August EP610 – 00 these things are excellent value, sound is very good once you get

The packaging is really good. With the earbuds come lots of ear buds (3×2) and ear clips/stabilisers (4×2) of different sizes and shapes to go with every ears and a little usb charging cable. I fully charged its in 30 minuts before the first try. The blue/red led let you know which mode the headphones are (charged, charging, pairing, on and off). The hands-free calling is possible and easy to use. If you want to run with them, the flat cable is solid and the stabilisers really works. Finally and that is the best point the sound is really good (i tried them out with gypsy guitar, rock, jazz and classical music). For that price it really is a good deal.

I have purchased this product with a discount in exchange for an honest review. Arrived on time, as pictured. Good, simple packaging, consisting of plastic frame and paper half-box. Includes: usb charger, bluetooth headphones, additional set of ear buds and ear clips, user manual. Pluses:- swift charging- easy to use- tested on my samsung galaxy phone, good sound quality on music, audiobooks and phone calls (both me and my caller could hear one another well)- control buttons work exactly as described for calls and music apps- range tested in the house, about 5 meters, but connection disappearing when left to the other room (5m +) – i guess this woudl be normal with any bluetooth technology, so this is fine for meminuses:- design – quite bulky. I’m used to the standard branded headphones, where the quality of the design is much better aesthetically. These headsets are not very ergonomic, fit well in my ears, but the additional ear clips are not useful at all (no instructions on how to use them) and after about 15-20 minutes of usage, the skin in my ears was a bit sore. But judge for yourself, pictures attached. – materials – i am no expert in materials that headsets are made of, but as a consumer can tell the difference between cheaper and better quality ones.

Cool red colour and works really well. Cool red colour and works really welldisclaimer: i received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review.

Headphones themselves are very sturdy and clearly well made. The most important part obviously it’s how they sound. I usually compare my headphones to a pair of beats i own which are the best sounding ones i’ve ever had. The overall sound is very good. All in all they sound much better than a lot of bluetooth headphones i’ve tried. I have noticed that they charge nice and quickly and last s good while. Now wether is cos i could have small ears i don’t know but these do stick out quite far. Further than my other bluetooth headphones. On the whole i actually think these are very good. Would they replace my existing bluetooth headphones?.

  • A nice set of “Bluetooth” earphones, sound is somewhat “laid back”
  • I noticed the original installed buds and tips (medium) were a suitable fit for me however I found it very easy to remove and re
  • Cracking Headphones
  • Stylish without compromising on quality
  • These are one of the best earphones I’ve ever Bought!
  • Amazing headphones with battery for days and days

August EP610 – Bluetooth v4.0 aptX Wireless Earphones – Stereo In Ear Headphones with Microphone – Headphones for Android / iOS / Windows / PS3 Compatible – White

  • Wireless Bluetooth earbuds so you never need to worry about tangles again. Ever.
  • Changeable ear pieces and stabilisers – We know not all ears are alike so we’ve got you covered
  • Built in microphone and remote controls so you can control your music and answer your calls directly from the earphones
  • Bluetooth 4.0 is more energy efficient than previous versions giving you longer battery life because who likes constantly charging their devices?!
  • Weighing only 15g, you’ll forget you even have them on!

The product arrived by next day delivery. It was well packaged so little danger of damage. The ear buds are very comfortable, but they do come with changeable ones if needed. They’re easy to connect to a bluetooth device. I have only used them on my phone so far but the sound quality was great. The only negative i have is that the back of the ear piece sticks out a little too far for my liking. But overall it’s a good product. I received this item at a great discount in return for an honest review.

Strange at first but really good. These earphones take a little getting used to as the design is quite different to what i am used to. The ‘wings’ on these earphones were much too big for me to fit properly in my ears at first, but there are different sizes supplied so you just need to take a few minutes to mess about and see what works best for you. Once you have the right fit, you will have a really comfortable and snug fit. At first i wasn’t getting the best sound from these but found that a twist once in the ear not only puts them into the correct position but also gives the best sound too. Although odd looking out of the box, once you are wearing these they are very unobtrusive. Because of the snug fit, these are great for wearing whilst taking exercise, and they will not budge. They are very easy to pair up via bluetooth and a charge last ages so you won’t be constantly charging these up. The sound quality is very good, with a good range. I used these for rock/pop and also classical, and both sounded great.

Big sound from small head phones.  disclosure: this is not a paid review. I have no affiliation with this company or this product. I received this product in exchange for my honest review. The august ep 610 have to be one of the most surprising set of earbuds out there to date. As you can tell from the video the 610 are very durable, and able to withstand some of the hardest workouts. They felt and looked amazing coming out of the box. When listening to them in the gym i was able to focus on my workout, without the worry of background noise. I give the august ep 610 five stars for being lite weight, but powerful.