Classic Cantabile KH-238 Headphones :

So much so great and lots of cable size, brill.

Good product superior benefit extremely delighted thank you.

Key specs for Classic Cantabile KH-238 Headphones, (20-20000 Hz, 4m Cable, Volume Control, 12-Way Adjustable, Gold-Plated Jack) Black:

  • High quality, dynamic stereo headphones
  • Loudspeaker: 1.57 inch transmission range: 20 to 20000 Hz
  • Soft padded, ear cups, size adjustable in 12 stages per side
  • Volume control integrated in the cable, 13.1 ft cable, gold plated 0.13 inch jack plug
  • Including 0.24 inch adapter, net weight (without cable): 0.49 lbs

UNITONE hd3030 Dynamic Stereo Headphones : very comfortable and since i wear hearing aid the independent volume

I appreciate them, pretty at ease around the ear headphones with specific volume controle to each ear. Extremely quick postage, arrived subsequent working day.

The plastics are a bit on the inexpensive aspect and i do question how robust these headphones are but they are excellent to use, relaxed and block out all other noises, the involved adapter was very useful. The volume control on each ear is a good strategy.

Am perfectly pleased with products as well as quite great provider.Here are the specifications for the UNITONE hd3030 Dynamic Stereo Headphones:

  • adjustable padded headband+cushioned earpads
  • mono stereo switch
  • volume/balance controls on each earpiece
  • 2.5m coiled cable (fully extended) with 3.5mm stereo jack plug to 6.3mm adaptor

Extremely comfy and considering the fact that i use listening to support the independent volume. Incredibly relaxed and since i put on hearing assist the impartial volume controls are brill. Fantastic seem quality and fantastic benefit at the value. Amazon are outstanding and will definitly use you once again.

Extremely fantastic headphones, goo seem.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • very comfortable and since i wear hearing aid the independent volume
  • The quality of sound is good and they are quite good blocking the external sound

The quality of sound is great and they are really superior blocking the external sound. They are form of restricted and may possibly get sweaty if used for a extensive period in a warm surroundings. The excellent of sound is good and they are rather fantastic blocking the external seem ( soundproofing is very good).

Very good solution, speedy delivery, incredibly happy.

Pioneer SE-M531 Fully Enclosed Dynamic Headphones : The best headphones

These are really comfy over the ear. Lovely extended guide to plug into computer & sit again in chair.

Great for the cash i am happy choppy.

These headphones are seriously comfortable, and the audio is terrific.

Key specs for Pioneer SE-M531 Fully Enclosed Dynamic Headphones with self-adjusting headband and soft velour ear pads – Black:

  • Fully Enclosed dynamic headphones designed for ultimate comfort
  • Large 40mm driver units and Bass Duct for deep rich bass sound
  • Self Adjusting Headband
  • Gold Plated 3.5 mm jack connector, Long 3.5m One-sided cord

Comments from buyers

“Comfortable and great sound, good sound, u can hear the low tweets and , Great Headphones, The best headphones”

The deep bass and crystal very clear sound.

Comfy and good audio. These headphones go over the ears very well, and are almost as comfortable on the head as i would hope for, they never squeeze way too tricky. The audio is exceptional, and there is a prolonged wire, if you want it. There is a £10 value quality around the m521, which has ‘leather-type’ ear pads, which looks a bit selling price variance to have velour.

Great seem, u can listen to the small tweets and. Superior seem,u can listen to the reduced tweets and appears u cant on ordinary headphones. But the bass could have been far better,guess i will check out to plug it into a qualified technique and check out again. But u need to go for it,its fantastic for online games and flicks.

Samson SASR850C Professional Studio Reference Open Back Headphones – Lovelt sound quality

Excellent value for the very low price. Very good value – a fine and full sound stage, especially top and bottom of the sound spectrum.

I ‘had’ a pair of akg k601 (£150 headphones). Apart from build quality (the akg’s feel like £150 headphones), which is still very good for the price, the sound in comparison to the akgs, smashed it out the park. The modestly priced sr850 sound superior. The only ‘mod’ that i would recommend would be to source some felt ear pad replacements, which will not only make the cans more comfortable, but avoid hot & sweaty ears that you might otherwise get from the default vinyl coverings. All in all though, you’ll be blow away by the audio quality.

Great sound for anyone other than the bassiest of bass junkies. However, like most headphones in this price range, they have a weak spot. Normally it is the treble or mids that suffer but in these the bass can be a bit distorted and crackly at times. I’m looking at you, “islands” by the xx. Fortunately these were purchased as a present and the intended recipient listens mostly to classical. These sound great for that purpose and are a real gem of a find for anyone other than bass junkies. I purchased mine from amazon and, as the box states, and as pictured, they do come with velour cups.

Samson sasr850c professional headphones. Good quality and great price. . I decided on the samson sasr850c as they had good reviews and i also didnt want to spend massive money on something i may hate using. Found them to be comfortable with a good sound quality and spot on if you are on a budget.

  • Quality for less.
  • Decent budget reference ‘phones
  • Best budget headphones
  • How good are they? Simple
  • SAMSON SR850 Headphones & amps Closed back headphones
  • Fantastic product.

Samson SASR850C Professional Studio Reference Open Back Headphones

  • Professional studio reference headphones
  • Open ear design for maximum isolation
  • 50 mm drivers for exceptional reproduction and wide dynamic range
  • 10hz-30khz frequency response
  • 32o impedance

Bought as a budget stopgap but amazing sound quality for the price, better than more expensive ones i have owned before. Lightweight and quite comfortable as well. Still going strong after 2 years, will probably purchase another pair when these eventually die.

Bought as a backup to monitor for recording while listening to backings and multitracking. I now find that after an initial burn in listening to my sound system i am using them instead of my more expensive headphones due to the more comfortable feel.

Good phones now with cloth ear pads. Read the other good reviews. I agree with others great phones for the money and mine had velour/cloth ear pads so looks like they have read these reviews and addressed the complaints about plastic pads.

AKG K612PRO Reference Class Headphone – Excellent headphone at this price

Excellent headphone at this price. Bought these elsewhere, but they are so good for the money that i thought it would be worth sharing my experience with them. Sound wise, their frequency response is quite flat, but extends well into the low bass regions. The bass is clear, punchy, but not muddy. They are not for bassheads, but if a track demands sub-bass, you’ll hear it clearly enough. The mids are stunning and accurate, and the highs crystal clear. The soundstage is excellent, but most impressive of all is the imaging that these headphones produce – you’ll hear details you didn’t know were there and find yourself spending hours going through your music collection listening to track for the first time in years, just for the pure joy of the experience. I’ve found these to be quite good for many genres including classical, vocal, electronic and rock and although they are best with high quality lossless recordings, they are forgiving of poorer quality mp3s. They have a high resistance (120 ohms), so although you can use them on the headphone port of your computer if you really have to (with the volume maxed), you really will not get the best out of them unless you have a good quality headphone amp. Build wise, they are well made and sturdy.

“parcel handed to receptionist” that’s how the courier described one of our senior rmn nurses. Seriously though, these headphones are the lightest and most comfortable i’ve ever owned,and the sound quality,sublime. Was seriously going to get the k550’s up to these being on the daily deals last week. Use these at home and k451’s when mobile,if you know your hi-fi ,such brands as akg should be on your shopping list.

Excellent neutral headphones. . Forwarding this review in view of the fact that no review has been posted on amazon on these headphones (though i admit not having purchased the akg k612 pro from amazon, but i have purchased akg 550, audio technica ath ad700 and sony mdr v6 all from amazon and am also completely happy with these purchases). Had purchased the akg 612 pro as i always wanted an akg 701 or 702, but the price of these are quite steep. The 612 are very similar to those headphones, with probably some more bass than the 701, which is good, and still very clear and crisp sounding, with excellent mids (for which akg are renowned) and excellent treble (without any sibilance). For the price they are excellent and cheaper than any of the akg 7 series. The basic difference is that the cable is not detachable, but if you take good care of it, there does not seem to be any reason for the cable to need replacement and re-cable.

Comfortable and clear (akg k612). . These headphones are very comfortable, with plenty of room for my ears. The voices are extremely clear, but the bass is lacking (probably due to the open design). I’m very pleased by these, and the price seems reasonable. I bought a fiio olympus 2 to drive these, though the headphones are generally loud enough with just my computers inbuilt sound. Though i don’t regret buying the dac. The only headphones i have previously owned are the ath-m50s, which are a closed design, with much more bass, but definitely no where near as comfortable. The fact that these are open means that i can hear people around me talking, and they can kind of hear me listening to music. Though the sound leakage is not loud enough to be heard through walls. I bought these from absolute music solutions on amazon.

  • Comfortable and clear (AKG K612).
  • Excellent neutral headphones.
  • Excellent headphone at this price
  • Fantastic sound for £100
  • These are great – I use them for mixing but unlike the
  • You will never find better headphones for the same price

AKG K612PRO Reference Class Headphone

  • Circumnaural, open-back design
  • Patented Varimotion™ diaphragm technology
  • 120 ohm impedance, 12hz – 39Khz responce
  • 101db SPL/V
  • Only 238g in weight

These are great – i use them for mixing but unlike the. These are great – i use them for mixing but unlike the beyer dynamic dt range, which are very sterile and only really of use for mixing – these can be used for listening to music too – very detailed and open sounding – hi-fi headphones like grado’s will make all your music sound good, even bad recordings will sound ok – the akg’s are very revealing and you will get what is on the disc – a bad recording will sound bad and a good one great- i used them for mixing some rock music from an 8 track recorder and they were so accurate – i got to disc what the phones gave me when mixing- i love them.

You will never find better headphones for the same price. You will never find better headphones for the same price.

Got these in a lightning sale over christmas for about £70. They were worth every penny and more. Good but not overpowering bass. Fairly comfortable, light weight, with a long cable. Build quality is good, not amazing, but for the price, even at £100 its what i’d expect. They will need an amp, most on-motherboard soundcards will not have enough power to run them at a good volume, although its quite possible dedicated soundcards will be fine. I don’t believe they will work well on phones or portable devices without an amp.

Behringer HPS3000 Studio Headphones : Reasonable and re-assuring

I procured the behringer headphones just after my akg broke. I use headphones for house recording so it was essential to me that they would do the occupation,i discovered the behringer to be genuinely superior and greater than my past pair of akg headphones,and the price tag was genuinely good also.

Do a fantastic career for the price. Only purchased them for checking in my household studio and for that they are a lot more than satisfactory.

The headphones are a pleasant sizing, has a great bass line, nonetheless, i would not advocate these for each day use, the pair i purchased have a rattling in the left headphone when there is certainly too substantially bass and in some tunes the bass is far too overpowering.Here are the specifications for the Behringer HPS3000 Studio Headphones:

  • Ultra-wide frequency response
  • High-definition bass and super-transparent highs
  • Ultra-wide dynamic range
  • High-efficiency cobalt capsule
  • Optimized oval-shaped ear cups

Have had less costly headphones sounding a little bit far better but managed to split them in a week. The audio good quality is realistic / superior. Comfortable and with ample base and clarity. Recomend for this price range.

I’ve had these headphones just over a month now and use them to observe in my perform as a mobile dj. I experienced heard rumours about behringers track record for inconsistency so i was a tiny apprehensive in my purchase to say the the very least and, immediately after only a days use, tbe bass cut out in the right ear. I was incredibly disapointed and filed for a return. While waiting for the return to be processed i still left the headpgones lying on a table with the wire wrapped spherical them for a weekend. When i picled them up all over again, they had been completely preset. It can be been about a month since this incidentand they are however functioning beautifully so god appreciates what took place. As for the seem top quality there are no issues from me. The highs are wonderful but not overpowering. The mids sit easily, even so, the bass will come thrgh probably slightlhy richer and fuller than the distinct signal and can from time to time be overpowering.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Not bad quality at a reasonable price!
  • Pleasantly surprised
  • Reasonable and re-assuring
  • Not for everyday use!
  • Better than Before!
  • Behringer never disappoint

They in shape purfect are fantastic and strong and my young ones appreciate sporting them. Purchased two sets of these for my little ones. They in shape purfect are excellent and sturdy and my youngsters enjoy sporting them.

Not undesirable top quality at a acceptable rate. I bought these headphones mainly because i was drained of acquiring cheap earphones, and needed one thing that would very last, on a spending budget. I chose these for the reason that for the £18. 31 i paid out they were being good benefit. They arrived from amazon very speedily and when i plugged them into my laptop to do some audio mixing, i was extremely surprised. I made the decision to examination them with different genre’s of new music and they perform extremely nicely, without the need of also significantly lower end bass. The create high quality is also moderately fantastic, say a seven out of 10. General i would propose this solution to anyone on a price range in need of some respectable headphones.

Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro Headphones : A great purchase

I primarily settled on these for the reason that there have been very little but optimistic evaluations. I normally ignore most ‘bad build’ critiques since almost each headphone item has a critique expressing that, headphones break and that’s that, consider care of them well. I became interested due to the fact i go through ‘sounds quite correct/authentic’ in the opinions, and all i want when i listen to electronic music is a pure, crystal clear seem. I am not really acquainted with expensive headphones however, and around ear ones are new to me, but i’m made use of to in-ear types. When i initially tried using these i loved the seem, but it wasn’t what i would get in touch with exceptional. I glance for really crisp seem and though the seem is really great good quality, it really is not absolutely crisp. When i initial listened to them on my laptop, i experienced the typical trouble exactly where utmost volume is only just very good ample. I do not like this because i sense restricted with my headphone use, so i purchased ‘audioengine d1 high quality 24-little bit dac’ to change my on-board soundcard. It authorized me to go louder which is great, even however the audio excellent was barely any different, at minimum it’s a fantastic way to know that i hardly ever have to hear crackling or unusual sound results coming from my laptop or computer.

Incredibly good pair of headphones (including short comparison from akg k550, sennheiser hd558/hd650). Make qualitybuild excellent is incredibly excellent to great. The headband is built out of metallic and the cups out of challenging plastic. The cable is thick and feels robust. It appears and feels like it is developed to past and i would have no challenge using it out and about, although the extended cable is pretty cumbersome when applying it in this way, which is a shame mainly because the shut style will make it extremely suitable for using it on the go as very well. And even if something happened to crack, every component is replaceable which is a massive plus. Comfortthe pads are created out of velour, which in my eyes is a whole lot far more cozy than leather. And these pads are extremely comfortable in fact. There is a lot of area for your ears within the cups, both of those in terms of width and depth. The headband padding is not designed out of velour, but out of some sort of phony leather-based stuffed with what is most probably foam.

Hanging up my £350 beatspro. Going from a cheap set of headphones to much more expensive pair can typically give you that wow impact as your ears did not realise what they had been missing i had the exact sensation but going from a extra high priced established i’am a dj and a budding music producer and immediately after owning the beats for a couple of yrs now made a decision to go for one thing new as i was discovering them a very little awkward soon after a when and also a little bit harsh sounding and it was having its toll on me. . Soon after reading superior testimonials and seeming great benefit the 770 dts pro seemed like a good choice i seeking a established much more for checking but not being to flat sounding these gave just the proper amount of reduced i needed and heading from a booming pair of beats to a entirely neutral pair it’s possible would experienced been to a lot i think but these were the content medium they are also pretty comfortable i think i might still hold on to the beats but these 770s are heading to be my principal pair for now.

Key specs for Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro Headphones – 32 Ohm:

  • Bass reflex” technology for improved bass response
  • Closed Back Design
  • Suitable for portable music players, Production,DJ
  • Robust, easy serviceable construction as all parts are replaceable

Comments from buyers

“Beyerdynamic DT770 32 ohm vs 80 ohm, Best Pro Headphones I’ve ever bought., Absolutely Outstanding!, Stunning quality, Fantastic headphones!, If you’re doubting the £150 price tag, don’t. These are awesome”

250 ohm – here is the winner. Following ordering both versions 80 ohm + 250 ohm i have to say that both sound excellent. The amplifier used to take a look at them was the denon pma-255uk. I have to say that i certainly had some form of a biased view that the 250 has to be much better and for the duration of the comparison of diverse tunes i always arrived to the summary that the 250 would be the better, clearer sounding one. Even so as i currently imagined my head is kind of biased i have requested my spouse to guide me in my performing and established the arrangements for me without me observing which headphone she selected to put on my head. The final result was astonishing as in all five tests (one hundred%) – a few on myself two of my spouse – equally of us straight pointed to the 80 ohm variation and mainly because of this the 250 ohm has been sent back again and the eighty ohm held. Actually each had to be despatched back because of to a mechanical fault but now i am a extremely joyful eighty ohm consumer enjoying what i have missed when utilizing my standard beats earphones. I simply can not pressure out adequate how very clear the sound of this headphone is.

I’m not an audiophile but i like my songs and like a lot of persons more than. I am not an audiophile but i like my new music and like a large amount of men and women around the previous handful of a long time it’s sort of found itself on my notebook and ipad opposed to a more regular separates program, listening to music as a result of garbage speakers and duff headphones. Took me a great while to get to these, researched all the normal manufacturers, beats, sony, denon, sennheiser, bose and so on. Even though some of people are absolutely fantastic very little truly stood out. Apple could of purchased beats for the graphic and streaming service but they skipped a conquer in not buying these or at the very least their tech. I bought these purely on assessment as i couldn’t uncover them domestically to attempt out. So how psyched can you get about a pair of headphones, well in all honesty i imagine i could expend the following several months rediscovering my songs collection. I like all types of music from d&b to acoustic guitar sets. The audio is so properly defined, bass not to deep to get in excess of the all round seem but deep sufficient to decide on out those sub bass, rolling beats you get with d&b, property, etc and other new music is like the lights have just gone on, the warm dulcet tones of marvin gaye, to the significant notes of jane claims (jane’s addiction. ) in advance of you decide for the protection of a additional regular manufacturer of headphone and pay out x volume purely for the model identify just take a glimpse at these.

I purchased these for electronic drums rehearsing to exchange etymotic er4s in ear displays. The bass blew me absent and none of the crispness i loved with the in ears remaining. Make no slip-up these are major notch cans. They are comfortable for very long periods, adjustable, with decently lengthy cable and loud. Clearly they dont sounds cancel nowhere around as substantially as in ears but they are miles better to open air cans. For the drummers, i when compared these to the drummer variation and located the audio considerably more to my liking. It is really a particular issue although. A number of yrs again i acquired a pair of these from el low-cost internet site (iheadphones or anyone) and expert one can intermittently reducing out. Not from amazon although these are great as gold.

Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro Headphones : it has given me such a cool sound ever

I usually will not compose evaluations but. Put basically: i friggin love these cans. I was hesitant to pull the induce on these at first , mainly because they are 250 ohms and it’s generally needed to use an amp with these ( which i really don’t have still). However , even plugged straight into my macbook pro they audio incredible. I have a pair of akg k550s and even although people are attractive headphones , ever given that i bought these the akgs are collecting dust. These beyers have a significantly better general sound than the akgs and the audio phase is just incredible ( i believe owing to the nature of the open up-back style). Now one minor gripe i have with these is that the headphones are created out of plastic and not aluminium , but they’re very nicely-created.

Coming from my sennheiser 598s which experienced started out to rattle annoyingly, i can’t explain to a wonderful offer of change in audio quality (which i’m in fact pleased with) other than they do have noticeably much more bass to them though which provides a very little far more enjoyable to them. The clamp drive is alternatively insane on the pro edition so i had to leave them clamped onto a box to loosen them a bit and now have them at a decent grip without having building my head explode. Ears look to just contact the within triggering a small little bit of ‘uncomfort’ with extensive classes, but practically nothing also major. Not guaranteed if i like that or not but since my previous ones were being stupidly prolonged far too, it is anything i am employed to.

Incredible sound good quality out of the box. Even this 250 ohm edition sounds amazing with constructed-in motherboard audio. The create excellent is excellent and both equally the ear pads and headband are extremely cozy. I would unquestionably advise this merchandise.Here are the specifications for the Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro Headphones:

  • Inta Audio UK Exclusive
  • All Black Limited Edition
  • 500 Units Available 
  • Features: Flexible 3m straight cable & draw string carry bag 
  • Best Selling Beyer Headphones

Excellent headphones brilliant audio superb obtain.

I’m coming from working with the some corsair 1400’s and when they had been very decent for the rate, these are just worlds superior. The audio is so clean up in comparison to the 1400’s and i am listening to issues i didn’t know ended up in tracks prior to, of course the point that’s powering them makes a change even staying driven by a pretty good audio source they are wonderful. Remarkably advisable if you like fantastic audio in new music, films and online games and the vendor is a++ as well :).

Reviews from purchasers :

  • A happy replacement.
  • Friggin Amazing. Well done, Beyerdynamic
  • The best ive ever used
  • Expected more maybe that’s why I’m a little disappointed. I’m happy with purchase though
  • it has given me such a cool sound ever

Acquired for my son for his birthday,speedy supply and no issues from my son.

I really don’t typically compose reviews, but wowcoming from the globe of gaming headsets, i desired to get a correct pair of headphones and do it correct this time. I guess i am a bit of a bass head, but i never like overpowering bass. I like well tuned, and deep lows, with crisp highs. These totally produce, and i can listen to areas of my favourite music which i have hardly ever heard before. Straight out of the box with the developed in amp on my motherboard, these carry out very darn nicely. A little bit of modifying the eq on windows got them to sound even superior. I then proceeded to plug them into an previous hifi unit of mine to use as an amp from the personal computer, and they truly do seem even far better with some electricity driving them, and the eq on windows was no extended necessary. They’re tremendous comfy, the motorists will not push on my ears like other above the ear headphones have accomplished. I genuinely would get the unique edition even though they are however heading, the straight cable is fantastic for me and the black seems to be seriously great.

Hercules HDP DJ M40, Good for the price.

Quality headphones, received them for christmas and im quite satisfied. Very stable and a good amount of fat to them. The guide is nice and extended and you can regulate them. The sound is wonderful, very obvious and good base, extremely good.

This is a really stable pair of headphones for 25£, i’ve experienced them for a month or two now and they are nonetheless as very good as when they arrives. As for the sound signature i do like a large amount of bass in my headphones, these don’t have the same sum of base as some of my other individuals but i do see why you don’t want that, these are in general substantially much more balanced which in my belief can also be really fantastic at moments. But that does not indicate tha bass is not fulfilling. So, orverall they are a good order for 25£.

Hercules HDP DJ M40.1 Headphones

  • Versatile DJ headphones for DJing and leisure use
  • Trendy design
  • Swivel housing for convenient use
  • Efficient sound isolation
  • Comfortable housing

Outstanding headphones, very best so far.

This was a fantastic product total, i didnt come across any fault with it (not that i expected any) but if you are still on the fence about this unwell say go for it. The sound high-quality is great, i wouldnt say incredibly very good cos you can discover much better but truly good. Bodyweight-wise its not large but it does glimpse significant. The wire isnt too lengthy or as well quick its just ideal.

Exellant headphones hugely advise. These headphones are seriously great the seem is crisp with no interference they are not way too cumbersome they ended up purchased to go with dj decks but our son utilizes them for all the things our son is really joyful with them. You also get a quite generous volume of cable with them so you can shift freeally dress in you use them.

Hercules HDP DJ M40.1 Headphones : Hercules hdp dj m40. 1 headphones. Wanted a reasonable pair of phones for a pa desk – these fit the bill. Reasonably robust – tho’ time will tell. Swiveling cans allow one-sided / hand-held use.

Audio-Technica ATH-M30X Professional Headphones – The M30X arrived early and sturdily packed. I have

Excellent seem excellent – quiet and lacks punch. They are a recording / monitor headphone so in that context they are good. For each day use on my notebook and smartphone i located the audio top quality outstanding but up to 20% quieter than my akg k451. They also deficiency bass depth but what bass there is well controlled. They are smoother and crisper than my akg or equal ‘music’ headphones but not as warm. Seem high quality and clarity are not usually what you want from headphones as they can get a little bit much too medical following several hours of use. So even though my akg sense nicer for prolonged durations (i like warmth) i concede these are superior in greatest sq – just not to my taste. For the cash – 5 stars – superb for the selling price.

Definitely happy i purchased these they are pretty comfortable and are a top quality solution. Cable is non removable and pretty quite lengthy. Could be annoying but as i only use these at house it can be not a challenge for me. Have a beautiful day my attractive online mates xoxoxo.

I am not pro at all the different varieties of headphones but i did some investigation. I have to say that the shipping and delivery was genuinely fast. The headphones are presented nicely and arrive with a wonderful gentle bag to set them in you also get a six. The high-quality of the headphones are awesome. Come to feel strong and durable, constructed to last. The wire is incredibly long so you wont have a problem if your plugging it in fairly considerably absent. They are super comfortable i fort i would have to get use to them but no was high-quality from the get go, they do get a little bit worm after substantial use (4-5hours) but not substantially.

  • Price point supremacy
  • Great Pair of Headphones
  • Well worth the money!
  • Excellent sound for more than a decent price.
  • Very bassy, but probably good for outdoors
  • Punches above its price range!

Quite pleased with the exceptional seem high-quality. Quite happy with the great seem excellent. I listen to dab radio primarily, ipad and bose wave. The radio is the most improved – so it appears to be the amp is ok but the speaker is not so fantastic. The ipad and bose are superb. Really pleased with the m30x as i listen at residence and i do not discover the cable size an issue. The high quality for the price is great.

It nevertheless has that great crystal crystal clear seem. Dispatch and shipping and delivery was speedy. As for the merchandise i have utilised the m50s ahead of and i can say the m30x is not so diverse. It however has that pleasant crystal clear audio.

Features of Audio-Technica ATH-M30X Professional Headphones – Black

  • Advanced build quality and engineering
  • Tuned for enhanced detail, with excellent mid-range definition
  • 40 mm drivers with rare earth magnets and copper-clad aluminum wire voice coils
  • Circumaural design contours around the ears for excellent sound isolation in loud environments
  • Convenient single-side cable exit

00 on amazon when they arrived i experimented with them straight away i was nicely suprised they are sensational i possess cans value five x what i paid out for these and the m30x are superior other than the base could be have a little bit additional increase but if you have a headphone amp you can fix that with the options its astounding what you can listen to in the history. Wonderful create high-quality extremely cozy to don for several hours. So impressed im going for the m70x subsequent. Trust me you wont be dissapointed with these moms.

Terrific – but not for commuting. Warning: these are not truly for use even though commuting, the direct is extremely prolonged – this is not stated in the description. On the other hand the audio is stunning. I’m nonetheless burning them in but i am now quite amazed. And as for consolation, properly they have to be the greatest i have ever worn, like having your ears hugged by kittens. In socksso if you need a pair of headphones for property or business then acquire, acquire, buy. But if you have to have a pair for on-the-go then i can not advise them, consequently why i have given them four stars not 5.

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