Sleep Headphones : Absolutely brilliant

A excellent choice to pricey variations (maybe). I am addicted to audiobooks which support me get to sleep (or entertain me if i wake throughout the night). In excess of the very last a few decades i have bought 8 sets of acoustic sheep sleephones at £30-60 (wired/wi-fi) a time. They final for a couple of weeks then a wire dislodges from the speakers. I decided to check out these which are a portion of the cost and they are definitely not undesirable at all. The speakers are not smooth as the highly-priced other people are, but they are quite thin and i slept all night with no sore ears so it operates for me. The wire is braided and it feels fairly sound. The fleece is very thick, so you have to be organized for a incredibly hot head, but i am applied to putting on these headbands so not a trouble. I will certainly obtain some a lot more so i have spares in travel instances etc. Immediately after composing the over i clicked obtain again and the 8.

The sleep headphones have been the perfect resolution to bedtime listening. They are a lot additional comfortable than earphones. I usually fall asleep putting on them. I acquired my sleep headphones about a month ago. No issues so significantly and hope they very last. The earphones inside the hat will go about from time to time but it is not a lot of an challenge as you can slip your fingers by means of the slots to alter. Would hugely recommend to anybody seeking for a additional comfortable way to delight in new music or audio publications.

5 stars seems to be apparent plenty of.

Key specs for Sleep Headphones – Ultra Thin – Noise Cancelling – Sleep Mask- Most Comfortable Headphones for Sleeping – Perfect for Air Travel, Sports, Relaxation, Meditation and Relief from Insomnia (Gray) (Fleece, Black):

  • NEW VERSION with ULTRA THIN SPEAKERS and durable BRAIDED CABLE. Lightweight, comfortable and washable sleep headphones with positionable speakers.
  • BLOCKS OUT NOISE. Use for sports, yoga, meditation and relaxation. Best headphones for sleeping.
  • FLEXIBLE AND DURABLE 1.5 METER CORD with 3.5 mm stereo plug fits most devices.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH MOST DEVICES like Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry, Nokia, LG, HTC, Google Nexus, Lenovo, Asus, Sony, Dell, Toshiba, HP, MP3, MP4 and other audio devices
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Click to Order Now

Comments from buyers

“Recommended to anyone who beeds a sleeping headphones, Very good buy, worth every penny, A good alternative to expensive versions (maybe), Great product if you don’t have background noise to contend with, Absolutely brilliant, Brilliant. Better than the more expensive ones”

Better than the more high priced ones. I also experienced the much more high-priced model like a former reviewer. These failed to last extended and we’re twice the value of these. These types are even a little bit extra conformable.

And it will also arrive in useful when i want to block out the light. Acquired this as i wrestle with sleeping so i can use this to hear to ebooks and observing my tablet in bed working with earphones devoid of disturbing the sleep of my partner, and it will also come in valuable when i have to have to block out the light. The cable of the headphones search like a cord which ideally will be superior than a wire that can be destroyed by bending, the earphones are flat are are comfy enough to lie on while in mattress. I have experienced it a 7 days and it would seem great for what i want from it. With any luck , it will stand the examination of time.

Great product if you never have track record noise to contend with. Comfortable, blocks out the mild, wonderful audio. My only little grievance is that it does not block out the noise from the flat above me plenty of for me to love the rain seems i check out to hear to :(.

Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro Headphones : DT770 Pro 80 Ohms

Crisp clear sound, no leakage. . Best pair of headphones i individual. I’ve long gone through so several pairs of headphones seeking for the great pair, i believe i may have found them. I listen to a ton of songs at function frequently do the job with audio and video manufacturing. These blended with my little fiio amp give me astounding sound clarity and continue to keep my tunes to myself and not the rest of the office. Even when i actually crank them they maintain clarity and are hardly audible to everyone sitting down upcoming to me. I will be using them on my up coming vacation for peaceful airplane trips. They fit easily adequate to shell out eight hrs a day donning even though can get a little bit sweaty on very very hot days (but you are primarily donning earmuffs in the warmth. That’s predicted) they do need a preamp (if you’re obtaining the 250ohm versions) if you want to get the whole magic from them. I wouldn’t essentially propose the fiio but it will work and is transportable.

I browse a lot of testimonials of these in advance of i brought these, i was concerned as a whole lot of items i read explained that they have been a studio headphone and gave a very flat seem. On initial listening i wasn’t blown absent by a sudden realization that anything else i would listened to songs on was wildly inferior. Then immediately after a several much more hours of listening i started off to observe listening to factors i’d by no means seen prior to. No concerns about a flat seem (they just will not improve the bass up like other headphones may well), just stunningly obvious and abundant audio with loads of bass (i hear to a whole lot of bass songs and i didn’t discover any challenge with not possessing the bass boosted over it truly is normal amount). Definitely at ease to don for prolonged periods of time and despite the fact that the greater impedance does necessarily mean that they are a little quieter when employed with an ipod they are however beautifully usable (an amp would clear up this ‘problem).

Snug, fantastic bass, & you hear items in your tunes you earlier were being unaware that ended up there. Cuts out encompassing audio & has minimal audio leakage.Here are the specifications for the Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro Headphones:

  • Design: Closed, circumaural
  • Driver: Dynamic
  • Frequency range: 5 – 35.000 Hz
  • Impedance: 80 Ohm
  • Sensitivity: 96 dB

Never hesitate, these are perfectly worth it. You ought to be in the market for some instead pricey headphones if you are reading the evaluations right here about the beyerdynamics. You will have to be a music lover and one with an ear for good quality in sound. If i’m accurate listed here, you are on the right monitor with the dt770 pro and i urge you to cut this offer with amazon to exchange individuals coins and notes you’ve got saved – for these several hundred grams of plastic, fur, wires and metal – i are not able to consider in a million years that you will regret it. I had hardly ever created a evaluate on amazon prior to, but my astonishment at this product has remaining me with no selection but to test and share what i come to feel about my beyerdynamic dt770 pro headset. I felt morally / ethically (not certain which – perhaps the two?) obliged to demonstrate to you why this product must be in your basket and travelling convey velocity to your doorway. If i kept my mouth shut it would be unfair to you and to beyerdynamic very first to deprive you of getting to be the proprietor of the products and 2nd them of the sale. I’d be happy to come to feel that through my evaluate i’d attained both equally. To offer context to my review, i am just a common audio listener. I don’t perform in a studio or any of that things.

Initially of all i’d like to thank amazon for very brief delivery at no. Initially of all i’d like to thank amazon for very quick shipping and delivery at no additional price tag and second thank beyerdynamic for outstanding piece of tools. The earpads are very tender and flawlessly comfortable for long listening. The audio is excellent, broad stage, detailed and crisp and most of all the dynamic is one thing i was looking for, specifically when powered by decent stereo amplifier. Truthfully endorse them, if any just one is nevertheless hesitating, you will not regret any penny you have commit. If you detail how they will go on with mobiles i have plugged them (80ohms) into my samsung s5 and they continue to performed excellent, but would not propose them for out doorway use, except you genuinely have to -).

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Beyerdynamic DT770 32 ohm vs 80 ohm
  • Best Pro Headphones I’ve ever bought.
  • Absolutely Outstanding!
  • Stunning quality
  • Fantastic headphones!
  • If you’re doubting the £150 price tag, don’t. These are awesome

Superb construct high quality, even better seem. The initial factor you can discover acquiring these out of the box is just how analyze and perfectly-made these cans are. I have seen headphones at 2 times the price tag with half the construction high-quality of these. The earphones are sound plastic, with a strong steel frame connecting them collectively. A button-up leather-based go over shields the headband and they occur with a thick, prolonged cable. The ear pads are also quite cozy and isolate seem extremely nicely for a pair of headphones that really don’t have ‘noise-cancelling’. You immediately come to feel happy with on your own for obtaining a large top quality product. Then when it receives down to sound, they’re even much better. The 80ohm variation allows them to keep large volume on small driven gadgets and ought to be ample for most men and women. Set these via an amplifier however and they become even improved.

The headphones i’ve generally dreamed of owning. . These are the headphones which place so lots of several other manufacturers and can make to shame. I have been trying to find these phones, devoid of specially figuring out them, for several years and many years. None of this ‘burn ’em in and the seem will one day improve’ kerfuffle – possibly so, but these will astound your senses from the really 1st blissful times, when your ears satisfy the telephones that had been really designed to remember to all musical purists. I feel totally privileged to publish this evaluate, knowing that at very last() i have lastly found the phones i’ve been seeking and in search of phones with a wonderfully obvious, specific, open, shiny and exact sound-phase. I want to say ‘thank you so incredibly extremely pretty much’ to you other reviewers who took the time to get the secret out. It is really simply because of you that i am so pleased also to declare: ‘you’re certainly right’. I could operate out of metaphors for seem brilliance just producing about these phones – these types of is the utter joy i experience in getting found out the phones i always felt may well just exist, somewhere out there in this globe – but. The difficulty is – so several folks know accurate audio excellence when it hits them, and so. Sub-par telephones like these akg k451 foldable mini headset – black conclude up with a mass of ridiculous five/5 star critiques when certainly extraordinary telephones this kind of as these continue to be undiscovered by so lots of. Consider me, your ears require these phones like your lungs want mountain contemporary oxygen. I have a single of the most eclectic music preferences everyone could have and i’m acquiring these phones to be as fantastic as ideal listening product – no matter what genre. Then there is ‘made in germany’.

Bluedio T2S (Turbine 2 Shooting Brake) Bluetooth stereo headphones wireless headphones Bluetooth 4.1 headset on the Ear headphones Gift Package (White) – Too buy-one of the best on the market!

Incredible for music, not recommended gaming or video. . These have some of the best quality sound i’ve ever heard on something so affordable, and they’re amazingly comfortable. For anybody who only wishes to use these for music, buy them, right this second. However – if you’re a gamer, music producer, movie buff or anybody who needs instant response, these aren’t recommended as they have about half a second of latency. If you’re composing a song, you won’t hear your note until a half-second after you’ve played it. If you’re playing a fast-paced video game, you will notice lag between the action on screen and the sound effect. Films will have slight lip-sync issues. After listening to a bit of music and being absolutely blown away by these things, i tried with a video game and the lag was noticeable. ” i thought, “there’s an auxiliary cable in the box and 3.

This is a very good headphones. With built in equalizer so you can. Considering the price, this is a very good headphone. With built in equalizer so you can choose what type of sound you fancy, more bass, more treble or louder mid. Plus, it has more than 40 hours of battery life. I’ve been using my headphone two hours a day for more than a month now and i haven’t charge it yet since i first charged it.

For the money you won’t get any better, build quality excellent and good sound quality too. For the money you won’t get any better, build quality excellent and good sound quality too. Loud enough to bounce you ear drums.

This is from my eight year old – who bought these with her birthday money:***i think these are awesome, brilliant, they are comfortable and loud. They are also big and perfect, the lady kind of has a weird voice and she sounds a bit strange. ***from my perspective i can report that they came pre-charged and so worked out of the box – and they paired with my daughter’s hudl in about 5 seconds. In fact my only bluetooth issue is not with the headphones, but with the hudl (which keeps making itself non-visible, so you have to keep re-pairing with the headphones – but this isn’t the headphones fault. )i can report that there’s sufficient adjustment in the headstrap to fit comfortably over my daughter’s head and my own and that the cans do fit nicely over the ear. When the headphones are on but there’s no signal coming to them there’s a definite hiss, but that disappears as soon as the music/sound starts streaming from the device. My daughter reports she can’t hear what we’re saying to her once they’re in use – so sound exclusion is effective – they do also go extremely loud. Overall, for the money, really can’t fault them.

  • The one headphones you will ever need.
  • Full Review of the Bluedio T2S Wireless Headphones
  • Quality Bluetooth headphones at a bargain price
  • Impressive headphones.
  • Great value bar one little feature
  • For the money you won’t get any better, build quality excellent and good sound quality too

Bluedio T2S (Turbine 2 Shooting Brake) Bluetooth stereo headphones wireless headphones Bluetooth 4.1 headset on the Ear headphones Gift Package (White)

  • 1. Great Sound: Bluedio engineers have spent two years in creating T2S Ultra-big speaker, diameter up to 2.24 inches, trying to bring you the best music experience: rich and strong bass, crisp and clear highs.
  • 2. Cool Look: T2S, T is the abbr. for Turbine which we think can best stand for your endless passion and energy. And T2S is rotary, you can rotate the ear cup up to 195°, easy to carry and save more space.
  • 3. Bluetooth 4.1 Chip: It’s the latest Bluetooth chip, which can transmit data at high speed and bring you smooth music experience. And its low power ensures long lasting battery life: up to 40 hours continuous music time. Also it works well with most mobile phones like iPhone/HTC/Motorola/LG/Samsung…
  • 4. Comfortable to wear: Its ear cup and headband top are padded with sufficient foam and covered with soft leather. What you may not notice is that we have adjusted the headband, based on Ergonomics theory, to fit all head sizes.
  • 5. Bluetooth/Wired: T2S is not only a Bluetooth headset, but also a wired headset. With the included cable, you can still enjoy favorite music when the battery runs low.

This is my first bluetooth device and i had a few problems installing it. It connected to my ipad very quickly and i was impressed with the sound. I had more problems though connecting to the pc with windows 7, i also had to install the blue tooth dongle drivers and somewhere along the way i must have messed up because windows recognised there was a headset present but would not pair with it. Eventually i removed the headset from the list of known devices and rediscovered it. After that windows recognised it and i was able to make them my default audio device. I just pick them up and put them on, press the power on button and a voice says ‘power on. Device connected’ in my ear and i’m away. The sound is very good, the range seems to be in excess of twenty feet – after that i’m turning corners and walls get in the way, they are comfortable and the charge has lasted me for a full afternoon’s listening which is all i’ve needed up to now.

Quality bluetooth headphones at a bargain price. I had been looking for a bluetooth headphone for a while. As bose was way out of my price bracket i was looking more at the budget end of the market. After much research and deliberating i opted for these. These arrived on the given delivery day. From the moment you open the box these look and feel like a much more expensive item. The box these come in looks like some time has been spent designing it and the headphones first feel like quality with good padding on the ears and headband. Having used them for a couple of hours the other night i found them to be comfortable after i found the right adjustment for me. They were even comfortable when wearing glasses which some headphones i’ve tried in the past have not been. Now the important part, sound quality. These sound excellent on all music types ranging from linkin park, through simple minds and embrace and down to the softer sound of dido. The buttons for volume, on/off, and skip are easy to find and use. Also had no problems answering a call. £25 is a bargain for such a quality item.

Great value bar one little feature. For the money these headphones are really good. They are comfortable and fit perfectly round my ears and look really good too. The controls on the headphones are easily accessible and work just fine, instantly controlling poweramp on my note 3 with no set up needed. The headphones feature a female voice that speaks when you turn the headphones on/off, reach maximum volume, enable voice recognition features etc, i`m not really a fan of the voice, but it doesn`t really bother me as i don`t hear it in general use including when skipping tracks, changing volume etc. I guess it is more informative than just a beep which my older headphones just did. Sound wise the bass is lovely, nice and rounded, not at all overwhelming but has the impact i want from my dubstep, drum n bass and club music. The highs such as percussion is nice and crisp and detailed, more so than my previous headset. My only slight niggle with the audio is that mid range sounds could have done with being a little more sharper, but its no biggy, still fine and can be tweaked with an equalizer. The volume is just right, not to loud or quiet, and i get immersed in my music thanks to the headphones cutting out most of the noise around me.

Bluedio HT(Shooting Brake) wireless bluetooth 4.1 stereo headphones (Black) : Great but malfunctioning component

These are so very good they match beats but at a much a lot more very affordable. These are so superior they match beats but at a considerably far more affordable price. High quality is great both in seem and components , quick to use and set up , i seriously like the minor voice that tells you that you are connected and if the headphones are turned on or not. The battery previous ages on them and will not need to have long to entirely cost , if you want a good established a headphones and will not want to spend by the nose for them then i say these are certainly up your road , ive enable my mum of (fifty six) and brothers and mates who all concur on the top quality and they have all positioned their individual orders. Fantastic can not say how fantastic they are.

Good headphones for learners. I purchased these headphones soon after my bose headphones fell aside. Professionals:- bluetooth connects speedily and cable will come with it if the gadget doesnt have bluetooth- comfy- great volume and base- i have had them for just above a 7 days and nonetheless havent billed it up, the battery life is insane- variety, when using them in the library, i could stroll about to place garbage in the bin or fill up water bottle and the range wouldn’t disconnect, would stay it go ups to twenty five metrescons:- they dont fold up- sound leakage is undesirable if you put it to a loud volume- the microphone is alright, could see it not performing perfectly in a really occupied space.

Reasonable headphones with a decent array. I purchased this merchandise due to the fact i appreciated listening to audio from my notebook but a wire would regularly depart me experience limited. For the rate, i assumed i would choose a gamble. The headphones have very extended array. From my macbook air i can get about 20 ft absent devoid of the seem chopping. The pairing is effective but took a several makes an attempt when initially taken out from the box. This was likely owing to small battery energy having said that. The seem is truly superior taking into consideration the price tag. They are not the most effective headphones i individual, nevertheless for the price, you can not definitely complain. The audio is bass-major and highs are a small muddled, but they seem great and will excel with bass heavy audio.

Key specs for Bluedio HT(Shooting Brake) wireless bluetooth 4.1 stereo headphones (Black):

  • 1.Iconic powerful bass resonance of Bluedio: Unexpected 57mm ultra-large dynamic drivers, turbine style housing, with iconic Bluedio surging low-frequency shock, let you feel the bass resonate deep in the chest, enjoying the best sound quality. Clear and transparent bass, mids and highs, fully exposed to all the details of song, you can hear what the artists really want you to hear, Coldplay or Linkin Park concerts are simply playing around your ear.
  • 2.Ultra-long operation and carefree calling from Bluetooth 4.1: With robust high speed CPU of Bluetooth 4.1 operating system, comes with ultra-long 40 hours music, 45 hours talk and 1625 hours (around 67 days) standby time, the same battery, decrease up to 40% power consumption compare to Bluetooth 4.0. Acoustic echo cancellation and noise reduction effectively reduce ambient noise while talking, make far-end listener cannot hear what you said become history, just like talking face to face.
  • 3.Customized function: Audio Sharing allows you to connect to another H(Shooting Brake) headphone via audio cable, share music feast with your friends instantly(*recommended to use headphones with impedance of 32Ω or higher). Seamless connect two Bluetooth devices simultaneously, listen to music or enjoy foreign blockbusters, do as you think about it.
  • 4.Comfortable wearing: Custom fit supra-aural soft earmuffs, artificial protein leather of earmuffs simulated to human skin texture, ensure long lasting comfort in various rugged circumstances.
  • 5.Convenience: Just a plug with audio cable(*buy separately), then listen to your favorite tracks without using any battery, no matter how long is your playlist. H-turbine also incorporate 4 languages voice prompt(Chinese, English, French, Spanish), to communicate with you in your language.

Comments from buyers

“The bluetooth pairing with my phone was very easy, and so far have proved to work from , ?? Not pro but does the job, Fantastic product but be careful, Top recommendations. 5*, although bass and sound was really amazing for the price, My Best Buy of 2014”

Seem high quality + rate = buy now. I was wanting for a bluetooth headphones but there are way too high-priced and the reviews are not good, right until i observed this headphonesif you want a excellent quality / selling price invest in it nowgeneral aspectit’s snug in the ear and the sound good quality is incredibly fantastic, normally i use to listen edm, hip-hop, normally it is a songs with a substantial bass and the response in this stages is pretty superior. The microphone is in superior predicament but you should really talk a bit higher as typical, functions with skype and facetime on mac without the need of dilemma. It will come with a eq (go through the handbook, is also straightforward and uncomplicated). The trouble of this headphones could be the plastic, but if you are a very careful person, you you should not have any difficulty with that. Arrives with a handle for the songs, works in itunes, spotify and vox in my circumstance of use and quantity manage. 5mm jack and the charging mini-usb cable. Paringi paired with a mac mini, windows 7 notebook with a bluetooth adapter (four. ), ipad mini, xperia z1 and ps3 without having any dilemma in the procedure.

Excellent product or service but be watchful. I have not had these headphones really very long, but so much they are excellent. The top quality, in my impression, is extremely very good primarily contemplating the selling price. This is my to start with experience with bluetooth headphones and i will have to say that i am happy this is the product or service i went for. No difficulties with placing it up, takes significantly less than a moment to flip on gadget bluetooth and sync it up. I have used it with a samsung galaxy s3 mini, ipod third and 4th gen and has been as quick with all of them. I would say that it is relaxed but not for quite very long use, it could possibly just be that my ears are too huge but it feels a bit unpleasant just after an hour or so of use, but this is not a enormous issue. A person significant problem and why it is 4 stars is that the first pair i purchased broke within just a 7 days. The unit itself worked fantastic, nonetheless the power button became trapped and i was unable to change it on, which was a trouble. Although i was capable to return it for complete price and i purchased an additional as quickly as i got refund.

These headphones are awesome, sound good quality is fantastic and they are well worth each individual penny. What is even improved us bluedios customer assistance. I experienced a situation and emailed them at six. 30am and bought a response 5 minutes afterwards. Have encouraged them to everybody i know.

Ecandy tooth Wireless Over-ear Stereo Headphones Wireless/Wired Headsets : Great headphones

I introduced them for my 8 yr previous nephew for christmas he enjoys them, the charge lasts a several times for him, the seem quality actually excellent other loved ones members have introduced some now too cause there so superior.

These are superb headphones, wonderful bass and obvious not muffled. Completely well worth the price and i suggest you to get them.

Sound is great for the value. Truly get the job done nicely, sound is outstanding for the value. They maintain charge for early early morning film watching with no disturbing everyone else.

Not labored out how to use the radio correctly nonetheless but good headphones. . Acquired for my son he likes the notion of them folding up, not worked out how to use the radio effectively but but wonderful headphones.

These headphones represent good price and have been delivered instantly. Linked conveniently with my galaxy tab and the bluetooth link appears to be to enable me to go all-around the room with no any decline or dropout.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Well worth the money
  • Very stylish, affordable and sleek. Great option for those on a budget. Highly recommended.
  • Light n Loud! dependant on tunes?
  • Better than I expected
  • Good looking good soubd
  • Excellent headphones, we have paired these with our iPad

Quick and effortless to ‘pair’, superior seem high-quality. Not terrific if you have for a longer period hair as it tends to pull slightly at it when working and so on but pretty comfy and easy to use when looking at some thing on the ipad – which my niece has been doingreasonable excellent and prompt shipping, for static listening definitely value the dollars.

Purchased pair for myself land buddy appreciated them so muchshe’s acquiring a set off me for christmas.

Beats Solo2 On-Ear Headphones, I’ve fallen in love. There’s a lot of people who say this

1st impressions of these headphones?. The design and style and develop good quality are kit of this world with the glossy pink and robust rubber on the headband. These headphones ended up surely taken into massive thought before getting submitted as a remaining solution. The genuine seem excellent is incredible with awesome bass and crisp new music. Audio leakage is not negative and to simply call the remotetalk wire helpful would be an understatement. On the other hand, i individually at initially uncovered these headphones to out alot of stress on my ears and head. This dilemma did go immediately after a handful of times nevertheless my wars get truly warm when in these headphones. Also, i strongly advise not to pay attention on total volume as i encountered challenges when undertaking so.

I was sceptical about beats by dr. Dre but this headphones are the most effective detail since slice bread if you love your new music. It brings pleasure every time i use it and has built my weekly physical exercise considerably extra pleasurable, get ot and in no way think the idiots saying otherwise, worth all the dollars.

Beats Solo2 On-Ear Headphones – Blue

  • Updated acoustics for enhanced clarity
  • Streamlined lightweight design for improved comfort
  • Durable and compact folding design for easy portability
  • RemoteTalk cable for changing songs, adjusting the volume and taking calls
  • Premium earcup material helps dissipate heat and minimise sound leakage

A fantastic enhancement on their earlier offerings. You should see my unboxing / review below: https://www. Com/observe?v=ix03nyvseh4the beats solo two headphones are a excellent seeking and sounding headphone. Gone is the iffy establish quality and overly bassy audio of the authentic solos. The new design is sleeker and considerably less in-your-deal with than in advance of, the construct is a lot enhanced. The sound, even though nevertheless with loads of bass is a whole lot more well balanced which means these are suited to a better range of tunes instead than just hip-hop and r&b. Just would like they arrived with a tricky situation like the studios somewhat than the comfortable case which is pretty a tight match.

The wire that came with these beats has previously had a section drop off them. The shipping and delivery and genuine headphones were excellent but i’m pretty unhappy in this.

Definitely incredible high-quality, very pretty delighted with my headphones, a phrase of warning however, if you put the headphones on and the audio is only coming out of one aspect, swap the plugs close to the other way, i thought my initial pair were being damaged when recieved but i just experienced the wires plugged in the mistaken way round.

Beats Solo2 On-Ear Headphones – Blue : Much improved beats from the last ones. Very good headphones excellent sound i cant believe some people are saying there rubbish (as good as a cheap pair £10 headphones) what are they listening too. Okay a bit pricey but they look good and as i said excellent sound. Dont get put off by negative reviews on these solo beats 2 some people really dont have a clue.

Sennheiser M2IEi Momentum In Ear Headphones – Amazing sound. when you can get them to stay in your ear.

Now, you can invest a fortune on sounds-cancelling know-how if you want, but these do a fantastic task by the simple system of blocking noise from getting into your ear in the 1st spot. 3 diverse-sized rubber caps ensure that all people should really come across one particular that is snug, and i identified that the total shape of these headphones usually means they keep in the ear snugly. The audio is as i would anticipate, having owned sennheiser headphones for yrs. It is awesome a thoroughly clean, with out abnormal bass or other ‘production’ utilized to the sound. Listening to tv/motion pictures, the dialogue is distinct and crisp, and a assortment of audio from classical to rock appears punchy and very well-outlined. The more attributes are also fantastic:- the elliptically formed wires do appear to do a fantastic career in steering clear of excessive tangling. Probably not quite as superior as braided wires, but substantially greater than normal spherical types- the iphone distant will work nicely, with prime and base buttons for quantity up/down and a central button to fulfil all other functions. One, numerous or held presses giving access to enjoy, pause, forward/back one observe, or to response phone calls. – the headphones arrive with a neat, sq. formed box.

I have owned quite a few sennheiser earphones above the many years and kind of know what to anticipate. These get the job done very well with my iphone and present fantastic sound, the buil good quality appears a bit better than what i’ve had right before.

8 months in the past i bought some dr dre beats earphones (£80) and the audio high quality was wonderful. But they saved breaking each and every thirty day period, so unreliable. So i assumed to give yet another brand a go and im glad i did, sennheiser are the ideal earphone/headphone producer for reliability and sound high-quality.

  • Full Review: Sennheiser Momentum M2-IEG In-Ear Headphones
  • An all-round performer!
  • Good quality phones woth just one or two niggles
  • Excellent performance, can show up limitations of MP3 as a music source
  • this is due to sonys noise cancellation and the five pole jack that being said the headphones sounded very good and i would reco
  • So after approx 3 months of owning these I can honestly say they are the best IN EAR headphones I have ever tried or owned

Not snug at all although as none of the ‘ear sleaves’. Not comfortable at all though as none of the ‘ear sleaves’ match adequately and they drop out my ears a large amount. Sad to say, relaxed types from my prior sennheisers do not in shape. I are unable to see me bothering to persist with these for far too prolonged. Am now wanting for one thing much better.

Audio is very dazzling, dynamic and punchy.

Features of Sennheiser M2IEi Momentum In Ear Headphones for Apple iPhone – Black Chrome

  • Personalised fit directly into the ear canals (ear adapters in different sizes included)
  • 3-button in-line remote with an integrated mic, optimised for Samsung Galaxy and Android devices
  • Personalised fit directly into the ear canals (ear adapters in different sizes included)
  • Elliptical cable for a tangle-free listening experience
  • Convenient premium carrying case included

Right after waiting an age for these to convert up (no fault of amazon – sennheiser ended up late bringing these to industry) i have to say i was underwhelmed in quite a few strategies. First of all, they appear a little bit plasticky, even though i couldn’t fault the create top quality. They are very well created, but to me don’t glimpse like £80 earphones. Then i uncovered the healthy a little bit challenging, eventually settling on the most significant buds, which gave a superior seal, but i uncovered them uncomfortable. Once again, this is most likely a lot more to do with my ears than the sennheisers. I had lots of opinions on the internet and was ready for these to have a bass bias, which is legitimate, they do. The bass is superb for these compact gadgets, but i felt it was at the price of anything else. If you like bass orientated audio, i would even now advise you test these.

I acquired this a when ago and i haven’t appreciated until i not long ago dropped them, which i requested them once again straight absent. The audio top quality is fantastic and there is almost full cancellation of ambient sounds. There is also extremely small sound leaked out of the headphones so you can have them in full pace and no-a single around you will detect. The bass levels seize pretty much all the lowest frequencies the songs can aid building your ear experience it will explode. The seem of music is crystal clear offering you the sense you can pay attention to every solitary melody the songs has. The price tag is a bit large for in-ear headphones but you is not going to pass up nearly anything all about the ear headphones has to provide. There is snug fit and extended cable earning them your greatest resource for a for all kind of situations.

tooth Headphones Anear Stereo Wireless tooth Earbuds – Fantastic Headphones

Effortless set up, relaxed and excellent clarity of audio. . Uncomplicated established up and great clarity of sound. These headphones match easily in just the inner ear, do not change around and do not feel heavy to wear. Remarkable product or service and wonderful worth for income. I was offered this merchandise at a discounted price for my impartial overview in return.

Truly disappointment things. To be sincere i am pretty upset though i acquired this bluetooth earphone. From the pictures it is said the earphones will come with a box,even so,it is wrapped up truly poorly with only a plastic tiny bag. And i have been employing it for months,i uncovered that you will need to cost it pretty frequently due to the fact the battery would not last as long as what it is described right here. Will purchase an additional a single alternatively for sure.

I walked about 15 ft right before i missing connection. Terrific for the gym as i stored acquiring my twine stuck on the equipment.

  • and the standby time is great as well
  • The sound clarity is best and so is the bass
  • Headphones were delivered very quickly and came in perfect condition. They are mostly good
  • Really disappointment stuff
  • Its a very nice headphones with good grip on the ears and effective
  • Pretty good for a great price

Obtained these for the other half to use at the gym, he says that they have great audio and are genuinely comfortable when in the ear and they really don’t continue to keep slipping out. Seriously simple to established up and brief to demand. We would advise to other folks.

The sound clarity is most effective and so is the bass. The anear bluetooth speaker is the yet another pair of headset i have purchased in the previous a single yr. The seem clarity is greatest and so is the bass. I experienced no problem in connectivity and on ios system it even demonstrates the battery proportion. The only situation with the headphones is that they are massive in sizing as in comparison to its sleak style and design but however if you are hunting for bluetooth headphones, i think these will be the greatest alternative.

Features of Bluetooth Headphones Anear Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds for Sport Running Gym Exercise Sweatproof CVC 6.0 Noise-Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Earphones W/Microphone Compatible with iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5 5c 5s 4 and Android–Black & Green

  • True Anear Tech — Our Anear bluetooth headphones defines elegance and functionality, and are equipped with bluetooth 4.0 + EDL in headphones 60% than the wireless competition + CVC 6.0 intelligent noise cancelling
  • Pure Sound In-ear — With functional user interface, ergonomic earbuds design, sweat-proof, and a 10-meter working distance, our bluetooth headphones offering hours of pure enjoyment through a variety of activities.
  • Universal Device Compatibility — Anear headphones are compatible with most bluetooth-enabled devices & apps. An innovative one-to-two technology allowing the headphones to connect two devices at the same time.
  • Simple-to-use — Control all functions of music (volume, sound, song selection) and calls the last dial number from phone on the headphones directly. Up to 5 hours of talk / playing time and 145 hours standby time
  • Package Contents — Anear wireless headphones, user manual, charging cable and earbuds.

Excellent is great more than enough and comes with many ear piece rubbers to. Dont be fooled by the photograph. These are not the kind that are ‘stiff’ and wrap round your neck that can be purchased. Good quality is excellent adequate and comes with many ear piece rubbers to in shape unique lug holes. Swift shipping and delivery would buy again.

Battery doesn’t previous extended even when absolutely billed, won’t be able to pay attention to a whilehole album. But high-quality of audio and the appear of the ear telephones are excellent.

Betron B-25 Noise Isolating in Ear Canal Headphones Earphones : Pure Sound, Durable!

A spending plan pair that experienced a wonderful sound for just pennies. This is my 2nd pair of betrons and they’re really worth every penny. I hadn’t read of them until finally i observed the pair i purchased a couple of many years back on amazon, a price range pair that experienced a fantastic sound for just pennies. So i thought i’d see what a far more upmarket pair sounded like, and i wasn’t dissatisfied. Whole, rich bass that won’t overwhelm the treble and mid-variety frequencies (but it could if you wanted to turn up the bass on your equaliser). Even extra remarkable, the center is obvious and the greater frequenceies have a sweet excellent that complemnts the rest. The fact that you get this sort of a fantastic dynamic range is worth them oney by yourself, but you are going to like the general equilibrium and tone as properly. If they experienced braided cable like my bocas, i’d be even happier.

Great merchandise, outstanding client care. Obtaining had this product or service for a pair of months i can actually say that this is 1 of the ideal ear phones i have experienced the enjoyment of possessing. It is lightweight and strong, imparting superb sound quality to the different types of tunes i hear to. And in this article comes the plot twist, although i experienced been quite cautious managing these, they did eventually acquire a fault. Which i was ok with, understanding that i didn’t invest that substantially revenue on them. But, when i contacted betron consumer support, they were pretty beneficial and offered to swap them for absolutely free. I am glad to say that i have just obtained my new pair today (thursday), right after acquiring in touch with them at the begin of the 7 days (monday). Absolutely a manufacturer really worth sticking to.

I only use earphones like this now and once more since continuous usage makes a wax establish up thats pretty much vandalism. Sound fantastic when i do tho and these small babys are benefit for funds. Stick riders on the storm on just prior to operate.Here are the specifications for the Betron B-25 Noise Isolating in Ear Canal Headphones Earphones:

  • Betron B-25 Earphones will deliver deep bass and crystal clear acoustics from 9mm High Definition speaker driver. Optimised for MP3, iPad, iPod, iPhone and portable media players
  • B-25 sleek earphones feature Noise isolating technology that will allow you to flow in your world of Music
  • Ear adapters in different sizes for excellent ear canal fit and ambient noise attenuation. 3 Noise isolating earbuds are included SMALL / MEDIUM / LARGE
  • Pure sound and powerful bass. Cable Length 1.2 meters
  • B-25 earphones will bring your music to life. High powered dynamic speaker systems for an outstanding audio performance

I am a classical audio supporter the trouble when i pay attention on the movethe tender music is drowned out by targeted visitors noisei have not discovered any earphone that can end thisuntil betron. They are superbsuper at cutting exterior noisethe sound and graphic of the orchestra is greatthese earplugs are just about as excellent as entire body headphonessuper high-quality super pricethe very best earphones i have at any time boughtif you want excellent purchase betroni will normally acquire them from now on.

More than the several years i have purchased near to two dozen in-ear headphones, a great deal of the time from amazon, and 4 moments of out 5 they have been a title like sony or sennheiser. I purchased these primarily based on the evaluations and upon their arrival and sticking these suckers in my ears i am *very* impressed. I like a large wide range of tunes and hear to a ton of spoken word/podcasts. From the clarity in my most recent audible obtain, to the sheer depth of the bass and instrumentation in a bunch of dance electronica, and an aged non-digitally increased morrissey album, these conquer headphones i’ve tried using at 3 times the price tag – palms down. I also turned the volume up high and pulled the phones out to examination the noise bleed and isolation. Passed that test as well with traveling colors. I would hugely advocate these telephones, even if they were not as inexpensive as they are.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great value for money at this price!
  • Fantastic Earphones! High Quality, Sturdy, Premium and Affordable and even better with Betrons Memory Foam earbuds.
  • Heavy, clear bass and crisp and clear sound quality.
  • The best in ear headphones I have ever bought!
  • Great sound, Nice feel
  • Crazy quality. Price irrespective.

Trendy, good, and simple. . They distort somewhat when you access the high notes, having said that the bass and high-quality of seems for midtones would make up for it. Would advise for somebody who wishes a fantastic looking pair of headphones and first rate high-quality of tunes listening. I will update this review right after a several months use to give it a closing rating.

The very best invest in i’ve designed on amazon. I have acquired these four instances now. Not for the reason that they crack, but since i’m an fool and misplaced the very last a few. I came back to the exact same pair once more and all over again, and have encouraged to so many people as perfectly. In limited, these are the finest price for cash headphones on the market. The sound excellent is excellent, the suit is relaxed and i like the gold – even it is a little bit garish. The wire will not genuinely tangle, they are very long adequate to plug into anything at all (but not far too long). Also, the shipping and delivery is excellent and the company just would seem truly nicedon’t concern oneself.

Beats Solo2 On-Ear Headphones – Best headphones I’ve ever used

Much improved beats from the previous ones. Incredibly good headphones excellent seem i cant imagine some people are indicating there garbage (as superior as a low cost pair £10 headphones) what are they listening far too. Ok a little bit expensive but they glimpse excellent and as i explained exceptional seem. Dont get put off by negative testimonials on these solo beats 2 some persons genuinely dont have a clue.

A terrific improvement on their preceding choices. Make sure you see my unboxing / critique in this article: https://www. Com/view?v=ix03nyvseh4the beats solo two headphones are a great looking and sounding headphone. Long gone is the iffy create good quality and extremely bassy sound of the primary solos. The new design is sleeker and fewer in-your-confront than in advance of, the create is considerably improved. The audio, although nevertheless with a lot of bass is a ton additional balanced meaning these are suited to a greater variety of new music relatively than just hip-hop and r&b. Just wish they came with a challenging scenario like the studios rather than the comfortable circumstance that’s fairly a restricted in good shape.

Let me get started with indicating this:pretty high-priced, seem is not as good as it ought to be for the selling price. More affordable fewer trendy headphones can seem greater for absolutely sure. They are a minimal restricted on your ears so they can commence to damage a minimal or get sweaty. Really don’t get me improper, they do sound superior and they are pleasant seeking headphones but you could get a greater headphones if you are seeking for a superior audio good quality with more cost-effective rate.

  • Just love these headphones
  • My grandson is ‘angling’ for me to give him these. But I’m keeping them for myself!
  • Best headphones I’ve ever used
  • Great for noise cancellation and base
  • Gorgeous headphones, great sound!
  • Beats Solo Headphones

Terrific for sound cancellation and base. Fantastic for sounds cancellation and base. Not so superior for convenience more than very long periods of time. You get what you pay back for in comparison to beats studios.

Definitely fantastic when they get the job done, whilst sent two pairs back again because tunes stopped actively playing on one particular aspect, 3rd pair looks do be executing the trick. Quite excellent for men and women who like emphasised bass. 3 stars for the defective products. Despite the fact that amazon have been variety sufficient to obtain and deliver a new pair absolutely free of cost working with their key support.

Features of Beats Solo2 On-Ear Headphones – Pink

  • Updated acoustics for enhanced clarity
  • Streamlined lightweight design for improved comfort
  • Durable and compact folding design for easy portability
  • RemoteTalk cable for changing songs, adjusting the volume and taking calls
  • Premium earcup material helps dissipate heat and minimise sound leakage
  • Note:Do not wrap the cable of the device too tightly as this may cause damage to internal components.

Its a fantastic merchandise, have had it for almost a thirty day period and no signals of wear. On the other hand sound top quality doesnt feel like its truly worth the price tag tag, can not be when compared to the studio 2.

Beats, the greatest sound ever and amazon usually best.

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