33Malls 4 Pack Replacement Earpad Foam Sponge Cover – Useful product, good service

80mm replacement earpad foam sponge covers. I find that foam headphone earpad covers are more comfortable than the cushioned leather pads often used on headsets, many of which tend not to go round the ear, but rest partially on the lobe – very uncomfortable for prolonged use. While not all headsets will accept foam pads, i have been able to fit them to three headsets. My only criticism is that the foam is thinner than i would expect, and that means they tend to tear when being stretched to fit the earphones. That said, i found that one headset sounded better than when using the original cushioned covers.

These foam ear pads are a perfect replacement for the original ones which were worn out and it’s cheaper than buying a new set of headphones.

Does the job but very thin foam. Have used one set over the other for comfort. However what do you expect for this price.

Perfect for sennheiser hd455 headphones. I have a pair of sennheiser hd455 headphones, which i have been too uncomfortable to use for a few years due to the foam perishing. These have fixed the problem perfectly. Although my sennheisers are slightly oval (73 x 80 mm), the 80mm pads fit very nicely inside the mesh covers on my headphones & the thickness is also just right. So these have saved me time & money choosing a replacement pair.

  • fits Philips SHB4000 Bluetooth Headset if you order 65mm
  • ideal for headset for voice software
  • Good quality – good service
  • Misleading Photo
  • Excellent value and quality
  • 80mm Replacement Earpad Foam Sponge Covers

33Malls 4 Pack Replacement Earpad Foam Sponge Cover for Headphone(40mm 50mm 58mm 65mm 80mm) (50mm 2 inch)

  • Pack of 4 (2 pairs) replacement earpad for your headphone
  • High Quality Sponge! Soft and Comfortable!
  • Size from 40mm-80mm to fit most headphone
  • Brand New

The earpads arrived on time but the ad is misleading in that it showed a 4 pack of pads (8 individually) but i received only 2 packs (4 individually). On this basis i would not use this company again.

Fit perfectly, 4 not 8 earpads, late delivery. . These replacement earpads (40mm) are the correct size and fit perfectly on my motorola s305 motorokr bluetooth headphones. Of note is that you only get 4 earpads, not 4 pairs of earpads (8), so the image is a bit deceiving. On the other hand i only needed 1. The delivery was 4 days late (on a 10 day window that was a week after i ordered them). It’s not the end of the world, i didn’t need them urgently, but don’t expect them to arrive by a certain date if you’re going on a trip.

The picture shows twice as many as you get, so bear in mind this is four (two pairs), not eight. These are pretty fragile, and easy to rip while installing, so take care. It’s worth fitting them with a spoon rather than tugging them on between your fingers. Otherwise, they’re as expected.

Sennheiser HZP15 Earbuds, Very much worth the money!

My brother purchased these for me as a christmas present. The products was recieved shortly just after ordering even thinking of it had to cross borders. So significantly:- the products feels precisely like the legitimate earpads in my view (perhaps is the genuine solution, the packaging was a small ‘unofficial’ nevertheless). – the sound proofing skill is not as good as i don’t forget, however it is pretty substantially far better than the worn down pads. – they restore the first fit of the headset, which i love about them. – genuinely uncomplicated to exchange, pretty much like they designed it to be quick.

These are authentic sennheiser and not the inexpensive suitable one’s you see on auction site’s. Just swap about the apparent plastic insert from your previous earpads, you should not chuck in the bin just before the new one’s arrive.

Sennheiser HZP15 Earbuds for PC 350 Headphones

  • Replacement ear pads for PC 350
  • Leatherette ear pads
  • Quality ear cushions to extend the life of your headset in comfort

They equipped correctly on my sennheiser pc 350, they are as new yet again. Produced a movie of it in this article: https://www.

Wonderful – is effective great and the feeling of new headset is back again.

Sennheiser HZP15 Earbuds for PC 350 Headphones :

Sennheiser 75527 Leatherette Earpads – Fiddly to fit but genuine quality product

Good alternative, helps make the headphones sound improved than i try to remember, blocking out a good deal additional of the external sound that my 7 12 months previous kinds. Effectively worth receiving if you like your headphones.

Quickly shipping – i’d endorse the real sennheiser pads above the other people out there.

Do what they say on the tin. I to begin with found that fitting these was extremely difficult, as the rubber ‘seal’ although stretchy is incredibly tough to stretch all the way round and in excess of the lip while keeping the headphone earphone. I stumbled on a improved way:1) diligently give the rubber seal a extend all around the edge pulling around the circumference instead than away from the pad2) ease the seal backwards above the pad so it is really ‘inside out’3) location the foam circle above the earphone and area the pad more than it (seal going through away from the headphone)four) simplicity the seal back ‘right way out’ in excess of the lip, starting up with one particular tiny portion and doing the job the way rounddid equally of them in 5 minutes with this system soon after a superior 50 % an hour of striving the obvious way and failing to get adequate of the seal around.

  • Headphones sound like new again after 12 years!
  • The Perfect Replacement
  • Just perfect!!! Must buy!
  • Superb – Sennheiser HD25-1s can’t be beat and these replacement Earpads are a bonus.
  • Easier way to fit these
  • Quality Product!!!

These are the formal sennheiset replacements, and i observed the quality to be particularly as great as the pads and sponge discs supplied with these headphones. If you possess these headphones you know how very good they are and most likely bought them for extended use in a dj or recording studio environment as i did. The substitution pads are a fantastic leatherette pad set which can make the hd25s cozy for prolonged have on. They also provide the similar diploma of exterior attenuation as did the originals. They are also offered as a fabric velvety end but i went for the common. Fitting them appears like it may possibly be a agony but they slip on and off with no equipment or drive needed keeping on the driver pod perfectly just after substitution. A excellent products and the excellent substitute.

Excellent – sennheiser hd25-1s won’t be able to be beat and these replacement earpads are a reward. . I have had my senheiser hd25-1s for about nine many years. They are simply just the most effective headphones you can invest in for the cost. Fantastic for djing and i have also made use of them for mixing tracks (whilst my high definition-600s are very best in a studio environment). I’d grown really attached to my hd25-1s and was unhappy to see the ear pads finding worn out via purely natural dress in-and-tear. Thankfully i failed to have to buy an fully new established of headphones mainly because senheiser are this sort of a stable enterprise – they in fact make these alternative ear-pads and they are amazing. My aged headphones audio brand new once more. I know it sounds odd but these alternative pads feel to make a huge variance to the seem, the insulation is again the seem would seem ‘fuller’ (indeed i might worn out my old pads to the barest of threads). Senheiser good quality – i are unable to get ample of it.

Features of Sennheiser 75527 Leatherette Earpads for HD25/HMD25/ HME25/HMEC25 Headphones

  • Official Sennheiser Replacement
  • Spare Sennheiser Earpads for HD25 / HMD25 / HME25 / HMEC25 Headphones
  • Soft Leatherette Material for Perfect Listening Pleasure

Built my 10 year previous headphones really feel brand name new once more. . I failed to know you could switch the earpads on a pair of hd25’s, i was heading to buy a new pair of headphones. So glad i did not, these headphones are great and you can find plenty of everyday living still left in them, now i’ve changed the earpads they’re like new once more. It’s pretty fiddly finding them on, i uncovered this youtube clip aided me get the system down (from about one moment in) [.

My hd23-1 iis were on their nearly seventh 12 months and as this kind of the pads have been fundamentally decreased to drapes previously. This implies the headphones you should not match as effectively and also that they really don’t block the outer sounds as good as originally. I selected this alternative simply because, initial off, this is an original sennheiser replacement aspect, and next, all the other authentic parts i have observed in offer you were being about ten lbs . extra, whilst they did contain also a substitution for the headband cushion. Considering that i needed not to change the headband cushion, this was the ideal preference and i can’t be happier about my acquire. The headphones look and really feel like new now, and the external seem insulation has been restored to de-facto specifications, pretty much. Do not be reluctant in getting these, and never be affordable about these issues. These are ~180gbp headphones, why would you exchange any part of them with knock-off or non-first areas?.Get this stuff and kick quite a few many years of life back into your headphones.

33Malls 4 Pack Replacement Earpad Foam Sponge Cover : Read the Details do not look at the Picture

I bought the two inch measurement which is a great in good shape for my sony light-weight headphones. They have been exceptionally easy to put on by just stretching a minor and pulling into area. They have been also sent a lot quicker than envisioned.

What i wanted but not fairly as proven. This obtained was a excellent rate and arrived in excellent time. It was disappointing although to come across that whilst the image of the pads demonstrates 4 pairs, explained as 4 pack, i gained just four solitary pads.

They are slightly thicker than the originals but do their position just high-quality. For the value i’ve paid i’m pretty pleased. I acquired these as replacement headphone handles for a logitech headset. They are a little bit thicker than the originals but do their task just great. For the value i have compensated i’m very delighted with them. If you have slightly oval earphones, just take the extended measure when purchasing.

Key specs for 33Malls 4 Pack Replacement Earpad Foam Sponge Cover for Headphone(40mm 50mm 58mm 65mm 80mm) (40mm 1.5 inch):

  • Pack of 4 (2 pairs) replacement earpad for your headphone
  • High Quality Sponge! Soft and Comfortable!
  • Size from 40mm-80mm to fit most headphone
  • Brand New

Comments from buyers

“fits Philips SHB4000 Bluetooth Headset if you order 65mm, ideal for headset for voice software, Good quality – good service, Misleading Photo, Excellent value and quality, 80mm Replacement Earpad Foam Sponge Covers”

Fairly dishonest advertising and marketing. Why set a photograph of 4 pairs when in fact you will be despatched 2 pairs?. Prospective buyers, please be mindful to read through all aspects when acquiring any product or service. It does point out two pairs or 4 parts in the description. I would have rated this solution higher had it not been for this situation. I been given the right measurement requested. They do suit my sennheiser pmx sixty just high-quality and are of really very similar good quality to the originals, while at aproximately one tenth of the expense. I comprehend they may possibly seem tiny to some persons as the product is new and therfore significantly less elastic. Get started by inserting the pads wherever the ear speakers meet the headband and work carefully outwards.

Apart from that if i had the proper measurement they would be really great thank. When purchasing these i attempted to get the much larger dimension,but whatsoever i done i couldnt do it,and i dont know why. So the types i have got go on but i dont assume they will last very long as they were being stretched to the restrict,apart from that if i had the ideal sizing they would be pretty superior thank you.

Shipping troubles apart, the merchandise satisfies the wants just good. I requested the replacement earpad addresses but did not obtain them in time. I experienced to call the vendor who then dispatched the get by mail. When it unsuccessful to get there, the seller did the very same detail but took extra pains to make sure that it would get there at my position. I am pleased with the seller’s capability to address my grievance and get action. As for the solution, it was just what i necessary. No issues with it so significantly. It matches just appropriate above the earpads and the seem is just as distinct as just before.

Sennheiser 541341 Replacement Ear Pads – Saved me a fortune

Genuine parts, difficult to replace. Almost impossible to replace. Tip: fold them completely back, place them on the speaker and wrap them all around the earpad. Look like genuine parts from sennheiser and i must say; they feel like the real deal. Delivery was somewhat late but they needed to ship abroad to the netherlands.

Was just abut to throw out px100, just because they were looking a little (a lot) worn. Had thought that the pads were built into design. With new pads like new and able to enjoy my ipod without having spent vaste sums of money on equivalent quality headphones.

Yes it takes a little patience to ease them onto the headphones, but they are a perfect fit once on and that is what should be wanted.

Made old headphones like new again. I got these for a set of px200 headphones that i’ve had for a long time, and the leatherette was coming off and looked very shabby. I saw these on amazon and bought a couple of sets and used a set on another pair of headphones that was’nt sennheiser but worked perfectly,. Works well and not too expensive and makes a old pair of headphones look new again.

  • A new lease of life for my trusty PX200s
  • Refurbished Headphones
  • Good earpads – Messes up sound quality for PX 100
  • Perfect Replacement Pads for Sennheiser PX200
  • The perfect replacement ear pads for my Sennheiser PXC 250’s headphones – identical to the originals
  • Saved me a fortune

Sennheiser 541341 Replacement Ear Pads for PX200/PXC150/PXC250/PMX200 Headphones

  • Official Sennheiser Replacement
  • Spare Sennheiser Earpads for PX200/PXC150/PXC250/PMX200 Headphones
  • Soft Leatherette Material for Perfect Listening Pleasure

Disappointingly the original sennheiser ear pads decided to start deteriorating after a mere 7 years, ­čśë these replacements fitted in seconds and are identical. Shame that sennheiser choose to make the originals out of pu ‘leatherette’ rather than something more durable. Arrh well another 7 years of listening pleasure from my favourite travel headphones. I wonder if the headband pads can be sourced as replacements too?.

Exactly as advertised a brand new set of pads for my old but still useful px200 earphones. If you have any problems fitting them then gently loosen the outer edges for a few minutes and then you should find them much easier to slip into place.

Perfect replacement pads for sennheiser px200. My sen’ px200’s had become a bit ‘tired’ over the years especially the ear pads. I was almost at the point of ditching them and getting a new set. Saw these and, together with a bit of ‘tightening up’ etc around the hinges, thought “just the job”. Didn’t expect much for the price of a bottle of cheap plonk but have to say they are very good quality, fit perfectly and give my old much loved px200’s a new lease of life. Arrived promptly (2 days, with free postage). Top marks from this happy bunny :).

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