7dayshop Aero Freedom Active Noise Cancelling tooth 4, Don’t pay more – get these!

Perform excellent on flights (which i especially got them for) but not up to the medical noise cancelling good quality of significant conclusion types clearly. You fork out for what you get, and you get great high-quality and price for dollars with these, for this reason the 5 stars. If you involve deathly silence nc quality, or are of an insecure nature and want a branded logo on the cups then look else where and shell out the named brand costs. Useful, cozy, and inexpensive.

Forget about bose, sennheiser, etc. For a portion of a selling price you will get great tunes quality, seamless bluetooth pairing, a incredibly fantastic noise-cancelling means, very long battery daily life, and final but not minimum, high-excellent, sturdy make as properly as a absolutely free carrying scenario. Genuinely the only issue that is missing here is a effectively-recognised brand name title symbol, if not this set of headphones is trully superb.

7dayshop Aero Freedom Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Headphones Headset with Mic for Handsfree

  • Really stunning studio stereo sound quality with large HQ 40mm driver speakers to ensure a really solid bass and detailed treble, get lost in the music and immerse yourself in your audio with these amazing value headphones.
  • The powered active noise suppression/isolation technology system reduces incoming noise to an absolute bare minimum (reduction of up to 85%) and will provide improved listening quality with less user distractions. Ultra comfortable and super soft ear pads also provide good in/out noise insulation too, just wearing them is a revelation! Especially ideal for noisy environments like aeroplanes, trains, public transport and even busy workplaces etc.
  • High power built in intelligent rechargeable battery with overcharge protection, lasts more than enough for a long haul flight (see listening time below) Bluetooth 4.1 Enabled, using the very latest high quality CSR APTX 4.1 Chipset for 4G Ready high fidelity cable free listening, for older devices it uses the standard 3.5mm headphone jack (Works without charge)
  • Perfect for travel, the comfortable faux leather padded ear cans rotate inward 90 degrees so the headphones will store in a case (included – see contents list below) and so will take up less space upon storage/traveling.Can be used Wirelessly or with the included Cable.
  • HANDS FREE MIC BUILT IN,Will work and connect with your Apple iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini, iPods, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia Lumia, HTC, Sony Xperia, Google Nexus, Motorola, Tablets, PC Computer and Laptop etc. Built in Microphone for hands free calls, (Will show battery level in IOS 8 and above).It is worth noting that not all Bluetooth Dongles & Devices are compatible with Audio products and you should check your Bluetooth device’s manual first. Some PC’s and laptops running Windows operating systems may need special software to use the A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) technology that Bluetooth Audio Devices use. We recommend always using a Bluetooth 4.0 or higher dongle to avoid any problems with older Bluetooth versions and help avoid incompatibility issues.

Tremendous top quality, excellent audio & noise cancelling, awesome price. There are only two items lacking from these headphones:one. A extravagant brand / brand on the outside2. Comes is a tremendous protective semi-hard case.

It has noise cancellation that is effective very best with reduced frequency motor seem (like planes and trains). It has noise cancellation that is effective ideal with very low frequency motor audio (like planes and trains) and alright audio excellent. They are comfertable to put on and the build quality is superior than cheap, but not a pair of bose. The bluetooth link is practically ineffective and there is lacking in the audio. The handsfree operate is totally ineffective and what you get is just mumbling in the recievers conclude. So if you must invest in the less costly solution with out handsfree and use the wire for audio transmission. But what can you expect for that price tag ?.

Of system, for this form of value, can we definitely be expecting perfection?. For the price, i suppose this is an previously mentioned solution. My problems are with a couple of of the fundamentals that possibly need to have been sorted ahead of leaving the factory:the mic only at times will work and most individuals i called – when linked to possibly my cellphone or my mac – could scarcely listen to me. The noise cancelling, as observed by other reviewers, is not as fantastic as bose. My real problem is that when the element is enabled, the tunes bass drops out almost fully and the treble goes way up. On the in addition facet, the situation is exceptional and battery daily life adequate for a prolonged flight.

7dayshop Aero Freedom Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Headphones Headset with Mic for Handsfree : Like bose but cheaper, great product. . Very good, are a bit of a rip off of the £200+ bose headphones, so they are very cheap feeling in comparison to the real deal, but actually very pleased with them for the price. Sound is good, comfort is great, and they stay in place without being uncomfortable. Travel/storage case included, which has some handy wires and connections inside. I would recommend these, but the only downside that i have found is the fwd rev and play/pause buttons are a bit “low profile” making them a little fiddly, unless you wear them enough to get used to the buttons. Maybe more dainty hands would make them better, but still ok for man hands if you take care.

tooth Headphones : A Very Nice Pair of Phones with a Very Nice Quality Feel to Them.

High-quality earphones with a extremely very good sound.  these are nice earphones, i am delighted with them, specifically the sound. The sound by these is very very good. It truly is crystal clear, no cackles or distortions, the treble is high-quality (not tinny), and the bass is smooth and visible. They are noticeably light-weight to don, incredibly comfortable, and the earhooks make sure that they will not slide out. They have a high-quality feel about them. Setting up for bluetooth was quick and uncomplicated and the controls are ideally found on the correct earphone. They have the regular volume up and down, keep track of selection, and mic. The battery is a lithium-poly so the charge is exceptionally superior. The box includes usb charging direct, diverse sized buds, plus a neat minimal pouch to preserve them in.

The best of a dozen i have analyzed. I have analyzed lots of various makes of these. This is the most high priced costing from 25% to 300% much more than the other folks. If you want a more affordable one you will do fine. I have found them all outstanding and good ample that, once you have experimented with 1, you will never ever go back to the outdated variety. But this a single is much better significantly in the actual physical style which is essential as the various types range in ease and comfort and in how very well they stay in. This 1 has an strange approach of being in your ear – a skinny adaptable plastic arm hangs about the back of the ear. This is the next time i have observed this technique (the other is here) and it is in my look at the finest design and style, being in more securely and easily than all of the some others i have tried. If it feels not comfortable, experiment with the way it sits all over and in the ear.

Great excellent quick to established up and use a lot more than value for funds.

Key specs for Bluetooth Headphones, Liger BLAZE Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Earbuds Noise Cancelling, Secure Fit and SweatProof – Superb Sound with Mic – Wireless Bluetooth Headset Earphones Great for Running, Gym, Exercise…:

  • COMFORTABLE: Light-Weight and Sweat Proof. As light as 18 grams. Never a burden to the ears. Rubber coating is comfortable to touch and wear, soft and skin friendly. With ergonomic design, ear hooks and rotatable earbuds makes the headsets fit your ear perfectly.Along with their rubber coating, these headsets hardly cause foreign body sensation when wearing. Friction been reduced to minimum on condition that the earbuds can fit in ears firmly when doing sports.
  • HD SOUND: Perfectly transfer HD music. Super sound performance. Built-in microphone. Detailed voice instructions to guide you for easy using.
  • EASY CHARGE: Built-in rechargeable Lithium-poly battery. Can last up to 7 hours while listening to music or talking on the phone. This powerful rechargeable battery has up to 180 hours of standby time.
  • CALL FUNCTIONS: Built-in Microphone. Picking up and hanging up phone calls. In standby mode, double-click the MF button, can redial your last call. HD SOUND: Perfectly transfer HD music. Super sound performance. Built-in microphone. Detailed voice instructions to guide you for easy using.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Comes with the recently updated Bluetooth 4.1 with enhancements in coexistence, better high quality connections, and improved faster data transfer. Bluetooth 4.1 allows devices to reconnect automatically when they are in proximity of one another.

Comments from buyers

“Brilliant Sound Quality, Perfect for running, The sound quality and comfort of these bluetooth earphones is so good that even I can be converted to over-ear fixing., I feel like 5 stars doesn’t do this justice, Comfortable fit, great sound, Absolutely brilliant for running”

These are the additional top quality bluetooth earphones provided by this manufacturer, and you can explain to from the moment you hear to everything, the bases and treble is perfect even without having an eq thoroughly set up. It also has a depth in the sound which i’m utilised to in a lot more high-priced earphones like bose in ears. The two items i do not like about these earphones is the ear grip or whatver it can be identified as, it does it truly is position in the way of the earphones will not likely slide out of your ear, but it can get uncomfortable at times. Also the quantity controls are on the earphone itself which i have no issue with, it truly is the measurement of the buttons which i don’t like. When compared to other earphones in this rate assortment, aimed at runners i might decide on these more than any. The sound high-quality is astonishing for this selling price variety. Disclaimer: i was despatched this merchandise in trade for a assessment.

I assume i located what i wanting for. I have compact ear canal and all those headphones are incredibly at ease, and not falling each and every 2nd.

Reassuringly top quality headphones. Was at first all keyed up to obtain beats pb ii but did some research at last moment and learned these beauties. Original impression: wowthey fit like a glove, no opportunity of them falling out when shifting about in the gym (most important spot they will be employed). Nicely packaged, paired easily with my apple iphone, and most likely for my employs just one true nice attribute is the involved mesh bag for storing them in when not in use (will are living in gym bag generally, so this will quit them getting caught and tangled in the bag). All this and for approx 1/three price tag of amazons lowered selling price for beats pb ii’sto all those bemoaning £40 staying as well highly-priced i assume to me this is incredibly obviously a top quality solution. Joyful to have paid out what i paid out for these. Will revisit in a handful of months and update on how they maintain up to 4x a wk in the gym.

Mpow® Swift Stereo Wireless tooth 4 – Great sound and cool looking

Just tested these on the treadmill running for 37 minutes and only had to make one adjustment right from the start. They stayed in the ears the rest of the time with no fallout issues. Sound quality was good, nice and bassy how i like it. If you’re looking for some bluetooth headphones that don’t cost an arm and a leg and provide decent sound quality then consider investing in these.

Impressive sound quality, great value for money. When this item arrived i wasn’t expecting that much from a wireless headset for such a price (listed on amazon as £14. But actually now i’m totally impressed changing my mind about the whole concept of buying an affordable wireless earbuds headset. During the time used (now 12 days)1- sound: crisp clear and it wins over the one comes with the phones (i’m using a galaxy s4 and an iphone 6). You can feel the beats of the music and tweeting trebles. 2- connectivity: straight forward process for pairing to a single device, and impressive ability of connecting to a second device at the same time. 3- range: covers the house and the gyme hall so you can listen to the music leaving your phone battery to be refilled. 4- mount: it can be used simply with the ear pod tips on only when in office and even in minimum movement, but you’ll need to use one of the ear cushions or crescent shaped hooks already provided in different sizes.

Good device but not without flaw. I reviewed these earphones in conjunction with the mpow cheetah, http://www. The performance of the two was not entirely different but there were some notable exceptions. My first thought on opening was, “how are these going to stay in my ears?. And until i realised there were extra parts to slip over the earbuds which wedge themselves a little better in your ear i really couldn’t get them to stay. Those wedges do their job to be fair and it takes a fair bit of shoogling for the earbuds to eventually slip out. I’m no runner but i’d be wary about using these whilst running. Pairing the device to my android phone (oneplus one) was a dawdle and connection on powering up is virtually instantaneous taking 3-5 seconds from first holding the multi-function button. A polite voice notifies your ear that it has powered on and straight away that you’re then connected. Initially i had thought getting used to controlling the device via 3 buttons (multifunction, volume up, volume down) would take some time to master but it’s actually fairly intuitive once your mind works out where each button actually is and answering/ending calls and skipping music tracks etc quickly becomes second nature. A small annoyance is that the volume of the earphones is separate to the bt volume on the phone so i invariably find i have to adjust the volume when first putting them on as the volume on my phone has wandered about. The increments on the earphones are also a little large so occasionally i find i need to adjust both the headset and the phone to find the most comfortable level.

Great value for money product – does what it says on the tin :). Love my new wireless headphones. I can workout (or clean the house) without being attached to my ipad or annoying the neighbours :-)range isn’t great – if i move to another room / move too far from my ipad the reception becomes a bit patchy but it’s a huge improvement on having to carry it around with me. Sound quality is great – far better than my wireless mini speaker, all round great value product.

  • Great set of ear phones!!
  • Great headphones!
  • Perfect for outdoor activities
  • Perfect fit, never fall out, and surprisingly excellent quality sound!
  • Excellent bluetooth headphones for the price.
  • A great set of headphones at this price!

Mpow® Swift Stereo Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Sport Earphones Running Headphones Headset with Mic Hands-free Calling and AptX for iPhone 6s , 6s Plus, 6, 6 Plus, 5 5c 5s 4s ipad, LG G2, Samsung Galaxy S6 S5 S4 S3 Note 3 and Other Android Cell Phones, Black

  • Mpow Brand Certified: Top-Brand Bluetooth Accessories for Smartphones.
  • With bluetooth 4.0 with apt-X tech, the Swift headphones ensure high-fidelity stereo music and clear speech via Noise reduction.
  • Strong Wireless Signal: you can enjoy skip-free music in a 10-meter working distance, even if use your music devices left/right side, above/below waist.
  • Exercise-proof design guarantee 100% Stable and Comfortable when exercising, running, climbing, driving, skating,camping, fishing and other outdoor sports. Small,medium and big size earhooks included.
  • Universally compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled phones.And built-in extra-long battery allows up to 5-hour talking/playing time and 185-hour standby.

Great sound and cool looking. Please note i was sent this item by the seller. Soundthe most important factor in my decision on purchasing headphones. Well i have to say these headphones really impressed me, i was previously using soundmagic e10 headphones and these are definitely on par. At high volumes sound does not breakup and at lower volumes it is crisp and clear. Looks and build qualityi thought the headphones where built very well, not heavy at all and looked cool, i was sent the black and blue version. They came packaged with some spacers for better ear fit and replacement ear buds, the only gripe here was that they did not come with a matching pouch for storage and care but not a big deal. Occasionally you will hear the connecting cable bouncing against you as you walk / workout, that’s to be expected when the headphones loosen from your ears through activity (working out, running etc.

Well impressed again with mpow . Great headphonesthe quality of these headphones is excellent. They are made from a solid plastic and really feel very high quality and solid, they also include sets of earbuds which can be fitted so that they can be used in all different sized ears comfortably. Sound quality is good, nice and with deep bass, i have to admit-i own a pair of sennheiser earphones, but the sound from mpow swift headphones is better. It is very well packaged, as every mpow product i own. In the box: 3 different sizes of ear plugs, micro usb to usb to charge the headphones and user guide, which i didn’t read as this is really simple straight forward product to set up. The battery life is really good, around 5 hours, and the charging time is 2 hours. You can also make and receive calls via the headset and, when calling, your voice is clear with no interference. Also skip a song or go back to the previous one, without the need to take your phone out of your pocket, which i found very handy. Overall, i am very happy with the headphones, good value, very nice sound quality.

 full disclosure: i was given this product in exchange for a fair and honest review. ———————————————————————————–i was not really expecting too much from this headset when i saw the small box it arrived. The minimal but secure packaging made me wonder what would be inside and having tried out many budget bluetooth headsets with mixed results i was not optimistic. Cleverly packaged in the little box aside from the headset itself there was a small but easy to read and well designed user guide, 3 eartips (small, medium, large), 1 usb to micro-usb charge cable, 2 indoor leisure fit stabilizers, 3 outdoor sport fit stabilizers. The build quality throughout seems very good, with a shiny but tough plastic build, and i was impressed too by the heavy duty tangle free flat cable used to link the earpieces. Pairing, as with most bluetooth headsets these days, was quick and easy all the more thanks to the english voice status confirmation alerts. Once paired it was time to test the sound quality and here is where this headset really shone. I was genuinely surprised by the sound quality. The bass was punchy, clear and distortion free and possibly the best i have encountered on an in-ear headset design, yes, dr dre’s included. Mid and upper tones were equally as good – precise, clean, well defined and free from both the muddiness that blights many budget headsets and the harsh sibilance that plagues the worst of them. What an eye opener, or should i say, an ear opener. Using the headset was less impressive. No worse than other similar headsets but no innovations either.

Betron B750s Earphones Headphones, Decent Set of Headphones

Most effective earphones for the price. I can not inform you how good these headphones are for the value, they are the exact if not much better than my sennheiser cx 3. which expense a lot more than three periods the price of the b750s. These earphones are created of aluminium which presents them a pleasant high quality experience and they have a high high quality flat cable with minimal microphonics. The flat cable also would make it in close proximity to extremely hard to get them tangled, the incorporated velvet pouch will help to preserve them wonderful and tidy as well. The bass is extremely distinct and punchy the moment you obtain the correct sized earbud(which there are plenty of) and the treble is high, however some may not like this. The mids are very good and the highs sound superb, more tweaking with an equalizer and these blow any earphones underneath £30 out of the drinking water. They are lightweight which i discovered pleasant as i can use them although operating and they do not tumble out. They are open backed as they have a little small hole, this makes them sound even better, it can be as if you are sitting down in a reside orchestra.Isolation is very good with these but can be enhanced by purchasing memory foam earbuds.

Products is brilliant, the value is an extra reward. This merchandise surpasses in effectiveness of a lot more high priced branded earphones, and you get the further operation of in-line microphone/volume and reply button. The product or service comes with its possess carry pouch together with a multitude of buds to suite any ear size (6 unique sizes in full).

Betron B750s Earphones Headphones, High Definition, in-ear, Tangle Free, Noise Isolating , HEAVY DEEP BASS for iPhone, iPod, iPad, MP3 Players, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia, HTC, Nexus, BlackBerry etc (Black with Volume Control and Mic)

  • Sound Isolating Earphones, Headphones with Strong bass-driven stereo sound
  • Excellent passive attenuation of ambient noise
  • Ideal for use will all MP3, iPod, iPhone, DVD and CD players, and portable gaming systems
  • Tangle Free, Flat cable with VOLUME CONTROL and MIC
  • Symmetrical cable, 1 Year Warranty, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Positives: they are really superior, bass is really superior, sound is really loud would not do frustrating frizzing when turned up in volume, it has unique ear bud sizes. All rounded earphones which are quite outstanding for what it appears to be like from pics as it appears to be like very unprofessional but it does truly sense fairly excellent when you get it. The box is pretty hideous to me but i like the red velvet seeking have situation factor. And yeah i got these as a inexpensive backup and they have exceeded my expectations as i did want a whole lot of bass and high definition seem which i bought. Negatives: really frustrating to set different ear buds on, veryyyy frustrating i can not make clear how very long it took to set a single on but nicely it fits which is all i can say. And the way it isn’t really review on the ear for out and about even with the most significant ear bud. But meh it is good and you can stay with it. In general: it truly is pretty excellent and for the selling price you can not go mistaken, i am positive you will find hundreds of earphones out there but this 1 of the excellent kinds as it truly has some excellent to it, never let the packaging idiot you, it feels awesome when you choose it out. Thanks for studying :) – any questions?.

I will be absolutely a hundred% genuine with you:flaws:- packaging isn’t good, but who cares it truly is just packaging. – bag it arrives with is of mediocre high quality, but truly isn’t critical. In fact, it is wonderful they involved this at this kind of a low pricegood things:- comes with an astounding plethora of various ear buds.Amazing- fantastic and minimal structure. No overbearing indulgences, purely the basic principles. – terrific anti-tangle cablessound:- pretty loaded and deep bass. I am uterlly surprised a pair of headphones can deliver bass of a high-quality that can compete with my sound procedure. – crispy highs and warm and comprehensive mids. – a lot more or much less totally audio evidence, no one can listen to what you happen to be listening tooverall:these headphones are remarkable.

Low cost but give fantastic functionality. I don’t have any feedback as to longevity nevertheless, but am amazed with the general sound good quality and the audio isolation. What i identified is that the buds that arrived attached as standard (the medium form) fitted my remaining ear but not the suitable, so i ended up switching the appropriate medium bud for the significant dimensions and then i realized a fantastic ‘seal’ to match the still left aspect. This is the important to having fantastic audio from all these isolating sort headhphones i consider. For me, when the earphones are in, if you give every 1 a gentle tap, you should get a kind of inner bass type thud that tells you you have a deep in good shape, if not it really is not fitted effectively. Also, if you hum, it should really audio truly amplified to you. I like the sturdy appropriate angle jack which sits flush and out of the way when i have them plugged into my mp3 participant so you will not have an troublesome guide prodtruding out of what ever these are connected also. Overall, a low-priced, but excellent sounding pair of headphones that has a quite first rate lower conclusion sound to them.

Betron B750s Earphones Headphones, High Definition, in-ear, Tangle Free, Noise Isolating , HEAVY DEEP BASS for iPhone, iPod, iPad, MP3 Players, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia, HTC, Nexus, BlackBerry etc (Black with Volume Control and Mic) : Excellent sound quality from ear bud headphones. I have traditionally carried ear bud headphones when travelling for their portability, but have used larger on-ear headphones when listening to music at home. However, these betron b750s could change thati’m no audiophile, but i find that these b750s have a lovely clear, balanced sound, with strong bass but also very crisp higher frequency response. The remote control is slim and elegant – a slider volume control (that allows the volume level to be set between the phone’s output level and zero) and a button that gives “take / end call” functionality for phone operation, “play / pause”, “next track” (double press) and “previous track” (triple press) functionality with a compatible music player device. The low profile right angle jack is also a nice feature, keeping the cable close to the phone / music player and reducing the stress on the cable when the phones are removed. The headphones themselves are great, hence the 5 star review. The only thing to be aware of is that the product description mentions an adapter for devices with an alternative jack layout (such as some older nokia models), and this is not provided in the pack. However, there is a small spring clip to clip the cable to your clothes and a choice of 6 different sets of ear pieces to ensure a perfect fit.

Sennheiser HD598 Special Edition Over-Ear Headphones : Highly comfortable headphones

Putting on these can make me really feel like princess leia in the 1st star wars (episode iv). I will not mind for the reason that a) jedi princesses are neat even with doughnut hair and b) the sound is gloriously obvious. The padded ears are comfortable for many hours. Regretably they’re not mine. They’re the sort of existing you would like a person would give you. The teenager was dismissive at very first: huh, no mic?.Now, he uses them with a desktop microphone in spot of his ‘pro’ gaming headset. Update: various months later on, i have now forever ‘borrowed’ these. The prolonged direct is tied up with a stretchy hair band, only introduced when dancing to vampryic or hobbit songs. The headphone is adjustable, but limited fitting like clampy ear muffs. I are unable to listen to a person speaking in the identical space but oddly, the sennheiser high definition 598 picks up noises (footsteps,doorways closing)from other rooms.

Amazing headphones from sennheiser. I bought these a couple of months again, and now, getting experienced time to fully exam them, will existing this evaluation. Just want to say first off that i have a musical background myself, in listening, composing recording and manufacturing, and lately just completed a diploma in well known music. And boy, do i would like these headphones experienced been about when i was accomplishing my seem perform in my study course.Unwell do some professionals/disadvantages to get points going:pro’s:- for a commence, pretty at ease headphones. I are unable to stress ample just how nice they are to put on. I generally don them all night time with no ache or pain from carrying, which i could not say of any other headphones i have utilised in the past. This is because of mostly to the ‘over ear’ style, as opposed to ‘on ear’ headphones, which can exert tension on the cartilage of your ears. Ear pads and headband pad are quite smooth,it nearly feels like you are not even carrying headphones at all. – incredibly crystal clear, and balanced audio.

Coming up from ordinary generic headsets and headphones from logiech / razer /microsoft i upgraded to this finest desicion i produced in my life i failed to have to have an amp given that my motherboard previously experienced a developed one particular in it (gigabyte ud4 z87) be confident to use fantastic quality audio like on soundcloud to genuinely provide them alivesound : 5/5comfert : 5/5style :5/5built high quality five/five.

Key specs for Sennheiser HD598 Special Edition Over-Ear Headphones – Black:

  • Premium, audiophile-grade over-ear, open back headphones
  • Padded leatherette headband and luxurious velour covered ear pads perfect for long listening sessions
  • Compatible with virtually every audio device including phones, tablets, computers and stereo components
  • Two cable options (3m and 1.2m) included along with 3.5mm adapter plug

Comments from buyers

“AMAZING Headphones from Sennheiser!, Concert Hall Experience (Classical), Brilliant sound for the money! (Burn-in NECESSARY), Outstanding – musical yet analytical, Incredible Headphones, Highly comfortable headphones”

These headphones are as in close proximity to reference headphones as i have at any time listened to. That means they will reproduce what the resource provides and that might not please each listener. I obtain these headphones superb. I dislike tunes that has been processed although graphic equalisers or the these types of. I love listening to, as far as achievable, what the sound stage sounded like at the dwell recording, this is referred to as reference listening and these sennheisers are properly on the way to currently being a reference headphone but at a quarter, or considerably less, of the price. If the resource is very poor the senns’ will reproduce a inadequate audio, they are unforgiving of very poor resources. Use a quality resource and these headphones make all the products that can be expected for a solution in this cost array. Of training course there are headphones that will reproduce an even higher referenced audio, level here is not at this costthe high quality of components utilised is at the best of the league. Workmanship is merely top draw specifically at this expense.

I am going to give you a little bit of my headphone track record ahead of i begin the overview. I have normally beloved sennheiser. I commenced out with the hd 201s, and they served me nicely (i even bought a second pair when my initial pair broke). I then upgraded to the hd 449s (which i am holding). They were palms down the ideal set of headphones i experienced ever owned, gaming was remarkable, audio felt additional intimate than ever and films have been much far more practical audio excellent intelligent. Now i go on to the hd 598s, and i can properly say these are the very best headphones i have at any time heard.

Merely set, the best headphones i have at any time employed. They have to be the some of the most at ease headphones out there. They are open up headphones which are not built to be made use of in noisy environments or in general public destinations seriously while there is absolutely nothing halting you. A person concern i was concerned about was sound leakage as i use them even though in skype to my close friends but though there is sound leakage it is very substantially only obvious at high volumes. I would have liked to have observed a scenario which include but aside from that awesome.

Oppo PM-3 Classic Planar Magnetic Headphones : Worth every penny

Exceptional cellular planar magnetic. Set up – apple iphone 6s / meridian explorer/ ifi micros idsd. I had a chance to audition these at the similar time as the audeze el-8 (shut back) as i was hunting specifically for a closed back again planar magnetic headphone. The audeze was a very little disappointing as to my ears i observed the higher mids far too forward which manufactured feminine vocal sound tinny and wrong. The relaxation was rather excellent although as you would expect for a £700 headphone. I experienced to look at these to my akg k712s just to reassure myself that it was not the recording. In any case, not for mei a great deal most well-liked the pm3 audio signature straight out of the box. Pretty neutral with a great punchy bass reaction without having getting far too substantially.

Wonderfully crafted, expertly engineered. Completely amazing established of headphones, by considerably the finest headphones i have ever had the satisfaction of listening to. The audio of them blow you out of the water, and not just the excellent: they not only seem fantastic, but i consider they do specifically what you want them to do when you want them to do it. Throughout just about every genre i had at my disposal they performed brilliantly the guitar in the beatles’ ‘here comes the sun’ sounded warm and brilliant one moment, then i switch to my chemical romance’s ‘teenagers’ and the electric guitar distortion is beautifully rendered, although the sheer electric power and assault of the kick drum genuinely comes throughout with the headphone’s wonderful bass reaction. Despite remaining a extremely neutral headphone, it at no stage appears cold and analytical, always coming across as fun and punchy, which is specifically what i want them to do. However, i think you’ll discover that these headphones will in shape every single possible have to have. As to the craftsmanship and the establish quality, nothing at all allows you down. The aluminium brushed side panels include a excellent feeling of high quality and sophistication, though the earpads and the headband is splendidly built, being just about as comfy as the bose qc25s.

Prevent throwing away funds and acquire the very best. . I, like some of the other reviewers in this article have put in a long time looking for a first rate established of headphones and have spent many hundreds of pounds on sennheiser, beats and bose headphones and each and every time i’ve been let down to a better or lesser degrees. Just bought the pm-3 and invested the day testing them versus my other headphones and these very easily gain. There is so a great deal detail and finesse that you can hear that is missing with say beats or bose, everyone says these are pretty neutral, i agree, but they add so substantially to your audio, you can hear areas that you’ve hardly ever heard right before, its likes listening to your preferred tracks for the initially time. The good quality is outstanding, you seriously sense that you’ve got bought your moneys well worth just on the develop high-quality on your own. These are basically the ideal headphones i’ve ever experienced and worth the not inconsiderable charge.Here are the specifications for the Oppo PM-3 Classic Planar Magnetic Headphones:

  • Light and ultra-thin seven-layer diaphragm
  • Balanced and natural sound filled with smooth midrange, deep bass and clear treble
  • Can be folded for ease of carrying and use
  • Hypoallergenic natural latex construction ear cushions

I have been lucky sufficient to experience the satisfaction of many substantial conclude items of audio products. This contains in ear, about ear and on ear headphones as perfectly as amps, speakers and media gamers. Owning now listened to these for a more than a month on various different varieties of audio (blues, jazz, rock, metallic, dwelling, techno, classical and crooners) i have to say these headphones are amazing. The bass, mid-range and treble – in actuality everything that contributes to the detail is absolutely spectacular. I am so delighted i acquired these. At the time of producing there are four colours – black, white, blue and crimson – having said that, i certainly adore my white, even though my wife is very correct, this is the most risky colourif you are examining this critique then you are both thinking of shopping for these cans – in which circumstance do so. Or alternatively, you already bought them and are questioning what other individuals consider, in which situation you undoubtedly manufactured the suitable conclusion.

I took a little bit of a hazard with these, purchasing them without having making an attempt them out 1st. I’d examine hundreds of assessments and imagined i might give them a go. As it turned out, it was absolutely a threat well worth having. Evaluating them directly to my sennheiser momentum more than ears (initially edition) into an ipod classic with fiio e07k amp, they were being evidently a great deal better, straight out of the box. The level of detail was outstanding, and even nevertheless they are closed again headphones, i observed that they had really good depth. Music that i realized effectively quickly sounded so much far more roomy. There was just so considerably much more separation among diverse instruments than there was with my momentums. I truly identified i was listening to points i hadn’t heard in advance of. The bass clarity was also substantially enhanced – the momentums sounded muddy by comparison.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Superb Mobile Planar Magnetic!
  • Absolute Endgame (for me at least!)
  • Are these really worth it?
  • Oppo PM-3 Quick Review by mark2410
  • Worth every penny
  • like all closed phones they do not eliminate all external

I was hunting for a pair of headphones for use when i am out and about. I have been by way of quite a few headphones over the very last handful of years including bose on ears, beats(horrible oversight) and then imagined i was lastly content with the parrot zik and then the zik two. The develop excellent on the zik 2 headphones was to some degree disappointing and was on the prowl for an additional pair of headphones. I like oppo bluray gamers and made a decision to give these a go. They are just so substantially superior than any other headphones i have at any time owned. Some people today seem to be to consider that they absence bass but in my view that’s nonsense and they seem to be so beautifully balanced with unbelievable clarity and a excellent frequency array. There is certainly just some a great deal that has been discovered in tracks that i have been listening to for ages on other sub par headphones. I have last but not least identified a pair of headphones that i certainly appreciate.

Exceptional sound and good quality in a very good package. For the selling price these are fantastic. Yes, there are superior far more revealing headphones out there. But they will charge you, they will be open backed and leak seem to people around you and they will weigh additional the oppo pm3 to me are much better benefit than the pm1 & 2 which i have tried out and the pm3’s are wonderful for closed back again headphones. I was anxious about the pounds and clamping strain of the phones but they are truly comfortable. The fat is carried really nicely and they feel significantly lighter than the audeze el-8’s. The clamping impact is just appropriate – not also tight, not so free as to fall off or get worried you that is heading to materialize when yo shift about. The build is certainly good. In a tiny circumstance they are suitable to travel and get the job done effectively with the oppo ha-2 that i also have. Plugged into my mb air with a herus dac/amp they sing genuinely very well with a excellent soundstage for closed again headphones.

August EP650 – Great value high quality sound

A mini encompass sound in your head. . I acquired this headphone and was extremely delighted with it, it is comfy to wear,incredibly simple to use and it matches beautifully all around the ear. It was also really effortless to connect to my cell,excellent to have when you want your arms absolutely free. It is like having a mini surround seem in your head :) i would defiantly endorse.

Fantastic worth in every respect – just purchase. . Straight out of the packaging these headphones impress: they appear great in the crimson colour, are very light-weight and seem to be manufactured employing significant high-quality resources. I experienced no problems at all pairing them with my kindle fire high definition, ipod touches and mp3 participant, with the course of action having only about two minutes for every machine. 5mm direct is useful, even though i’ve not utilized it nonetheless (i presently have wired headphones). Donning them, they really feel quite mild on the head and i have observed them to be just about every little bit as snug as i would hoped. The array i have observed to be about 10m, the management buttons are quick to use and the audio – well the sound sounded considerably better than i might anticipated, with none of the hissing or buzzing sound skilled by some others here. Granted i have not tried out them out on substantial stop audio tools (wired headphones would usually be far better for that anyway), but for relatively inexpensive headphones getting utilized with ipods/mp3 players and kindles/tablets, they are well worth much additional than the price tag i compensated (£39. 95) – and they’re even much less expensive now – so i would recommend them with no any hesitation. If i have a person damaging matter to say about them, it can be the audio lag when viewing a video clip, but as that’s a widespread criticism with bluetooth movie+audio and not owing to these headphones i had anticipated it.

Amazing headphones,outstanding selling price. . Had these headphones about a thirty day period now and am certainly around the moon with them. They are pretty relaxed to don for long periods(looking at a film),and they in shape in excess of the ear completely. Bought to say that after examining opinions just before i obtained,i have to issue out to these who say the bass is much too punchy/loud,that all you need to have do is regulate the volume down a little bit on your gadget then change volume up or down on the headphones and this controls the ammount of bass coming as a result of.I have utilized this on each songs and films and the audio is terrific. Also,the vary is fantastic,. . I’ve worn these watching a movie and then walked all over the house in and out of each and every space,upstairs and downstairs,and to day i have never ever misplaced speak to seems with my movie device,. My property is semi detached and fairly massive. I have a established of sennheiser headphones(wired),and these bluetooth headphones are equally as good,each for good quality and audio. I haven’t utilised them for cellphone phone calls as nevertheless.

  • Terrific value in every respect – just buy.
  • Lightweight, sound great
  • Excellent headphones
  • An August Love Affair After Bluedio Left Me Blue!
  • These are the best headphones I have ever owned.
  • Read this for detailed review.

Ep-650 bt headphones – just one word ‘fantastic’. Tried using 2 other remarkably recommended headsets (both of those experienced faults on arrival). Made the decision to devote a minimal extra on these (was a tiny dubious as though in general good reiews, there are some to make you imagine too)i really don’t intend to use them for mobile phone phone calls, so mic, audio excellent (for receipient) failed to concern me, so i’ve disregarded connected commentsimmediate impression-exceptional look and develop top quality- in excess of ear suit – of course earpieces are much larger but: o seem leakage eradicated (i use at 50-seventy five% vol stage and i’m informed leakage = at this degrees, even enjoying rock o i use in the office, on the practice, out and about. Terrific o confort stage exceptional (i put on eyeglasses). I frequently use for two-three hrs – i have applied for 5hrs continually, in the place of work, and you forget about you have them on (i could managet in-ear earphones for max 2hrs then they would start out to feel unconfortable o the match is very confortable (but not far too restricted), never ever felt like they are about to come off (i will not jog use treatmills any more, but really feel you possibly could)seem o i personally like the strong bass (fantastic with rock, metal. ) but often hear to clasical guitar, spanish guitar as well as additional, clear vocals, language tapes and would price from fantastic to superior (sometimes suspect that some pop is not as excellent/very clear as could be. I’m no professional and in all probability never highly tuned ear, but for me, in general superb and very well truly worth the moneyi purchased the crimson (more brick purple), great colour (but that is down to private option – sure other colors are jusat as goodwould endorse.

I bought these august ep650r headphones on a black friday offer to exchange a pair of ep636 that have been stolen and i’m definitely pleased with the obtain. I would originally liked my ep636 so i believed i deal with myself to an enhance. For any person new to wireless headphones, there is no likely back as soon as you have tried out them. You should not get me incorrect, regular headphones are ok but the lack of cables can carry so quite a few advantages. I use mine about the home and even though accomplishing the gardening where by cables definitely get in the way. Soon after my headphones had been stolen, i resorted to using a pair of wired earbud types at the fitness center and promptly observed the annoyance of possessing a cable bouncing all around and the affiliated cable sound. Ahead of i attempted them, i’d originally imagined that wireless headphones would be significant or cumbersome because of to the electronics and battery included or that they would be a trouble for the reason that of a need to cost them, but i was improper. My authentic ep636 were excellent, probably the best headphones i might owed mainly because of the seem good quality, layout and wireless notion. The battery everyday living was great and they were being at ease and simple to use.

I was initially sceptical about shopping for unbranded headphones, but just after shopping for these all my fears ended up put to relaxation. The audio high-quality is ver fantastic – particularly at the rate point. I have a pal who spent near sufficient 3 occasions the sum on branded headphones from a high street retail outlet and to be straightforward, they had been possibly. Not really as great as these ones. The packaging was of superior top quality and even the ancillary cables ended up higher than-par, becoming flat and considerably less simple to tangle than the more cost-effective cables. An additional reward is that the headphones even seem great when bluetooth is not an option and a wired relationship is required. All in all, highly advisable.

I acquired these although acquiring go through the opinions i was nevertheless skeptical, contemplating that the men and women carrying out the assessments were not truly persons who appreciated seem as i or others like me would. Boy, did i get a shock when they arrived at my office & experienced to try out them promptly. I’m very pleased i failed to go & waste my difficult gained revenue on beats bluetooth or 50s sms. I won’t be able to consider that this kind of superior seem quality will come at this sort of a fair price tag. I you should not need to have to commence going on about the deep abundant bass & all round audio that receives better with poweramp or a very good music participant, other folks have now completed that. All i am going to say is this i reccomend these to any individual who is searching to invest in a pretty respectable set of bluetooth cans.

Beats Solo2 On-Ear Headphones – Great sound but poor product durability!!

Absolutely amazing quality, very very pleased with my headphones, a word of warning though, if you put the headphones on and the sound is only coming out of one side, swap the plugs around the other way, i thought my first pair were broken when recieved but i just had the wires plugged in the wrong way round.

Now i know why these are popular. Both comfortable and stylist. I iphone switch is nice to use and the sound is nice and bassy for those dance tunes that need it. Keep your ear warm in winter also – what more do you need??.

I bought these for my partner but i was worried as i’d tried beats pro last year and had tried beats in the shops before now, which were all awful. However these have really surprised me, the sound is vastly improved over how beats used to sound (all bass and not much else). They are definately a bass head can but unlike older beats you can actually hear the rest of the sound spectrum too.I’d say the sound signature is pretty much identical to v-moda m100 which are more expensive (but better built). These feel really comfy to wear, i have a largish head but no clamping problems at all. They seem louder than my own various headpones, i’m not sure why but it’s a good thing for those players with the ridiculous eu sound limits. Hopefully the build quality has improved too, they feel nice enough – time will tell but so far no complaints at all. Highly recommended if you love dance, electronic & general pop and rock where you love a good bass kick.

A great improvement on their previous offerings. Please see my unboxing / review here: https://www. Com/watch?v=ix03nyvseh4the beats solo 2 headphones are a fantastic looking and sounding headphone. Gone is the iffy build quality and overly bassy sound of the original solos. The new design is sleeker and less in-your-face than before, the build is much improved. The sound, though still with plenty of bass is a lot more balanced meaning these are suited to a greater variety of music rather than just hip-hop and r&b. Just wish they came with a hard case like the studios rather than the soft case that’s quite a tight fit.

  • My grandson is ‘angling’ for me to give him these. But I’m keeping them for myself!
  • Just love these headphones
  • Best headphones I’ve ever used
  • Gorgeous headphones, great sound!
  • Yes, their overpriced and Yes, they sound amazing!
  • Beats Solo Headphones

Beats Solo2 On-Ear Headphones – Grey

  • Updated acoustics for enhanced clarity
  • Streamlined lightweight design for improved comfort
  • Durable and compact folding design for easy portability
  • RemoteTalk cable for changing songs, adjusting the volume and taking calls
  • Premium earcup material helps dissipate heat and minimise sound leakage

Intro:okay, for starters, i am by no means an “audiophile”, but i am a headphone enthusiast. Before this, i had both the hd650, oppo pm3’s and msr-7, all being great headphones of course, but i found them to be very dull sounding, so i opted to get arguably the most “fun” sounding headphone on the market – the beats solo 2 wireless. I gotta say, i found myself having an absolute blast while listening to thesesound: 4. 5 / 5the bass is extremely deep but very controlled, the highs aren’t harsh sounding at all, so there is no listening fatigue that i personally experienced after listening to say. The msr7 for an extended period of time. The one drawback to the sound however, is that the mids seem very recessed, so you don’t get that quality or richness in the vocals, but it didn’t bother me too much as these still sound superb. Comfort: 3 / 5this for me is where this headphone really lets me down. It’s like putting your head in a damn vice (hence the title). Now, i by no means have a large head, its actually rather small, but the force just seemed like way too much regardless.

I’m no audio expert but l love these headphones. I bought these in a store where i was intending to buy bose headphones, but i was able to listen to various tracks and compare to bose quiet comfort and top end sony headphones. I bought the beats solo 2 as i much preferred the tone, richness and clarity of sound. I’m no audio expert but l love these headphones, it’s a real joy to listen to all types of music. Really recommend you try these out.

A good buy but a little expensive. Got these for my other half for christmas. Amazing sound and a comfy fit. A little expensive in my opinion but a good buy if you want good sound quality. Work really well with the htc one beats audio.

Betron B750s Earphones Headphones : Great sound for £16 and perfect as long as I don’t move too much.

My 1st pair of these was delivered quickly, but the ideal earpiece stopped operating right after about 3 times. Nevertheless, i returned them and acquired a full refund with no any dilemma. I then ordered the exact pair once more. I have been working with them for about a week now. I am not an audiophile but the seem good quality from these is really excellent, not just superior for the value. It is similar to the other pair of headphones that i have which are sennheiser cx400-ii. They retail for £65 (even though you can discover them on line for £40 and potentially much less). The sennheisers have the edge, but the variation is slight. The headphones arrived supplied with two distinctive types of ear bud, each and every in a few measurements.

Exceptional product or service at an outstanding rate. It is astonishing to obtain this kind of a great high quality product or service at such a small selling price. The seem of these earphones is outstanding, and i’d wager that it is of a similar excellent (or improved) to a lot much more expensive solutions. As the merchandise describtion implies, the bass is pretty pronounced – this is a thing i contemplate a optimistic, but if you disagree, it really is usually feasible to lessen the bass quantity on your mobile phone, pill etc. I located the relaxation of the audio to be fairly apparent, currently being equipped to effortlessly listen to all devices played in tunes – be it classical or rock. I observed no cases of audio currently being muddled. The earphones occur with rather a several sets of buds, so that you can switch the ‘stock’ ones if they do not in shape into your ear far too effectively. I’d recommend striving out some of them, in get to discover the best in good shape, as this has a large influence on how good the earphones audio. It also arrives equipped with a modest fabric bag, which you can use as a carrying bag for your earphones, or to retail store the more buds. A clip to attach the cable to your shirt is also supplied.

They are fantastic, check out them. I by no means do reviews as i usually find it a squander of time, but with these earphones i experienced to make a exception. I would have happily compensated £200 pound for these, as the sound good quality is excellent, crystal apparent with beautiful deep bass that can actually punch. You can listen to every single and every single detail and it isnt cluttered or muddled just how it should be. I’ve had a good deal of earphones more than the yrs, but very little seems this excellent for the income. I’ve experienced all the high-end earphones, which includes the exceptionally overpriced ‘beats by dre’ amid other individuals which are practically nothing when compared to these. For less than £15 just test them, you would not be unhappy.Here are the specifications for the Betron B750s Earphones Headphones:

  • Sound Isolating Earphones, Headphones with Strong bass-driven stereo sound
  • Excellent passive attenuation of ambient noise
  • Ideal for use will all MP3, iPod, iPhone, DVD and CD players, and portable gaming systems
  • Tangle Free, Flat cable
  • Symmetrical cable, 1 Year Warranty, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Evaluating them to a pair of sennhieser in-ear. Comparing them to a pair of sennhieser in-ear headphones i have which price about 30 quid, i would say they are on a par with the betrons – though various. The betrons are likely to be very obvious and spacious with quite accurate and vast array of sound reaction – but at a slight charge to vibrancy in the midrange. The bass is not wooly and is secure and deep and is a definite in addition. The variation concerning the sennhiesers i have and these is that the sennheisers are much more vivid in the mid-variety and bigger ranges – but at a slight price tag to spaciousness in sound. I can definitely suggest the beatrons. They are superb benefit for dollars and a high top quality product or service.

Excellent substitution for my old earphones. For starters i have to say that i am not audiophile particular person but i have a great flavor for headphones and speakers. I received these headphones as substitution for my outdated resourceful earphones (remaining side speaker stopped doing the job after eight decades of pretty much every day use, so i decided to retire them). My to start with considered about these headphones is that they looked incredibly comparable to my former headphones. They glance properly produced, pretty detailed and they are packed in a really wonderful box which includes: earphones, many buds with various designs and measurements, instruction and guarantee guide and a truly good pouch. Before buying them, i did some analysis about their audio high quality and browse some feed-back on amazon and other web sites. Even i contacted betron customer services to request for big difference in between their products. I was confused about which model to obtain. Their assist was all round great. After utilized for a when the sound its turning out to be superior and superior.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Excellent product at an excellent price
  • Love them even better then the ones without remote
  • Very good for its price
  • Great sound. Nice design. Decent price.
  • No more tangles! (And so much MORE)
  • 6 months on and still going strong!

Positives: they are incredibly good, bass is fairly superior, sound is quite loud isn’t going to do frustrating frizzing when turned up in quantity, it has distinct ear bud sizes. All rounded earphones which are very outstanding for what it appears to be like like from shots as it appears pretty unprofessional but it does in fact sense pretty superior when you get it. The box is really unappealing to me but i like the red velvet hunting have situation factor. And yeah i bought these as a affordable backup and they have exceeded my anticipations as i did want a lot of bass and hd seem which i got. Negatives: really troublesome to put distinctive ear buds on, veryyyy annoying i can not reveal how prolonged it took to place a single on but properly it suits which is all i can say. And the way it isn’t really examine on the ear for out and about even with the biggest ear bud. But meh it’s good and you can reside with it. Over-all: it truly is really superior and for the cost you are unable to go mistaken, i am positive there is loads of earphones out there but this just one of the very good ones as it essentially has some excellent to it, do not allow the packaging fool you, it feels awesome when you just take it out. Many thanks for looking at :) – any questions?.

The most effective earphones beneath £25 i have at any time owned for miles. I acquired these earphones a number of months in the past. I was incredibly impressed with the sound high quality. On the other hand, immediately after a several months, the audio volume seemed to minimize to the issue that it was just about audible so i discarded them. Then, out of the blue, the firm questioned me to charge them. I advised them about my knowledge and despatched me a new pair straight absent. No difficulty by any means with the new kinds. . I have even heard seems that i failed to know there ended up in my favorite tracks. Superb clarity, range and depth in any system i have plugged then in.

JVC HAKD5P Tiny Phones Kids Stereo Headphones : Decent quality and price

Glance fantastic, comfy, stickers are pleasurable but headphones have quantity limiter producing ipod sound much too silent via them. Not genuinely valuable on airplane or in motor vehicle as engine sounds also loud. Ok for use with stereo and our two y. Arrived on time in great ailment.

Ordered to go with a portable dvd player for my niece. A completely thriving xmas gift. Terrific high quality and arrived the upcoming day.

This is the second pair of these we have acquired. My son got his three several years in the past and they are still going sturdy. Incredibly long lasting and endure being handled by kids extremely perfectly. Very at ease to don (evidently) and adjust to the dimension of the head effortlessly. This pair is for my daughter and she enjoys them.

Key specs for JVC HAKD5P Tiny Phones Kids Stereo Headphones – Pink:

  • Ideal for kids usage with volume limiter (85dB); Soft ear pads for wearing comfort with extended use; 0.8m cord
  • Wide headband can be decorated with supplies stickers or users’ own; Vivid colours and ideal for kids with no painted parts
  • Small size for children (over 4 years old); 2 colours and sticker variations for both boys and girls

Comments from buyers

“Perfect Headphones for Kids, Comfortable and Robust, Excellent product, Fun and functional, excellent quality, Lovely headphones”

Obtained for granddaughter she desired one but had to be pink . Just what was essential fast shipping packed really well took ages to get into the packing spherical the head phones.

I brought these headphones for my granddaughter she loves them. What i like about them is that she can,t turn the quantity up mainly because they are by now established a t a stage.

Acquired these for my 3 year previous. They are a little bit massive on her head but appear to be to keep in area when she’s watching programmes. The cushioned ear parts indicates she finds them at ease & what 3 yr old won’t like decorating things with stickers (presented). Seem looks superior & i felt selling price was fantastic too.

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