wasnt sure what dimension i wanted so acquired the multipack. Turns out i essential the huge and my ears are very regular so not absolutely sure who would dress in the medium enable on your own the little. The klipsch tips are genuinely excellent but being a plastic form product when its humid and they get a small moist the seal deteriorates. The comply get over that challenge and provide a awesome comfortable seal. They are pretty much like memory foam and the moment in your ear conform to its form flawlessly (virtually). As soon as taken off you will discover they glimpse scrunched up and a single could possibly feel they have shed their bounce issue but they return to primary size inside a few minutes. I purchased the non ear wax form. I have experienced the ear wax sort just before but it didnt surface to do much other than act as another barrier amongst phone and ear.

They are actually simple to set on and comfortable on your ears (you can scarcely, if at all, come to feel them in your ears). The seal is a great deal improved than the stock black syntetic tips that arrive with shure headphones which final result in improved noise cancelling and much better seem top quality (music seems a whole lot far more clearer).

Defiantly improved than the rubber buds. Mould to the ear and incredibly cozy. Fantastic from the fitness center that performs load new music.

Urbanears Zinken On-Ear Headphones 98 dB 3 – Not very good when sound is maxed out

1st of all, thank you amazon for the pupil upcoming day totally free shipping and delivery, mucho many thanks. These headphones are really very good, if you wish a certain way of new music. This is blessed for me, as i am greatly bass driven with my music. I have also started off djing out correctly so i necessary a convinient pair of headphones that i could have about with me effortlessly, these are prime for the task. The two way cable is definetly really worth commending as i will no for a longer period have to fret about losing my cable adapter to put in the mixer. So lets get down to the nitty grittythese headphones have amazing bass, i’m loving the deep and noticable punch it gives you without the need of too much to handle you. This is a big reward for me individually. Now the highs and mids, admittedly not the biggest at all in the business, but this issue is only genuinely encountered noticeably when not applying an eq. I identified that changing all-around my itunes eq gave a much better sound and in traktor. Still, if you’re on the lookout for that medlodic audio and a lot of vocals, you could want to look at other selections.

It is been about four months given that i gained these, and they are absolutely wonderful quality both of those in create and in seem. These are real urbanears. For these a cost i am tempted to purchase a next pair.

Excellent audio at a very very good value.Here are the specifications for the Urbanears Zinken On-Ear Headphones 98 dB 3:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • foldable headphones with selectable port, perfect for travelling, Fall/Winter 2012 Collection
  • ZoundPlug: Connect your teeth with the headphones of a friend and share with him your music, TurnCable allows you to choose between a 3.5-mm and 6.35-mm port
  • collapsible for convenient storage, microphone and remote function for most devices with 3.5 mm standard
  • 3.5 mm connector for use with music players with this connection, 1.20-metre coiled cable from TPE
  • Contents of delivery: 1 On-Ear Headphones “teeth”, 1 detachable cable, 1 Sticker, 1 User Manual

Not extremely good when sound is maxed out, bass is a minimal weak. I located them awkward for extensive durations of time, they are okay, greater can be experienced for the revenue.

Purchased for my daugher she enjoys them 😊.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Very Affordable Headphones for Amateur-Semi Pro DJs while maintating a stylish look and punchy sound.
  • Perfect Faultless DJ Headphones.
  • Genuine Urbanears

Extremely very well created headphones i enjoy them i will order much more in time i like the variety of colors ,,, ace ).

Despite the lower cost (compared to £90 on the official urbanears internet site) these are the serious deal – and theyre excellent. They’re pretty comfortable to dress in (a lot more so than my plattan urbanears), have superior sound, but perhaps most handily, they have a detachable jack wire – so that when it inevitably breaks as all wires do, you can just invest in a new wire.

These are a terrific set of headphone for dj’s or relaxed use. I have made use of them as a dj in massive london golf equipment and they have fantastic protection from the surroundings noise, they have a pleasant deep bass which aids to. They are really rugged and will just take a pounding no dilemma. I have in contrast them to all prime sennhieser and i like these.

Fantastic item, excellent audio high-quality, relaxed close to the ear, so significantly-no faults.

A extremely very good wanting, stylish pair of headphones. With seem to match it can be appears to be like, very good in all ranges and volumes, really minimal outside sound. Would defiantly advise them.

Trust Urban Lace In-Ear Headphone – Russia – Looks great, but may not be compatible for your phone.

I actually adore these, they’re excellent fun but actually useful. I have experienced them a several months now and can truthfully say they have not tangled when. I was pleased they contain the different size ear buds as i have found the regular measurement also major in the previous. They work absolutely high-quality with my telephone, and the mic also works brilliantly in excess of skype and on the on the web tutorials i have with uni.

Cool wanting, decent sound, my daughter likes them.

Excellent audio and bass, have a authentic mass to these earphones so you are not able to shed them conveniently.Here are the specifications for the Trust Urban Lace In-Ear Headphone – Russia:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Shoelace style in-ear headset for tablet and smartphone, with inline microphone
  • Attractive shoe-lace style
  • Inline call-pickup button & microphone
  • For music & phone calls
  • Soft rubber earplugs in 3 sizes

Just a pair of headphones, not the ideal sounding but for making use of in a ‘plane they are great. The ‘lace-like’ physical appearance make them almost immune versus tangling. And that is one thing i value in a pair of ‘inflight headphones’ .

Study that these are advisable for teenagers who screw up the cables on their ‘normal’ in-ear-phones. I have bought one who does and one who won’t. The one who does quickly received the level of these and loves the dazzling colors. He resports that the seem is fantastic also.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Nice design, good but not perfect sound quality.
  • No more broken cables?
  • Great value headphone for one the ‘plane occasions

This is alright it is really earphones in laces i suggest it can be not astounding but i don’t despise it.

A wonderful searching pair of headphones that as opposed to other folks do not get into a horrendous tangle (this was the explanation i selected these headphones higher than other low cost selections). The sound quality is fantastic (though there is some static type background noise which will become additional evident with quieter music). These are correctly great if you just want a fairly priced pair of headphones for informal listening. If you are into excellent seem high-quality then you likely would not be contented. Good for a teenager to use with their phone.

The colours and the content are so, so wonderful. Practically nothing receives trapped or tangled. There is some interference while so anything a bit fishy going on at the plug end, have not figured out what or how to take care of it however.

With fantastic audio top quality, however the only disadvantage is that you cant preserve them in your ears for way too extended as the fat of the cord will get them off.

The sound top quality is excellent on these, they arrived with three dimensions of in-ear rubber caps, which is excellent simply because the equipped types had been a very little major and awkward for me, and that was the middle sizing. The lace definitely appears to be great and prevents me from around bending the wire as i have finished in the past. The button also labored out of the box with my android phone (s4).

Good very little headphones for the income.

I feel it looks pretty rather but significantly broader than i envisioned. It even now looks very excellent even though. Been making use of it for about a 7 days now, and have experienced no big difficulties. The item by itself is terrific, but i found out that there are challenges about smartphone compatibility. It operates good with my laptop computer and other gadgets (voice recorder and laptop) but apparently i need a converter cable for this to operate with my cell phone. When i plugged it the to start with time, i got the notification ‘accessory not supported’. The organization will mail you a converter cable for cost-free if you get in touch with them although. I’ve however to receive mine, but should really with any luck , get it in a couple days. I even now think they should really have created this far more clearly, or just contain the converter cable now.

Initial set didn’t get the job done, bought a replacement and i uncover them awkward.

So good audio, matches the ear good.

Not only are these quite unique and neat-hunting, the seem they generate is good and good, and the very simple button/mic established-up is really satisfying and straightforward to use. I concur with just one other reviewer in that they are a little hefty, but this can be quickly alleviated by pinning the wire just beneath the button to your shirt, requires the excess weight off.

Clear audio and durable headphones.

Maxell Crystal BUDZ Headphone, Cute and cheap quality set of headphones

The maxell headphone is kool, music appears wonderful with them. I suggest these headphones & you can use them on blackberry telephones.

These earphones seem truly sweet and i like the color. The ear buds are little and the audio high quality is rather acceptable for the rate.

Great merchandise excellent services. One particular brownie place receives taken off. Though the bass setting is fantastic on these head phones insignificant take note they don t in shape in every single kinds ear.

Comments from buyers

“Cute and cheap quality set of headphones, good pair of earphones, Great Product – good price hasn’t caused problems”

I purchased these headphones a although back and am just crafting the evaluation now for the reason that soon just after employing some headphones even extra high-priced than this, they quit performing or go deaf in one ear, but although working with this, there hasn’t been any troubles, matches properly in the ear, audio is fantastic, and the colour is superior and goes with any color so all spherical very good.

I acquired these low cost earphones as mine experienced all been damaged or did not operate with my ipod (which has been a very little little bit broken as the earphone socket experienced been a little bit damaged owing to the simple fact that a pair of earphones experienced destroyed it. ) and i experienced attempted a complete make a difference of earphones just so i could pay attention to audio on my ipod, then i identified these acquired them as they were so low-cost, i was anticipating them to be all rubbish but then i tried them with my ipod and they worked. I essentially acquired a spare pair as the were the only kinds that work with my ipod as they had been so great. A pretty excellent pair of earphones, you should not be reluctant, buyjvc ha-f150-pn-e gumy in-ear headphones – peach pink this url requires you to the pair of earphones which broke my ipod i wrote a evaluation if you want to have a search.

Excellent for the selling price i suppose but the wire casing splits following not quite long or just one of the ear items stops doing work and then you have to invest in an additional a single.

Comply S-100 Active Earphone Tips – – Much better noise isolation as well

Acquired these for a set of klipsch s4i headphones as the provided buds usually drop out. These are excellent and healthy pleasant and snugly into my ears. They also boost the sound quite a lotthey are very highly-priced,however following a handful of months of delighted use,i have place them underneath some heat h2o and squeezed all of the earwax out (wonderful-will take about 5 seconds) and they dry out and reshape as fantastic as new.

Compared to other eartips these are excellent.

Considerably increases the sound stability of my akg n20 which sounds a bit slim with the standard tips. Substantially improved noise isolation as effectively.

  • fantastic tips highly recommended
  • Well worth the purchase
  • Much better noise isolation as well

Holds amazingly properly in my ear, but the treble and mid tones put up with a minimal.

Ive had comply ear tips just before alway leading good quality but 1st time ive experienced this particular ‘active’ type. Applied them last night time for the very first time and they were superb and not only snug but did in fact continue to be in my ears. You can ofcourse get much less expensive ear tips and i did but experienced to ship them again because they were being ineffective and to free on my denon ah_c400 earphones. These complys are excellent so get my suggestions spend the little bit excess and get good tips i question that you will be upset with the in shape & high quality. Do make confident while that the ones you get are appropriate for your system as they make many varieties applicable to various earphones so you need to ensure that your earphones are detailed on the specific pack backface of the suitable pack.

Purchased these right after reading through various evaluations. They fit effectively, slash out a lot more background noise so that the clarity of the seem from the phones is improved.

Comply S-400 Active Earphone Tips, Great for when your not sure what size to get

Obtained these ear fitting plugs and found a few of factors straight absent. Firstly they are produced of memoryfoam or their equivalent. This is pretty fantastic and is employed in a range of apps but the most effective way to match these is to eliminate your previous ear fitting and then connect these. To put them snugly in your ear simply roll them between finger and thumb and this will compress the foam, then slip them straight into your ear. Give them a handful of times and they will then swell to their unique dimension immediately after getting compressed and they will make an great and cosy in shape in your ear. Task carried out for some outstanding acoustics. Of study course you however have to have reasonable headphones to begin with but they will greatly enhance bass appears and assistance cease outdoors sound and they are relaxed. Make positive you get the right set for your headphones. and match the comply ‘s’ number to your headphones before you order. ]

These are all the things you would hope when fitted to appropriate earphones. Mine are panasonic-sorry will not have the variety but i had to take away the apparent plastic cones and switch with these. The healthy is immediately improved with improved, even though not complete, isolation of extranaous sounds. As i cycle with these i am happy i am nonetheless ready to hear visitors. The two significant pluses however are improved comfort and much much less possibility of them slipping out. As to seem there may be a slight dampening but its hard to detect and only the most picky would complain or even see it. General healthy for objective and with 3 pairs will possibly outlast the telephones.

I purchased these as i introduced a pair of monster beats dr. Dre tour earbuds (which i’ve not been equipped to use effectively because i brought them thanks to my ears getting the worst in the environment which usually means they never ever stayed in my ears. I’ve only been equipped to use them when i am sat down as in not going) so i purchased these in the s/m/l and i gained 3 sets of tiny comply buds so make confident you know what dimensions you want or it could conclude up remaining really costly as they do not appear in s/m/l they appear as a set of 3 and all 3 will be the one particular sizing you purchased, as for performance they have been okay the headphones keep in my ears now even if i am going for walks, that currently being mentioned i would say that the medium ear buds would be the most effective as they would frequently in good shape a lot more ears than the compact or the significant. They are a complete rip off with regards to value so make certain you invest in the appropriate/appropriate ones that are developed for your specific headphones and it would be sensible to go for the medium sizing. This particular established are compatible with monster beats.

Key specs for Comply S-400 Active Earphone Tips (Medium) – Schnozberry Pink 3 pairs:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Soft Comfort: This unique breathable memory foam is activated by your body heat, becoming ultra soft, reducing irritation and fatigue.
  • Stay-In-Ear-Fit: Expands to fill the ear canal completely, dramatically increasing retention and providing a secure in-ear fit for today’s active lifestyles.
  • Enhanced Audio Performance: Comply Foam creates an optimal seal, funneling pure sound into the ear canal, enhancing the listening experience.
  • Noise Isolation: By sealing the ear canal, you can enjoy your music without raising the volume to compensate for external noise.
  • Compatibility: Fits select earphones from Audio Technica, AKG, Denon, JVC, Monster, Philips, Sennheiser, Skull candy, Sony, and more.

Comments from buyers

“Not bad but way WAY too expensive for what they are, Great product. Seriously improve the performance of cheaper headphones, A fantastic upgrade”

These earphone tips are incredibly relaxed once in the ear though i did noticean itch following i took them out but this is in all probability simply because i go through from eczema. They are built in these types of a way to precisely suit the ear canal without the need of slipping outand they block the outside the house sounds really properly with out any decline of sound quality. You get 3 in a pack and you can reuse them until they commence to put on so very good value for money. I have provided a url website link to some videos. They also appear in 3 sizes and you must verify with the adhering to website site for compatibility with your earphones in advance of ordering.

I like the comply tips a ton and have found that the other comply tips audio great. I bought these precisely for operating with and they hold seriously very well with no issues of them dropping out. What i was unhappy about having said that was that the audio good quality is relatively considerably less than the other people from comply. On my phones the opening appears to be really limited which seems to inhibit seem fairly than boost it.

Seriously at ease and they continue to keep my earphones in.

My wife listens to a whole lot of audio books on her ishuffle and is always complaining about the weak healthy of her headphones and the quantity of exterior sound she hears (she doesn’t like ‘in ear’ kinds)i received her these to see if they presented a much better fit, assuming just one of the sets fitted her tesco personal brand head telephones. My spouse wasn’t equipped to obtain any that ended up a wonderful match but a few that equipped as well as her current head telephones. And this turned out to be far more than enoughnot only were they comfy on her ears – even about extended listening – they also did a great occupation of cancelling out a lot of background sound. Oh, and i’m working with a pair also as i have dropped my buds – againhighly advised – give them a check out – you’ve absolutely nothing to loose at this value.

These earbud tips have some pretty good points. Initial they are simple to in good shape – take off the existing earbud go over and push these on. Second they are snug to don being built of a softish foam materials which is capable to adapt to the condition of the user’s ear. Thirdly they form a great seal and carry out audio blocking very perfectly. For these very good attributes i would be inclined to rate these at 5 stars. Having said that the companies assert that the use will completely transform the listening experience is not a thing i could say i found. I experimented with a assortment of devices and audio product (music of diverse genres and spoken word) and i did not detect any discernible variance in seem high-quality from sennheiser mm70 earphones with the initial earbud addresses. So for the price tag one particular gets, i assume, an improved level of comfort and ease and a tiny extra noise blocking, but no transformation of the real audio.

I tried out these with my sennheiser cx-300 ‘phones. They had been a very restricted healthy in fact. I just about gave up making an attempt to get them on, but in the close they did go on. To be straightforward i will not have any challenges with the rubber tips that sennheiser supply. They in good shape properly, you should not appear out and seal exterior sound productively. I also uncover them comfy. So these comply s-400s would have to be amazing to beat them. After putting on them for a while i’d say they are about equivalent, apart from for bass general performance. They do continue to be in your ears, as promised, and they do block external appears, however not to any extraordinary diploma and absolutely no far better than the typical tips. They’re cozy too, however once more, for me, no more so than the normal ones.

These are a excellent replacement for the normal silicone tips that come with the jabra rox that i use. The normal ones fell out, even with the ‘earhooks’ that appear with the rox. The growing foam now usually means they stay jammed in my ears. When compared to the silicone tips, there’s a slight decline in treble, but you can expect to only notice it the very first time you swap – from then on, the sound is the sound. So professionals = terrific fit, continue to audio terrific. Drawbacks = not the water-proof lined version. When you place one particular on – go away it on. If you acquire the foam idea off, the internal core will have stretched. When you set it back again on, it’s going to be a bit looser than in advance of, and you will finish up leaving it guiding in your ear when you just take the earphones out.

My area of fascination (and practical experience) is in sound isolating headphones. I’ve sampled dozens in excess of the past couple of several years – but this is the 1st time i have seen a corporation committed to the sleeves or ‘tips’ in these types of a specialist manner. The products variety is fantastic and this merchandise does accurately what it ought to. The foam tips, when equipped to a compatible pair of headphones, are even far better than the silicone kinds supplied. I identified the s-400’s particularly comfortable (you should not come to feel a thing just like a fantastic sofa). The merchandise may perhaps surface as unimportant as deciding on what brand of sugar to purchase but in conditions of performance, these give seem isolation and comfort way over the market common. I will be applying them from now on.

These earphone connector was just what i was seeking for at the great cost they are being supplied at. I have experimented with lots of comparable products devoid of much too much success for 1 reason or one more. The in shape is absolutely perfect and moulds alone to your particular ear measurements upon inserting into your ear. The moment moulded they form a restricted enclosure which remains set even when engaged in vigorous exercise. The restricted snug match also can help concentrate the sound far better, giving deeper foundation and richer total midtones and highs you can actually hear, they genuinely do block outdoors sounds to that degree. The earbuds should really be ready to be cleaned gently to take away the inescapable make up of ear wax on them, these. I have hooked up these to my sennheiser cx310 and they do the job very well, in truth the 1st time i have genuinely started out making use of them because i obtained them. My only gripe is they are not additional universal, as you will need to thoroughly look at compatibility of manufacturer and model normally they wont match on to the headphonespros:-at ease to have on-great sound insulation-personalized in shape to each particular person-easy clean-neutral colour-retro suit-ablecons:-not universal.

I listen to music working with a pair of reasonably priced (but, in my opinion, good price and respectable sounding) earphones: jvc hafx1x xtreme xplosives in ear canal headphones. I put the comply earphone tips on with relatively lower anticipations but was pleasantly surprised by how cozy they were being. The healthy for me individually utilizing the comply earphone tips is pretty excellent. I use the greatest (of 3 sizes) of ear buds equipped by jvc but observed that the medium-sized comply tips had been a great in good shape. I press the comply tips further into my ear canal than i do my jvc types. The comply tips develop carefully and in shape genuinely nicely in my ear canal. I cannot say that the seem good quality has adjusted considerably. I get excellent isolation utilizing the comply tips. But then i did get superior isolation utilizing the jvc significant tips way too. So there’s no true change there.

For the price tag i anticipated it to be excellent and it is. Does the task, stays in your ear when jogging and so on. Replaced my inventory comply tips for phillips.

I made use of these on my ‘skullcandy’ earbuds, which i observed to be snug, but following a though they’d begin to damage my ears. Caught a few of these on and can listen for extended with out any irritation. My only gripe is that they do have a tendency to fall out each individual now and then. I might advocate these to people who come across that in-ear earbuds develop into uncomfortable. You just remove the current rubber tips and slide these in location (whilst they are pretty squishy, which manufactured it a little awkward to get them all the way on)i failed to see any big difference in seem top quality utilizing these, both – enhancement or degradation.

I took a punt on these as they appear pretty high-priced for what they are (i. Even so, the buds that arrived with my reasonably priced jvc in ear headphones would retain coming free when sweat got developed in my ear through functioning. I head to preserve pushing them again in to listen to the music properly. When these arrived (immediately) i had ordered only the medium dimensions so was concerned they may not healthy. I did not need to have to be concerned as they suit correctly. They felt secure and secure in my ear and incredibly comfy. The true test was when i went jogging – boy these are ideal.No make any difference how much sweat was in my ear these items stayed in.

These surely feel to do what they claim to dothey match properly,they deliver helpful noise isolation and,for the reason that they’re a tighter in good shape,they do improve the audio a minor and i’ve located that they absolutely continue to be in at occasions when other ear buds i’ved employed would’ve been tugged out. Obviously,on occasion they will be pulled out,but they do really feel reassuringly secure,whilst i have not tried nearly anything far too strenuous,just pottered about listening to the radio. I wouldn’t say they had been massively comfy,but they’re okay as excellent as any other folks i have experimented with. The biggest downside is that they appear to be pretty high-priced for what they are,but if the price does not put you off i would suggest these,despite the fact that i’ve only in comparison them towards the tips that occur fitted with generic earbuds,which i picture are a good deal more affordable.

I was doubtful about these but fascinated enough to check out a pair for a assessment (they ended up a freebie just so you know). I am delighted with the benefits. I’ve generally found that i fall between the typical measurements of rubber tips incorporated with in ear head phones, i have 2 times experienced tips that had been marginally to significant get lodged in my ear + experienced to have them eradicated (no, i failed to find out following the 1st time). I generally use smaller sized tips that drop out very easily, don’t give significantly bass and can be a little not comfortable as they are additional prone to move all over. The memory foam employed here performs a handle, suits perfectly, stays in area for the duration of use, comes out very easily and is relaxed. I’ve uncovered also that as the head telephones are filling my ears a lot more i’m receiving a substantially fuller sound with better bass. I haven’t noticed a vast enhancement in ambient sounds reduction (as boasted by the promoting)so if that is what you want i would recommend that you preserve up for some right sounds cancelling head phones. But for my needs these are fantastic and i will definitely purchase some far more after i have alert my way as a result of the 3 pairs that arrive in the pack.

Excellent for when your not positive what measurement to get, just a disgrace then get filthy so easily. Over-all, comfortable & nicely built.

These are more relaxed than regular ear buds but they are high priced for what is effectively a bit of ‘springy’ foam.

I was hoping to test these with the shure se210 headphones i continue to keep in my air journey package but though comply will make a suggestion that will fit that model, this just isn’t it. It does, however, healthy the cheapie artistic ep-630 ‘phones i use at the gym, so that’s in which i tried them. And i have to say they operate somewhat well. The standard resourceful tip is a floppy silicone rubber affair in 1 of a few sizes. It truly is moderately snug, and stays put for the period of a fifty percent-hour cardio session, but i’m nevertheless conscious of a reasonable sum of ambient sounds. Far more considerably, when i want songs somewhat than the downloaded bbc speech programmes i tend to listen to, they sound relatively slim and unconvincing. I did my original test at residence, doing work through e-mails on a pc (this just one) with a noisy keyboard. With the previous artistic tips, the keyboard sounds was sufficient to distract from the songs – i employed contrasting wav information of dvorak and the ga satellites as source materials. Not only did the comply tips quickly shut out all but my clumsiest keyboard clatter, but the enhanced engagement of the earpieces with my ears also brought out the ideal in the tiny speakers. Particulars, regardless of whether bass components or cymbal touches, have been much much better described and the full musical practical experience was much more enjoyable.

Significantly boost the efficiency of much less expensive headphones. Incredibly very good sound cancellation which i was a little bit skeptical about originally. They are also very at ease in spite of the seemingly tough floor. I’m no complex whizz so cannot comment on the information of the outcome on seem but they get the job done very nicely on aeroplanes. I’ve also employed them in the gymnasium and out operating and so much they have withstood sweat and motion. Though they are a touch highly-priced for what is properly foam i believe they are really worth a check out.

I thought i’d test these with my philips she9000/10 in-ear headphones as the rubber buds equipped with them do are inclined to tumble out. They are rather excellent i locate that they keep in when i shake my head and they are comfortable. I must confess that i are not able to seriously convey to any audio distinction when making use of them, perhaps a bit far more base and that is possibly as they in good shape into my ears improved than just rubber types as they in shape greater they do lower external sounds as very well. They can gather wax, currently being foam, i am not confident on how effortless they will be to clean up or if this cleansing will influence the lifetime span. 3 pairs in a packet for about £10 does seem a little bit large, it all relies upon on how extended they final. Make sure you get the appropriate dimensions and that they are suitable with your telephones (click on extra solution particulars on the amazon webpage to uncover out).

These tips are very at ease. You have to get employed to insert them in your ears as the memory foam takes some time to re-develop, so you have to hold out a small bit right up until they are ‘fixed’ in your ears. Individually, i assume they are much too high-priced.

SuperStore_Electronics Sades SA-902 : good but no box!

I use this for ps4,plugs in controller,performs quite properly. Not incredibly load for music even though.

I purchased this headset about six months in the past and i don’t believe i have at any time been happier with a buy. I’m a gamer and a university student so i’ve been wanting a decent headset for a good price for a lengthy time. I put on glasses so most headsets depart me with a headache following an hour or considerably less of use for the reason that they thrust my glasses into my head and my ears into my eyeglasses. I have no wish to spend £100+ on a headset, but the only headset that has not caused me significant discomfort before has been my friend’s beats. I made the decision to consider a opportunity on this headset – only £14 squandered if they change out to harm my head, appropriate?. But this item is great. There has been zero head/ear ache considering that i purchased it, the sound top quality is terrific, the mic works as properly as you could check with for this price tag (i really don’t document films or stream but it truly is perfectly superior for skype/teamspeak/etc), and they glance cool as hell. The twine is extremely prolonged i will not have to have a prolonged twine but i can see this currently being a reward for any person whose tower is a truthful length from the place they sit. I’d say it’s 3m prolonged so you can find lots of give. It also comes with a neat velcro cable tie so if you really don’t will need the extended twine it’s quick to hold it out of the way.

Sades SA-902, SuperStore_Electronics Sades SA-902 7.1 Surround Sound Effect USB Gaming Stereo Headset Headphone Black Game Headset Remoter Cobra Headphones with Mic and Remote for PC Laptop

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    to make sure this fits.
  • 7.1 USB sound card delivers thrilling surround sound with separately adjustable levels
  • Unique 4-pieces of padded headband and comfortable ear cushions guarantees hours of gaming comfort
  • Reinforced headband, which offers nine levels of height adjustment for the perfect fit
  • fit for the game of PC,Laptop Skype and other PC online instant comunication
  • Spotlight design on the earcups; Little smart in-line Remote Control for sound and Mic

My son preferred this to change established that obtained broken,came on day primary stated it would and my son is currently applying it.

Look good but didnt occur in box. Though have been perfectly wrapped this is a xmas current for my husband or wife so will obtain out how good they are when he utilizes them.

The sound high quality is magnificent, seems just like i’m in a cinema. There isn’t really any white sound in the track record like with a whole lot of other headsets. When i identified myself in have to have to speak to the vendor, they had been genuinely practical and settled all troubles i experienced. Many thanks for the excellent headset.

Comply T-200 Isolation Earphone Tips – : A fantastic product!

They are surprisingly powerful, both equally in convenience and in noise reduction.

A definite upgrade around any typical tips. Actually allows to isolate seem, insert comfort and also lower that cable bounce noise if you are walking. A little bit pricey for what you are receiving but they do very last for a longer time than the suggested timeframe suggestedan additional point, i have used these on two seperate style of earphones. The a single with the more compact port and therefore bigger foam surely seemed to complete improved.

Deform when pressed but constantly appear to be to return to their authentic shape and do their task as very well as the original tips i had – not guaranteed it was a enormous advancement as i was replacing them for the reason that the tips i had had been the improper dimension for my ear. I did like the simple fact that section of the packaging is truly a three compartment plastic storage case which yo can retain and re-use.

Fantastic buds, the only model i will use with my shure in ear screens.

These earphone tips match on my apple in-ear headphones, and they make all the change to the high-quality of sound. I hear to a large amount of classical songs, and it truly is reworked by these tips. And they are quite very good at isolating noise, so i can hear on the tube devoid of remaining at all disturbed by encompassing sound. They are also really comfy it can be no dilemma to don them for a prolonged time. I’ve by now purchased a second batch, to have some in reserve. Outstanding and highly advisable.

Great solution, performs correctly nicely.

These are the finest sound isolating ear tips i’ve at any time applied. Dear, but i am going to go on to acquire them, are not able to fault. Not a lover of the blues on the other hand, they display up ear wax too simply, advise sticking with the blacks.

Wonderful – pretty snug and make my headphones audio even far better. I wouldn’t recommend the white buds while – as it demonstrates up any wax/filth in your ears nicely :p.

My quite, incredibly extended research (decades) to find a resolution for the e2cs comfort and ease/useability problems fortunately ended here, thank you complynotes underneath if you are interested:you’ll know that the shure equipped insane tough plastic tips are unwearable. The provided orange foam types do the job effectively but make you like as even though you’ve just escaped from someplace strange. The silicone ultra-flex had been better but nevertheless left me sensation a small assaulted in the ear section. These are ideal, straightforward to roll pre-ear insertion and incredibly cozy in use. Coupled with a flight plug adapter (about 99p below on amazon) you have virtually full seem isolation from flight sound so you can really listen to the movies. And sure, they are pricey, you should not final extensive, get filthy, and many others. Of training course you have to (preferably) cautiously clean your ears pre-use. If you are unable to cope with that then i might suggest obtaining some over-ear cans – bose quietcomforts or greater still sennheiser pxc 450 – noisegard energetic noise canceling headphones.

More than-priced but, the good quality is outstanding.

Really impressed with this product or service. Designed a globe of change to the seem top quality of my xiaomi headphones. There is even a lot more bass now far too. All headphones must come with these earphone tips.

Obtained these to replace the ones on my shure e2c earphones and my to start with impact of them is incredibly constructive. They really feel softer than the shure designs and a lot more comfortable. They also appear a tiny simpler to insert. I haven’t had a possibility to totally check their sounds isolation houses still but at the time all over again they appear to be to be at the very least on a par with the shure products. They are a identical price to shure and i would get them yet again. Edit: i have now experimented with them on a handful of aircraft journeys and i can ensure that they have exceptional sounds isolating homes.

It seems like i’ll need to have to change the pair in use each individual couple of months which tends to make this very pricy in the very long run, but the convenience and isolation cannot be conquer.

These are pleasant substitution buds for my rhas,they suit wonderful on the earphones. Nonetheless it truly is hard to decide what dimensions suits best. Of class as soon as you open the pack and check out them you will find no way they can be returned (like underpants) so make guaranteed you know what dimension you have to have. They are a little bit on the high priced aspect for what they are, but they do the position.

These are incredibly superior and one particular pair has lasted me just about a whole calendar year with use three-four instances a week. They are pretty cozy and stay in much far better when jogging as well.

These truly sorted my rha ma750’s. They definitely deform so the healthy is good, foundation is taken care of and exterior noise almost eradicated. Far too damn high priced for some bits of foam.

They work properly but immediately after a several months they get rid of their compression. Also a great deal cash for 6-eight weeks of use.

Bought these for my sony xbasdon’t head the value you pay back for qualitymakes the xbas glow bass is brill i like the way they broaden in your earsthey will not harm like the force in kinds.

First, let me say that i would gladly pay £14. 99 for earphone tips if there was an audible advancement in excess of whatever eartips i was at this time making use of, even if as in this situation, the complys owing to their composition, were being only heading to last a month or two. At the time of obtain i was utilizing sony hybrid tips and to be trustworthy, there was not an awful whole lot of variance in the audio,though i considered the hybrids just experienced the edge. At this stage i am going to briefly point out that i listen to audio using an ipod classic at dwelling, a sony xperia x out and about and earphones either dunu titan 3s or remaining audio style and design adagio llls. Soon immediately after buying the complys, i observed that amazon were now stocking spinfit eartips, priced at £7. ninety nine which beforehand had only been offered from the far east, to which i duly purchased. The novel thing with these tips is they rotate although entering your ear canal, which supposedly indicates they go round the bends and more into the ear canal. There is most unquestionably an audible enhancement more than both equally hybrids and complys and until eventually a little something superior will come along, i am in musical heavento conclude,i realise that not all people will always concur with my sights, comply is a trustworthy effectively known brand name and they may possibly well fit some people’s ears/earphones but i do believe that they are overpriced taking into consideration there are more affordable possibilities out there.

I have had a pair of shure e2cs for about a yr now and locate them amazing to pay attention to (primarily for the value). My only problem was i identified their fitting often not good. By sheer coincidence i arrived across these. I eagerly fitted them and tested them i was blown absent. The way they seal your ear is really phenomenal. To start with they are incredibly relaxed and then even far more importantly as a consequence of the seal they make astounding seem-isolation and in the circumstance of the e2cs these permit you to get the most effective bass-replication feasible. As was the case with my past foam tips they encounter the logistical dilemma of taking twenty seconds to re-instert immediately after a person selfishly attempts to converse to you and expects you to listen. But this unquestionably shouldn’t set you off as the rewards are basically superb. In summary get these and you will truly be blown away. In my case they took my already wonderful earphones and permitted me to totally take pleasure in them additional than i at any time experienced prior to.

These are a should have for any in-ear headphones, bettering audio top quality and match.

Coloud Pop Transition Headphones – : Best in the market.

The most robust and sturdy earphones in the market, i can safely claim this after testing maybe 15 different brands. You can rely on their survival unless dipped in water (or a toddler pukes on them as in my case).

Nice sound reproduction second pair i’ve bought as the first ones were lost at munich airport.

Very east to use, very comfortable unlike others i have used, would highly recommend these to family and friends.

The audio is good, and the new cable system works up to it’s expectations. However, after a while the left ear-plug stopped emitting sound, i don’t know if this is my fault or something else, that’s why i give it a 4/5. This stays a good alternative to, say beats earphones.

  • Best in the market.

Coloud Pop Transition Headphones – Blue

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  • Robust and streamlined triangular design
  • Ergonomically designed for ultimate comfort and wearability
  • Crafted to follow the angles of the human head for a comfortable fit
  • Tangle free system
  • Microphone and remote

This is my 3rd pair of coloud’s since they have appeared on the market. I stick with this brand because: they are affordable, provide great sound, same great as all those expensive earbuds, they have funky colors and i can exchange them between my ipod classic and iphone 4 (microphone feature).

The price of the earphones are a bit over priced as there only £15 on coloud website, i like the feel and look of them but there all bass. I have a pair of jvc xx and there are much better quality than these. But the mic and controls work on my s5 which is a plus i guess. I like the colour and the anti tangle and can’t blame the seller for the quality of coloud headphones.

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